That Much Is True: Blake Rave helps out a special person as he truly cares on ‘Oxygen’

With a we-can-get-past this-mentality of never giving up even when the chips are down on the ground, Blake Rave looks into their tearful eyes and vows to be there forever no matter what on ‘Oxygen‘.

Blake Rave is a Midwest-based indie rock singer-songwriter who performs with a peaceful energy that has you clicking the lighter on and swinging it slowly in the air.

Although not one who craves attention or the spotlight, Rave feels completely at home on stage and has a way of connecting to his audience during a live show. Blake Rave is laidback, unpretentious and his authenticity as a person can be heard through his music.” ~ Blake Rave

There is much to admire about Blake Rave, who projects his message with the utmost class and honesty. His vocals are so toned and crisply delivered – as he shows us that real kindness is definitely not a weakness – in a world where heroes are often hiding away in the shadows.

Oxygen‘ from the soulful Midwest, USA-based indie rock singer-songwriter Blake Rave, is such a peaceful effort from a truly kind soul. He sees that a close friend is feeling down and needs his help, to get past everything that is holding them back from finding that ever-lasting happiness. Sung with a calm and strong ambience of hope, this is exactly the kind of message we all need to hear on this cold planet full of doubters.

Hear this sweet new single on Spotify and see more stories on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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