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MAKUTA – Running: Power Pop Rock

It’s such a shame that songs like this one don’t make it on the Billboard top charts. It’s not about the artistry (which by the way is outstanding) but more about the vibe.

MAKUTA is a four-piece power pop/rock group from Brooklyn, NYC. The song is called “Running”. When I pressed play the first seconds reminded me of acts like Eden; this first impression dissolved quickly as the song entered its power-pop phase. There is this chorus being repeated so much throughout the song, which lands tiny kisses on your forehead. Each time I heard the singer say “I keep running, and running and running faster / running, and running and running to disaster” I almost felt like I was receiving actual tender smooches. The drumming gets more intense in the last minute of the song, building up the crescendo.

This is what I personally call a “California Slackness” song, the vibe that is a bit tad dramatic but so optimistic at the same time.

Feel it on Spotify

Review by Nektarios Oikonomakis


BIBS – Chilling Misadventures in Oneironautics – Yep, Exactly What It Says on The Tin

BIBS new track is as complex as the song title, and just in case you were wondering, I Googled it for you:

Oneironautics definition: the ability to travel within a dream on a conscious basis.

The NYC collective of Alternative Rock musicians have cooked up a storm with their debut hit Chilling Misadventures in Oneironautics, the vocals are haunting, the pace unpredictable and jarring. Quite simply, it’s a masterpiece, which fondly reminded me of the artists that emerged out of the New Wave Punk arena.

This song wasn’t created to please people, it was created to make a statement, and BIBS, we hear you and you’re stunning. The arrangements in the song are like nothing I’ve ever heard before. This is a track to inspire all contemporary artists to throw out the rulebook and play with their natural, feverish flows.

The instrumental sections absolutely blew me away, the whole composition was so well orchestrated; from the teasing piano introduction, to the cacophony of sound that hits you in unpredictable waves, the song is a journey worth taking.

Check out Chilling Misadventures in Oneironautics on Soundcloud via the link below:


What Would Tilda Swinton Do – Kill: Reignition of Riot Grrrl Nostalgia

How could you possibly go wrong with a name like that? The collective of anarchistic musicians behind What Would Tilda Swinton Do have created a Punk Rock sound unlike any other.

There’s so many commendable elements to this track, I scarcely know where to start without going full on fangirl over them. Their sound which is ubiquitously, raucously in keeping with the classic 90’s Riot Grrrl sound. It’s the freshest female fronted punk act that I’ve heard since Sleater Kinney & Courtney Barnett. Suzie Léger fronts the bands with an empowered confidence and attitude that makes you fall in love with her and her ambivalent energy. You can’t help but get caught up in the rolling guitar riffs and pure unadulterated. Percussion soaked sound that the talented musicians create.

Their self-proclaimed lazy Punk sound is one that will undoubtedly make waves in the underground NYC scene. Whilst this band are still in their infancy, that doesn’t stop them from creating stand out hits. Such as their latest track Kill. It’s comedic, its genius, it’s simply stunning.

I’m putting it out there that WWTSD are the greatest underground act of 2017, there are no words that can encapsulate their enigmatic essence.

So, head on over to Soundcloud where you can check out their latest single Kill, along with their debut track Bikerbraut which was released at the start of 2017.

Head on over to their Facebook page and show them some love too!


Katie Garringer Shares Her Unique Experience Of Moving To New York City

New York City might be quite of a tough place to be a folk singer: skyscrapers, city lights and millions of people clashing every day into the subways, alleys and roads of the Big Apple.

Standing up in the middle of all of that armed with an acoustic guitar and a notebook full of earnest lyrics takes a special blend of courage which is often overlooked. On “Paint Me”, Katie Garringer shares her unique experience of moving to New York City. This stunning folk song highlights Katie’s beautiful voice and it feels like an impressionistic painting. If you close your eyes, you can really let Katie’s genuine words guide you through the many magical corners of this city, from the streets of Brooklyn to the bright lights of Midtown or a quiet residential neighborhood in the Upper West Side.

This song is a romantic ode to New York City and a stunning, honest portrait of an artist reaching out for something greater.


Barrio Boyz Bring Together Eras Of Hip Hop With ‘Sidekicks’

With hip hop’s current love affairs with tight, crisp beats and wobbling basses, many wonder how sterile things will get before we bring back the spacious strong low end that has made so many hits bounce forth from the radio to the dancefloor. Kaysuane & Tommy2Phone have teamed up to bring us a track that brings together eras of hip hop for a brief and heartfelt track with Sidekicks.

Sidekicks is produced by RanVanDam, who certainly knows how to treat a bassline. The song feels full despite the modern touches of thin, heavily compressed drum samples. This combination works surprisingly well and the synth pads adorning the top-end of the mix provide plenty of good pitches to keep things melodic while the bass bounces and the drums move. This is a song that you can dance to, but that’s not all it has to offer. This is all ignoring the incredibly strong vocal performances that reverberate and auto-tune around a combination of influences ranging from gangsta rap to R&B. This is a song that brings together artists and can be expected to bring together people as well.


A&R Factory Present: MICKY

Micky is the recently acquired moniker of singer-songwriter-stageman Michael Persall who makes melodically engaging pop music with the historical footnotes of classic rock and motown. New single “Candid”, co-produced with ​Doug Schadt​ (Maggie Rogers, Wet, Man & Ghost), is the latest example of MICKY’s modern take on ‘60s/’70s pop, rock and soul. Sounding like a halfway house between Bruno Mars and Leon Bridges, the NYC-via-California musician confidently croons his way through the retro-ish instrumentation.

You can hear the natural performer in Persall’s voice, whilst the actual delivery of these catchy words subtly hints towards the R&B that he grew up on. “Candid” also marks the first of many developments in MICKY’s ever-expanding musical landscape, one that he wishes the audience to be an intrinsic part of.

“With the first release as MICKY, I really wanted to set the tone for the direction I’m taking my songs and have “Candid” serving as a bold introduction to myself. The live instrumentation and overall arrangements, as well as my energetic performance on the song, really align with how I perform live. One thing I wanted moving forward was to have consistency with the live show and the records. The song incorporates a lot of my older 60s/70s classic rock and Motown influences, as well as my affinity for hip-hop and R&B. On the lyrical front, the song is based on my personal attitude to life. A lot of people seem to waste time putting up a front rather than being themselves and actually talking about things. “Candid,” is just the ideal alternative in my mind.”

Prior to changing his stage name from Michael Persall to MICKY, he released “Waiting For”, a song praised by the likes of Clash, I Heart Moosiq, Vinyl Noise, Baeble and several others. Another notable accomplishment was the completion of his New Year’s resolution to perform 400 shows in 2015, a feat that in fact took him to 408. Throughout this journey, MICKY had the opportunity to assert himself as a front man, to relay his music to many different listeners, and to further explore where he wanted his sound to go next. Following this achievement, Persall landed shows at renowned music venues Mercury Lounge and Webster Hall.

Before the New York shows, the blog posts and even his four-year-long education at NYU, MICKY had a humble start performing in a family-run Bed & Breakfast, where he often played songs by his favourite artist, Elvis. There’s few better stage masters to learn from, but others that Persall has been inspired by are James Brown, Otis Redding, Jim Morrison, Robert Plant and The Beach Boys. His influences don’t stop there – the singer also credits ‘90s and early 2000s hip-hop and R&B as significant contributors to his current sound.

Bringing it up to the present, MICKY has recently been working as co-producer on Taylor Bennett’s first single from his upcoming project, “New York Nights”. The NYC artist will also be stepping out of the studio for a couple of live residencies throughout January with Sofar Sounds, and February at Rockwood Music Hall (Saturdays 10pm).


A&R Factory Present: V Empress

NYC based singer, V Empress, kicks of the summer with her immensely sexy and catchy new track, Guilty. Inspired by Kid Ink and Dj Mustard’s production of Summer in the Winter, V Empress set out to achieve her own [female] fusion of hot club oriented hip hop beats paired with very catchy, sexy and complex lyrics in her four track EP; Can’t Tame a Savage. Reminiscent of Katy Perry’s I Kissed a Girl, V Empress’ track Guilty describes her desire to partake in a three-some, and ultimately encourages listeners to take pride in their sexuality and urges.

V Empress states “I want to be as raw, honest, and transparent as possible when writing my lyrics and creating my art,” and aims to “promote female empowerment and expression in a very male dominated industry.” The music video is set to be released late July.