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iisaac opens up about his life in the most honest way possible on interview about keep my head afloat

Known best for his debut track Tired of You and kindly telling us all about his new vulnerable 10-track record called keep my head afloat, San Diego alternative artist iisaac bravely shows us the scars of depression and was kind enough to open up the curtains on this revealing interview. This is must-read stuff.

Llewelyn: Thanks so much for joining us today isaac. Please tell us where you’re based at the moment and what was it like growing up in your hometown.

iisaac: hello! Thank you so much for having me, I am based in San Diego. Growing up in San Diego was amazing, I loved every moment of it, especially starting my craft as a musician.

Llewelyn: Have you always been connected with music and who do you personally work with?

iisaac: I have always been connected with music, especially when I express my vulnerability and emotions on each song I do, also when I was younger. I sing a lot so I feel like music has always been around me, growing up. I haven’t worked with any artists yet but my dream is to possibly work with Clairo, JOJI, BENEE, all such talented artists.

Llewelyn: Please tell us more about your emotion-filled new 10-track record, keep my head afloat. This is raw and revealing. We admire your courageousness. It feels like you have put your heart & soul into this effort.

iisaac: This album was so hard emotionally and mentally because I basically told a story all about my life, growing up as a kid who felt lost, and depressed, it was hard. The main goal for this album was that I was completely honest about the things that I went through and perhaps someone who listens to this record relates to it in a way. The whole album talks about heartbreaks, depression, moving on from people who no longer are in your life, and just finding yourself to be who you are. Each song on keep my head afloat all tells a story about me, and I couldn’t be more happier on how this album turned out to be, which is a life diary of me.

Llewelyn: Which songs in particular are you most proud of and which ones were the most difficult to make as they perhaps made you revisit those tough times?

iisaac: The most proud songs on keep my head afloat were blurry side, hostage, keep my head afloat and deep end, because they all talk about different topics about my life which is not getting push down again, losing a connection with someone, being hostage from toxic people, and getting to the deep end with your thoughts, overall i do feel proud for the rest of the songs. I feel like the songs that were difficult to make on keep my head afloat were blurry side and hostage just because blurry side told a story about losing someone you had a connection with and before you saw all clear, because you and that person were together etc but now its all over so you’ll forever not see clearly, you start to see this person on the blurry side, a side that doesn’t exist. Hostage was another one that was hard because it’s being trapped with someone who constantly abuses you with their power, meaning they control you with their harsh words and actions, which was very difficult to write and record that song and blurry side.

Llewelyn: Does making music make you feel happier and away from the deep end?

iisaac: Music is therapy to me, being able to write your heart out with real topics that relate to you and being able to record, and just feel some way when you release your emotions with music, makes me so happy to be an artist, I definitely get out of those hard situations with music for sure.

Llewelyn: You seem to mix alternative and RnB rather well. Do you love to fuse different genres and make music that is different to what most people are making?

iisaac: Yes, because I feel like as an artist you need to be as unique as possible because there’s so many artists who make the same music and they lack the ability to be different. some artists copy other artists, same type of vibe for the song etc. So it’s important to be different as an artist, so that’s what I do, especially with my alternative R&B sounds.

Llewelyn: What plans do you have for the future? Making more music and touring, or it is one day at a time right now? We certainly live in a rather odd world.

iisaac: My plan is to keep creating music and hopefully put out a new record by the end of 2023, also hopefully touring more, doing music videos, so much stuff that i can’t wait to do with my music.

Llewelyn: Also, who is on your team? Who backs you when the chips are down?

iisaac: I don’t really have a team right now, but I do have my mom who supports me and my music career which I’m forever grateful for, and she mostly helps me get back up when it gets difficult for me to handle.

Llewelyn: If you could play live in any country, where would it be and why?

iisaac: I would love to play in the UK because their vibe seems so fun, and I would love to learn the uk accent.

Llewelyn: Lastly, who do you make music for and how do you hope to inspire the lost youth who are looking for genuine role models right now?

iisaac: I make music for myself, it heals me, having so many things that i went through was so hard to get out of, but music made me have purpose in life. Creating different beats, writing songs that come from my soul, and being able to just have fun, so i feel like music is for me. Some person told me that when it’s hard to find the light, you don’t keep your head down, you stand tall and keep going until you find the light to guide you on where you want to go.

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Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Pay My Bills: Ryan Hamilton pens a letter to music industry executives on Bad Breaks

A sucker for whatever it takes mentality, Ryan Hamilton has grown so tired of nasty news and drops the frustration-filled soundtrack to a band who are tired of those empty wallets on Bad Breaks.

Ryan Hamilton is an award-winning Texas-based indie singer-songwriter who performs from the heart and is on a mission to control his own destiny.

I’ve been on the verge of tipping the proverbial scales for several years now. I’ve had some incredible people supporting
and championing me. Now that all the pandemic-related roadblocks are out of the way, it’s time.” ~ Ryan Hamilton

Fed up with being let down on his latest album by a massive mistake with the audio which pushed the release back, Ryan Hamilton sings for the millions of paycheck-to-paycheck musicians who have been let down by big business. This is honest to the core and real in the face, to teach the world how it all really works.

Bad Breaks from Texas-based indie singer-songwriter Ryan Hamilton is a rather revealing track which opens the curtain at the end of the gig. This is rather raw. Brave. Strong. To the point. This is a subject that has been brewing for many years and has just flamed up again, to show that artists deserve so much more than is being offered.

Soothe all ears with this single on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stay Away: Brice Robell urges caution with those tempting City Lights

With twists and turns which show us deep inside the mass-produced enticements which can soil even the cleanest, Brice Robell rockets an honest story to actually believe due to its well-constructed aura inside City Lights.

Brice Robell is a Seattle, Washington-based indie RnB/soul artist who loves to swim upstream when others choose to stand still or follow the normal path.

Blessing our senses awake with an insightful interview recently which you may read here, Brice Robell is in peak form and has constructed something hugely imaginative. There is a story for the ages on offer which certainly will relate to millions.

City Lights from Seattle, Washington-based indie RnB/soul artist Brice Robell is a rather spectacular song for all the right reasons. There is honesty in droves on offer. We are treated to a delightfully striking soundtrack from a wise figure who has reminded us to be careful out there.

With so many lurking shadows waiting to take a bite of whatever they want, advice like this should be surely valued.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Just For Once: Nottingham-born pop artist Ritho wonders why his ex couldn’t just tell the truth on honest

Feeling that horrible crush of the heart after just healing up from the last crash, Ritho leads us into his current mindset that is completely fed up with the trauma associated on honest.

Ritho is a 22-year-old indie pop artist and multi-instrumentalist who was born in Nottingham, UK and now lives in busy London.

Stylistically, Ritho pulls themes with a more modern ‘bedroom pop’ sound, while musically staying rooted to the more traditional songwriting roots that were popular in the early 2000s.” ~ Ritho leading us into his music vision

With standout-from-the-crowd vocals that will find you listening slightly closer than usual, Ritho summons our recollections from the past that might not be pretty to look at. His smartly written lyrics might have you on tenterhooks, with a movie-like story that will probably end in tears.

honest from the multi-skilled London, UK-based indie pop solo artist Ritho is a breakup single to turn up loud when you need to vent out your frustration with what feels like a loop of the same events each time. He sings with such fluid insight as this tragic moment has plagued his mind again and again, as he wishes for a normal romance to grace his life.

When you feel that precious heart shattering again, your emotions can turn into a rather sad state of affairs.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

New Jersey rapper KiERAN knows that his honest lyrics are rather ‘PROBLEMATiC’

Storming in with an announcement to anyone who has been offended by his previous songs, KiERAN rips the mic off the stage with a strong performance that lets you know that he isn’t going to stop being himself on, ‘PROBLEMATiC‘.

KiERAN is a New Jersey, USA-based indie Hip hop artist who makes a candid blend of music that is packed with his witty humour.

Taken off his explosive 12-track album ‘FiRECROTCH‘, KiERAN blazes in with a reminder of his old songs that he wishes he could take back – but shows his progression – with a mighty display that rap fans will certainly find entertaining. Smashing through in his own signature style, this is an artist who doesn’t mind being totally real if it means that the truth shall set him free.

PROBLEMATiC‘ from New Jersey, USA-based indie Hip hop artist KiERAN is a statement track from a skilled rapper who refuses to be cancelled despite all the sensitive souls – who have sought to have his career extinguished – like a raging fire that needed to end. He is raw as usual and doesn’t leave anything to the imagination, with a ferocious display that is sure to get tongues wagging and conversations started.

Listen up to this hot new track on Soundcloud and see more news on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Unique proves herself right with her inspiring anthem ‘Goals and Dreams’

As she smiles radiantly into the mirror and reflects back at those small-minded fools who doubted her, Unique shows us her maturing mentality that is only evolving throughout time with her successful new track, ‘Goals and Dreams‘.

Unique is a Washington, DC-based indie Hip hop artist who has decided to quit her dull job and follow the passions that make her truly happy and content.

Displaying her growing presence with a beautiful style, honest lyrics and a silky voice, that might have you thinking you have just swum into tasty honey, Unique sets the bar on what is actually possible if you manifest your dreams into reality for the stars to lead you into an elated place. There is so much calming energy on offer here for the anxious to believe in, as a kind warrior emerges from the shadows to inspire us all to hold hands and achieve together.

Goals and Dreams‘ from Washington, DC-based Hip hop artist Unique, is one of those singles that captivates the mood of what is actually possible if you put the genuine grind in. With our I-want-it-now society that seems to just want success without work, this is a vital reminder of what is actually possible. Matching her intent with a vocal delivery that is so loveable you just want to hug her and cheer her on, you will find yourself in the corner of this motivated artist. If you want to enough, you gotta go and get it.

See this vibing new music video on YouTube and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Caught spins out on the weekend adventure single ‘Stop My Head From Hurting’

Released as one of the first 3 singles from her much-awaited upcoming album, Caught drops the single that is so honest that many will be able to truly relate to its realness on ‘Stop My Head From Hurting‘.

Courtney Jade Levitt aka Caught is an alternative singer-songwriter who has been building for this precise moment to get her creations out into the world to embrace.

With a likeable ambience and a spinning trance that has you thrown back to those times when you have no clue how you got home, Caught shows us her camera and are invited to look inside her soul to see what she has seen before. This is a late-night dream that has you on the periphery of your seat – wondering where this well-performed novel is going to lead – and what the shadows of the night will usher you into.

Stop My Head From Hurting‘ from the promising alternative solo artist Caught, is a party single that has those passing out memories from too much dancing wrapped all around the edges here. There are piercing vocals here that have you visualizing what these long nights have in store for the youth, who just want to enjoy these moments before the mundane life starts and things like paying rent becomes a real priority. With a catchy style that has you locked inside this visual the whole way through, we are introduced to an artist with an enthralling story to tell us all.

Listen in to this top tune on Spotify and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

UK-based electronic act Mesadorm asks for the mindset of her once-proud country to change on ‘Soap Opera’

Released from their label Babylegs Records, Mesadorm tease us into their new single that has us even more excited (if that was even possible) about their new album ‘Pollinator’ which is due for release on 8th April, with the truth-filled ‘Soap Opera‘.

Mesadorm is a UK-based indie electronic 4-piece band who impressively made 3 band babies within 3 years in a lonely woodland cabin in Stroud while somehow having the time to assemble this gem.

Soap Opera is the court jester. An overt and sarcastic expression of my rage and depression at being an English person after realising that I have no pride in that part of my identity at all. I wanted to write a song about what I really think of this country, at this moment, in a way I could just about get away with…because we (and more of us than we think) are blinded by an old reputation of power and righteousness. That’s the scary bit. I don’t think enough people really, deeply believe that we could be headed to overt, rather than disguised, fascism because we have this idea of ourselves as saviours – our national identity bleeds into our individual identities which we want to be generally ‘good’. So, in this tune, I enjoy poking that nerve. It’s time that we are able to see ourselves for who we really are so that change can happen” ~ Blythe Pepino (frontwoman of Mesadorm)

With an honest-packed tone that takes you into the mindset of a frustrated band who sense that things aren’t what they seem, this is a creative track like none other. The creative forces are on full alert here with an assortment of ear-dancing soundscapes that are filled with unorthodox brilliance and a consciously aware vocalist that unwarps the skin and slices some sense into our frazzled minds.

Luckily I had a lot of time to recover during the pandemic and I had my studio to go to every day which kept me super happy. I feel incredibly lucky to be alive and to be able to still sing and make music because, apart from just surviving, many who have surgery for this sort of thing end up with severe vocal damage” ~ Blythe speaking about her courageous recovery from Vascular Ehlers Danlos Syndrome)

Soap Opera‘ from the UK-based electronic act Mesadorm, is a mind-bender that will shock many while others will nod in approval for the brave message being portrayed here. With the country in a mess and tensions rising daily as the patience runs out, this is a fantastic release that will open your mind to a new generation of hard-working British souls. Many are fed up with the rubbish and just want proper decency and truth painted everywhere, as common sense washes all over the small-minded to usher in a better life for all to live.

Listen up to their new single via Spotify and follow their social tracks on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let Love Be Free: Hayku Kyah is at her spellbinding best with the truthfully explosive ‘Gunfyre’

Following on from the underground gems ‘Blue Bird‘ and ‘Stroke‘, the incomparable Hayku Kyah laces the truth-needy airwaves with her incredibly remarkable lyrical genius which is backed by a sensationally ominous beat on the revolutionary-aware ‘Gunfyre‘.

Hayku Kyah is a Toronto, Canada-born, Melbourne, Australia-based indie artist. She makes a real blend of lyrically-relevant music that is strong in content and shows her utter disgust in how so many corporate businesses, government, and religious organizations are run.

Her music is the embodiment of etherealism– creating narratives that ultimately seek to challenge the phantasm we live in; painting vivid imagery with sometimes nothing but her voice.” ~ Hayku Kyah

There is something special about Hayku Kyah who is a rarely-heard artist who is compellingly outstanding on this quite scintillating effort that is beyond what you thought you knew before. She blends in her excellently-penned poetry with optimum impact on the mic – in a world that often tries to cover up so much and praise cruelly discovered Blood Diamonds – and teaches us really little that actually matters unless you choose to be self-enlightened and heroically disregard the noise.

Gunfyre‘ from the superb Toronto, Canada-born, Melbourne, Australia-based indie solo artist Hayku Kyah, is an open-your-eyes experience of magnetic proportions you can’t help but listen to on full volume. There is pulsating energy that seems to bring your perspective back into reality away from distracting yourself from the truth.

We are in the midst of a mightily skilled lyricist who raps with a poetic style you feel so compelled to close your eyes with, as you grit your teeth and wonder why there is so much greed and unnecessary carnage in such a beautifully created world.

This is one of the most mind-bending singles you will hear in this or any other year.

Hear a true speaker-booming modern classic made with rare honesty on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen