Raemarai – The Reindeer Asked for Ginger Beer: Urban Christmas Pop

Love it or hate it, Christmas music is a fundamental aspect of the festive period. Whilst old classics are getting called into question as to whether or not they are offensive, this was just the first indicator that we needed fresh hits to drink to excess and have family feuds to.

Even if you’re averse to festively-inspired singles Raemarai’s latest single “The Reindeer Asked for Ginger Beer” is well worth listening to. The salaciously urban pop single packs in plenty of the jangly quintessential nature of Christmas music, yet, the unpredictably fresh flow behind the single packs in plenty of fluidly eccentric progression. Whilst the single may kick off not all too differently to a Mariah Carey single, it quickly veers into a contemporarily fresh offering of Hip Hop.

You can check out Raemarai’s single the Reindeer Asked for Ginger Beer for yourselves here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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