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Have We Lost Our Destiny: Tim Young sees us going round and round like a lost mouse on Divided We Cannot Stand

Wondering if we still care or if our sails are misplaced in the windy sees of life, Tim Young tells us an honest story about how fractured this planet is on the old-school feeling single to relate with, Divided We Cannot Stand.

Tim Young is an experienced 62-year-old Willimantic, Connecticut-based indie folk solo singer-songwriter and former DJ who has a traditional feel for all music creations.

Worrying about society as a whole, Tim Young is rather brilliant and honest to the bone on Divided We Cannot Stand. This is memorable. It’s made with patient quality. Each lyric has been forged with knowledge and wisdom to learn from. Please put this on maximum volume and close your eyes. It will be worth it.

Divided We Cannot Stand from Willimantic, Connecticut-based indie folk artist Tim Young wonders if we shall ever learn. He sings with wisdom and care, showing us a beacon of hope like a lighthouse to bring the ships in during those dark and moody nights.

A leader is here for us to learn from. It would be foolish to ignore him.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Interview: Connecticut-based post-pop artist Ellery Twining opens up about the storytelling treat of a new album, Results

Defining his own path with a rather incredible 9-track release, Ellery Twining sat down with us a few days ago and let us know more about Results, the creative process, the best place to watch music in his local area, and the depth of the lyrical intent of this self-trained innovative artist who has made something rather special here.

Llewelyn: Thanks so much for taking time out from your busy day of making such inspiring music to chat with us Ellery. Firstly, who are you inspired by each day and what makes you happy in life?

Ellery: My goal in this life was not to make the same mistakes my father had made. To not repeat the same patterns. And to break a bloodline. As a musician, I simply wanted to give back the moments that had shaped me, a reciprocal reality. I had an argument with my mother about ten years ago, during the Obama years, and she chastised me for being ignorant of the immigration issue in America, having lived in “lily white Mystic” my whole life. As a method of protection, I changed the subject. I then realized I had been paid to play music in 23 of the 50 States.

Llewelyn: Secondly, please tell us all about your new 9-track release, RESULTS. This is something rather unique and powerful. Lyrical awareness of the world seems to be your strength. What does this new project mean to you and what is the vision behind it?

Ellery: I created specific parameters for my debut REVENGE, because I simply wanted to be able to finish it! As I began working on songs after I released that record, I found myself writing ideas that seemed to be a sequel to REVENGE, and an electric guitar-based record I referred to as “Prism Point”, a working title. However, a few months into the process I became bored with the new acoustic songs, and I said to myself, “Why do you want to make REVENGE again?” I then began to find a common thread between the two records, acoustic songs that worked alongside certain electric tunes. That is the composition of RESULTS.

Llewelyn: I went to Connecticut years ago during a trip as a camp counsellor. It’s so beautiful there with so many trees and much calmness. Is this where you grew up and have lived your whole life? What makes it special for you?

Ellery: I have lived in Mystic, CT for my entire life. There is a psychic vortex that runs beneath the river. And I can prove its existence. For real.

Llewelyn: With no traditional singing training, do you feel like it actually helped you naturally or hindered you at all? Also, your sound has such a unique construction, how has this developed over time?

Ellery: Having been a member of many rock ensembles as a drummer, one soon learns the limitations placed on your creativity. As a result of this insight, I began writing and publishing poetry during the summer of 1988. In Mystic, during the 1990s, there was a robust poetry / spoken word element to the culture in town at the time. Hozomeen Press was the quintessential indie publishing house of that era, printing quarterly magazines as well as a full roster of poets from the Mystic scene. In addition, there was an incredibly competitive weekly poetry reading in the basement bar of a Mystic restaurant that dated to 1789. The atmosphere was electric, and that is where I honed my skills as a spoken word performer. When I began to apply that experience to the songs I was writing, as a drummer it was fairly easy to create a rhythm inside the melody, within the syntax of the words.

Llewelyn: If you could be the President of the USA for 4 years, what would you hope to accomplish and stand for? We seem to live in a rather odd world. Do you think humanity can get back to a more relaxed state with fewer wars and conflicts?

Ellery: There seems to be an interesting timeline between the immediate effects of climate change, (as well as a myriad of other problems) and the possibility of answering our most pressing energy and economic issues with the realization of fusion technology.

Llewelyn: Has there been anyone in your life who’s helped you get to where you are now? Also, have you had any interactions with a fan, friend or family member where you’ve realized…this is who I make music for.

Ellery: My wife Michelle is the only reason I am able to be Ellery Twining. During the pandemic, I approached the members of my very first band 17 Relics about releasing our last record which never saw the light of day. None of us were happy with the recording, which is why it had remained unreleased for 28 years. I even suggested that we re-record the songs as a caveat, to no avail. The same disagreements that brought the band to a halt still existed. I sent a text to the Relics bass player David Bentley, who also plays all of the bass on the Ellery Twining recordings, that I had a realization. As good as the songs were, as competent musicians navigating a difficult business, the only reason we had any success was because my parents let us use their basement as a practice space for free. And that David’s parents gave us full access to the equipment of their engineering firm-~ professional copiers we made our press kits on with no charge, and the company van to get to our earliest out-of-town gigs. I have always been committed to making music to give back to the community that liberated me as a teenager. I see it as a responsibility.

Llewelyn: Lastly, where do you see yourself creatively in the next 5 years and is there anywhere you’d love to tour in the world?

Ellery: One lesson I learned (amongst many) during the pandemic was:

How long is an hour?

How long is a day?

How long is a year?

How much can you accomplish in an hour?

A day.

A year….

I was at the Coney Island NY Daft Punk show in 2007, and as such, I do not yearn for places I have never been.

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Interviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let’s Get It: Stephan wants it all over on Rock Your Body

Signed to Steady Muzik and inspired previously by Usher and Chris Brown, Stephan wants to have fun all night and makes his intentions rather clear on the superb new sizzle to get a tan with, Rock Your Body.

Stephan aka Stephan Chin is a well-established Brooklyn, NY-born RnB artist of Jamaican heritage who was raised in Bridgeport, Connecticut.

After reinvigorating his career with new-found confidence and an unbreakable attitude to succeed, Stephan sings with so much intent and shall take us into a romantic light for the better,

Rock Your Body from Brooklyn, NY-born indie RnB artist Stephan is one of those likeable singles to hold with when you know you want to be with someone. Impressing us with an incredible soundtrack to hold onto forever, this is an attractive track which might give many blushes to those who want it the most.

Listen up deeply on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

More Than Your Friend: Sincerely Him feels dead already on CEMETERY (prod. Nextime)

Known best for his previous single called Wasting My Time, Sincerely Him shows us his hugely exhilarating skillset to its best possible format on the broken heart anthem for anyone who wanted more, CEMETERY (prod. Nextime).

Sincerely Him is a Connecticut-based underground rock musician who likes to blend the boundaries between punk and alternative music to awaken fatigued souls.

Delightfully direct and opening up the door to the barren feeling of frustration, Sincerely Him has created a modern-day gem of a soundtrack. This is raw. This is powerful. This is an awakening single of magnetic proportions. Ears will be sparked up here as we find so much pain intertwined into every sinew of this worrying storyline.

CEMETERY (prod. Nextime) from the mesmerising Connecticut-based rock artist/former pro soccer player Sincerely Him is such a relevant song in this lost love kind of world. Launched with honesty on a striking beat, this is a real soul-opener of a song for those who have loved someone who didn’t feel the same.

Listen up on SoundCloud. View more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Connecticut electronic wizard Matthew O’Callaghan fascinates our consciousness with Indispensable, Essential, and Authoritative

In My Head by Matthew O'Callaghan

Showing creative juices that are rather special to witness as our ears vibrate wildly, Matthew O’Callaghan returns with a sizzling song to swim inside with all day on Indispensable, Essential, and Authoritative.

Matthew O’Callaghan is a Connecticut, USA-based indie electronic artist, composer and college student who produces some of the most transcendent underground tracks imaginable.

Showing us his fearless attitude in one song stacked with greatness, Matthew O’Callaghan is in imperious form and takes our breath away with so much finely tuned skill.

Indispensable, Essential, and Authoritative from Connecticut, USA-based indie electronic artist Matthew O’Callaghan is such a supremely exquisite experience, your whole soul will thank you later. Probably. There is so much to get enthusiastic about here with a single made with so much precision and containing a beat so fresh it will cleanse the hearts of many. Turn it up.

Hear this great song on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Charlie Diamond is the last of the die-hard romantic dreamers in his latest serenade, The Star Studded Girl and the Sunset Kid

The Star Studded Girl and The Sunset Kid by Charlie Diamond

Armed with his harmonica, acoustic guitar and poetically romantic sensibility, the Connecticut folk singer-songwriter, Charlie Diamond, orchestrated the ultimate outpour of affection in his latest single, The Star Studded Girl and the Sunset Kid.

Released on September 5th, The Star Studded Girl and the Sunset Kid carries Bob Dylan-style overtones, with outlier dreamer candour as the affirmation of his artistic autonomy. With the almost spoken word versing of the lyrics, which takes you to breathtaking landscapes and even more arresting attests of passion, it’s the ultimate aural escapism for die-hard romantics.

The Star Studded Girl and the Sunset Kid is now available to stream and purchase on Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I Get Shivers: Sinooka drops a nifty delight to play loud all day called Shadowboxing

Space Jungle by Sinooka

Taken from the exciting 12-track debut album named Space Jungle, Sinooka tries to get far away from that sneaky shadow that just won’t go away despite the best efforts to vanquish its unwanted existence on Shadowboxing.

Sinooka is a New London, Connecticut indie alternative rock music band that was formed by Jules Parenteau and is now a 3-piece live act.

Their debut album, Space Jungle, is an eclectic homage to multiple musical moods.” ~ Sinooka describing the vision of the new project

Featuring an exceedingly likeable sound and witty lyrics to get you thinking deeper about how skilled the mind actually is, Sinooka leads us into a 50s-like bluesy-soul picture that shall get all ages dancing rather swiftly. Taking us on a captivating story about trying to hide away in the dark room away from those exasperating demons, which are trying to move in and take over everything when least expected.

Shadowboxing from New London, Connecticut indie alternative rock group Sinooka is a cleverly made release that so many will find so truthful. Sung with a glorious style and with a catchy beat that might get your fingers clicking, this is a track to play when you need to get rid of those pesky beasts.

When that permanent grin haunts you, it’s best to close your eyes and use your powers within to conquer anything holding you back from happiness.

Listen up on Bandcamp and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Charlie Diamond sends an important song to all the dreamers in the world on ‘Electric Lady Dreams’

Electric Lady Dreams by Charlie Diamond

Showing us his true underdog mentality as he takes a ride with that dreamy free spirit he has been waiting for, Charlie Diamond reveals to us that a life worth living is still there if you keep the faith on the timeless new single to feel nostalgic with on, ‘Electric Lady Dreams‘.

Charlie Diamond is a Hartford, Connecticut-born indie folk singer-songwriter who is also a firefighter and salsa dancer in training.

Wrestled an alligator, fought a tornado, and been everywhere twice. Ran away with the circus when I was 16 and spent a few years as a rigger. Started writing songs when I was hiking the Appalachia trail. Thoroughly convinced I’ve been reincarnated and landed in the wrong decade. I write a lot about the mountain I grew up on. Spend a lot of time in corners talking to myself.” ~ Charlie Diamond

Keeping us on our toes with a real gem which has been made by someone who is used to being underestimated, Charlie Diamond shows us a sense of quality that is mostly lacking on the airwaves and gets our feet tapping in happy unison here.

I’ve always been a dreamer and an underdog. The notion of nothing tying you down appeals to me. No bills, no place to call home, just out on the road, in the countryside and cities, meeting people and going on adventures.” ~ Charlie Diamond

Electric Lady Dreams‘ from Hartford, Connecticut-born indie folk singer-songwriter Charlie Diamond is a dreamy road trip classic that might get you revving up the engine to see where you can explore. He sings with a heightened love for taking a risk and exploring with someone who totally gets it and shall keep him free as a bird too.

Life should all be about adventure, so that you may gain a new perspective that has been hiding away for too long.

Listen up to this super new single on Bandcamp and see more via his thriving IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Timo Arthur listened to the story that changed his viewpoint about romance with, ‘I Wish I’d Thought Of That’

Showing remorse for not trying extra hard to keep the one that he truly loved, Timo Arthur is rather incredible on his latest single that will sway your heart in wishing you could have made it happen on, ‘I Wish I’d Thought Of That‘.

Timo Arthur is an accomplished Milford, Connecticut-born indie-blues musician who has performed all over the world and is a Berklee College of Music graduate.

After expressing interest in music at age eight, his parents gave him a guitar for Christmas. He gave his first performance at age 10 at a school talent show.” ~ Timo Arthur

Like a masterful underground legend who lets his music do the talking, Timo Arthur brings us a truly elevated song which could change your mindset into what is actually conceivable if you do whatever it takes to get your lover back from the cold wilderness.

Hailing from a musical family, his mother was a semi-professional concert cellist, and also played piano and flute at home, while his father played guitar, piano, and percussion at their home as well.” ~ Timo Arthur

I Wish I’d Thought Of That‘ from Milford, Connecticut-born indie-blues musician Timo Arthur is a vocally advanced song from a well-respected artist who performs with such class and grit, while taking our minds into this animated picture. Showing us inside that moment when he recognized that there was actually another option to the one that he chose, this is a relevant track for so many who have lost that tenderness in the winds of change forever.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Connecticut’s Timeflex enlightens us away from the possible darkness on, ‘Come My Way’ (feat. Jgriff)

Showing us the way forward as they rep their home town and get the vibe alive with positive energy to lead the way, Timeflex returns with a lovers anthem to truly remember with, ‘Come My Way(feat. Jgriff).

Formally known under the stage name Off Topic, Timeflex is a Connecticut, USA-based artist, music producer and sound engineer.

Timeflex does produce for artists all over the world, but these days he focuses much more on his own music.” ~ Timeflex

Timeflex is joined by the well-established skateboarder/artist Jgriff on this mood-altering reggae-fused track that shall get your happy body jumping with joy and filled with that glowing groove. Showing true love is the message here, as we are blessed by a soundtrack that will have you feeling optimistic again, despite knowing that these sweet kisses aren’t going to last forever.

From stage-presence, behind the scenes work and much more, Timeflex is always looking towards the future and what he can accomplish next.” ~ Timeflex

Come My Way(feat. Jgriff) from Connecticut, USA-based artist/music producer Timeflex is an I’ll-be-back-next-summer track to tap your feet with all night long. There is so much to appreciate about a single that helps you remember that love is short, so making a maximum impact is the key to keeping that smile alive. Sizzling the airwaves awake with such peace and tranquillity to really get behind, this is a single to play when you know you need to say goodbye for now, but not forever.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and check out his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen