Jericho Spitz – An addictive personality

Jericho Spitz makes the perfect sound creations for the modern music fan, just the right blend of old school familiarity and new ideas and the result is a slick urban groove-laden, R&B infused track, one perfect for the clubland dance floor and pop picker alike. It speaks to the cutting edge rap scene, although it is individual enough to stand enough apart from that as well, but it also echoes with the sensuality of blues divas, jazz singers and soul acts of the past.  This isn’t about re-inventing those past times but it is certainly the successor to much of it.

Addicted To Your Thickness, therefore, represents this balance of old and new, traditional sounds and modern exploration perfectly blended as she merges skittering, electro-R&B beats with more cultish underground vibes, deft rap flow and pop infectiousness. Throw in a soulful vibe and some darker and sensual moves balanced with an edgy and domineering stance and you have something rather special. The result is music that will both connect with the commercial crowd but also has mass appeal to the more discerning, underground markets, music which is at once inventive and clever but without being anything other than a cool and accessible pop record, one that feels like chart positioning and mainstream radio play is just around the corner.

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