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Fox 2 warped the lineage of rock n roll to define its future with their debut LP, Sidewinder

Sidewinder by Fox 2

Fox 2’s debut LP, Sidewinder, is a seismic shift in the rock landscape, a thrilling fusion of reverence and revolution. From the streets of Portland, Oregon, this dynamic duo – ex-fighter pilot Paul Shamy and drumming maestro Jason Van Abrams – have unleashed a debut that doesn’t just walk the tightrope between homage and innovation; it riffs right across it.

Imagine the raw, gritty essence of grunge, the soulful depth of blues, and the rebellious spirit of punk, all colliding in a supernova of sound. That’s Sidewinder. Each track is a masterstroke of musical alchemy, where classic rock sensibilities are not just revisited but reinvented. The album is a kaleidoscope of eras and styles, yet it remains unmistakably Fox 2.

Shamy’s vocals are a revelation. He’s a powerhouse of emotion that can whisper in one breath and roar in the next. His guitar riffs are incendiary, igniting each track with a white-hot intensity. And then there’s Van Abrams, a rhythmic juggernaut whose drumming is both a foundation and a force of nature, driving the music forward with unstoppable momentum.

From the haunting melodies of The Grey to the frenetic energy of Phila, each song is a journey in itself. But it’s in tracks like Fly where Fox 2’s genius truly shines, blending bluesy undertones with garage rock grit to create something entirely new yet timelessly familiar.

Following the release of Sidewinder, the outfit is expanding their sound by strapping in bassist Pierce Guderskiand and is set to release swathes of hits in Summer 2024. Ensure Fox 2 is on your flight radar for the drop.

Stream and download Sidewinder on Bandcamp and Spotify. Follow Fox 2 on Instagram to stay up to date with their latest releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Play That Funk Metal Music and Hit Play on Master Splinter’s Latest Installation of Clamorous Rancour, Wednesday Night

For their latest release, Wednesday Night, the trailblazing outfit, Master Splinter, which is hell-bent on being the breakthrough outfit out of the year funked up a sludgy and clamorous alt-rock aesthetic reminiscent of Mudhoney, Melvins and Soundgarden while proving once again that Mike Patton isn’t the only one capable of delivering the Mr Bungle effect.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would sound like if a 70s funk rock ensemble had a violent acid trip with instruments in hand while being caught in the throes of lust, indulge in the Portland, Oregon-hailing troubadours of rhythmically tight, face-melting aggression’s latest offering, which punches through hip-hop-inspired drums and uses the devil may ensnare vocal lines to rile up the energy from the searing hot guitars and prowling basslines.

The 2023 Remaster of Wednesday Night hit the airwaves on October 26; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Reality is fiction in Rooftop Screamers cosmic pop odyssey, Another Life, featuring Tim Smith

After celebrating critical acclaim in his power-pop band, Throwback Suburbia, the Portland-based drummer and songwriter Mike Collins created his studio project, Rooftop Screamers to showcase his original tracks and create an opportunity to work with local and world-renowned vocalists, musicians, and producers.

Swapping guitar solos for the far more euphonic timbres of synth lines, he orchestrated an interstellar sonic fantasy in his latest single, Another Life, featuring Tim Smith, but those power pop proclivities still worked their way into the sticky-sweet synthesis that will enamour any fans of Butch Walker and Father John Misty.

It is all too easy to affix an ELO reference onto any track that could be branded as a cosmic pop odyssey, but the fusion of Beatle-esque pop, classical arrangements, and futuristic iconography necessitated the reminiscence reference regardless.

Something tells me that Another Life will be an earworm that doesn’t quit until you have pandered to it repeatedly.

Stream Another Life on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Interview: Tom P Buckley guides his soul through the surgery and into a better place

We sat down with brave Maine native Tom P Buckley who has risen from suffocating pain to rise through the storms, as he shows us what true grit looks like. Munching through some mini wheat whilst making music from anywhere he can, we find a self-motivated creative who has realized recently that life is too short to waste.

Hello there Tom P Buckley. Thank you for your valuable time. What did you have for breakfast this morning and where in the world can we find you sitting today?

Tom: Hi Llewelyn, I had an exotic breakfast of Frosted Mini Wheats. I am in my hometown of Portland Maine.

Do you watch live music at all in your local area and if so, where would you recommend we go watch it?

Tom: The best place for live music is Sun Tiki Studios but I must confess I’ve haven’t ventured out much since the surgery.

Please tell us more about your new release and what it’s like to make music in your living room.

Tom: This record is amazing, I’ve written over 8,000 songs in my lifetime and these oddly enough are my best ones. I seem to be emboldened by my brush with death. This album combines alternative rock, dubstep, house, and indie in a layered textured way. To record it on my couch, and to get such powerful quality, has been a welcome surprise. This one’s pretty special.

What kind of mood do you have to be in to make music or does your creative process vary?

Tom: You know for me to make music I just need an empty room and a Pepsi. I can turn it on whenever I want and I realize of course how lucky that is. The best songs usually flow out of you effortlessly. Which is always a shock when the song is done.

Who or what are you most inspired by each day?

Tom: What really inspires me is people. I see someone else do something amazing and then suddenly I want to do something amazing myself. They inspire me and hopefully, I do the same.

Please tell our readers more about your 2 weeks of writing at least one complete song per day and mastering it mission?

Tom: After what happened with my surgery I became very motivated. I realized life is not guaranteed so you better kick some ass while you can. I recorded Ten the way I did because I knew I had it in me to record a full song each day. It was a bit challenging, but I don’t mind a challenge. If anything, that’s a better situation for any songwriter because it gives you a chance to shine. Rise to the moment if you will.

Last, what are your dreams and goals for the rest of the year?

Tom: My goal for the rest of the year is to release this record and not die during my next surgery. It’s a bit grim, but that’s really what I’m thinking about. I want to make as much great music as I can with the time I have left. I think my fans deserve it.

Follow the music on YouTube.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

Ryan Bowen and the Non-Player Characters got something, even if you’ve got nothing.

Ryan Bowen and the Non-Player Characters know how to forge a sound, taking elements of blues, punk-rock, and gritty classic sounds, there’s a lot happening here. Their newest track “You Got Nothing” is a two-fisted warning to the unwanted and annoying – it’s the kind of song we’d all sing to those individuals who deserve a punch in the face, but never receive one because of things like “social norms.”

Grungy distorted rhythm guitars start the song. I assume that Ryan Bowen is the lead singer (but the way band names are created, we never know), and his tone is fantastic – think David Bowe’s 70’s era style mixed with a mild folk/blues character, processed like singing through a megaphone and you sort of have the aural image of what it sounds like. The rhythm section is tight on the level of a sailor’s knot. I’d be remised if I didn’t mention the fantastic guitar solo; it’s melodic and sharp and breaks the character of the song somewhat in a way that ramps up the energy when the main themes return, making the track “You Got Nothing” the right kind of journey in a world full of cookie-cut pop-songs.

I was pleased to find out that these folks are somewhat local to me, they reside in Portland, Oregon, whereas I live in a small town about three hours south (I might have to make the trek north to check out a show). But upon reflection, I’m not that surprised. Portland is known for its artistic scene and this kind of refined yet against-the-grain sound is as native to Oregon as the Nike corporation and it’s good that Ryan Bowen and the NPCs are making us proud.

Check them out on IG and listen to the track on Spotify.

Underground Portland-based Hip hop artist Mannix takes his time on the top new release, ‘Samples With Some Bars’

With an old school feel that gets you to contemplate the past and look deeper than most, Mannix wonders what all the fuss is about with all the different seasons as he feels like the clock is going to tick the same anyway on, ‘Samples With Some Bars‘.

Mannix is a Portland, USA-based Hip hop artist and music producer who is back with a renewed vigour after a brief hiatus to get back to his roots.

After two years without releases, I have finally found myself in love with my music again.” ~ Mannix

Showing us his quality style that has been brewing nicely since his return to the music game, Mannix reminds the world that he is one of the more naturally gifted artists around who is rather sharp with his pen at hand. There is nothing rushed here and you feel like he is a real storyteller, who encourages us to slow down and really take in each moment that presents itself.

Samples With Some Bars‘ from Portland, USA-based Hip hop artist and music producer Mannix is a mellow track that shows us how grateful he is that life goes on, despite all the pitfalls that can certainly break you if you aren’t too careful. With smooth bars and a tremendous sample that sends you into a nostalgic place, this is an underground release up there with the best.

Mannix raps with a tranquil vibrancy that sends you into a better place, which reminds you that life carries on and rushing is actually ultimately pointless.

Listen to this timeless-sounding single on Soundcloud and check out more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Annie Sea urges interspecies empathy and decisive action on the stunning nature-saver, ‘Save Me’ (feat. The Colin Trio)

As she connects deeply into the ocean while the sound in her mind grows stronger by the day, Annie Sea sends us something so genuine that is written from the perspective of a mother Orca that needs our help on, ‘Save Me(feat. The Colin Trio).

Annie Sea is a Portland, Oregon-based indie folk-rock singer-songwriter who has an inspiring eco-conscious life that keeps in beautiful alignment with her message to the world.

A random vintage store find, a vinyl record of Humpback whale songs, planted the lyrical seed, “Would you save me if you understood my song – would you save me?”. As she walked home, she wondered how we would change our actions if we could communicate with other creatures and truly understand what they might have to say.” ~ Annie Sea

Annie Sea sings from the heart and is a role model to us all. Each lyric is kind and with meaning, as she urges the world to think about the extraordinary creatures below who are taking strain from the selfishness of humanity.

Once a secretive songwriter, Annie began sharing her music after partial vision loss derailed her career as an environmental microbiologist.” ~ Annie Sea

Save Me(feat. The Colin Trio) from Portland, Oregon-based indie singer-songwriter Annie Sea is such a glorious single that might put shivers all over your body. This is a peaceful entry to help us open our eyes again, to what is going on right before our eyes. There is a supremely inspiring message for us to listen to, as we are taken underwater to see what is needed for these majestic creatures, to thrive as they deserve.

Sung with an elegant grace that should get your mind alive with ideas on how to help nature, this is a special single that should resonate in our deepest souls.

Hear this message for common sense to prevail on Spotify and follow her incredible story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Scarlett Siren and The Howlin’ Tramps refuses to let anyone have that power on ‘Fuck You’

Taken off the 4-track EP called ‘The Devil’s in the Details‘, Scarlett Siren and The Howlin’ Tramps shows the small-minded folks out there that they need to venture far away as their words are not welcome here on ‘Fuck You‘.

Scarlett Siren and The Howlin’ Tramps is a Portland, Oregon-based vaudevillian-leaning five-piece music collective that is led by the dynamically enigmatic vocalist/burlesque performer, Scarlet Siren.

This genre-defying troupe of musicians loves to push boundaries with their cabaret-style performances. By blending a wide palette of sonic textures including psychedelic rock, blues, and jazz, The Howlin’ Tramps have concocted a style uniquely their own dubbed Psychedelic Swing.” ~ Scarlett Siren and The Howlin’ Tramps

Bringing us that foot-tapping groove that has you in a nostalgic mood as you wonder why you let that person bring you down for too long, Scarlett Siren and The Howlin’ Tramps show us their quality here with a brooding mood that isn’t taking that nonsense from others ever again.

Fuck You‘ from Portland, Oregon-based Scarlett Siren and The Howlin’ Tramps is a stunning single that shows you where the strength comes from if you are feeling so down from being with someone who didn’t support you at all. With a deeply rooted vibe that takes you into that time when you wish you had – or did – show the middle finger to a past shadow who is now far in the distance. With a defiant tone, this is an anthem for anyone who needs to grit their teeth and get into the right mindset again.

Life is all about being around those who are going to elevate you, not bring you down.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Clarke John worries about that impending change on the Chillhop mind-soother, ‘Snowing In Shasta’

With a nostalgically supreme beat that stirs your tired body awake and has you reminiscing about your own life, Clarke John shows us that emotionally hungry track that so many of us can relate to in this anxious world we live in with, ‘Snowing In Shasta‘.

Clarke Weigel aka Clarke John is a Portland, Oregon-based indie Chillhop artist and music producer who has made a Lo-fi single that will have you pressing repeat.

After discovering his love for music when he was 14, he now uses his passion for the art form to express himself in ways that words cannot.” ~ Clarke John

With a mellow atmosphere that has you in such a reflective mood as you dig deep into those childhood memories, Clarke John brings us a real gem that is wrapped with honest lyrics – and a head-nodding speaker-hugger – that will have you thinking back to what is actually important for you in life.

Snowing In Shasta‘ from Portland, Oregon-based indie Hip hop artist Clarke John, is one of the most soulful tracks you will hear all year. This is the story about worrying about change and being scared of that new picture that might end up being cracked and not the same as that previous home you treasure. With a pacifying beat that has you gazing outside and worrying about what is coming next, this is an honest single which is filled with a melodic ambience you will find easy to fall in love with.

For some life is about knowing that everything is staying the same, while for others, constant change is more normal than it should be.

Listen up to this new chill track on Spotify and see more of his style on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pure Class: Portland fingerstyle guitarist John Evergon shows us into the ‘Reflection’ (Mulan cover)

Written and produced by Matthew Wilder and David Zippel for the soundtrack of Disney’s 1998 animated film Mulan, John Evergon reminds us of the song that become extra famous due to the incredible talents of Christina Aguilera with his own version of ‘Reflection(Mulan cover).

John Evergon is a Portland, Oregon-based indie fingerstyle guitarist who fuses in jazz, blues, and rock, through the lens of the wholehearted love he has for his hometown and its beautiful landscape.

John Evergon released an instrumental rendition of the Mulan Soundtrack “Reflection” in Dec 2021. This marvellous song wonderfully written by Matthew Wilder & David Zippel more than two decades ago captured John’s attention during the last Christmas holidays right after releasing his rendition of “Hallelujah”. ~ John Evergon

Showing us his premier talents that have you gently shutting your eyes to carefully consume all the tranquil melodies that you hear in your delighted soul, John Evergon leads us into a much happier place that is only filled with his guitar playing of the very highest standard imaginable.

Writing fingerstyle compositions in many tunings rooted in genres of progressive-rock and smooth jazz, has allowed John to grow and strive as an instrumental artist.” ~ John Evergon

Reflection(Mulan cover) from the Portland, Oregon fingerstyle guitarist John Evergon, is a quite brilliant showing from an artist who performs with such a classy mindset. He reminds us that by taking time to think and reflect on our lives, we can indeed move to a much better place than before. With a soulful mentality so clear to see, this is such a peaceful effort that will have you daydreaming about those better days ahead on the better path you have chosen.

See this new single on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen