KIMMERLY shows us sweetly inside her beautiful disaster with exceptional debut, ‘Waterlily’

After taking a hugely fearless leap and moving from the safe confines of her hometown, KIMMERLY shows us the truth in a world that is often trying to deflect what actually makes you unique on her debut single, ‘Waterlily‘.

KIMMERLY  is a Southwest Florida-based indie singer-songwriter, guitarist, music producer and violinist who was inspired to take up music when she was in the sixth grade at middle school while in the orchestra.

I sing about being a beautiful disaster and a train wreck. I sing about how one can put together, when in reality we’re all like works of Impressionism.” ~ KIMMERLY

Showing us the authentic soul inside her inventive veins that cares about the earth and loves wholeheartedly like we all should, the classically trained KIMMERLY displays poise and love that is so rare in this instant gratification world that needs to rethink that mentality rather quickly. Here is a genuine artist who sings with such reflection in her own life, hoping that she can find a fellow mess to be happy together with.

While I am sometimes an artist, and sometimes a poet, I am above all a musician.” ~ KIMMERLY 

Waterlily‘ from Southwest Florida-based indie singer-songwriter/guitarist, music producer and violinist KIMMERLY  is an incredible first single from a truly astonishing creative who has made something rather special here. She takes her time and draws us the sketch of her picture that is filled with honestly, as we melt inside her gorgeously elegant vocals that will take you into a faraway place of ponder.

Made with a really classy style that hasn’t been rushed unnecessarily, this is the start of something rather remarkable.

Hear this graceful soul shine so brightly on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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