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Bennett dreams about the next time that their lips are touching with, ‘Waiting’

On a sexy track that sends you ideas on that special night you have been waiting for, Bennett can’t stop being in a dreamy mood all about that extraordinary crush who has him ‘Waiting‘ for more love.

Bennett is a dual NYC/Connecticut, USA pop/RnB solo singer-songwriter who eloquently assembles that late-night spark-lit music that has you in a romantic mood.

Waiting is a classic love song about a sexual encounter; Now you’re waiting till the next time till it happens again.” ~ Bennett

Drifting in with a superb single that will have you beaming and perhaps even blushing slightly, Bennett is in his element with a glorious effort that might have you in a nostalgic mindset to spend a special evening with someone who takes your body and mind into another galaxy.

Waiting‘ from NYC/Connecticut, USA pop/RnB solo artist Bennett is a sizzling single that sends signals of romance into your whole heart that is absolutely unforgettable from start to finish. There is much to savour here from a vocalist who has your ears wide awake, who is on top form with a remarkable single that will have you calling that special soul to link up again.

When you feel that connection, you always want to have a second time to make sure that it is indeed real.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

December Fades has released his ornately anticipatory pop single, Waiting

It is always a pleasure to discover an artist that has broken through their fear of expressive vulnerability, and few do it with as much panache as December Fades in his latest single, Waiting. The LA singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist always leaves us guessing what form of pop alchemy will follow the last. Waiting is an ornately passionate score of synths, keys and other ambiently minimal effects that serve as the platform for his effortlessly outreaching vocals.

Lyrically, the single goes so far past the old adage of anything worth having is worth waiting for. Waiting is a stunning reminder that life can’t always be in motion; waiting is just a part of the human experience as another verb.

Waiting will officially release on February 11th. You can check it out for yourselves here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

All My Life: Cleveland’s Trusoul Davis brings that old school RnB back on ‘Waiting’ (feat. Cedrina)

Released off his latest eleven-track album called ‘Soul Fiyah‘, Trusoul Davis is done ‘Waiting‘ (feat. Cedrina) and wants to fly as far as possible high above all the small-mindedness in the world, with that special one who sweetly shares the same vision as he.

Trusoul Davis is a passionate Cleveland, Ohio-based indie RnB/soul artist born from the Morris Black housing projects. He was brought up in school choirs and has evolved into a singer with so much love for his chosen craft. He makes that clear soundscape that breathes new life into a stale genre that has somehow become the underdog, a far way from its former prime back in the 90’s.

This is the story about how his heart beats a bit faster when he sees her, his eyes are locked in and he wants to be with her so badly. His voice shows his self-confidence that she could indeed be what he is looking for, his strong vocals and forthright lyrics mesh beautifully with her captivating soundscape, that has you turning the lights down low.

Waiting‘ (feat. Cedrina) from Cleveland RnB singer-songwriter Trusoul Davis, shows you into his world as he believes that he is the one for her, as he has seen all the fake players mess the game up. He sings with truth and class, bringing back that special sound that has been missing for quite some in this diluted genre, that has just found that missing spark.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see his story develop on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen