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Only Upwards: NYC’s Lou Quattro takes it up a notch with ‘Love Phases’

With a silky smooth delivery that breathes new life into a stagnated genre, Lou Quattro drips in clean with a fresh bounce on his latest new nine-track album called ‘Love Phases’.

New York City-based Lou Quattro is the type of self-motivated trap emcee/producer and engineer, that likes to do things right, as he flows in with this new release that has so much potential. He raps with that confident drama-free energy that is all about showing that he is ready for his time to shine, away from all the cloudy skies and small-minded talk, that can tire out even the most relaxed.

Particular highlights have to be the bangers ‘Never Going Back, ‘On Read‘ (ft. La’Shai) and ‘Strange Love‘. His stories of love lost, love gained, money made and getting stronger, reign above all, as he strides in with ice to spare and truth stories to lay bare.

Love Phases‘ from New York trap artist Lou Quattro, is the story of how love can change each day, as he finds his place in this wild world and searches for his true Queen, all while the jealous cash-grabbers look on in jealousy.

Hear this brand new album on Spotify and see the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Cheerry Red just ‘Can’t Explain This Kind Of Crazy’

The founder, singer, and songwriter of New York four-piece The Motor Tom, Nick Schupak since 2011, here – with Cheerry Red (not a typo!) – he brings us a stunning collection of arty alt-pop-rock tracks perhaps most reminiscent, in attitude if not directly in sound, of 80’s alt bands such as Aztec Camera, Orange Juice, or, at times, the Replacements.

It’s a divine mix of poppy alternative-ness, synth-wave, and New York Garage Rock, ‘Can’t Explain This Kind Of Crazy’ the lead single and eponym from a 13-track album mixing the 13-minute epic ‘I Was Right About You” to what Schupak describes as ‘sub 2-minute palette cleansers’; ‘Can’t Explain This Kind Of Crazy’ is a delightful, perfect introduction, intelligent lyrical jousting mixing with cleverly arranged and subtly perfect instrumentation. It’s timeless, contemporary, and a perfect little slice of pop-rock dreaminess.

Check out ‘Can’t Explain This Kind Of Crazy’, and the rest of Cheerry Red, on Soundcloud.

Review by Alex Holmes


NYC’s RnB luminary, Kira Rizavi is set to ascend the charts with her upraising single ‘Fly’

NYC-based artist, Kira Rizavi’s unique spin on RnB is as soulful as it is forceful. Her latest single, ‘Fly’ exhibits her tendency to meld the old-school roots of soul with her contemporary attitude, to resounding effect.

Through the vivacity in her vocals, her introspective-deep lyrics aren’t just inspiring, they’re empowering. If any up and coming artist has what it takes to keep RnB on-trend and undeniably authentic, it’s Kira Rizavi. By taking influence from icons such as Diana Ross, Fergie and Grimes, Kira Rizavi found the power in her own distinctive voice.

Fly is now available to stream via Spotify

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Cool as a cucumber: Myko Lyric drops the heat on the sizzlin’ ‘307’

Taken off her latest five-track EP ‘618‘, ‘307‘ from the sensational Myko Lyric, is her brand new single that will have your body in absolute raptures. Inspired by a ride on the 307 highway to Tulum before covid slapped the world in the face, this is a song (and video) to ease your pain and make you think of better times ahead.

Mid City, Los Angeles-born Myko Lyric is a conscientiously gifted dancer, actress and singer-songwriter who has brought her talents to the bright lights of New York City. She is an artistically intelligent soul who makes that unfeigned type of music that broadens the mind and feeds the soul. With an attainable goal of making a track with the legendary Brandy on her radar, this is a creative that isn’t waiting around for things to happen-she is busting down doors to get inside.

The soothingly tasty start has your whole body in a trance-like groove that is a calming and makes you want to just move. You feel like you are on a beach island, with the waves so mellow and you are sipping on a cold beverage with one of those silly hats inside.

This is the story about being with that special one in your life and being so comfortable together that you let your bodies do what they like. When you are together, everything is so good and you want to make each other happy, with no grey areas as your souls interlock and never let go.

307‘ from the incredible LA to NYC multi-talented Myko Lyric, is that track you play to relax with, as you enjoy your holiday away from the madness of the world. With sensual but classy dance moves that will make you blush, this is a song that heats up your dull day and with her crystal clear vocals, this is a spectacular single that blows your mind. You will definitely need a swim to cool off.

Stream this steamin’ new single on Spotify and see more visuals on her YouTube and IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Paying tribute to lives lost but never forgotten: Solly finds peace though music on the exquisitely beautiful ‘She Can Run’

After breezing in with the peacefully excellent ‘Shelter‘ during the middle of 2020, Solly returns with his awe-inspiring new single, that speaks about dealing with pain through loss on ‘She Can Run‘.

Solly Margo aka Solly, is an ever-evolving dual NYC and LA-based indie-dream soul artist with style for days. who makes that calming type of music, no matter what the storm is outside. He is a truly authentic soul who has that extra quality that few posses and he has the ability to grab your attention- so you fly up to the clouds with him for a few minutes.

With a special sonic daydream fused with beautiful guitar strums and a stunning beat to catch our attention right away, you just know that this is going to be a great song. Full of real meaning and the sad story of losing his beloved grandmother and trusty dog right around the same time, has inspired this soulfully aware musician to make a touching tribute that they would be so proud of.

His caring and sweet vocal delivery that is layered with a bright and optimistic tone, with friends on the bass and electric guitar adding so much light on this sad topic, to create something truly special for our hearts to heal with. If you have ever dealt with heartbreak from loss, this is the kind of music to immerse yourself into deeply, so you can find the positives and to treasure the best memories you have of the dearly departed.

“I’m on a quest to reveal my purpose and authenticity through the art that I make alone and with others.” –Solly 

She Can Run‘ from the incredibly soulful Solly is a wonderful creation about sorrow when you deal with the loss of two important figures in your life. The ability to remember the great moments you had together and to let them be free, is an important step into healing and being happy again. After all, that is what they would of wanted for you.

Stream this reflective gem on Spotify and see his visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Musical theater flair immersed in pop: Allison St. Rock makes the debut anthem of 2020 with ‘I Wanna Feel Better’

Allison St. Rock urges us to stay positive no matter what on the purposeful indie pop single ‘I Wanna Feel Better‘.

Allison St. Rock is a Stonington, Connecticut-born composer, playwright, performer and new singer-songwriter, who has just blessed us with her debut single and this is a new track filled with tasty treats for our ears. This is a true creative, a proudly LBGT woman who has a voice that will leave you so breathless, you will need CPR immediately.

“You know that feeling when you hear a song, and it describes exactly how you’re feeling in the moment, it makes you feel seen and makes you feel less alone? That’s what I want to give with my music.”- Allison St. Rock

This is the rebirth after a breakup that has sucked all your energy away and you have decided you want to make a change. The time is now and dancing all the pain away seems to be the way to go. Instead of hiding away and feeling sorry for yourself, the way to be better is to take a deep breath, and get in your own zone again.

Her classy voice is soothing and fresh like a tasty orange on a hot day, the juices of her energy rub off on you and you start to feel happier already. The electro-pop beat keeps you on your toes and this is such a catchy song you should tie yourself to a tree so you can hold on. This is the start of an exciting journey for a creative that seems ready and is confident in her abilities to do whatever she sets her mind to.

I Wanna Feel Better‘ from New York City’s Allison St. Rock is a virtual big hug to anyone out there that has been struggling with lost love. She is the compass to find yourself again and move on to new adventures that enables you to love wholeheartedly again.

Get out of your slump and hear this sparkling song on Spotify. See her social life via IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Former love that hurt you deeply: Lovedead sings for his hearts redemption on ‘Eye 2 Eye’

New York City native Lovedead returns with the heartbreaking new single ‘Eye 2 Eye’ that explores the topic of love that didn’t work out and this doesn’t make sense to this excellent musician.

The earthy atmosphere that bellows in is like a fresh stream of fresh air to a stuffy year. His honest lyrics steam the windows up with the story of love that suddenly ended. The frustration of what happened is paramount from the young singer whose voice gets stronger like a transformer, as the track gets more vivid throughout. She moved on and showed her true colors by her questionable actions.

‘’Struggling with romance and school and everyday life, I felt it was the only way to truly be understood.’’- Lovedead

Music is the healing glue that has helped him stick together with himself during this tough time and with life in general. The drama got too much and he sings about how the manipulative ex got into his head for a while. You can hear from his lyrics and excellently toned voice that the time to move on is now and he is going through the frustrated stage. He is questioning everything but knows deep inside that he didn’t cause this breakup.

Lost love can mess you up mentally and finding a way to get the frustration out smartly is the only way to move on and doing what you feel is best. ‘Eye 2 Eye’ from New York singer-songwriter Lovedead is a love-torn story about how romance can be so amazing and so hard too. Finding a loyal human to be with is so hard but is possible if you believe in it enough.

Hear this song via Spotify and find out more on this artist below:



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Remembering those special moments: Elliot Greer’s ‘When I Hear Africa by Toto’ (ft. Rose Stoller) is a love story that shouldn’t end

Scottish born singer-songwriter multi-instrumentalist, and actor Elliot Greer, is absolutely incredible with a stirring reminisce about that feeling you get when you hear a song that means so much on ‘When I Hear Africa by Toto’ (ft. Rose Stoller).

The humming start grabs you closely, not too tight though, as we open the door to a stunning track that will have you holding your special human close or shedding some tears to the one that got away.

A love letter about things that could and should of happened, sent to a lover that he cares for so deeply and wants it to work, so much. She responds with a honey-coated delivery and this is such a beautiful indie-folk song that has ‘classic’ written all over it.

His voice is so gritty and the tone grabs your soul and doesn’t let go ever. This is a true story-teller that speaks from real experiences and the acoustic guitar skills are out of this world good. Her voice quickly joins this vividly-described experience and your heart beats so much faster. She speaks on the ups and downs in the relationship, the smell of the musky memory and the song that you can’t stop listening to. You miss each other and desire that close contact again.

Taken off his debut album ‘Handcrafted’, that was made in 3 bathrooms, 2 closets, and 1 laundry room. This is a self-made and self-produced song that has kept Sterling, Scotland born Elliot busy during this traumatic year. He didn’t just sit and feel sorry for himself after the year was going to be his best ever, instead Elliot made music that is so meaningful. When it gets tough, the tough get going.

‘’Someone once said to me that it’s when you stop looking for something that you finally find it. For years, I felt melodies and vocals come naturally to me. It was always the words I couldn’t find. I knew what I wanted to say. I just didn’t know how to say it.’’-Elliot Greer

New York City based Elliot Greer brings us a stunning blues-filled song full of heartbreak and possibilities on ‘When I Hear Africa by Toto’ (ft. Rose Stoller). This is a track that will you make you miss those memorable moments with that special soul or make you appreciate your partner even more. Life is about living in the moment and not regretting what could have happened; even though it’s much easier said than done.

Hear this wonderful creation on Elliot’s Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


NYC Soul-Pop artist Nazanin has bridged the gap between past and present with “Infatuation”


NYC Soul-Pop artist Nazanin gave us a sneak peek at the sultry grooves in her latest radio-ready single “Infatuation”. It’s safe to say that we formed an infatuation of our own with her uniquely evocative sound which mixes elements of 80s and 90s Pop with the roots of RnB.

Nazanin’s sound bridges the gap between past and present while her own signature sound flows evenly beneath. Far from being ‘just another love song’ Infatuation draws heavily on the challenges she’s overcome to become the unapologetically empowering artist she exhibited herself as with this Soul-Pop staple. Her defiance resonates in each and every vocal note.

Infatuation will be available to stream everywhere from November 27th. In the meantime, head over to Spotify to check out her earlier releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



‘Ghost Town’ from MikePowerNYC is a real story about the world and the damage caused by humans

New single ‘Ghost Town‘ from MikePowerNYC is a real story about the world and the damage caused by humans and terrible decisions.

New York City-based Mike had to play some slide guitar because has unfortunately ripped open his finger, running it up the neck. Adversity sometimes leads to opportunity due to the ghostly sound of the slide with harmonics interwoven. Sometimes things go wrong but that is actually leading you into the right path. This is a great story about how a song was made and this insight is brilliant.

MikePowerNYC sings with such passion and grit, he is a fine singer with real stories on ‘Ghost Town‘. The world is in a strange place and it’s a scary place. This is a man who performs for the art, he loves music and this is his message to the rest of the globe. He is honest and for that, we need to listen. This is a rare indie real gem of music, sounds that show a growing frustration to the world. This is a wise poet who sings with meaning.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen