Boa echoes into our hearts with real stories on ‘Pinch Of Salt’

Italian singer Boa enters in through the front door with his excellent new indie-folk single called ‘Pinch Of Salt‘.

Lorenzo Bonarini aka Boa is a songwriter who has explored various genres from punk, folk, jazz, to soundtracks for cinema, hip hop, reggae and more genres. His latest album called ‘Bag of Seeds‘ was meant as a tribute to Leonard Cohen but inevitably the seeds sprouted and so the music went in many different directions. This is a super creative artist who likes to challenge himself and the results are tremendous.

I like the simple drum taps at the start, the acoustic buzz and the clear vocals that are gritty and real. This is a song that could of been released in the 70’s or not. This feels eerily like a timeless song and one that all generations will enjoy.

Pinch Of Salt‘ from Boa is a fabulous effort that has weaved a bow of brilliance in the heat of 2020.

Head to Soundcloud to hear this classic.

Listen with the volume on full here via Spotify.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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