Brush Those Demons Off: Portland’s Davidly cuts the suffocating weeds away with the marvelously honest ‘Vines’

Unlocking the creaking door to his self-doubts and fears, Davidly teaches us to be strong and never give up despite the slippery roads that slide beneath us on ‘Vines‘.

Portland, Oregon is the home of the inspiring indie-pop singer-songwriter/producer Davidly, who makes that reflective music that has your head moving and your mind thinking smartly, of new ways to achieve those enlightening dreams you have been manifesting so deeply.

Vines is an auditory journey on how it feels to battle our demons and come out on top. Life is full of ups and downs, and I wanted to capture the grit and authenticity of this in the song.”- Davidly

He sings with that inspiring passion, his courageous lyrics and shirt-soaked sound pushes all the self-loathing away as we regret the things we have done, instead of throwing all the dust into the trash, so you can wipe yourself off and be free in your mind again.

Vines‘ from Portland’s multi-talented Davidly, is a tremendously portrayed story of a world that sucks you into its temptation-filled world often, with so many distractions around, you have to be clear and focused to stay in reality. It feels like we are seeing a new man emerge as he sings with such conviction on this superb new indie-pop release.

Hear this honest new single on Soundcloud and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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