Back When: Monica Whitlock misses that sweet romance on JACK+ROSE

Helping us all to release and decompress from this traumatic world, Monica Whitlock never wanted to be rescued as she intensely feels that tragic ending that has her heart rather sad on the spellbindingly brilliant JACK+ROSE.

Monica Whitlock is a 25-year-old Boston, USA-based queer, black, autistic singer-songwriter who makes music that is deep in meaning and true in substance.

Her music focuses on finding and using her voice to express her experiences with healing from mental health challenges, racism and the impact of rape culture.” ~ Monica Whitlock

Wishing that her body could swim farther out into those chilly waters, to be together again, Monica Whitlock sends us one of the most memorable songs so far this year. There is a vocal excellence on offer which might stretch your spine back into place, into that about-to-catch-you moment all the way to the ending.

JACK+ROSE from Boston, USA-based indie alternative singer-songwriter Monica Whitlock is a Titanic-fueled single made of the highest quality. That I-will-follow-you to that twin bed that always felt so special aura is such a treasure to hear warmly remembered into that moment when it all froze up. Too quickly. Everything changed. Forever.

Sometimes the ending isn’t what you wanted.

Listen up on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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