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Renee Stormz & Altosounds drop the magnificent Hip Hop-fused ‘Love Is’

Taken off the full ORE MI (My Friend) album that just dropped on the 3rd November 2020, Renee Stormz & Altosounds show us what ‘Love Is‘.

London born emcee, producer and singer-songwriter with Nigerian heritage, Renee Stormz, who is now in South Manchester. She joins forces with composer and sound designer Altosounds on this absolute gem of a track that is a song you won’t be able to stop listening to. Yes, it is that good.

This is all about that sweet love, that love that we are crave any whether it is meant to be or not. This is a deep track, full of intricate beats that make you feel relaxed and thoughtful, meshed with raps that are of such high quality- you might need a cold shower to cool off.

”The songs are a reflection of the individual and collective journeys of Renee Stormz & Altosounds, portraying an amalgamation of Heartbreak, love, triumph and perseverance through connection and friendship.”

The sonic landscapes are quite incredible here and this is music that heals the soul. With a message asking what love is, this question is paramount to our hearts and thoughts. It is a question that is hard to answer, but through music we can try. This is an excellent track that is easy to get lost in and is one of the best of 2020 due to the excellent production and vocals that are so real and beautiful.

Here is the Spotify link to hear this top quality track.

Follow the journey on Renee’s Facebook and Alto’s too.

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Chamber Pop that illuminates: Heren Wolf’s ‘Far’ is a spectacular song filled with warmth

Chamber Pop that illuminates: Heren Wolf’sFar‘ is a spectacular song filled with warmth and deep energies that filters into our hearts.

Heren Wolf is an Italian pop singer-songwriter based in London who has a voice that pieces through you, you can feel the raw beautif and how incredibly well this song has been constructed.

‘The imagery of the‘womb’, representing the safe and primordial place, in which pain hasn’t yet left its mark.’- Heren Wolf

With a soothing start that has stunning piano riffs that are so touching and encapsulates how safe the world should be. After making a fresh move to London, this is all about a new times. Taking the time to heal from all that happened in the past is key, moving on is even better as it enables you to start again. New friends and new memories.

Heren Wolf’sFar‘ is such a masterpiece, the layers here are so magnificently meshed together and you can’t help but appreciate this new song. Music like this doesn’t appear all the time and this is a track that needs to be hear and played to get that extra bit of beauty back in our lives.

Click here for the Soundcloud page.

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‘Let the Music’ from Berlin-based Patrizia is a fun journey of dreamy pop pureness

Let the Music‘ from Berlin-based Patrizia is a fun journey of dreamy pop pureness that will make you smile and possibly dance.

Patrizia was born into an Italian immigrant family who lived in small town Germany. At the age of just 6, she discovered a dance studio. This formed the foundation of meshing music with performance. Her creative ambition was not welcome in her lower working class, suburban world. However, a move to Berlin was on the cards and this would change everything for this young musician. She just wanted to dance and sing. Now, with the freedom to be creative in a safe environment that wasn’t small-minded, she could fully express herself.

I love the pop pureness here, this is about letting the music come to you and not to force anything in life. Just turn the music up and do what come naturally to you as this is the best way to live in life. The beat is so 80’s and this is so great to listen to. There is innocence here, the dancing and fun music resonates in a world that can be so cold.

Let the Music‘ from Berlin-based Patrizia is the type of song that makes you happy and smile. Simple pleasures that inspire and makes the day a bit more tolerable. This talented singer & actress has just kissed our ears with this gorgeous song.

Click here for the Spotify link.

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K•LSY is fantastic on new seductive single ‘Every Minute’ on tight Bonnot beat

K•LSY is fantastic on new seductive single ‘Every Minute‘, and is joined perfectly by producer Bonnot. This is a meaty beat that will get you in the mood for nightlife again with its smokey energy.

K•LSY was born on the East Coast of Italy in 2019 as an electronic project inspired by Chemical Brothers and Daft Punk.
They are formed by Piero Piccillo, Alessandro Falcioni and Andrea Tredicucci. They are University students and friends from their childhood class of 1999 in Italy. They start playing together in a Garage Rock band and the sound evolves with Pop soul mixes and Techno Dance electronics.

Every Minute‘ has a dark, moody and broody sound, with superb video direction by Alessandro Ghiselli. He captures the mood perfectly here with the two actors who are fantastic. This is all about that desire and how it can really steam you up. You want it so bad but sometimes you have to wait. You want it now but gates are locked at the moment.

Every Minute‘ is such a sexy song that will have you enjoying the hot video that is full of passion. This is a terrific dance track and the video meshes this style, in style.

Click here for the YouTube link.

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Italian-born Tancredi Hill sings of lost love on ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone’

Tancredi Hill sings of lost love on his brand new pop influenced ‘Don’t Leave Me Alone‘.

Tancredi Hill is an Italian pop singer-songwriter who lives in the UK. After leaving his country to become an international star, he is slowly getting his name out there and the growing Spotify streams shows his incredible progress.

You don’t want to be alone and hope that it won’t happen. You crave their touch and want to be with them so badly. You want them to stay and be with you. That is the only thing in the world that you want right now. The love is real and strong in your eyes but do they feel the same?

Don’t Leave Me Alone‘ is a gallant message from the Italian singer Tancredi Hill. He sings with such poise and his voice shows a growing musician that is rising the ranks.

Stream this new song here on Spotify.

Click here for more on the Insta page.

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‘Thank You for Your Complaints’ is a wave crashing journey from Emilya ndMe

Thank You for Your Complaints‘ from Emilya ndMe is a riveting listen and definitely the most cinematic song of the year so far.

Emilya ndMe is the stage name of the talented Lauretta Galeno is a songwriter from Genoa in Italy. with several collaborations and appearances on prestigious Italian stages. A producer, performer and songwriter, this is one incredible musician and creative.

Ethereal electronic pop is the feel here, the haunting sound catches your attention and you first turn on the song. You just know something special is going to happen.

Thank You for Your Complaints‘ from Italian native Emilya ndMe is the final single from her album of the same name and the standard is so high the whole way through. I love how her vocals are capable of anything and this is pure music to support. The crystal clear voice takes me into a whole new world of self-discovery.

Click here on Facebook for more.

Stream this new song here on Spotify.

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Boa echoes into our hearts with real stories on ‘Pinch Of Salt’

Italian singer Boa enters in through the front door with his excellent new indie-folk single called ‘Pinch Of Salt‘.

Lorenzo Bonarini aka Boa is a songwriter who has explored various genres from punk, folk, jazz, to soundtracks for cinema, hip hop, reggae and more genres. His latest album called ‘Bag of Seeds‘ was meant as a tribute to Leonard Cohen but inevitably the seeds sprouted and so the music went in many different directions. This is a super creative artist who likes to challenge himself and the results are tremendous.

I like the simple drum taps at the start, the acoustic buzz and the clear vocals that are gritty and real. This is a song that could of been released in the 70’s or not. This feels eerily like a timeless song and one that all generations will enjoy.

Pinch Of Salt‘ from Boa is a fabulous effort that has weaved a bow of brilliance in the heat of 2020.

Head to Soundcloud to hear this classic.

Listen with the volume on full here via Spotify.

Click here for more info on Facebook.

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‘AsWeGo’ from Italian band Plastic Palms is a summer dream

Yellow Panda by Plastic Palms

Turin in beautiful Italy is the home of Plastic Palms and they bring us much joy with their new release called ‘AsWGo‘.

This is a summer indie-pop song that is a riveting listen. This is a cool breeze song to play while on a road trip or on the way to work to hype you up. The vocals are so glorious and simple. I could listen to this band all day and they take me on a happy journey. The guitar riffs are so well constructed and this might be my new favorite act.

Plastic Palms is Clarissa Ghelli, Daniel Rineer, and Jordan Bernstein. This fantastic 3 piece roam free on this one like a fantastic breeze that is floating happily around. This is quality music with a happy vibe that makes you put your sunglasses on and dance around. ‘AsWGo‘ is the summer song that we all needed. Turn this up and hit that repeat.

Head to Bandcamp to hear this gem.

Click here for the Facebook page.

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New American Hustle roll in with elegant ”Flexxx For You”

New American Hustle is a virtual band from California & Italy. Led by Ian Smith and a sultry cast of female vocalists, they create unique and transcendent music for all of us to enjoy on full volume. They return with the new spectacular song called ”Flexxx For You”.

This is the new single after the scrumptious EP debut ”Harlot For Days” from earlier on in 2020. A much simpler time. Just like this absolute gem.

New American Hustle have a bluesy-soul connection that brings together some of the finest talents around and its a treat to our hearts. This is jazzy hip hop fused goodness’s gift wrapped with elegance and class. You can’t teach that. ”Flexxx For You” from newcomers New American Hustle slides in with a brilliant release at a time where we need to find our mojo again.

Stream this new track via YouTube.

Lots of great visuals and sounds on Bandcamp.

Head to this artists Insta.

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Underdog Italian folk singer Ruins Barren shows us his journey with heart-filled gem ”Ruins”

There are those mysterious singer-songwriters sometimes that have real stories. All those years of playing in smokey bars and seeing the whole world has hardened you up. You are now able to part your experiences on the world.

Ruins’‘ is off their new brooding 9 track album called ”Land Of Desolation”. This is the ultimate underground folk music that is majestically formulated. The music is made with love and real experiences of the ruins of the world that is currently before our tired eyes.

The Italian artist ”Ruins” is in flawless form here as his smoke-filled voice echos lessons of life and how we must be careful not to ruin our lives. He is the storyteller disguised away with guitar close by always and he strikes through with his match of real stories. Stories have grit with a flicker. This is the type of artist we should support as without live gigs the world is a gloomy place.

To see more about shows and new music head through to Facebook.

Hear this misty-eyed gem of a song right here on their Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen