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‘Ghost Town’ from MikePowerNYC is a real story about the world and the damage caused by humans

New single ‘Ghost Town‘ from MikePowerNYC is a real story about the world and the damage caused by humans and terrible decisions.

New York City-based Mike had to play some slide guitar because has unfortunately ripped open his finger, running it up the neck. Adversity sometimes leads to opportunity due to the ghostly sound of the slide with harmonics interwoven. Sometimes things go wrong but that is actually leading you into the right path. This is a great story about how a song was made and this insight is brilliant.

MikePowerNYC sings with such passion and grit, he is a fine singer with real stories on ‘Ghost Town‘. The world is in a strange place and it’s a scary place. This is a man who performs for the art, he loves music and this is his message to the rest of the globe. He is honest and for that, we need to listen. This is a rare indie real gem of music, sounds that show a growing frustration to the world. This is a wise poet who sings with meaning.

Click here for the Soundcloud link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


YAEVIN drops the reflective single about past love on ‘All I Have’ (Official Video)

YAEVIN is a incredibly sweet-sounding Korean-American Soul-Pop singer-songwriter that will have your ears smiling from ear to ear. She returns with her latest single & video called ‘All I Have‘.

She is currently based in Brooklyn, New York City in the USA. Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago, her major influences were the likes of Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, and Christina Aguilera.

In ‘All I Have‘, YAEVIN combines a strong vocal performance with her love for ballads and acoustic sounds, and tells on her struggles with “letting go” of the past. You want to be with him so badly but things just aren’t meant to be right now and you overthink the situation. This is so easy to do and this song is so relatable. Moving on is tough but you need to do it otherwise you will be so unhappy inside and it can tear you up.

YAEVIN sings so well on this new single and I love ‘All I Have‘. It’s a quality song and I hope to visit NYC to see her sing live. She has a pure voice and seems so genuine. Artists like this deserve our love.

Here is the YouTube link.

Click here for the Insta page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


New York’s Jake Inzerra jumps in with punchy ‘No Lips’

Jake Inzerra jumps in the mix with his new indie-pop single ‘No Lips‘.

Jake Inzerra’s message in his music is simple: Love yourself, respect who you are, and let no one tarnish what you can be. Infectious, dance-heavy beats matched to inspiring lyrics, Jake is free spirited and all attitude. He is a pop artist whose stylistic melodies and catchy hooks demand the spotlight almost as much as his 6 inch stilettos.

Originally from the small town of Shelton, Jake was sadly bullied by his homophobic classmates. He found acceptance in the community by auditioning for local theater productions, where he immediately discovered his love for entertainment. After graduating high school, he began taking the train into New York City to study dance at Broadway Dance Center – “Every day, I woke up at 4AM, and I never rolled out of bed. It was never a chore. I was determined. I was ready to go, ready to take on the world.” This shows how much he wanted it and this is the difference from those that think that want it and those that just know.

Jake is a flamboyant, unapologetic, confident male singer who wants to be there for other artists like him. He is a trail blazer who isn’t letting what happened before effect his future. ‘No Lips‘ is a fine new song from this upcoming singer.

Stream here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Christina Li has made her debut with “Truth” featuring Cameron Herring, Yas Akdag, Thomas Bergeron

18-year-old singer-songwriter Christina Li is set to release her debut EP “Strings”. We were lucky enough to get a sneak peek of the standout single “Truth” featuring Cameron Herring, Yas Akdag and Thomas Bergeron. After the track left us utterly speechless, we can safely say that Truth is an infatuation-worthy soundscape which stands as a testament to the talent of the NYC & HK-based artist and her collaborators.

Finding an artist who offers instrumental prowess, organic good vibes and ingenuity within the song structure doesn’t happen every day. Yet, Christina Li was able to pull each awe-inspiring element together and achieve an ethereally blissful radio-ready hit.

The dreamily melodic yet galvanizing feat of Pop sets Christina Li leagues apart from the other breaking talent we’ve heard this year with her vocals alone. There’s a Nina Simone-level of magnetism within the smoothly soulful versing while there’s a whole manner of up-vibe funk-driven alchemy on offer from the instrumentals. Expect everything from stunning sax solos to intricate piano melodies to transfixingly grooving basslines.

Truth is due for release on August 22nd, you’ll be able to check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Long Island native Alix Perti takes us on trippy journey on ‘Quarantea’

Alix Perti brings us an acoustic wonderland with the catchy indie rock journey of ‘Quarantea’.

Alix Perti is an alternative artist from Long Island New York. He is dedicated to bending genres and taking his audience on a trippy experience somewhere in the galaxy they’ve never been before. Originally producing hip hop beats, he was swept up by the psychedelic and punk rock scene. Alix has found a way to weaponize his passion, heartbreak and revolutionary attitude, into explosive tracks and storytelling. His promise is to always bring out pure music no matter what.

‘Quarantea’ from Alix Perti is a psychedelic journey that bends through different genres as promised. The sound is real and authentic that it filters through the feelings that we have now in the world. The NYC artist is splendid on this brand new single that is a radical gem that has sparked up in the sands to lead us to better times.

Stream here on Spotify to hear this gem.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


The Bronx emcee Whoodie is ready for business on ”Switch It Up”

Whoodie is a fiery female emcee from The Bronx in thriving New York City who tears it up with her terrific new track named ”Switch It Up”.

No time for lazy vibes, this is the story of an artist that is feeling that this could be her time. With punch-barreled beats that are slightly sizzled with an attitude of independence. She wants to know who is real and who is not. The time for guessing and the time for doubts are over.

Whoodie has been in love with the music since birth. She has early dreams of becoming a music producer and studied Audio Production at University. Working behind the scenes in the music industry really motivated Whoodie to break out of her shell and give being in the spot light a shot. This extra motivation is very clear to see.

With a full length album on the way and more videos, this is a hard-working emcee that is truly perfecting her craft. ”Switch It Up” is a flow-driven track with biting lyrics that speaks about that extra motivation. The beat suits Whoodie’s style and this is a top Hip Hop song that drives in with a slide and some smoke from the wheels. The Bronx is a proud home of this genre and Whoodie lives up to real rap legends legacies.

Streaming this on Spotify is a good idea.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


NYC 6 Piece Instrumental group Bombzr jazz our senses on ”Epic”

Bombzr are a 6 Piece Jazzy-soul Instrumental group from New York City who choose not to use vocals. They are back with their new song that is called ”Epic”.

Epic” is a journey of fun with our senses. The jazzy infusion is like having a fruity smoothie on a boiling hot summer’s day. Your body feels fresh and ready to take on anything. This NYC group take us back to the old school days on this one and I love the instrumental variety that is in Bombzr’s music arsenal.

Bombzr shine on ”Epic”. This is a tight group who somehow fuse Trumpets, Synths, Saxes, Talkbox, Keyboards, Guitar and Bass. These supremely talents musicians give us an epic performance with their funky soul style that is jazzy all the way through. The New York group give 2020 a happy smile with this new single.

Stream this new song right here on YouTube.

Head to Insta now to see more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


NY artist Zach Zafuto sings into our hearts with ”Break My Heart”

Orchard Park, New York is the home of singer-songwriter Zach Zafuto and he is back with his 2nd single ”Break My Heart”. This is a fabulous song that that propels the young artist up the ranks of musicians in his genre.

Zach Zafuto is a singer-songwriter from Buffalo in New York State. He began performing live around town at various restaurants and bars, singing cover songs. In 2019 he began working with producers and other songwriters releasing his first single “One Plus One” a few months ago.

The US singer is on top form for this one and he sings with such heart and passion. This is a Pop-R&B heartbreak track of epic proportions. Zach is so in love but ”Break My Heart” is about someone that clearly feeling the pain from being let down badly. You know that the time is done but you are powerless to do anything. The time for healing has begun.

Stream this new fresh track here on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


NYC Rockers Rebel Kicks boot out the dust on ”Way Out”

Indie-Rock New York City band Rebel Kicks boot down the door with new track ”Way Out’‘ The words and music are by Anthony Babino & Steven Babino. Produced by Jimmy Greco & Rebel Kicks, this is the song we have been waiting for in 2020.

With a groovy beat to get the song going you just know that this is going to be a quality track. This is all about saying goodbye to that deadbeat town that offers nothing. You are in the mood to move and start afresh to travel and find a way to do things better.

Way Out” from Rebel Kicks is about moving on and the rock-filled melodies get your ears happy and get that body surely jiving along here. The feeling of moving towns can be very freeing sometimes and it can do you the wonder of good. Why stay somewhere that makes you so unhappy?

This is a fine indie-rock track with blues influences that I quite fancy. This is a rocking new song from Rebel Kicks as they make 2020 a better place to be in.

Stream this brand new rock song with lots of dancing involved right here on Soundcloud.

Facebook is the page to find out more about this awesome act.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


NYC emcee Original Virtuoso rolls up with party vibes on ”U Know Da Vybz”

Original Virtuoso is a 23 year old indie rapper and songwriter from the tough streets of famous Brooklyn in New York City. He returns with the brand new track called ”U Know Da Vybz” which has just come in time for late summer 2020.

This young emcee has had a tough life and almost never become a full time rapper. After family and life took over for a bit, it was only when he dropped out of college he realized that music was his life and hasn’t let go since. You can feel the hunger and confidence to succeed in this new banger.

U Know Da Vybz” from Original Virtuoso is an impressive single that draws on his elegantly put together flow that puts us all in a good mood for summer. After a strange year so far this is exactly what was need to put everyone’s mind at ease.

Stream on this artists Soundcloud music page now to hear this new track.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen