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NYC Alt-Rockers Heavenly Faded power in with ”CTRL”

There is a sense of awaking for this young band from New York City, USA. They realize that the momentum is on their side as they want to be in control of their music career. Sadly 2020 has ruined that festival and concert wise. However, when it comes to releasing music and getting it out to their fans, this is the time.

Heavenly Faded take us into their band room with their new single ”CTRL”. This is a plea for some soul saving as the music game can get a bit crazy sometimes. I feel like the band saved themselves a bit for this one. When they are playing live I bet it will be a bit more fast paced and still with that strong guitar riff and excellent drumming. This New York band are making quite the name for themselves after a few big gigs before COVID-19.

This is the follow up to the punchy ”Constellations”, the band’s most popular song so far. A band on the rise and surely itching to get back up on stage to break some guitars and blow a few speakers.

Stream the new song from this powerful New York City band right here on their Soundcloud page and get more rock in your life.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


“New Religion” from NYC Emcee/Athlete ‘P. Muna’ pushes out powerful message to motivate us all

Feeling invincible right now, ‘P Muna’ is a confident man. He is free and flying high in the music game. Dropping gospel verses filled with bad decisions. None of us are perfect, but sometimes we feel like nothing can stop us and that feeling with a slice of humility, must be a good thing. This is exactly what “New Religion” is about. This New York based artist is simply telling us that he is feeling good right now, real good.

Also an athlete and future motivational speaker, ‘P. Muna’ has opened up for some of the biggest artists around, including 2 Chainz, Snoop Dogg, Lupe Fiasco, the late, great Mac Miller (RIP) and Juicy J. This is an Emcee who has found his lane and is driving through it in style, right now he is feeling at his best. 

With offerings like “New Religion”, ‘P. Muna’ is on a mission to reach the top so let’s see how he goes about it. Hip Hop is always on the lookout for the next big thing, maybe late 2020 and early 2021, is this Prosper’s time to smash through the front door and take over? With his incredible attitude and inspirational focus, I’m betting on him. 

Stream more on his SoundCloud today and find out more about the confident Emcee.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Queens Emcee ‘Del’ busts through the front door with outstanding debut ‘’Sunnyside Freestyle’’

‘’We ready to get it on. I’m the self acclaimed prophecy.’’ Is there a new force in New York Hip Hop?

Sunnyside in Queens, NYC Emcee ‘Del’ is on a mission. He believes he is the best. Wayne Brady good. This guy can rap and shows the world his mad skills on a dope beat. This is proper Hip Hop, Queens style.

‘’I need three girls at all times/Like the motherfucking power puffs’’. “Del’’ has clever wordplay up his sleeve and this is a prime example. So many Emcee’s ramble about the same thing but not this artist. He has a vivid imagination and vision, something you can’t teach.

With more tracks like ’’Sunnyside Freestyle’’, ‘Del’ is unlikely to be lonely at night. A fairly new addition to the legendary New York music scene, he smashes through to demand respect on this single and will surely break out soon. He is too good not to.

Being a new artist, I am intrigued to see what comes next, who he collabs with and how this fantastic talent evolves. Hip Hop is in a good place with ‘Del’ and long may this journey continue. 

Stream Del from your favorite platform.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Twin Souls ‘Water Into Wine’ show their maturity with fab single ‘’Soul On Fire’’.

Pop/House/Trap/Chill/Rock ‘Water Into Wine’ are based in New York City, USA. They are two creatives and they are very honest on what they say. You will either love or hate this music. They won’t mind either, they just want to perform live.

‘Water Into Wine’ is a pop duo that officially formed in the summer of 2019 when Slovak singer/actress/model Barbra Zi started to collaborate on music that Darryl George had written 4-5 years prior. This lit the fuse for them to begin writing music together. Currently, they have upwards of 50 songs that they are fine-tuning for future releases. Beyond that, the plan is to continue to write and record as much as they can and begin a string of shows in late 2020/ early 2021, depending on lockdown of course. 

“Since beginning Water Into Wine, Barbra and I have been such an inspiration to each other. Our synergy acts as a constant source of motivation to write, perform, and produce more music.”

Darryl performs all instrumentation and acts as recording, mixing, and mastering engineer on all tracks. Barbra directs/edits/produces all video releases and co-produces too.

This is a power duo, as you can see and let’s see what they have in store for the rest of the year.

Click here to hear more on their SoundCloud page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Acoustic artist Solly spreads hope with peaceful single ‘’Shelter’’

Shelter from the storm is the paradox you are choking on. It’s so encouraging to be exposed to such positive vibrations from a very talented, upcoming artist like Film Editor/ Musician, ‘Solly’. He mixes these two passions together like an old pro.

Solomon Margo aka ‘Solly’ , released ‘Love & Harm’ on YouTube on the 1st May 2020 and this is the follow up single, the peaceful ‘’Shelter’’. It’s about sheltering your soul from all the fakeness in the world & to just be yourself, the best version of you. This is a perfect message. 

‘Solly’ is a young artist who alternates between NYC and LA in the USA. He is still finding his feet in this wild music game and I see a very promising future here. His music has a positive style and is so jazzy with touches of soul. A bigger stage awaits for this fine musician. 

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


New York’s ‘The Poet Andrew’ spreads his positive message with new single ‘’New Day’’

I like that one, I like that one a lot. Andrew Carson aka ‘The Poet Andrew’ is a conscious R&B poet/singer/songwriter/producer and MC with a positive attitude to all of life’s obstacles. No money in his pockets? No problem, there is always a silver lining to everything.

Just from listening to his music, you can tell that he is influenced by greats such as André 3000 to Frankie Lymon, just to name a few. 

‘’New Day’’ is the fresh follow up to 2018’s debut ‘’Lonely Love’’, a creative track with a smooth flow that received much love on the notoriously fickle New York streets. On ‘’New Day’’ the energy is high, the church-type feel in the background adds a beautiful element to the track and I feel happy listening to this underground gem.

The Poet is clearly picking up momentum and his name is spreading to all corners of the world now. An MC with a peaceful message of love & hope, ‘’New Day’’ is a welcome escape from the depressing news that is around us. ‘The Poet Andrew’ is pushing himself up the ranks and is a talent to watch, his true breakthrough can’t be too far in the future when he features on a J-Cole or Common track.

Get to know The Poet Andrew and revel in this positive influence on Spotify

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen



When you are a multi-award-winning film composer, you have an innate knack for soundtracks. Michael Vignola performs a perfect blend of classical and ambient music in his latest release ‘Further and Further’, that feats violinist Francesca Dardani.

Gentle grand piano arpeggios are the main feature of the track, creating a genuine sound that emphasizes the overlaying violin melodies in an effort that combines classic with contemporary.

‘Further and Further’ is where your mind wanders when you listen to Michael Vignola, making it the perfect background music for the next big film release.

You can pre-save ‘Further and Further’ for yourself here.

Review by Jim Esposito.


I Was Born to the Sea has been released from Sister Hyacinth by Little God Swamp

Little God Swamp has released their latest piece ‘I Was Born to the Sea’, pulling that Rock essence and infusing that into this slow piece.

Through this piece it takes you on a bit of a roller coaster through the many elements of sound, halfway through there is a little pause as the first half draws to an end, just when you think that it comes the second half and it’s done in such a different way.

It’s rather peculiar as you listen because it does take you by surprise with the way it changes. The first half is just solely based on instruments, having the rather relaxing riffs on the guitar and this rather peaceful way about it with the use of sound.

As the pause fades out faintly in the background comes the fairly quiet and raucous vocals that escape through that eerie instrumental, as the song begins to embrace a more up-tempo instrumentation and the use of different tones through the vocals.

Be sure to listen to this mysterious, dark piece by Little God Swamp, it’ll take you on a journey for sure.

Listen to I Was Born to the Sea by Little God Swamp by heading over to bandcamp now.

Review by Karley Myall


MAKUTA – Running: Power Pop Rock

It’s such a shame that songs like this one don’t make it on the Billboard top charts. It’s not about the artistry (which by the way is outstanding) but more about the vibe.

MAKUTA is a four-piece power pop/rock group from Brooklyn, NYC. The song is called “Running”. When I pressed play the first seconds reminded me of acts like Eden; this first impression dissolved quickly as the song entered its power-pop phase. There is this chorus being repeated so much throughout the song, which lands tiny kisses on your forehead. Each time I heard the singer say “I keep running, and running and running faster / running, and running and running to disaster” I almost felt like I was receiving actual tender smooches. The drumming gets more intense in the last minute of the song, building up the crescendo.

This is what I personally call a “California Slackness” song, the vibe that is a bit tad dramatic but so optimistic at the same time.

Feel it on Spotify

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


BIBS – Chilling Misadventures in Oneironautics – Yep, Exactly What It Says on The Tin

BIBS new track is as complex as the song title, and just in case you were wondering, I Googled it for you:

Oneironautics definition: the ability to travel within a dream on a conscious basis.

The NYC collective of Alternative Rock musicians have cooked up a storm with their debut hit Chilling Misadventures in Oneironautics, the vocals are haunting, the pace unpredictable and jarring. Quite simply, it’s a masterpiece, which fondly reminded me of the artists that emerged out of the New Wave Punk arena.

This song wasn’t created to please people, it was created to make a statement, and BIBS, we hear you and you’re stunning. The arrangements in the song are like nothing I’ve ever heard before. This is a track to inspire all contemporary artists to throw out the rulebook and play with their natural, feverish flows.

The instrumental sections absolutely blew me away, the whole composition was so well orchestrated; from the teasing piano introduction, to the cacophony of sound that hits you in unpredictable waves, the song is a journey worth taking.

Check out Chilling Misadventures in Oneironautics on Soundcloud via the link below: