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I Ain’t Good For You: The mysterious Ma$ia tells her straight up on ‘Energy’

As he tells her honestly how he feels, Ma$ia looks above for that powerful ‘Energy‘ he is striving for in this complex world that can you wrap your mind in undesirable plastic if you aren’t careful.

Ma$ia is a dynamic new producer/musician, who makes that strikingly real sound through his blunt lyrics that tell it how it really is, without sugarcoating anything for show.

With his varied influences including jazz, hip-hop and RnB, you feel a sense of deepness about his whole demeanor as he sings with that style that lets you know that he is backing up each word. This song flows through your curious veins as you feel his frustration with his current predicament, as he is sub-consciously moving to a different place to make his mark in his own way.

Energy‘ from the mystifying dual producer/singer/rapper Ma$ia, is a truthful tale about wanting ones own space for a while as you work out what you truly want in life. Life is wild and being pulled into different tempting directions isn’t at all what you are feeling right now, as you search for the positive energy vibration that feels just right in your soul.

Stream this new track on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music Pop

Finnish Grammy-award-winner JORI SJÖROOS has unleashed their forceful-feat of future pop ‘TAKE A CHANCE ON ME’

Every up and coming artist wants nothing more than for people to take a chance on them, but that’s something only the brave will admit; JORI SJÖROOS’ standout single ‘TAKE A CHANCE ON ME’ puts harmony to the desire which hides behind our assured facades.

The entrancing hit maybe lyrically reaching for love, but the humble vibe to the single permits you to unashamedly embrace all facets of desire. As it allows you to recollect all of the times you wanted nothing more than for your potential to be seen, the forceful and polished beats, orchestrated by the Finnish artist, producer and songwriter, will make sure that emotions are running high.

It comes as no surprise that JORI SJÖROOS has achieved gold and platinum status on their releases and has been awarded multiple Finnish Grammys. Their sound is beyond radio-ready and given the diversity in their discography, you never know quite what they’ll pull off the soundboard next. Get them on your radar.

TAKE A CHANCE ON ME is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Music RnB

Take It Slow: Toronto producer Lostboyjay asks her to listen closely to the real story on ‘Ego Trips’

With that tree blaze always real close by to consume brightly, Lostboyjay wonders why she has so many stamps on her ‘Ego Trips‘, that is currently ruining the mellow vibe he wants to create.

Lostboyjay is an exciting Toronto, Canada-based RnB/trap-fueled artist/producer, with a creative knack of making snack-filled beats that satisfies your stomach and your hungry soul.

He likes to fuse a soundscape that is influenced by Bryson Tiller, Kanye West and Travis Scott, however you feel that he likes to do things his own way and his original style flows in smoothly with the lighter on hand, as the lights dim real low.

With his sensually appealing voice that is tracked on an attractive beat so alluring you might need to light another candle, we are whisked into a busy world where things can get twisted really quickly sometimes. The story of wanting her to listen closer is shown vividly through the speakers smokey exterior, as the selfie world can change a persons perspective about themselves way too quickly.

Ego Trips‘ from the promising Canadian producer/trap artist Lostboyjay, finds him sending us on a journey to find what he is truly looking for, only wishing that she would come down from her high horse so he could explain what he really meant in the first place.

Stream this fresh track on Spotify and see his IG for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Music RnB

Why You Really Wanna: Watts native SUMWHR is sick and tired of heart-crushing contradictions on ‘Waste Time’

After growing up with hoops as a way to get off the streets, SUMWHR turned to music to stay away from the tempting alley corners that can suck you in quicker than a hoover, and is back with a new single about knowing that they aren’t for you called ‘Waste Time‘.

Watts, California-born SUMWHR, has elevated his mindset from all the trouble that he could be into, to now be a conscious indie RnB-wave singer-songwriter, former rapper, music producer and engineer with a promising future ahead. He looks to brings others up around him, rather than looking at the negatives like so many around him.

This is the story about how they say one thing but do the complete opposite, as you start to wonder if this is actually worth your while. You care about them a lot but you want loyalty and trust to the core, not games and constant disillusionment.

He sings with such a simmering tone that you feel like he could lift the mood of any day, you sense his growing self-awareness that he wants so much more from life – rather than drama-filled days – worrying about things that should be taken care of without thinking.

Waste Time’ from soulful Californian singer-songwriter SUMWHR, is a reflective journey about being with someone that actually doesn’t respect you and you need to close the door, so you can open a new one with more love and food for your soul rather than that fake malnutrition.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The Air Changed: Dublin’s Aisling Jarvis is magnificently mesmerizing on ‘Fade to Black’ (ft. Hvmmingbyrd and Kipunji)

Aisling Jarvis is a incredibly talented 23 year-old singer/songwriter/producer and sound engineer from beautiful Dublin, Ireland, who returns to the solo world after six years away on the remarkable Fade to Black(ft. Hvmmingbyrd and Kipunji).

She creatives that vividly imaginative music that makes you take an extra breath or two, as her entrancingly transfixing voice is absolutely stunning and could cause enjoyable heart shocks deep inside your eager body, as he skillfully shakes down the curious speakers with such dazzling world class appeal.

When you come from such a well-known and prolific musical family, the chances are you will be bitten by the bug early into your life and it will never let you go. Aisling’s mother is Moya Brennan of Grammy and BAFTA winning Irish family group Clannad, and she has been touring worldwide with this fine band since 2010.

With the horrific covid-19 pandemic leaving the music scene in guitar-burning ruins, it feels like Aisling has taken the time to return to her solo music again, as her last release was back in 2014. Rejuvenated after a long rest and raring to go, you can feel the sparks of electricity here as he leads us into her supremely imaginative mind with a return to tell your whole neighborhood about.

This is the sad story about how sometimes things change when you don’t want them to, as your former lovers memory of you fades so quickly, when they said they would be around. The haunting feeling makes you feel so alone and despondent, you know you should probably move on but you need time to heal properly, so you can love wholeheartedly when the time appears again.

Her voice is so stunningly pure as each verse is striking goodness into your mind, as you feel her presence and realness with the guest artists adding so much quality to mesh beautifully together as one.

Fade to Black‘ (ft. Hvmmingbyrd and Kipunji) from the spectacularly gifted Aisling Jarvis, is a captivating effort that takes you to its own space in time, as she shows the world her solo side after a long break that was certainly worth the wait.

Hear this wonderful new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


MDMelo keeps us euphoric with their latest single ‘DON’T STOP DANCING’ featuring Francis

MDMelo served up a solid slice of funk and disco with ‘DON’T STOP DANCING’, just one of the tracks to feature in their ‘In the Moment’ EP.

By bringing in the smooth vocal timbre of Francis, the single unfolded as a convincingly heartfelt mash of RnB, Soul and Funk. Grooves don’t come much more danceable than the ones that you’ll find in this glossy euphoria dripping sanity-saver.

MDMelo’s lyrical advice is worth heeding. Imagine how much dancefloor awkwardness it will save when clubs finally open. Until then, keep the artist and producer on your radar – you owe it to your serotonin levels.

You can check out the official video which premiered on March 6th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Spacecadet Lullabies’ haunting, cross-generational family ‘Heirloom’

Following the death of his parents, Melbourne-based musician, composer, and producer Matt Lewin started the always-difficult task of sorting through possessions; one such item was an old reel-to-reel tape recorder, containing the outlines of 28 previously unheard compositions for voice and piano, made by his grandfather in the late 1960’s. Lewin took these sketches, interpreting them through his own unique compositional trope, avoiding using his father’s voice or reinterpreting the original compositions, adding instead an ambient, minimalist soundscape around the original recordings to create a unique father-and-son collaboration which reaches across the years.

What we’re left with is a hauntingly beautiful, peaceful-yet-uplifting collection of mellow, downtempo electronica, a deeply original, personal musical conversation which feels both timeless and remarkably contemporary. Lewin’s sympathetic approach allows space for the original compositions to breathe and grow, whilst adding up-to-date touches with synthesised and sequenced instrumentals evoking feelings of peace, tranquillity, hope, and solace.

Lewin’s album, ‘The Map Maker’, is released on March 18th; you can hear ‘Heirloom’ via BandCamp, and check out Spacecadet Lullabies here.

Review by Alex Holmes

Hip hop Music RnB

That Tasty Beat: South London producer Junior Sagoe brings that special sauce to satisfy our hunger for real music on ‘Otsuru’

Taken off his latest ten-track album full of hot tracks all over the place called ‘Heat Rock‘, Junior Sagoe is absolutely superb on the new single called ‘Otsuru‘.

Junior Sagoe is a South London producer, DJ, jazz and hip-hop music student, who monumentally fuses that classic old school feel that was inspired from those young days, listening to his dad’s old soul records.

You feel his self-aware energy spread tenderly all over his latest wondrous creation, as he takes us for an enlightening ride through different constellations that has you learning about yourself, like you never though possible before. He has an authentic layer lathered all over this tremendous track that will certainly put you in a better head space, away from the gloom and doom that does nothing but bring you down into the undesirable dumps of despair.

Otsuru‘ from South London producer Junior Sagoe, is a soul fulfilling instrumental experience that has you in a peaceful daze – as you look above and build up your strength again – so you can follow those dreams you have been manifesting for so long. This is that heart-healing type of music that replenishes all of your lost momentum and has you feeling at peace with oneself for the better.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more visuals from his journey.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Transformation From The Shore: ODHK soothes our battered hearts on ‘A Rip Current’

With a mellow energy transmitted from the beautiful waters that splashes gently to help us reach desirable results, ODHK swims calmly in our consciousness to give us a peaceful state of mind again on ‘A Rip Current‘.

Owen Kelly aka ODHK is a supremely creative Bristol-based, Devon-born musician, front-man of rock band Methods and producer, who makes that soul healing therapeutic music that soothes the mind and eases the pain of the world from your weighed-down shoulders.

This is the story of being happy again through the ocean’s magnificence, as that is where the goodness in the world really is. This chilled house beat has all the hallmarks of a mood-changer and his vocals add so much energy healing qualities.

Whilst listening to ODHK you somehow feel like you are actually drifting in a crystal clean ocean via the smartly designed rip current – away from the stormy seas of life’s issues – like someone in a different head-space than most of the world.

A Rip Current’ from the soulful Bristol lofi musician/producer ODHK, is a wave of tasty pureness in a dark and hostile world. He has the ability to send us a stunning effort that seems to cleanse your mind and eradicate all the undesirable toxins out of your body. Being at peace within, is the only way to be truly happy after all.

Stream this new single here on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Let’s Roll: ShoTunez gets that risky ride music just right with ‘Ladada’ (feat. Locci Primo)

As the blue lights almost ruin the days adventures in the wild, ShoTunez slides into a hidden alleyway just in time on ‘System Failure‘, to live one more day on his new street-hop single called ‘Ladada‘ (feat. Locci Primo).

Emerging Los Angeles, California-based, Boston-raised indie artist/producer ShoTunez, creatively showcases his wise talents by having his calm ear to the bustling’ streets below, as he willingly brings us a soundtrack that captures what its like to live within seconds, of it all ending for a grab at a few money bags loaded with exciting treasures.

They rap with that hardened edge of nearly seeing it all out there, their stories of survival reign true with a slick beat that has you putting your hoodie up to hide from the cameras, your head low as you nod your head to this underground track.

Ladada‘ (feat. Locci Primo) from LA-based producer/rapper ShoTunez, catches the mood just right in this crazy world where you have to take a few sly risks to truly make it. With an ear-bending style that is all real life hustle, this is a top track that is all about that ride to make some money and live more comfortably, despite the massive risks if you get caught from behind.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen