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Did It For The Love: New York’s Natey G paints us his vision with the catchy ‘Hush Money’

Returning with his latest single after the super ‘Wake Up‘ from 2020, Natey G brings us a feel-good track for the ages with the blue-eyes, blonde-hair daydream single ‘Hush Money‘.

Multi-talented Connecticut-born, New York-based indie hip-hop artist, pianist, guitarist and keen fisherman Nathan Goldenberg aka Natey G, makes a tasty blend of meaningful music that has you feeling rejuvenated after a long slumber away from what you love.

At a very young age, he knew his passion for sound would lead to an artist career. With his father an avid trumpet player and older brother playing Cello, Natey G quickly showed interest in the realms of Jazz, Classical Music, and Rock. In following the musical footsteps of his family, Natey G himself pursued a variety of instruments including piano, drums, violin and guitar.” ~ Natey G

The vibe is alive with a motivated stance upwards, he knows what he wants and is only determined to head on the right journey for his soul. This breathtaking beat has your ears perked up and you feel like you can do anything – as his eyes move towards the girl from Bel Air – while you move your hungry body to this superbly-made single, with such a stylish ear-bending ability.

Hush Money‘ from the experienced New York-based rapper Natey G, shows us the way to being truly happy in this rather strange world full of undesirable paths. He performs with a real confident flow and the chorus here is absolutely bounce-filled with such a likable style, which has you feeling so much better after the rough recent seas. This is one of those songs to wake up to, as this flows wonderfully into your mind and gets you motivated. Just like great music does.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hoping This Isn’t A Faze: Danny Aro and Pucker party like it was 2019 again with ‘Saint Laurent Bad’

With a club-vibe-slide that has your excited body feeling light and ready to enjoy the fun-pack night, Danny Aro and Pucker happily take our minds away from current affairs with the free-feeling new EDM single that has you enthusiastically dusting off your lonely dance shoes on ‘Saint Laurent Bad‘.

Danny Aro is a highly creative and free-spirited Mount Kisco, New York-born, Redding, Connecticut-based electronic musician and vocalist, who makes a variety of different music dependent on how he is feeling on the day.

He has a hard working attitude that takes him on a wild journey which flows like the gushing winds – as all he wants to do is inspire others – to follow their dreams no matter what obstacles fall in the way.

I write in different perceptions of people as well as my own perception from things I’ve seen throughout my youth. I want people to be themselves and have fun, and when they finish listening to me after a drive or in the club, I hope they start feeling themselves”. ~ Danny Aro

Saint Laurent Bad‘ from the excitingly unique Danny Aro and Pucker, has your mind racing like an Indy car, as you look around and just go for it on the dance floor, no matter who might, or is attentively watching. You feel a bit flush in your pocket and know what you want, as you speak to her and just know that she is going to smile back. This is that confident type of song that has you sliding all night – as you ignore the watch and just look into each others eyes-  to feel totally alive after so long locked away.

Hear this new track on Spotify and check out the IG page for more late-night stories.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Change: Connecticut rapper Senseibatch keeps the tempo on high with ‘Life Goes On’

With his street smarts and subtle hustle mentality forming together naturally all at once, Senseibatch knows that he is in the right lane of success and is only going to keep the peddle to the metal on ‘Life Goes On‘.

Trevor Cumberbatch Jr aka Senseibatch is a Windsor, Connecticut-based trap artist and music producer who makes his own beats. He fuses together that new school sound together, and adds in lyrics about life as he sees it in this wild world.

With a shuddering soundscape that might shatter windows aplenty if played loud in your revved up car, this is a song that speaks volumes for an emerging artist on the rise. His raps are hard and full of bars — the flow is confident and with very little flash — only straight up lyrics enter his mind, as he makes a splash on this top new single.

Life Goes On‘ from Connecticut-based rapper Senseibatch, shows us to where you need to be in life if you want to be successful in life. After dealing with so many fake people before, he knows who his true crew are and intends keeping it that way.

With a thumping beat and some laid-back vocal raps, he appears to be in a very confident state of mind to only move on upwards. He is not changing for anyone as believes in his abilities, to do whatever he sets his mind to.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Read the wind: Sean Moriarty tells us ‘The Story of America’

Taken off his latest eight-track album called ‘All for Everything‘, Sean Moriarty gives us the inside look into ‘The Story of America‘ as he sees it.

Sean Moriarty is a multi-talented Ledyard, Connecticut-born, Massachusetts-based singer-songwriter and current farmer, who makes that reflective music for us to ponder on, as he soothingly sings from the heart about what he has seen.

The former copywriter knew that world wasn’t for him and decided he needed to be outside to feel free again. He sings with such honesty, almost shyness at times, his talent is easy to hear but he underrates himself. This wonderfully humble man with a striking voice, has the hair on the back of your neck standing up as you feel his life’s journey, finding his way as he looks for a true home.

This is the lesson to always read the wind and set sail when you know the storms are brewing, as following your instinct is the only way to survive this crazy and very strange world. Doing what you have to do in order to feel fulfilled, is the key that unlocks all of your greatness, even if many won’t understand your journey.

The Story of America‘ from the soulful Massachusetts-based farmer, artist and singer-songwriter Sean Moriarty, is that authentic varnished feeling for the heart, his true stories are derived from working around the country and keeping himself busy. The real inside look is fascinating as he only brings peace and tranquility to an often overly-busy world that seems like it is spinning out of control.

Hear this mellow single on Spotify and find out more on his website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You and I: Alisa Velasquez is sensually elegant on romantic new RnB single ‘In Bloom’

Taken off her brand new three-track Valentine’s Day EP named ‘Hold Me Close‘, Alisa Velasquez finds what she has been looking for on the delightfully romantic new single ‘In Bloom‘.

Alisa Velasquez is a sensational solo Connecticut-based RnB singer-songwriter, who has teamed up with pulsating producer Hana Sushi, to bring us that special love music that closes old wounds and opens you up to care deeply again.

Her outstanding vocal ability has your body shaking in unwavering delight, as her trained tone captures your vivid imagination with classy grace and tender love-knots in your hungry stomach.

This is the sweet story of being single for so long that you almost gave up, but somehow found the inner strength to try again, which only served to be the beacon of light you needed, to believe again.

In Bloom‘ from the delightfully sweet Connecticut-based RnB singer-songwriter Alisa Velasquez, is the loving story about taking a chance again after being heartbroken. You opened the door and you saw the spark that you liked, and now you are flourishing with that special someone, who has made your smile wide and happy again.

Love really does conquer all if you let it.

Hear her dazzling voice on YouTube for the lyric video and follow her on IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding the true answers: Exodus drops fresh new single called ‘Left Your Mark’

Exodus is back a blazing performance on his latest laser-like delivery fused track called ‘Left Your Mark‘.

Connecticut-based Hip-Hop artist Exodus raps about true-life events that happened while growing up without a real home, as he was chased in and out of foster/group homes and at times he felt like he was left for dead. He is a fighter who never gave up and believes in his abilities on the mic to become an artist who has respect and is known all over the world for his skills.

”I want to show the world that you can achieve your dreams if you believe and work hard towards it”.-Exodus

With an earthy-feel and a gripping acoustic intro that gets you in the mood to be thoughtful, we soon hear a passionate emcee/singer who tells us the story of a man that speaks on how another guy left a mark on someone he truly cares about. He doesn’t know what to believe now and this is a tough situation to be in, as it can consume your mind long-term as you play it out in your mind again and again- which can cause you to overthink everything,

Left Your Mark‘ by fast-emerging emcee Exodus is the sound of an artist that performs with a gritty edge and a new school pop-rap style, that is so popular at the moment. With so much hunger inside his bones, you feel that he is only going to get better and better with each new release.

Life can be so tough growing up and you can find yourself in difficult positions that can either make or break you. Having that positive mindset is so vital though those dark days, as you can find the light and break free if you believe in your talents.

Don’t let the past define you, rather design the future by chasing your goals and dreams. Its your journey after all.

Hear this fast-rising emcee show his class on Soundcloud and follow his journey via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Anna May sends the world a masterpiece with Americana-Folk infused ”Careless”

careless. by Anna May

I’m still shaking from listening to this absolute work of art. You can hear the pain in her voice. I feel like giving her a big hug but can’t. This is a marvelous masterpiece in every sense of the word.

Anna May is currently based in New London, Connecticut in the USA and performs traditional folk music with a transcendent twist. She puts you under her special spell during her latest release ”Careless”. Anna’s voice is magnetically attracted to your heart and doesn’t let you go from start to finish. She has real soul, her lyrics are about heartbreak. Anna May sings about past memories and moments that have effected her deeply. I get lost in her voice and the words float into my heart as I wonder what she has gone through. This is immense music, so rare and has just warmed my soul like only a few artists can do. I really hope that Anna understands how stunning her music is and how she can influence so many fans and fellow artists out there. If she ever tours in your town, you will want to see her live.

Please don’t be careless with Anna’s heart or her music. We are in the midst of witnessing a truly incredible musician that deserves to be touring all over the world with her Dad Vince Thompson right beside her on stage with his guitar.

You can listen to this fabulously created song that is sung with such passion right here on her Bandcamp page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mandala – Washed Up – Dreamy Melodies Converge With Gritty Rock And Roll Energy On A New, Explosive Single.

Washed Up by Mandala

Straight out of the Connecticut music scene, Mandala are quickly growing their reputation, based on the band’s hard working ethics and remarkable songwriting skills.

The group set out to perfect a very personal blend of alternative rock and dream pop, with somewhat of a shoegaze twist. The resulting sound is a very charismatic and interesting blend of different influences, highlighting the band’s diverse musical background and their ability to cash in from listening to a lot of great music.

Mandala recently came out with their latest studio effort, an single titled “Washed Up”. The single has an upfront, bright and warm tone to it, marking the band’s fondness for immediacy and textures. Overall, the sonic aesthetics of the song are really essentialist, favoring a no-frills production style that highlights the natural talent of the band. Having said that, the record sounds modern and lush, with a very clear and intelligible tone that highlights the sheer talent of these great musicians.

This is certainly a release to be enjoyed from back to back, as it stands out as a powerful, well-arranged and compelling indie tune that will make you long for more from this band!