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Maria Lane is back with a new release: “Crying In A CVS”

Maria Lane is an artist who developed a very personal and one-of-a-kind twist on her sound and lyrics. From the energy of indie-pop to the intimacy of acoustic music, Maria Lane is all about keeping an open mind and avoiding getting stuck in the usual categories and genre definitions.

“Crying In A CVS” is the title of Maria Lane’s recent studio work, and it serves as an excellent introduction to the sound and feel of the artist. On one hand, the song features a huge, vibrant tone with so many details and interesting sounds. On the other, this is a very instinctive, relatable piece of music that the audience is certainly going to connect with on a much more personal level, highlighting Maria Lane’s songwriting skills. This is highly recommended to fans of artists like Olivia Rodrigo, Francis Moon and Daughter, among others.

Find out more about Maria Lane, and listen to her recent release, “Crying In A CVS”, which is currently available on Spotify.

International Trap-Pop Queen Reigned Supreme in her A&R Factory Interview

With melodies as infectious as her autonomy-embracing attitude, we caught up with the Trap-Pop queen, Chantae Vetrice following the release of her piercing and polished hit, Wave Check, which affirms that she’s so far ahead of the curve it is scarcely in her rear-view mirror.

Chantae Vetrice, we’re stoked you took time out from your hectic international TrapPop lifestyle to dissect your distinctive sound. Can you tell us about your latest single, Wave Check?

Wave Check is all about riding your own wave! Doing what you do in the way that only you can do it! And sometimes we have other people that may try to ride that wave because it’s just too damn good! It’s all about feeling confident in yourself.

Coming up with a unique sound in an oversaturated industry is a massive achievement. How would you define your sound, and how did you form such an authentic signature sound?

This has been years and years of self-discovery within the music and just experimenting with different approaches that have come naturally to me over time. I would describe my sound as a bit gritty, with a lot of sex appeal and attitude. I’ve loved rock music all my life so, I try to incorporate that into my music as well. Whether it be by using a guitar in the beat production or with how I deliver my lyrics.

As the adage goes, image is everything, and you’ve got your striking look down to a T. Have you always been so aesthetically confident?

Looking back on my life, I have! I’ve always been confident enough to wear what I want even if it’s not trending, and when it comes to my hair, I’ve always pushed the envelope! Honestly, I get bored very easily, so I love being versatile…I hate looking like everyone else.

You have worked with some impressive names since making your debut; which figure has had the biggest impact on your career?

Thank you. I haven’t worked with this person, but they have been a total inspiration for me…Madonna. I’ve always admired how she can easily transform and evolve herself so genuinely. To me, she is the epitome of a pop icon.

Based on your streaming stats, plenty of people are resonating with your music. What do you hope people get from your music?

Life live, and have fun! This journey is short, and we are here to make an impact! Do what you love and be yourself…don’t be afraid to stand out.

Do you write your songs with a particular audience in mind?

I make music, especially for women…I’m a girl’s girl! So, to all my ladies out in the world…stay strong, be bold, and let them know you’re here to stay!

What is it like living between NYC and Montreal as an artist?

I feel like I have the best of both worlds right now because I can live in another country and get inspired by the locals. Montreal has such a dope creative scene, and I’m slowly navigating my way through it. It’s exciting. As a New Yorker, I love a good adventure and can live pretty much anywhere lol.

What are your next moves going to be in the industry?

Outside of consistently dropping heat, performing, and growing my fanbase…I am getting focused on my debut EP for 2023. It’s something that I think the people are ready for, and I’m up for the challenge of creating a story people can resonate with.

Listen to Chantae Vetrice’s latest single, Wave Check, on Spotify.

Follow her on Instagram and check out her website.

Interview by Amelia Vandergast

New Rock City shows us the vividly dreamt pictures from their mind on ‘Radio 85’

Delighting fans of this classic genre that have recently experienced a rebirth from the depths of the underground, New Rock City revitalize our ravenous-for-timeless-music-souls with a signature fiery performance on their latest single, ‘Radio 85‘.

New Rock City is a NYC-based alternative rock band who are always developing and love to keep us all wondering what they will come up with next.

Think Pretenders meet Joan Jett in the mid-80s/Billy Idol meets Patti Smith at CBGB’s.” ~ New Rock City

Flaming with a heat-filled missile that will stir up your mood and get you reaching for that leather jacket to soak onto your body, New Rock City spark up the streets with an incredible inventiveness that is beyond exciting in a mostly original-lacking current world.

Radio 85‘ from the electrifying NYC-based alternative rock band New Rock City is an absorbing track that has a raw intricate brilliance you can’t help but jump around with. They tantalize our lips with a majestic display that has an aura of rebel vitality wrapped in its pulsating existence, from an outfit who loves to do things their way.

With rasping riffs that seem to cause your heart to glow inside – and featuring ear-piercing vocals that are hard to forget – this is a new release with that punch-packed dynamite you needed to ignite that imagination again.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news on their IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Already Late shows us the little kid’s dreams on extraordinary visuals for, ‘Loser’

Reminding us that we can be rather remarkable if we take the leap and lead the way to what is actually right in life, Already Late brings the world a music video to be completely encouraged by on, ‘Loser‘.

Already Late is a Philadelphia and NYC-based genre-crossing and bilingual indie-alternative 3-piece band that makes a soundscape that is rather compelling and ever-evolving.

On top of a variety of guitars, catchy hooks (in both English and Japanese), funky bass lines and drum beats as energized as a riot at a punk rock show, they have managed to find spots in their set for electronics, as well as some ukulele.” ~ Already Late

Sliding through the school halls and opening that bag to what is possible if you ignore the pointless noise, Already Late are quite scintillating with a song that urges us to feel that natural magic inside our souls so that we can guide others to a happier world too.

Loser‘ from Philadelphia and NYC-based indie-alternative band Already Late is a track all about being reminded that your luck can certainly flip around if you meet that special person who can guide you into a new place of intrigue. Sung with a sensational style and with a video that will have you beaming with joy, this is the kinda different single that we have all been waiting for.

That star inside us is there to shine if we can only find the key to unearth all of its brilliance.

See this dance-packed music video on YouTube and find out more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Liberace of punk, Cinemartyr, are back in proggy Avant-Garde form in ‘No Legacy’

Baroque folk meets prog rock in the latest single, No Legacy, from the NYC-residing Avant-Garde outfit, Cinemartyr who have lasciviously been stealing the crown of the boldest aural architects since their original formation in 2008.

The doomy, heavy guitars follow the ultimate head-banging formula as the riffs keep on getting brought back slower for the aphrodisiacal angsty effect. While Irish folk nuances, from founding member, Shane Harrington’s geographical ghetto past, sporadically eke in through the pull of classical strings and the tonal shifts in Amber Moon’s vocal eccentricity. The era-hopping vocal lines are enough to put Kate Bush and Dua Lipa in the same league.

Keep them on your radar for the release of their forthcoming album, OPT OUT, which will be available to to stream and purchase from June 17th.

The official music video premiered on March 3rd; you can stream it for yourselves via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Taylor Clarke Bennett shows us the process on the catchy new release, ‘Love Where You’re From’

Reminding us to truly take in your local town but to keep your mindset away from the torturous trenches that can hide away your shine, Taylor Clarke Bennett is on top form with a gloriously honest new single that will have you singing loudly on, ‘Love Where You’re From‘.

Taylor Clarke Bennett is an NYC-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who performs with a fresh voice that seems to ease the pain of modern life away.

After studying music at the Poly Prep high school and attending the School of Rock in Manhattan, Taylor went on to study at the Berklee College of Music in Boston.” ~ Taylor Clarke Bennett

Lathering our intrigued ears with a terrific vocal performance, Taylor Clarke Bennett represents his city in the best way possible and breathes new life into a time that has witnessed so much despair and evil. He sings with a kind heart and skills aplenty, to brighten up the mood of a planet that needs so much love and harmony. With stories about seeing smart souls turn upside down due to the seductions that can break you down, this is an important message of staying self-aware and keeping your eyes on the long-term vision.

He has since sharpened his singer-songwriter skills and currently studies voice under ’90s vocal Pop sensation, Samantha Cole.” ~ Taylor Clarke Bennett

Love Where You’re From‘ from NYC-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Taylor Clarke Bennett, is a tremendous effort from a young artist who is surely on the road to greatness. His vocals are polished and pure, the lyrics dynamic and the energy real, as he shows us the right way to blaze the troubles away as we all work on ourselves and stay accountable through the process. Life is about learning and growing, not moaning and blaming others after all.

Listen to his new single on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bennett dreams about the next time that their lips are touching with, ‘Waiting’

On a sexy track that sends you ideas on that special night you have been waiting for, Bennett can’t stop being in a dreamy mood all about that extraordinary crush who has him ‘Waiting‘ for more love.

Bennett is a dual NYC/Connecticut, USA pop/RnB solo singer-songwriter who eloquently assembles that late-night spark-lit music that has you in a romantic mood.

Waiting is a classic love song about a sexual encounter; Now you’re waiting till the next time till it happens again.” ~ Bennett

Drifting in with a superb single that will have you beaming and perhaps even blushing slightly, Bennett is in his element with a glorious effort that might have you in a nostalgic mindset to spend a special evening with someone who takes your body and mind into another galaxy.

Waiting‘ from NYC/Connecticut, USA pop/RnB solo artist Bennett is a sizzling single that sends signals of romance into your whole heart that is absolutely unforgettable from start to finish. There is much to savour here from a vocalist who has your ears wide awake, who is on top form with a remarkable single that will have you calling that special soul to link up again.

When you feel that connection, you always want to have a second time to make sure that it is indeed real.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and see more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spotlight Feature: Psych Soul Food is Back on the Menu with Denim Dan’s Return to the Airwaves

The NYC psychedelically blessed folk-pop-rock powerhouse, Denim Dan, serenaded us with their seminal spacey album, No Guarantee, ahead of the release of their upcoming album, 3AM.

Each of the singles on the 2020 album, No Guarantee, provides the opportunity to shift the ennui and existentialism out of your worldview. To complement the psychedelic tones, the enlightened lyricism that was penned to hit the evocative spot by uplifting just as much as the transcending instrumental timbres.

After forming in the 90s, Denim Dan’s fusion of 60s pop and 70s rock has remained just as sweet in the 21st century. Instead of modernising their sound that carries reminiscences to The Beatles, Steely Dan, Bowie and Tom Petty, they’ve stayed true to cathartically resonant form.

Along with the release of their upcoming album, the nostalgia-inducing outfit are also set to release their tribute to Bob Dylan to coincide with the opening of the Bob Dylan Museum in Tulsa, OK. They are well worth a spot on your radar.

Denim Dan’s 2020 album, No Guarantee, is available to stream in full via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

You Do What You Want: NYC rapper Mazzarati sounds in his prime as he pops the ‘Champagne’

After bagging the treasure for himself on ‘222‘ from August 2021, Mazzarati takes a long sip of the good life and vows to live like this forever on ‘Champagne‘.

Johnny Mazzarati aka Mazzarati is a bold New York City-based indie hip-hop artist who is also a massive sports fan and raps with an edge that sets him apart from the rest of the new school artists around.

Taken off his latest 9-track ‘Main Event‘ album, this might be the best track of them all. Mazzarati takes on a high-rise journey that is all 5-star, as he sounds in the mood to relax after a wild year building up all those paper stacks so that he may live a much better life.

Champagne‘ from the risk-taking NYC rapper Mazzarati, is a bass-bouncing new single that has you sipping on the good stuff. This is all about feeling good and hanging around others who totally get what you are about. There is much to enjoy here from a young artist who is on the rise up – as he shows us how to act – when the pretty ladies come looking for someone fresh to dance with.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ringing It Up: NYC drummer George Sarpola sends respect to the greatest wrestler of all-time with ‘Ric Flair’

Solo Drums and Electronics by George Sarpola

Taken off his October 2021 released 10-track album called ‘Solo Drums and Electronics‘, George Sarpola gets his tights on and slams down any opponent with his latest single called ‘Ric Flair‘.

George Sarpola aka George Lewis-Sarpola, is a New York City-based indie rock drummer and music composer, who is currently a member of well-respected local NYC bands Kaptive and Bother.

He is a fan of coffee, vintage drum machines and synthesizers.” ~ George Sarpola

The drumming is up there with the best here and he swarms speedily through with tremendous velocity for the ears to get enthused – as he brings life into a track that has a well-known name – to keep us entertained just like he has for many a year.

Ric Flair‘ from the vibrant New York City-based indie rock drummer and composer George Sarpola, is a top notch instrumental effort that has lots of famous sayings from a true performer who always has something fiery to say. Made with an ode to a legend, this is a fun track to play just before you are about to watch another night of wrestling. Showing us his incredible skills, this is a memorable effort from a fine creative with bags of potential.

Hear this fresh new single on Bandcamp and see more news of future releases on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen