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Sethro lays down fast flows on top of slick beats with ‘Keep On’

Oregon-based rapper and producer Sethro has impressed with his latest release ‘Keep On’ – alongside an official music video. 

Rapped on a walkabout across his Oregon homestead, Sethro pulls you in to his world with aplomb on ‘Keep On’. It’s fast, fluid backpack style rap you could see yourself jamming to the early morning hours in at a solo hostel lobby open-mic – and that’s not to say Sethro’s work isn’t accomplished on ‘Keep On’. It’s quite the contrary. The track enthuses with a personality that’s not too easy to replicate, and Sethro’s live performance chops shine through the most. 

At its most effective moments, ‘Keep On’ instills a level of trust and storytelling in the artist – helping you warm to Sethro’s influence and inspiration faster than you could with most other independent rappers of this ilk. It’s also an unrelentingly technical display, and his fast flows and slick cadence should keep you listening on – and on, and on. 

You can listen to Sethro’s ‘Keep On’ on his official YouTube channel here.


Salvatore Manalo – Rain: Winters Antidote

Through the impossibly competitive music scene of Portland, Oregon emerges Salvatore Manalo with his debut track Rain.

It’s a mixed bag of genres, but when you get to the bridge, putting a label on his majestic sound quickly floats to the back of your mind as you find yourself fully attuned to his sound. With riffs more fitting in Rock tracks this R&B Funk Pop enigma allows the track to flow with sweet unpredictability.

The entire ensemble is flawless, from the vocals to the instrumentals, the lyrics to the Jazz vibes that taint the track with poignantly upbeat symphonies. I’m really not sure how Manalo remains on the underground with such an array of talent. There’s a true narrative to his emotions which he explores through his command of rhythm.

Sadly, Rain falls under the category of the type of track that you’re likely to hear whilst dining at an upmarket restaurant or wandering round the supermarket. It’s not a sound that you’d hear in trendy cocktail bars or being spoken about fondly by teenagers. Never the less, if you’re looking for a sound to dispel the winter blues look no further! (Despite what your friends may think)