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Finding your voice with debut release: ‘I’m Going Down’ by Ristlynn shows total honesty

With a new direction comes much excitement and also much anxiousness. You have put your emotions out there to the world for the first time and this can be a scary feeling. Ristlynn is a brand new artist and he drops the honest story of his current feeling about life on the rhythmical ‘I’m Going Down‘.

His Electro-Pop style is magnetic and he takes us on a story of feeling really down right now. The drinks are flowing way too much and the stress level is at an all-time high. The world is a crazy place and he is struggling to get out of this worrying rut. We all deal with traumatic experiences differently and this is a hard time. Through music however, the expressive nature will help and may new fans will relate to this song and this is a great way to get it all out in the open. Healing through music is healthy, instead of bottling it all inside.

With a catchy style, honest lyrics and an expressive energy, Ristlynn shows the world what he is all about on ‘I’m Going Down‘. This is a welcome addition to the airwaves of the world as honesty is often lacking in music with bling and swag overshadowing what music is actually about- helping others and making music that means something.

To hear this fine new track go to Spotify and follow the journey on Insta.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dondi sings for all of us on ‘We All Fall Down’

Dondi sings for all of us on ‘We All Fall Down‘ and this is a lovely R&B/Soul track for the ages.

This is an artist who has played at Madison Square Garden, The White House and more. A singer with a strong voice with lots of soul, this is one who knows what he is and what he isn’t. This is that flow music that we need to embrace and turn up really loud.

This is about supporting everyone no matter what their story. We all fall down but can rise again with teamwork. With the world in a shambles, this is the type of attitude we need to support, all the time.

We All Fall Down‘ from Dondi is that rare R&B song that has a lot of soul and light, full of strong vocals and a vibe that makes you sing. This is that family kind of music that is much better than most of the rubbish on the radio, this has a clear message of working together. This is the type of message that we want to hear more and more.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Florida act Greye rock the cobwebs off the dusty dance floor with ‘Growing Pains’

The energetic Daytona Beach, Florida based band Greye rock off the cobwebs off the dusty dance floors of 2020 with ‘Growing Pains‘.

“Progressively Independent.” This is the mantra of this fine band who inspire. They feel like it is not black and white but many shades of Greye. They rock the house down with that extra special sound and they turn up the volume on everything.

After the success of recent single, ‘So Far So Good‘, this is another quality addition to a growing discography that is getting better and better.

Greye show us that good indie rock music is still out there and alive on ‘Growing Pains‘. The vocals here are so fab, the guitar riffs powerful and the groovy style shimmers the stage. The light are on and glowing here with a top single. Hannah, the lead vocalist finds a lovely balance and tone, this is a terrific listen that shakes your heart.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Florida producer Alex Moye gets it all right on ‘I Wanna Dance’

Alex Moye is here to brighten up our hearts with his new song called ‘I Wanna Dance‘.

Alex Moye is a dance, house and EDM producer based in Jacksonville, Florida. From house-pop crossover track ‘Love Me Better’ to empowering EDM anthem ‘A Better Place’, Moye is known for his uptempo, high-energy dance beats with a pop slant that gets blood pumping and endorphins flowing. His previous single, ’All the Good Things’, was a nostalgic, feel-good club banger that brings summertime romance to the party. This new track follows those lines to terrific effect.

Creatively influenced by iconic DJs like Avicii and Tiesto, Moye first began producing music in high school. From 2018, he took music more seriously, and now views it as a critical creative outlet: “Making music is my escape from reality. I’m able to express things I want to say to people in the form of a song. It’s actually been very therapeutic for me.”

As a producer, Moye’s goal is to make people feel something: “Whenever I hear a song that invokes an emotion, whether good or bad, that’s powerful to me. I’ve always wanted to be able to do the same for other people. I’ve wanted to write music that will make people happy, or sad, make the hairs stand on their arms, or just want to dance.”

This is all about just wanting to head out onto the dance floor, confidence high and just ready to let all the stress go of life. It’s not worth keeping it all in and we just need to get this out of our system.

I Wanna Dance‘ is a bounce-laden track that gets everything right thanks to Alex Moye.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

‘Bats in the Attic’ from Vincent & the Noise is a story of a surprise visitor and finding that chorus on a soulfully sweet song

Bats in the Attic‘ from Vincent & the Noise is a story of a scary bat found in the attic!

Vincent & the Noise is 19 year old singer-songwriter and producer David Vincent, Dan Rinaldi (Drums), and Dylan Scully (Bass). They are all about those good vibes and this incredible song reflects that. They are so real, a simple story created music which is amazing to see.

This is indie-rock-pop with a real inside soul, the melody flows like a pleasant river. You are close to those that mean a lot to you and you are looking for that sound you want. With the silky smooth start, this is that happy type of music that sets you free from your worries. One day you will live together with that special soul, kids in the yard. Good times await.

Self produced and written while the band held themselves at a cottage in upstate New York to find their sound, 19 year old front-man David Vincent came upon the song’s chorus one night after the band found a bat in the attic of their cottage. It scared the shit out of them. Without that fateful scare, this song wouldn’t exist.

Bats in the Attic‘ from Vincent & the Noise has inner beauty and pureness that we are looking from music in 2020. With so much smoke around, this clears the air and is a must-add on any mood boost playlist.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Healer and singer together: Ugandan singer-songwriter Beth Ingabire is incredible on debut ‘Yeshua’

Singer-songwriter and poet Beth Ingabire is a Kampala, Uganda native who sings about love and healing. She is exactly the guiding light that the world needs right now.

This is an elegant 8 track EP with undisputed class and a woman’s touch, her voice leaves you feeling reflective and this moves you. This is that meaningful type of music that is so rare these days and gets the hungry heart motivated to be better. This music has been carefully crafted by this wildly talented and conscious poet who wants this to still your soul and lead you into worship, reflecting or taking a few minutes to soak it all in.

Beth Ingabire brings us the brand new debut EP called ‘Yeshua‘ and this is a spiritual journey. speaking on important topics like alcohol and smoking that can damage your light. Possibly your life. This young poet that speaks from the heart about freedom, love and is such a vivid storyteller that grabs you close, her music a rare light of peace, where there is thunder and lightning everywhere.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

UK rapper Coll shreds the mic that unlocks ‘The Keys’

UK rapper Coll shreds the mic that unlocks ‘The Keys‘ on this powerful Hip Hop track.

The Norwich based emcee takes this new single from the forthcoming EP, ‘Blue Magic 2‘. This is a slick song all about doing what you gotta to keep you smiling. Self-love is the key.

The Keys’ is all about self-resilience, believing in yourself and making the right decisions in life to ensure happiness for yourself and your family”.

With a punchy fresh UK style, this is top notch Hip Hop that oozes mad skills. Always the underdog, this is a poet who sounds inspired on this new single. He knows that nothing comes for the free and he wants the whole loot. This is an emcee who has the keys now to how life can be, inside his soul, he knows what needs to happen long-term. Long-lasting success and living a good life are the goals. These are going to happen as you can hear it in Coll’s voice in his quality track ‘The Keys‘.

Click here for the Soundcloud.

Head through for the Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mitty Kane rolls in with new Hip Hop track ‘Floss’

Mitty Kane rolls in with new Hip Hop track ‘Floss‘ and this is a banging song with plenty of intention.

This is all about knowing that your crew is the best in the hood. Your flows and style are too much for some to handle but you know its best. Other cats want to hang out but you are keeping your circle tight with no newcomers. You know what you need to do now and that involves keeping your circle focused and ready. The music is coming to you quickly and you want to take advantage of this situation.

Floss‘ from rapper Mitty Kane is a raw track, one with lots of hunger and determination. You can tell that he is the new kid on the block, making his name in the Hip Hop game in the US. This is a long road and with this fire however, the road will get a bit easier. The vocals are gritty with lots of heart and that is the best way to hear this genre. This is a promising track for 2020.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The mysterious 8udDha bl0od bless us with new electro track ‘(((?)))’

The magically brilliant Brighton band 8udDha bl0od are back with the beautiful ‘(((?)))‘.

There are no vocals on this one as we are transported into a translucent journey, full of lights and possibilities. You get locked into the song but it is never hard to imagine here, your eyes closed as you are put into a trance. This is such amazing music as I feel so much more free. There are droplets of electronic energy here as you look for the answer in your heart. What is life about really?

The UK act 8udDha bl0od are in fine form once again on their new single, the beautiful ‘(((?)))‘. This is a band that doesn’t make any bad songs. The musicianship is so classy yet so intriguing. You feel like you are perhaps floating into the sky, the clouds are no match as you float away, in your happy place. This is a sparkling effort from a band with so much potential. They need one of their songs to be a movie or series. Perhaps this will be when the world really appreciates this fine band from Brighton in the UK.

Head here for the Soundcloud link.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Charlotte emcee Reed returns with the excellent new conscious Hip Hop EP ‘berri boi’

Reed returns with the excellent new conscious Hip Hop EP that strikes up the standard and it’s called ‘berri boi‘.

Released through Space Station Records, this is a fine release that is different from all the wack emcee’s that glorify crime and violence. This is proper Hip Hop and has been carefully crafted for our souls to enjoy. This is all about life, growing up with no money and just trying to survive this wild world. The vocals are crisp like a tasty apple, the beat crunches in your ears and you feel healthy after listening to this quality EP.

My standout tracks here are without doubt ‘Flexberri‘ and ‘Wow‘. I love the beat and the flow is so vivid on these two songs especially in my eyes. His storytelling style is a pleasure to consume and this is the best Hip Hop EP I’ve heard for some time. I love how his energy is so chilled yet his is straight forward with the content. This is all about how crazy the world is and ‘berri boi‘ from Reed is a tasty treat for our ears.

Click here and stream it now.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen