Bennett dreams about the next time that their lips are touching with, ‘Waiting’

On a sexy track that sends you ideas on that special night you have been waiting for, Bennett can’t stop being in a dreamy mood all about that extraordinary crush who has him ‘Waiting‘ for more love.

Bennett is a dual NYC/Connecticut, USA pop/RnB solo singer-songwriter who eloquently assembles that late-night spark-lit music that has you in a romantic mood.

Waiting is a classic love song about a sexual encounter; Now you’re waiting till the next time till it happens again.” ~ Bennett

Drifting in with a superb single that will have you beaming and perhaps even blushing slightly, Bennett is in his element with a glorious effort that might have you in a nostalgic mindset to spend a special evening with someone who takes your body and mind into another galaxy.

Waiting‘ from NYC/Connecticut, USA pop/RnB solo artist Bennett is a sizzling single that sends signals of romance into your whole heart that is absolutely unforgettable from start to finish. There is much to savour here from a vocalist who has your ears wide awake, who is on top form with a remarkable single that will have you calling that special soul to link up again.

When you feel that connection, you always want to have a second time to make sure that it is indeed real.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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