Back to Yours feels the nightmares seeping all over the walls on, ‘Monster’

After recently discovering that she was actually a demon in disguise that almost broke their soul in half to be buried forever, Back to Yours struggles to close those scared eyes for a proper sleep on, ‘Monster‘.

Back to Yours is a Georgetown University-born 5-piece indie alt-pop/rock band who were formed by friends who have grown into a tight team from years of performing together.

What began with Beatles covers and backyard parties has continued to evolve, as the band continues to write and perform in major cities up-and-down the east coast.” ~ Back to Yours

With a highly energetic soundscape that has your ears alert and your heart beating rather frantically, Back to Yours might be your new favourite band to play loud when you feel like listening to something with real intent, that isn’t too intense for those fragile eardrums.

Grappling with themes of confusion, isolation, and the directionless feeling of entering adulthood in a constantly changing world.” ~ Back to Yours

Monster‘ from Washington, DC-based 5-piece indie alt-pop/rock act Back to Yours shows us a picture that has shattered glass inside and could destroy everything you thought was possible before. Sung with a superb class and featuring a catchy beat that will have you dancing, this is the track that we needed to hear in 2022.

With candid lyrics that lead us into this spooky story, this is a romance that could have ripped the heart out without you even blinking twice.

Listen up to this fine track on Spotify and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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