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Take Me Somewhere: Suffolk singer Tom Stafford looks for that sunny adventure on ‘Golden Rose’

Taken off his latest six-track EP from 2021 called ‘When The Light Goes Out‘, Tom Stafford wants that thrill-seeking time with someone close who he thinks is so stunning called ‘Golden Rose‘.

Tom Stafford is a multi-talented Suffolk, England based, indie pop singer-songwriter, guitarist, drummer, photographer and music producer. He likes music from the 80’s and 90’s, as he fuses these two generations together, with a mix of modern to entertain us with such a pure sound.

He has an easy-going style and smooth lyrics to let us know his exact intentions, through a dreamy soundscape that takes you to places you forget existed. This is the perfect road trip song and is made with pure reasoning – as we are placed into a story that shows us where he wants to go – which is far away from the stresses of normal life.

Golden Rose‘ from the emerging music producer/indie-pop multi-instrumentalist musician Tom Stafford, leads us to a time where he is tired of staying inside and yearns for that exciting adventure, where he isn’t supposed to go. With a mellow style and his sunglasses ready for action, this is a peaceful single that will have you daydreaming of summer again.

Stream this new single via Spotify and support his vision by checking out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Faked It: Brandon Michael Marsh opens up his heart on the vanished love with ‘Breaking’

As he recalls that once-happy feeling that suddenly broke like fragile glass inside his hurting stomach, Brandon Michael Marsh expresses himself so that he may be strong again with the sad story about his soulmate that left him on ‘Breaking‘.

Brandon Michael Marsh is a Fort Worth, Texas-based indie hip-hop rapper/singer-songwriter and music producer. He makes that deep kind of music that is about his life and he uses music to heal with, as well as helping others who have been through similar issues in their life.

You feel the passionate plea inside his animated tone, as he struggles to grasp why they did’t feel the same way that he did after showing interest. The healing has taken long as he wonders why they didn’t reciprocate, when he was at his most vulnerable.

Breaking‘ from the courageous Texas musician Brandon Michael Marsh, is a story that jots down what happens when you don’t get to be with the person who you loved so much, but who didn’t feel the same way for you. You feel empty inside and sad – as it takes a while to move on if you were so convinced – that you were destined to be together.

Sometimes the world can be harsh and breaks your heart, so its up to you to stand up and find someone who actually appreciates you.

Stream this quality new single here on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Take Me For Granted: Thoven Bey and Kallie Skys plant the seeds of growth on ‘Water Me’

Featuring a lathering of tender care and vital self-awareness to teach others, Thoven Bey and Kallie Skys rain down the truth with the peaceful story about how to treat a flourishing woman properly on ‘Water Me‘.

Birmingham, Alabama-based Thoven Bey (composer and producer) and Kallie Skys (singer, songwriter and rapper) are a promising new music project. They show us into their vividly expressive world, with a wonderful new track that is packed pull of enlightening excitement to feed our hungry ears.

She sings with such introspection and guides us through this terrific track with glorious lyrics which shows so much class. The teachings are clear and make complete sense, as the growth of a relationship is so important and much-needed. The production here is so crisp and flows naturally into this song to make things so natural and fresh, with a story you can’t help but admire greatly.

Water Me‘ from Birmingham, Alabama-based music duo Thoven Bey and Kallie Skys, turns up the sprinkler on a beat that washes away the grime and brings in a song that shows true beauty. This is all about understanding how to show love when there is so much fake energy floating around with false narratives, instead of a significant shift to teaching and growing each other. The world will be a better place if we can show the youngsters how it should be done.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via Thoven’s IG and Kallie’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take A Stroll: Madrid artist Bonjour Madame wants to spend the night with her on ‘Naked’

Formally known as Reyes and SoDC, Bonjour Madame charmingly slides the lights down real low on his sensually stimulating new single that has your mind alive on ‘Naked‘.

Adrian Reyes aka Bonjour Madame, is a respectful Mexico City-born, Madrid, Spain-based, French, English and Spanish-speaking indie pop singer-songwriter/music producer. He makes a rare blend of stylish music which has you feeling relaxed and highly motivated again.

You feel his wide smile brighten up the suddenly warm speakers as his love for her is so deep, you just know that he wants them to work no matter what it takes. This is the story of showing your cards and hoping that you get the royal flush, that you are ideally hoping for.

His vocals are tender and kind, with an honest tone which is straight forward but never sleazy. The romantic flow is fresh and rather breezy – full of life and and a cheeky grin attached for good measure – as he pours his simmering heart out into hers.

Naked‘ from the motivated Madrid-based multi-instrumentalist musician and student Bonjour Madame, is a lights-down-low track that is all about wanting to be with that person, who you have had a heart-filled crush on for so long. You know exactly what you want now and hope that this is the moment that you have desired all along.

Stream this sexy new track on Spotify and see more via his IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Skin To Skin: London’s October Swimmer drifts meaningfully in with heartfelt story of lost love on ‘I Won’t See You Anymore’ (feat. Cat McFall)

As they left you in the freezing cold with no warm jacket and moved onto warmer climates beyond what you thought the story would be, October Swimmer drops the wonderfully meaningful new single about feeling the pain of heartbreak with a love that meant so much on ‘I Won’t See You Anymore(feat. Cat McFall).

October Swimmer is a Jamie Pope-created collaborative act from the well-established London, England-based songwriter, music producer and skilled multi-instrumentalist. After being in the music game since he was just eleven years-old as a self-taught artist, he makes that deeply intense music that mostly includes tremendously talented upcoming female vocalists, who have an important story to tell.

Influenced by legendary artists such as Cat Power, Portishead and Lana Del Rey, you quickly feel his powerfully stunning production pinching you softy – that is mixed with stunning vocals – which will have your happy hairs standing up straight to attention.

I became disenchanted by the session game as I was being called upon exclusively for my guitar playing abilities. I had stories to tell and I wanted to tailor them to my own vision.” – October Swimmer

I Won’t See You Anymore(feat. Cat McFall) from the multi-talented songwriter, music producer and multi-instrumentalist collective October Swimmer, is a quality single that splashes willingly into our waterproof headphones with a buoyant track that has you feeling so contemplative, deep inside your soul food-thirsty veins.

This is a brilliantly-made new single that is all about missing that sweet love and the touch of their soft skin – as they are now gone and you wonder how it all actually transpired – when it seemed like you would be together forever.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Magic Went Way: Kirsty Cooke stays strong on debut single ‘This Too Shall Pass’

With her stylish shades on and with an intriguing beat that is so cinematic and has you feeling rather reflectively introspective, Kirsty Cooke opens up the door confidently and drops her debut single to show us inside her world on ‘This Too Shall Pass‘.

Kirsty Cooke is an impressively multi-talented Somerset, England-based indie singer-songwriter, producer, composer, digital music student at Brighton University and accomplished pianist.

You feel her driven passion entrenched soulfully into this fantastic first single that is layered with a soundscape that has you totally wrapped like a parcel inside — as her fresh vocals send us into a deeply portrayed story — which has you listening to each word so closely.

This Too Shall Pass‘ from the multi-skilled Somerset musician Kirsty Cooke, is a vivid tale about going through the tough times to find those good days again. This present moment feels so harsh and emotional, but this dark cloud won’t last and the pain will subside quickly, like a freshly coated sunrise waiting patiently to heal you.

Hear this movie-like soundtrack on Spotify and see more news via her FB music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Move To The Beat: Assal Cobra grooves our imagination together just perfectly on ‘Wine Pon’ (ft. Village Boy Prince)

Bringing us one of the most peaceful and well-made tracks of the year so far, Assal Cobra brings the enjoyable rhythm to our willing bodies on the superb music video ‘Wine Pon (ft. Village Boy Prince).

Assal Cobra is an excellent German-born, LA-based DJ, musician, vocalist, producer and creative director. She is joined by fellow fast-rising LA-based artist Village Boy Prince on this catchy new single.

With a tasty Caribbean steel drum to start us off and then some sweetly mixed organic percussion gets us into the mood quickly. We are introduced to some calming raps and combined with luscious vocals, we are in for a lunch box treat here on this shake-your-body track to remember.

This is the story of working together and showing love to those who you respect and love working with. We are placed into a song with a real true authenticity and style — as that is such a pleasure on the hungry earlobes — that hungrily lap up each second of this quality release.

Wine Pon(ft. Village Boy Prince) from Assal Cobra, is full of spectacular visuals and is a true feel-good track. With a world class beat and stunning vocals that has you moving and grooving all day, this is a summer track to play real loud. The message at the end of us being one human race no matter what we look like, is also highly welcomed. Appreciation and love is what we definitely need more of.

Watch this vibrant single on YouTube and see more news on Assal’s IG and Village Boy’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Change: Connecticut rapper Senseibatch keeps the tempo on high with ‘Life Goes On’

With his street smarts and subtle hustle mentality forming together naturally all at once, Senseibatch knows that he is in the right lane of success and is only going to keep the peddle to the metal on ‘Life Goes On‘.

Trevor Cumberbatch Jr aka Senseibatch is a Windsor, Connecticut-based trap artist and music producer who makes his own beats. He fuses together that new school sound together, and adds in lyrics about life as he sees it in this wild world.

With a shuddering soundscape that might shatter windows aplenty if played loud in your revved up car, this is a song that speaks volumes for an emerging artist on the rise. His raps are hard and full of bars — the flow is confident and with very little flash — only straight up lyrics enter his mind, as he makes a splash on this top new single.

Life Goes On‘ from Connecticut-based rapper Senseibatch, shows us to where you need to be in life if you want to be successful in life. After dealing with so many fake people before, he knows who his true crew are and intends keeping it that way.

With a thumping beat and some laid-back vocal raps, he appears to be in a very confident state of mind to only move on upwards. He is not changing for anyone as believes in his abilities, to do whatever he sets his mind to.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding The Path: Keeper Lo bravely sees the light again after much darkness on ‘Venus’

Taken off his much-anticipated ten-track ‘Moly‘ album, Keeper Lo takes us to a new place of renewed vision for our souls to learn from on the superb ‘Venus‘.

Keeper Lo is an electric Chambéry, France-based glitch-electronic producer. He smartly webs a vividly inviting style of music which has your body twitching with utter delight.

You quickly feel a sense of thrillingly emphatic euphoria whilst your eardrums shudder in anticipation — the vocals and busy beat stretches your mind like a rubber band — each second shows you where the key is hiding, so you may find yourself away from where you are locked in currently.

At the age of 8 years old, I was living in Lyon, France, with my father. He used to play on loop an old CD compiling the best tracks of the early 2000’s House Music.” – Keeper Lo

This is a song that catches you slightly unawares, the stunning dreamy texture feels distinctively like you are dipping yourself in a refreshing waterfall, after a long hot and sticky day. Each moment in this almost unbelievable state has you feel re-energized to be better and to open the window, to climb out of the undesirable cold and dark corner of gloom.

Venus‘ from the French glitch-electronic producer Keeper Lo, has your racing thoughts up above high, as you speed happily through a track of disbelief with the skill-level of this young artist easy to hear. He looks up where others look down — as he takes us for a galaxy-hopping journey in his reflecting spacecraft — that has you feeling like you are definitely on another planet.

Seeing that bright light in your eyes again, is certainly a feeling you never want to forget.

Hear this striking audio link on YouTube and see the social story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lost On A Mission: The Past float into her vision on ‘Moonstruck’ (lunar funk remix)

With a Quincy Jones and Bruce Swedien inspired feel, The Past show us that classic-feel music does indeed still exist with the new single ‘Moonstruck(lunar funk remix).

The Past is a Robbie Rosen-created project and he is a well-established American producer, keyboardist and singer-songwriter. He fuses together that eloquently enlightening music which is much deeper than most, as this is a supremely creative individual who certainly knows how to pick talent — to join him on such a wonderful single — with a freshly squeezed RnB, soul, funk, pop and nu-disco combination, which is a marvelously interwoven mixture of delectable brilliance.

The Past melded live legendary musicians into the project including John Robertson (Off the Wall, Thriller), Bashiri Johnson (Whitney Houston, George Michael, Michael Jackson), Tariq Akoni (Josh Groban), Camilo Velandia (Latin Grammys musical director), and Alex Al (Michael Jackson), while lacing it all together with the help of Grammy-winning engineers Jimmy Douglass, Gustavo Celis and Dave Kutch. Recording and engineering sessions for Moonstruck took place between mid-2020 and early 2021 at The Pasts’ recording studio- EarthSea in Boston, Massachusetts.” – The Past

This is the story of a love that has you thinking about the shooting star above, as you elevate your mind to thinking about what is actually possible when your eyes connect as one. The heart beats a bit faster and you just want to be together, so that you may stay close all night.

Moonstruck(lunar funk remix) from the American act The Past, is a quality single that has you moving and grooving like it was 2019 again. This is a classic dance floor slider that deserves lots of love, airplay and admiration, for its pure sound and smooth lyrics, that will have the candles lit for a special night.

Hear this fine new release on Soundcloud and see the vision via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen