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No One Stays: Portland’s Mo Schulte knows that she can be ‘Hard To Love’

Spurred on by listening to a Taylor Swift track when she was just six years old, Mo Schulte shows us her splendid vocal ability on her latest single all about possibly being a bit too tough on herself for those lifelong mannerisms on ‘Hard To Love‘.

Mo Schulte is a very likeable and authentic solo indie-pop artist and bedroom music producer, who is based in Portland, Oregon.

Over the years, Mo has fallen completely in love with songwriting. She loves having the ability to beautifully express such ugly emotions when struggling with mental health and heartbreak. She also uses music to articulate her love and gratitude for the people in her life.” ~ Mo Schulte

Mo Schulte projects her vividly described story into our lives about warning any potential lovers that she might be a bit difficult at first – but once she is comfortable – things will surely change for the better as the trust factor will be there.

Hard To Love‘ from the Portland, Oregon-based indie-pop artist Mo Schulte, is an honest track about pointing out those flaws which you know are prevalent in your life. Sung with such a flourishing gusto and written with a cleverly introspective style, this is a singer who knows who she is and isn’t apologizing for anything.

Being yourself is the best way to live after all, as long as you aren’t hurting anybody else along the way.

Check out this top new track on Spotify and see more of their stories on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Another Town Awaits: Excellent Portland soul-folk artist Hayley Lynn is born to run on her move-quick new single ‘Tail Lights’

As she looks for the new adventure on the horizon and moves speedily to the next town that awaits her, Hayley Lynn pushes away anyone who doesn’t understand her vision on her latest incredible single called ‘Tail Lights‘.

Hayley Lynn is a University of Victoria in British Columbia Performance graduate and moody soul-folk solo artist from Portland, Oregon. She blesses us with a 90s throwback track which shows her immense vocal ability, whilst also blending in her love for pop and rock music.

Hayley’s music has been placed on ABC, the 700 Club, and Big Ten Network, expanding Lynn’s reach outside of the Northwest to international audiences.” ~ Hayley Lynn

With a confident edge and an elegantly sassy energy that doesn’t take any nonsense, this is a go-get-it attitude that is taking her places. Her stunning honey-laced vocals seems to grab hold of you instantly and takes you under her sensational spell for just over three minutes – as she sings with an obvious class which shakes like ice in a glass – that engulfs the enthralled speakers and takes you places you never knew existed in your soul.

Hayley’s sound echoes the work of Feist with the bite and grit of Elle King and Sharon Van Etten.” ~ Hayley Lynn

Tail Lights‘ from the seductively brilliant Portland, Oregon-based indie soul-folk solo singer-songwriter Hayley Lynn, is that song all about wondering if you will ever find someone who is loyal enough and looking for that real love. The backseat moments have come and gone – as you look for more with a special heart who will go and travel with you – as you find your true calling.

Made with a really honest lyrical elegance and sung so beautifully, this is a track all about leaving behind the past and whoever isn’t open minded enough, to clearly see where you are headed in life.

Hear this lovely new single on her Spotify and find out more about those adventurous travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Shake up your indie post-punk playlist with [glazier]’s prog-rock single, down.up.down.

If your indie post-punk playlists need a shakeup, the jagged, complex time signatures in the standout single, down.up.down, from the three-piece powerhouse, [glazier] will do exactly that.

While most artists experimenting with unorthodox time signatures usually do so with an air of inaccessible pretension, [glazier] take a more affable route by ensuring that there’s as much emotion to connect with as there is experimentation to get excited by.

With drums that will easily win over fans of The Walkmen, the sweetness of Elliott Smith, the hooky magnetism of Queens of the Stone Age and the chill of Interpol, [glazier] really are the entire package. It is only a matter of time before they find themselves presented with a major-label deal.

The official video to down.up.down premiered in May 2021; you can check it out for yourselves on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Don’t Make A Fit: California rapper MidTrip is only rolling the potent soul-calming ‘Slopes’

Released from his latest eight-track ‘Sheet of Tabs Vol. 1‘ album, MidTrip keeps it real on this new quick-fire track about staying relaxed with so many distractions around as he keeps in the buzzing zone with ‘Slopes‘.

MidTrip is a Portland, Oregon-born, Hollywood, California-based indie rapper. He has a wildly vivid imagination, that strikes a sharp-witted whirlwind of gusty rhymes into our earth-bound stratosphere.

This is the story about wondering when his crush is going to come around as he urges her to keep it chilled, as his mind isn’t keen for any extra drama. His mind is all about making money and doing what he loves right now, as he keeps happy while disregarding all the smoke and mirrors around him.

With a self-assured swag and rampaging flows which leave you gasping for air at times – and featuring a foot-stomping beat – he emphatically puffs out the doubts of others and only smokes in the good vibes, as he throws down a rigorous effort.

Slopes‘ from the highly confident Hollywood, California-based indie trap artist MidTrip, is a fast track which has your mind racing like a finely-tuned sports car throughout. He raps with such a mighty style which has your heart beaming with intrigue, as he takes us for an introspective look into his world of breathtaking bars-filled speed, that will have you blazing to this new track.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more stories via the IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Getting To The Money: Portland high-flying rapper Rony shows his credentials on ‘Red Bottoms’ (feat. HS Dro)

With a confident attitude and an eye for fine talent, Rony stays in the lane of success whilst also having some fun too, with the new fresh single called ‘Red Bottoms(feat. HS Dro).

Rony is a prolific Portland, Oregon-based singer-songwriter and rapper, who brings forth that experience from many years of visualizing his dreams to become reality, as he makes that hip-hop that delves deep into becoming who he truly wants to be.

The raps are fiery and all about how the journey up has been hard but now its all worth it. After being broke for so long, the paper is now stacking up smoothly for him and the true team that have stuck by him, as the haters from before are all wishing that they weren’t so disrespectful.

The girl with the red heels on is really interested — as these are two emcees that are headed into the right direction — as its all upwards and never back to the way it was.

Red Bottoms’ (feat. HS Dro), catches your attention quick like seeing a well-dressed individual walking right up to you — your eyes glimmer as you see them look into your eye — as your heart has a quick simmer and you just know that they are the one for you, the winner.

Stream this fire new single on Soundcloud and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Helped You Build A Wall: Driving for Peaches deal with unforeseen deception on ‘Subterfuge’

Taken off the new five-track EP called ‘Circles‘, Driving for Peaches bring us a story that rips the kindness out of your heart for a short while and hardens you up called ‘Subterfuge‘.

Portland, Oregon four-piece indie rock act Driving for Peaches are three friends from the Netherlands, the UK and New Zealand, who tightly knot the type of real music that reaches to your heart strings and pulls you so close, you can feel every sinew of their expression from how weird this past year was.

“We wanted to recognize the strangeness of the life in the past year, living through a pandemic where every day become like the next, where it felt like one thought could transcend past, present, future, fantasy or reality.” Ditte Kuijpers (lead singer of Driving for Peaches).

This is the story about helping someone close, only for them to pull the joker out the pack and run for the hills, not even caring enough to look back. Their evil ways were not seen before as the bright light of love shone too bright, only for it to be darkened when you truly saw what was really transpiring.

Subterfuge‘ from indie rock band Driving for Peaches, swerves into a speeding story that has you shocked and amazed, your mind can’t comprehend how some people take others for granted sometimes. The passionate call for an explanation is wonderfully projected and this is a strong single that is full of melodic soundscapes, that will have you thinking deeply about who you place trust in moving forward.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out their IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brush Those Demons Off: Portland’s Davidly cuts the suffocating weeds away with the marvelously honest ‘Vines’

Unlocking the creaking door to his self-doubts and fears, Davidly teaches us to be strong and never give up despite the slippery roads that slide beneath us on ‘Vines‘.

Portland, Oregon is the home of the inspiring indie-pop singer-songwriter/producer Davidly, who makes that reflective music that has your head moving and your mind thinking smartly, of new ways to achieve those enlightening dreams you have been manifesting so deeply.

Vines is an auditory journey on how it feels to battle our demons and come out on top. Life is full of ups and downs, and I wanted to capture the grit and authenticity of this in the song.”- Davidly

He sings with that inspiring passion, his courageous lyrics and shirt-soaked sound pushes all the self-loathing away as we regret the things we have done, instead of throwing all the dust into the trash, so you can wipe yourself off and be free in your mind again.

Vines‘ from Portland’s multi-talented Davidly, is a tremendously portrayed story of a world that sucks you into its temptation-filled world often, with so many distractions around, you have to be clear and focused to stay in reality. It feels like we are seeing a new man emerge as he sings with such conviction on this superb new indie-pop release.

Hear this honest new single on Soundcloud and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying to get home: Lu Carter is stunningly stupendous on her self-reflective single about a childhood memory while listening to ‘Weird Al Yankovic’

Taken off her latest astounding five-track EP that wasn’t supposed to happen called ‘Girl of Little Words‘, Lu Carter sends the anxious world a peaceful melody to remember fondly called ‘Weird Al Yankovic‘.

Michaela Carter aka Lu Carter, is a resilient Salem, Oregon-born, Brooklyn, New York City-based, experimental indie-folk singer songwriter and barista, who beautifully makes that old school nostalgic gems from the untouched forest, that carefully float into your curious brain and soothes your beating heart, like a cuppa hot chocolate on a cold winters day.

She peruses the thoughts of childhood and aging gracefully in her music and fills each listener with a genuine sense that you have heard a truly kind and authentic artist-who formulates ear-bending soundscapes-to give us hope and feel loved again.

This is the fascinating story of not being quite where you thought you would be in life and perhaps, being a bit hard on yourself at times. Her carefully crafted lyrics take you places on the clouds above and this poem is much more than that, as you close your ears, a small tear drips quietly down your cheek, as you imagine her stuck in traffic with her sibling beside her, stuck in traffic and all she wants to do is go home.

You get lost sometimes when you listen to Lu as she is a mood shapeshifter-her voice is so enchanting and real-going quiet sometimes mysteriously while she whispers tenderly and then you hear her clearly again, she catches your attention and your breath away, the angel sent to help us understand our childhood is here already.

Weird Al Yankovic‘ from the soothingly organic NYC singer-songwriter and sweet soul Lu Carter, is an absolute masterpiece from a caring musician who is making her way in this world and sharing her most vulnerable memories with us so eloquently. Her vivid storytelling is so majestic as her honesty overrides all and you feel at peace with yourself and the world.

The feeling of being sad and happy at the same time is something that was unfathomable before. This is the power of music and how some artists can enter your heart to help you deal with pain, is quite incredible.

Hear this lovely new single on her Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brushing off the doubters: Pat Magada shows them what they missed out on ‘Don’t Forget Me When You’re Famous’

After waiting in a massive line for six hours to get onto the Idols stage, Pat Magada had a tough experience but is doing what he loves at an extremely high level anyways, on the top notch single ‘Don’t Forget Me When You’re Famous‘.

Patrick Magada is a Filipino indie pop singer-songwriter based in Oregon, USA. He performs with that inner self-belief that shines through in his mesmerizing music style, that is born from watching his Mother play live in bars back in The Philippines.

His voice is so vibrant and care-free with shades of that extra enthusiasm, that makes him stand out from the crowd. This is a thriving musician that has taken a positive from a disappointing experience from a comment from a judge, that really doesn’t make sense.

You glide and slide with this terrific singer who’s voice illuminates the sky, and shows all singers that go on these reality music shows, to actually look at things differently from the norm.

Don’t Forget Me When You’re Famous‘ from Pat Magada is the ultimate ode to being rejected that day but having the strength to brush it off and do what he loves no matter what. One show or one judge’s opinion can’t ever define you and instead, this should be used to prove yourself right.

We live in a quick-swipe world that is often harsh and forgets you quickly. Having the positive attitude to rather enjoy the journey, make life-long friends and learning from the process, is the only way to grow and be stronger for the long-term.

Stream this fine single on Spotify and see the visuals and adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A reason to believe: Noelle Toland is quite wonderful on debut reflective single ‘Prove Your Value’

Noelle Toland sings with that real rare authentic soul groove on her lovely debut single called ‘Prove Your Value‘.

North Plains, Oregon-born r&b/soul artist Noelle Toland makes that breathtaking adrenaline-rushing sound, that feels like an atmospheric hug from the starlit sky. Her gorgeous voice is so well trained and you can feel the electricity everywhere in her veins, as she stretches her lungs like a flexible elastic band.

With an elegant style that is always crisp and classy, her tremendous tone hits the heights of a musician who knows where she needs to go. She sings with a glorious grace that simmers into your curious mind, as you close your eyes and see her on stage giving everything she has.

This is the story of falling in love with someone that was too good to be true and you gave them a chance. Your first instinct that it wouldn’t work out was proved correct and you were sadly let down. You believed it for a while but the love faded after you realized who they really were. This is a sunken feeling when it happens and often you blame yourself but shouldn’t, you gave it a chance and did what your heart thought was right.

Prove Your Value‘ from the sensational talent Noelle Toland, is a stunningly pure song, that will hug you warmly and have you thinking of those times when you tried to love but it just didn’t work out. With a sensually pure voice, this is a single that simmers into your body and you will have the chills, thinking of lost love.

Sometimes it just isn’t meant to be and replenishing your heart quickly so you can love again, is the only way to heal from this learning experience. You shouldn’t have to prove yourself to anyone, who isn’t fully invested in you anyway.

Hear a graceful singer in full flow via her Spotify and find her on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen