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T.C. Young – Gravity: Discord for The Soul

Indie Singer Song Writer T.C. Young has just released his latest album ‘Rebels.’ This 7 track album is a conglobulation of poignantly fierce yet beautiful sounds from the instrumental cacophonies he creates through his sound. Each song is packed with its own brand of discord.

This Acoustic Indie Rap singer song writer has got his music production down to a fine art. He’s using his privilege to good use as the son of a diplomat based in Washington DC. Through his cultural enrichment he’s metamorphized his experience to create transient sound through the exploitation of chaos and crisp, clear veracious guitar riffs combined with truly unique vocal styling. There aren’t many in the business that would be able to hit the highs that T.C Young does.

The lyrics to Gravity, the stand out track on his new album allude to his meditations on love, loss and apathy. There’s a beautiful humility and humbleness to his raw indie-rock sound that’s simply a pleasure to behold. His charisma is infectious he combines his twee energy and enviable excitability to create his musical roots to create a truly intimate sound.

Check out his full album for free using the Spotify link below:


Mystery Friends Fuse Indie-Rock With Electronica On ‘The Lost Ones’

Breaking the barriers of conflicting genres, Mystery Friends fuses indie-rock with electronica. This congenial collaboration explores a variety of style which oscillates between the two, but unequivocally complements each other in new single “The Lost Ones”. A powerful portrayal of what it feels like to be ostracized from society. They explore the rebellious traits individuals endeavour, refusing to abide to rationality.

The mood throughout the has the tendency to become desolate, but instead an absent concept is portrayed, and we begin to understand the feeling of detachment. The tone of the track has an eerie feel, creating a spectral atmosphere in both the vocals and the rhythm. Abby on the vocals draws us into their hollow reality, expressing the distress of being an outsider. She explains, “We were the lost ones, a product of the fall They say we’re far from innocent, I guess it’s true, we’ve seen it”.

They combat against the rules they are supposed to follow, justifying themselves, “If we don’t do what we’re told it’s only because we have a title to uphold”. The empowering electric guitar chorus emphasises the earnest condition they find themselves in, the high and low percussion synthesizes a dramatic attitude.

-Aly Mchugh


A&R Factory Present: Eddy Faulkner

Eddy Faulkner is a 24 year old Pop Recording Artist from Arlington, Virginia. Eddy struck out on his own in 2010, posting solo music videos of his original music and covers of popular artists on YouTube, Facebook and other sites. He began gaining momentum and started building a fanbase globally online, and locally through live shows and performances. Before he knew it, his debut single “I Wont Give Up” was featured on the Huffington Post, topped national radio charts, garnered thousands of views across major outlets such as VEVO, Viacom.TV, and was also on major television programs such as ABC, TheCoolTV and WUSA.

Due to the songs overwhelming response, Eddy wanted to build off of it with releasing his Debut EP this year. He constructed six songs that are not just an eclectic mix, but really tell a story when brought together. When he was thinking of what title to give the EP, the word ‘Unbreakable’ immediately popped into his head. Eddy says, “I remember thinking of things that I’ve been through, especially since 2010 while chasing this dream, and just things that I’ve seen others go through as well. Unbreakable is a word that just really came to me first, and I immediately went with it. I think it is something we can all relate to in all kinds of ways, and all aspects of life.”

Eddy has a way of connecting with people through not just his music, but his personality. His strong belief in just being yourself has led to him building a loyal fanbase since starting in 2010. The future is bright for Eddy Faulkner, and he is now moving into the next phase of his career.