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Dan Plants and Nate Cronk- Stay: A journey through the sound of Synthwave

‘Stay’’ was created by two great friends Dan Plants and Nate Cronk, it dives straight into the Synthwave style as it introduces a variety of different sound effects as well as some catchy vocals.

From start to finish it has this up-lifting beat that gives the track so much energy, there’s a mixture of hard-hitting drum beats, insane riffs on the guitar as well as the synth effects that intertwine themselves into the vocals and instrumentation.

It tells a story throughout about love and heartbreak, but even if it tends to have a more poignant meaning, it still manages to keep your spirits high as the melody is so contagious and it gives off this cheery feeling.

Dan and Nate have made something that’s creative, something that may not be for everyone, considering the overall sound is not as popular as it once was, but even then Stay shows just how good it can be. It has some incredible rhythms and a superb lyrical approach, if you’re one that hasn’t really delved into the world of Synthwave music then you must!

You can check out Stay for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Karley Myall


Talented producer Dylan Drendel – ‘Ocean’: As funky as it is cool!

This inspired and confident offering from Dylan Drendel is aptly named. It brings to mind everything that is magical and serene about the Ocean. The musicianship is spectacular in that it pulses with life, at a tempo that is reminiscent of a heartbeat, and the hypnotising classical piano breathes, like a prayerful chant throughout. Dylan digs deep and musically characterises a pulsating, connected, primordial under water organism.

This track is superb in its simplicity and subtlety, and takes no small amount of expert craftsmanship to pull off, but its fair to say that Dylan ’s understated thought process culminates in a luxuriously decadent and calming end product.

Let’s not get it twisted though. Soul is at the very heart of this creation and this track is no shrinking violet. You will want to tap your foot and move to it. It is as funky as it is cool and Dylan has been able to artfully balance the ethereal nature of the theme with soft EDM hooks and baselines. He effortlessly displays an ingenious level of versatility that is hard to ignore.

You’ll definitely want to check out ‘Ocean’ by Dylan Drendel at Spotify. Let us know know what you think. Enjoy!

Review by Susan Harriott


Not Together by House producer Paul Costello featuring Abigail Bailey & ItsAllAboutAaron: A tale of lost love and loneliness

Not Together, a house track produced by Paul Costello, sounds very nineties in its composition.  Throughout the piece there is a narrative, told in masculine and feminine voices, about lost love and how both participants have only found loneliness since becoming separated from one another.

The song talks of two lovers, who felt complete by simply being together, that have been left with palpable feelings of regret because they failed to say what was needed when their relationship fell into ruin.

Repetition, in words and music, work well for this minimalist track that shows our protagonists will never know they share an identical feeling of regret.

There is a sense of grief, for words left unsaid, laid down in lyrics that feel calm despite talk of surviving stormy weather. Both parties know they’ve lost something, pieces of themselves that made them better people, and are trying to become whole again.

For many of us, the subject matter contained within this track is all too relatable.

Review By Lisa Knight


MǾǾD– Vegas 4 ThWeekend: Alternative Dancehall? Now I’ve heard Everything

MǾǾD dropped his latest track Vegas 4 ThWeekend just as 2017 drew to a close, offering fans the most twisted mash-up of Dancehall, Electronic and Alternative Rock one could possibly hope for. Forget reaching across genres, MǾǾD’s latest track transcends the foundations of sound by creating his own delectable mix of resonance that regardless of your musical persuasions is a pleasure for you to sink your teeth into.

The talented Singer Songwriter & Producer has utilized his penchant for old-school Alternative Rock with his infinite command over music production to create some of the most fulfilling beats on the Alternative Dance scene today. MǾǾD uses his eclectic list of influences of acts such as Drake, Fall Out Boy, Panic at the Disco & Frank Sinatra to bring his soulful renditions to life. The production to the sound is highly powered by a euphoric mix of Hip Hop Electronica.

In just 5 months, MǾǾD released an album along with 3 mixtapes, in 2018 he’s made it his mission to release a new album every month in 2018, it will be interesting to see if he pulls it off, but with that commitment to the cause, it’s hard to see where the uniquely talented artist can go wrong.

Vegas 4 ThWeekend is just one of the stand out tracks off his latest EP ‘The MǾǾD Life Vol. 1 which you can listen to on SoundCloud now:


Numbsoul Releases New Hip-Hop Beat “Spring ’17″

Numbsoul is a beat-maker with a great sense of melody, rhythm and flow in the music, blending just the right elements to make hip-hop beats with character and dimension that can serve a variety of purposes. His track “Spring ’17” proves exactly this through a relaxed and mellow steady beat that features also suitable changes in texture to distinguish sections and provide a coherent sense of development.

“Spring ’17” does not only showcase Numbsoul’s ability to create structure through texture but also showcases his ability to integrate melody and harmony within the beat. With delicate and soft melodic phrases shining within the texture throughout the beat also carries a sensitive character to it and it is also interesting to note how these melodies evolve and change within the diffferent sections. Having said all this, the most important part of any beat is the rhythm itself and in this case “Spring ’17” does not disappoint. With a cool, laid back and relaxed vibe the rhythm is not too fast and provides a solid foundation with hints of trap and also further changes between sections that add to the overall dynamic and character of the beat. Check it out and you’ll definitely feel the groove!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


CharLeon’s Latest Release Takes Listeners On A Journey

Hans Christian Anderson once said, “Where words fail, music speaks.” No listeners know this better than the ones attending raves and filling dancefloors for the chance to share an energetic session of dancing and feeling without the need for greater cultural contexts or interpersonal discussions. CharLeon answers the call and his prepared with more than your average dance beat with his song Journey. This song attempts an expression of exuberance incarnate, and it may just make it happen once the speakers start pumping.

The introduction gives us the faintest hint of vocal samples and prepares the listener for a standard pop hit with tinges of electronica. But once the bright pianos are accompanied by thunderous kicks, we know we’re in store for much more. The colorful lead synth and razor sharp basslines command the scene and only allow interludes for playful and bluesy piano lines that help break things up before the next intense climax. It’s a familiar format but it’s used because it works. This isn’t looking to cross into new boundaries; it’s a celebration of where we are and a reminder to enjoy the moment. CharLeon certainly knows how to take the listener on a Journey.


JenJen Releases “Start Over” – A Fearless Blend Of Earthy Melodies And Broken Beats

JenJen is a singer, songwriter, producer and DJ with a truly unique sense of musical aesthetic. Fusing elements of world music with broken electronic beats, etherial mesmerising vocal melodies and haunting soundscapes, JenJen’s music is nothing like you’ve ever heard before. Her latest track “Start Over,” taken from her upcoming album Crystal Ocean is in fact a representation of all these elements and even more.

Starting off with low tones that gradually evolved into warped sounds, fragments of beats and spoken phrases, “Start Over” immediately has the ability to transport the listener on a journey. The entry of the middle eastern inspired vocal melody is perhaps one of the most intriguing aspects of this song. Sliding between microtones and creating a luscious ambient soundscape together with the other elements of world music this song establishes a raw and natural earthy sound. With an underlying sense of abstract expression the sound remains mysterious and intriguing throughout. “Start Over” is truly a song that is one of a kind and only an exciting hint of what’s in the album which will be released on December 21st. This is definitely something to look forward to!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Benvolio, Big Songs, Dark Soul

There is a strange juxtaposition taking place on Predator, the latest single from Benvolio. On the one hand it drives on a slick but laid back pop-soul vibe, on the other it also has a very dark heart. More than a dash of 80’s about it, electro beats, synth driven grooves and high end production and whilst that era is known for its musical throwaway vibrancy and bright musical colours, Predator does come from that place.

As the name might suggest it stalks a more edgy theme, one which explores power and privilege, one that is perfectly timed against current shocking revelations coming out of entertainment and politics at the moment. For all its Hall and Oates electro-pop image, this is a song which takes us down some grittier narratives and in doing so plays on a wonderful balance of the flippancy of the era which informs in musically and the more unspoken territory upon which it shines a light. Music should never be afraid to speak up and this song is both musically slick and wonderfully brave.


TyC Is Back With Exciting Release “Look What You Made Me Do”

TyC is back with another exciting single and if All 2 Myself was a glorious slice of electro-rock, here we see him turn his sights onto more pop and R&B territory. Securing the services of Joselyn Rivera says something about the rising profile of this songwriter/producer and her sassy and modern vocals add  wonderfully fresh and “of the moment” dimensions to the song.

There is an intriguing staccato structure to the song, it trips and hops, bounces and bowls along but often does so in wonderfully strange time patterns yet never looses sight of its inherent groove whilst doing so.

And it is this combination of the conventional and the cutting edge that is really putting TyC on the musical map. Pop may come from a fairly obvious place, R&B is often predictable and electronic music is very often too “out there,” too left field in its quest to find a new sound. TyC has that rare ability to put them all in one place and find a beguiling, not to mention commercially viable, middle way. Neat!


The Warningz Release Uplifting Track ‘No Stress’

In a world saturated with overly compressed mumblings passing as expression, it’s always a pleasure to hear a song with a dynamic beat and passionate artists pushing themselves to make something genuinely uplifting. No Stress is produced by the Warningz, who understand that even the simplest of melodies deserve rich harmonic content in order to resonate through a mix in a truly organic way. This song doesn’t feel like it was made at a desk in a studio. It feels like it’s a part of the world around you. You can breathe the summer air from the first snare.

Performed by Maine Gwap and Farees, No Stress is a song that can recognize struggle and confront it with confidence and pride. No Stress is a mission statement as much as a title, and if you bump this song when you’re at a low point, you just might be able to find the hope you need to move through. This song is moving both emotionally and physically. The beat is great and the humanity is greater. The Warningz definitely have more to come and with such talented collaborators, we’re certainly in for a treat.

-Paul Weyer