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Baby Tap possessed the hardstyle genre with the maniacal aggression in DEMONS

Hardstyle got infinitely harder with the latest release from one of the most versatile Electronica artists and producers in any scene. Baby Tap’s latest feat of synthesised obscurity, DEMONS, is enough to rival the most visceral hits in $uicideboy$ and Wage War’s respective discographies.

The adrenalized aggression of the flawlessly finished released effortlessly resonates as galvanizingly chaotic energy, which won’t fail to leave you psyched by the UK-based experimental artist’s possession of the hot and heavy domain of electronica.

It may be different from what we have heard from Baby Tap before, but the cornerstones of subversion, darkness and cyberpunk harsh techno remain, and we stand firm on our position that asserts Baby Tap as one of the most seminally superlative acts in the UK right now.

DEMONS will officially release on June 6th; bastardise your ear canals with it by heading to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Leave Me Be: UNDERXTED feels like he is totally alone on ‘I D C’

Taken from his new ‘The Forbidden Tapes Vol. 1‘ from this month, UNDERXTED shows us where his mind is at right now while he fights off those vicious demons that threaten to destroy him forever on ‘I D C‘.

UNDERXTED is a small-town Tennessee-based indie rapper who makes that type of music that comes from the deepest part of his soul as he finds his way in this convoluted world.

Starting out of a storage shed with a laptop and microphone.” ~ UNDERXTED

Reloading our ears with a contemplative look into the world which he sees, UNDERXTED sends us an emotionally-charged track – that has so many layers to unwrap – you might need some time to comprehend this offering. The vocals are intense and the beat brooding, as he draws us a vivid picture of what is currently going on as the hope he once had has been shredded into tiny pieces.

I D C‘ from the Tennessee-based rapper UNDERXTED, is a haunting track that has you feeling so sad about the potential outcome if you stop caring altogether. This is a dynamic artist who leads us into this web of heartbreak that he has clearly experienced before, as he shows his displeasure and disinterest with everything unfolding. With an honest melody and a consistent beat, this is the type of track that will have you looking into the mirror and wondering who in your life actually truly cares about you.

See this new video on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Need You: Chicago rapper Shauno wants that inner peace love on ‘Demons’

After the underground buzz that surrounded the eight-track ‘Devil’s Advocate‘ from earlier on in 2021, Shauno walks through the eerie shadows of self-doubt to firmly face those enticing long-haired ‘Demons‘.

Shauno is a fast rising twenty year-old northwest Chicago, Illinois-based indie hip hop artist with a tightly barreled flow that has you turning up the volume all the way.

This is the gripping story about wondering if they are going to actually stay so you can show the love that you have waiting to blossom, or if you should just keep quiet for now. Rapped with a reflective glance into the window of the future, this is a freshly brewed single that has you warmly wrapped into this message of keeping your feelings inside to avoid hurt.

In just under two minutes, Shauno shows us why the hype is real about this flourishing hip-hop artist who seems to have bags of charm to spare and displays his refreshing flow to get the temperature up the max. With descriptive lyrics that lets you know what he wants, you feel like there is so much potential to truly advance if he wants it enough.

Demons‘ from the youthful Chicago rapper Shauno, is a quick-fire track all about trying to find your heart again in this world that tries to force you to be cold inside those blood-thirsty veins. He wants to tell her exactly how he feels – but in the back of his mind he is wondering if she is for real – or might be ready to dash away forever at any moment.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more from this rising artist on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wish I Could Explain: Swiss indie pop survivor Aura Davis courageously breaks away from the past on ‘Unbroken’

After dealing with those inner demons that can break anyone it chooses, Aura Davis has conquered so much after this much-needed hiatus away from creating with her excellent new single on ‘Unbroken‘.

Aura Davis is a reborn-from-the-ashes indie pop singer-songwriter and multi-creative who is based in peaceful Switzerland.

I basically have two personalities”, Aura explains laughing. “On one hand we can all agree on the fact that there is a certain amount of narcissism involved but then again I am a very introverted person when it comes to opening up, like, I may share a lot, but I almost never expect anything in return“. ~ Aura Davis

You feel an inner power which sweeps all over her awaiting body and soul, which has shaken her core and blown away all the treacherous poisoned saliva which threatened to defeat her. This is the message of climbing up from the glue-like quicksand which has taken so many kind souls underneath forever – as you close your eyes and take a deep breath in – and feel truly happy that she broke away and survived those blood-clawing chains of the mind.

She’s darker, stronger, more honest and a lot more herself than ever before.” ~ Aura Davis

Unbroken‘ from the Switzerland-based indie pop singer-songwriter Aura Davis, is that stunning redemption story that we all needed. This is a strong woman who unshackled herself from what was holding her down, as she inspires us all to truly be happy inside where it counts. With hauntingly beautiful vocals and featuring some smartly written lyrics, she is on full form with a highly memorable release which makes your whole body shiver throughout.

Finding that escaping light is possible, if you believe that you can fight through anything that is attempting to destroy you.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via her exciting IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

They Taking My Money: Superlative South African artist Evida fights bravely on to dust off those cash-grabbing ‘Demons’ (feat. Luna Florentino)

With his much-anticipated new album ‘Mirror For A Miracle‘ on the way soon and after moving into the solo universe lately, Evida returns with his latest hit single that eloquently sums up the current climate in his troubled homeland of South Africa called ‘Demons(feat. Luna Florentino).

Evida is a highly skilled Johannesburg-based Afro-pop/Euro-dance solo project from the multi-talented and award-winning music producer, singer-songwriter, and much-respected South African artist Liam Jones.

Originally a group project, Liam is now striking out on his own as his brother and partner, chose to focus on their personal lives.” ~ Evida

With a sensationally striking beat that brightly lights up your sluggish mood like a match on petrol, you feel the rare quality swirling into your curious mind as you take a step back to immerse yourself in such a high class single. The vocals are crisp and pure, with supremely articulate lyrics that are so honest – and let you into the mindset of self-aware souls – who know where they are headed in this strange rat race.

Demons(feat. Luna Florentino) from the excellent Johannesburg, South Africa-based music producer/singer-songwriter and two-time SAMA (South African Music Awards) nominated artist Evida, is a treasure chest of truth that opens up with an unlatching of lyrical and beat-making skills, that captures your imagination so vividly. These are two quality artists who know that the demons are hunting them, but choose to rise up consummately above it all, to find their true path instead of finding the easy way out like so many weakly do.

This is one of those true summer classics that needs much more love as we all fight through the darkness inside our easy to-grow selfish souls – to find that self-enlightening light within – to be better in all aspects of our life.

Stream this world class new single on Spotify and see more of his gold-finding adventures via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Need To Rest: Boston’s Hmmf battles to cope with the sad memories on ‘I Can’t Sleep’

Taken off his incredibly real new album that includes some eye-opening knowledge about PTSD called ‘Tears‘, Hmmf impresses highly with his latest single that needs a night light to calm his mind called ‘I Can’t Sleep’.

Dominic Pappas aka Hmmf, is a Quincy, Massachusetts-born, Boston, Massachusetts-based hip-hop artist who flows with so much meaning attached to each line that he drops.

Hmmf feels like the ultimate underdog warrior, a man who raps with a raw tone that falls into your lap and swerves viciously, to leave you impressed with his skills but concerned with his current mindset.

He raps with such a haunting sadness and anxiety, the street stories of losing so many of his friends growing up have caught up to him. His mind so locked up at the moment, as he searches for the key that will unlock all of his sorrows away into the sky, so he can breathe properly again.

This is the message of trying to sleep so bad but you just can’t — with too many worries and flashbacks that are keeping the mind wide awake — the brain needs healing and a rest so bad, so it can shut off and reboot.

I Can’t Sleep’ from top notch Boston emcee Hmmf, rustles the duvet of your mind, as you over-think and your eyes feel so heavy, as the dreaded demons follow your each thought. This is the paranoid warning to get your head right, before you are disturbed into tossing and turning — when you need to be resting and replenishing your armor — so you can achieve those dreams that are waiting for you under your awaiting pillow.

Stream this top track on Spotify and check out his Twitter for more updates.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

It Will All Pass By: Hilton brushes off those treacherous ‘Demons’

After taking the risky but ultimately rewarding decision to leave home with just his 2006 4-Runner, some clothes and his trusty guitar to follow his dreams via a house with thirty people inside it, Hilton has faced his ‘Demons‘ and won.

Hilton is a Michigan-born, Los Angeles, California-based indie rock/rap one man band, who sings and flows with that inner desire to make music that helps him find his path to self-enlightenment and to inspire others to do the same.

This is the heartfelt message of giving yourself a break if you are going through some personal issues, as eventually it will all pass and you will be able to breathe again. Life is a marathon, not a sprint after all and better days do certainly lay ahead.

His voice is so atmospheric, you are drawn into his deep lyrics and soothing vocals. You feel rather inspired to reach for what you really want to do in life — rather than being stuck in your home town where the same stories are plastered together — and you can’t really grow.

Demons‘ from LA-based indie rock artist Hilton, leads us into his vivid imagination, as he tells us that we shouldn’t worry too much about those feelings inside that bring us down sometimes. They will eventually pass, if you keep the faith, work hard at your craft and keep positive. This is a wise musician who has sacrificed much to follow his heart, his soaring vocals and crisp guitar playing, only leads to happier times for all.

See the live video on YouTube and see his adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brush Those Demons Off: Portland’s Davidly cuts the suffocating weeds away with the marvelously honest ‘Vines’

Unlocking the creaking door to his self-doubts and fears, Davidly teaches us to be strong and never give up despite the slippery roads that slide beneath us on ‘Vines‘.

Portland, Oregon is the home of the inspiring indie-pop singer-songwriter/producer Davidly, who makes that reflective music that has your head moving and your mind thinking smartly, of new ways to achieve those enlightening dreams you have been manifesting so deeply.

Vines is an auditory journey on how it feels to battle our demons and come out on top. Life is full of ups and downs, and I wanted to capture the grit and authenticity of this in the song.”- Davidly

He sings with that inspiring passion, his courageous lyrics and shirt-soaked sound pushes all the self-loathing away as we regret the things we have done, instead of throwing all the dust into the trash, so you can wipe yourself off and be free in your mind again.

Vines‘ from Portland’s multi-talented Davidly, is a tremendously portrayed story of a world that sucks you into its temptation-filled world often, with so many distractions around, you have to be clear and focused to stay in reality. It feels like we are seeing a new man emerge as he sings with such conviction on this superb new indie-pop release.

Hear this honest new single on Soundcloud and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Recorded and produced while in lockdown on canal boat in Leicestershire; Folk artist Calum Read inspires us with ‘’Demons’’

Her voice is stuck in my head. What a sad but inspirational story this is. This is what real music is, in the grand scheme of life. A true Folk singer-songwriter who makes music to express his pain about a close one’s heart-breaking suicide and the after effects emotionally, that are attached forever to such a traumatic experience. 

Manchester’s ‘Calum Reed’ has found solitude on a canal boat during this terrible pandemic and has made inspirational music to escape the madness and give us a piece of beauty to enjoy. 

Calum had very little resources but wanted it badly enough, so made it happen somehow with the support of family and friends closest to him. This is the 3rd track from his debut release, ‘’Long Cool Girl EP’’ and it’s a beautiful song, full of emotion and realness. I found my eyes watering up while listening to ‘’Demons’’. The passion in the track is clear to see and it was so well executed. Well 

I hope to meet Calum one day soon and see his boat Long Cool Girl that he has been living on. Calum seems like a guy with incredible stories and with his soulful voice and music, I’m rooting for his success, no matter where or what it is. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen