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She Got On That Plane Anyway: Jon Fritz misses her so much on ‘Forever in My Heart’

As he looks longingly at the magnificent stars and recalls that night watching the sunset together hand in hand, lips locked so tight, Jon Fritz knows that she will always be in his mind on ‘Forever in My Heart‘.

Jon Fritz is a Washington, DC-based indie rock/country singer-songwriter. He makes that music to dance, cry, laugh and love with, and performs with that reflective edge in all his creations.

Jon has played over 6,000 gigs here in the D.C. area. The genre of his originals spans everything from poignant ballads to rock and country.” ~ Jon Fritz

This is a well-sung track full of meaning and heart, as you ponder your life and wonder why they actually left after all. His trusty guitar guides him through this familiar tale of a heart that ran away when you thought you would live together – and be as one – while you look back and wish you had done so many things differently. The regret-filled air smokes out the ambiance, as you ponder your next step in this fickle world.

Forever in My Heart‘ from Washington, DC-based indie rock/country artist Jon Fritz, is the story of trying so hard to change so that you may be together with the person who makes you so happy. They left for a while but you hope that they will return, as your soul feels so empty and sad without them. Sung with such love and desire – this is a romantic song about that lost love – who you hope will return quickly, so you may join hands tightly again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m A Bad Girl: Xxngel Baby shows us she is truly ready for the ‘Party And Bullshit’

With a high-energy vibe that perfectly encapsulates real life as she sees it, Xxngel Baby pays homage to the late great, Christopher “Notorious B.I.G” Wallace, on her hot new track about not taking nonsense from anybody on ‘Party And Bullshit‘.

Xxngel Baby is a fiery female rapper, music producer and model from Seattle, Washington. She is a skilled emcee first and foremost, who brushes off any haters to the floor really quickly, as she flows furiously here with a busty beat added in to match her lofty ambitions.

Xxngel Baby has been steadily amassing a small fan base with her cutting bars and cool girl style. With just two music videos out, she is preparing to release a mixtape in early Fall.” ~ Xxngel Baby

With a straight up message of defiance to those who have doubted her path to emerging greatness – she teaches the roaming claw-heavy sisters some much-needed manners – on a highly impressive track from a motivated rapper, with lots to achieve still. Her skill set is easy to see and in much abundance, as she lays down lines which will have the competition surely shook with heartfelt admiration.

Party And Bullshit‘ from the sensational Seattle hip-hop artist and model Xxngel Baby, is a statement of intent from a supremely hungry rapper. She has decided to take charge and sounds on top form here with her thunderbolt delivery. With a skilled flow and a barrage of breathtaking bars which takes her onto her own stratosphere, this is a confident young lady on a mission to reach the top and do it her own way with style.

See this vibe-filled new music video on YouTube and check out the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Floats Away Into The Dawn: Talented young Pittsburgh musician Victoria Montgomery hears the calming voice of freedom with ‘Never Let Me Go’

After years of gaining confidence with open mics and taking the time to improve her songwriting skills, Victoria Montgomery flourishes brightly on her new single taken off 2021’s debut EP A Song For You‘, with the soulfully sweet ‘Never Let Me Go‘.

Victoria Montgomery is a Washington, Pennsylvania-born, Pittsburgh-based indie folk/pop singer-songwriter, and Washington and Jefferson College graduate in International studies. She sings with such a vividly innocent imagination, which shows us that it is still possible to float around freely chasing your dreams, if you so wish to do so in this often dark world.

Her smooth and tranquil voice opens up your mind to see within your own soul, as you are taken aback by such a relaxing artist, who has fought hard to overcome her own fears. She sings with a growing sense of belonging, with a pleasant soundscape that has your soul feeling content again.

Never Let Me Go‘ from the thoroughly enthralling Pittsburgh-based indie pop/folk Victoria Montgomery, shows us a emerging artist with a beautifully peacefully tone and a heartfelt lyrical ability, which shines through on this lovely new single. This is the story about finding that sweet love that sets you free and makes you so happy inside.

Closing your eyes and opening your heart is the only way to be truly happy, when you find that special soul.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more moves on her Facebook music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Playing With My Heart: LA-based Chris Benis feels incredible when he is ‘Behind The Bleachers’

With his mind on other things as he wishes school was finally over for the day, Chris Benis wants her to meet him ‘Behind The Bleachers’ so they can sneak away from the teachers.

Chris Benis is an exciting Issaquah, Washington-born, Los Angeles, California-based pianist/guitarist and indie singer-songwriter. He makes that soulful blend of catchy pop music that has you enthralled and wishing for those holidays again.

When he lost his grandfather to pancreatic cancer in August 2017, he vowed to deliver his dying wish: to share the family’s love of music with the world, and represent his heritage in popular culture.” – Chris Benis

His voice is a fun listen and you feel his vibrant enthusiasm on each note, his passion for making the audience happy is so evident. His riffs are so positive and full of authentic vibes only, as his vest for life pops open like a can of Pringles.

Behind The Bleachers‘ from the emerging Los Angeles, California-based indie pop musician Chris Benis, is the story of daydreaming about meeting that girl who you really care about and want to see all day. School is a drag and you aren’t sure if you are cut out for it, as you just feel like being with her and making music all day.

Hear this epic new single on Spotify and check out the IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Standing up for what is right: Rich Chambers rock and rolls his way into our hearts with the truthfully-aware ‘I’m So Tired’

Rich Chambers shows his growing displeasure with the current political climate in the USA, with his new single called ‘I’m So Tired‘.

A former band member and now a true solo indie-rock singer-songwriter, Rich Chambers makes that moving-the-soul kind of music, that gets you thinking and grooving at the same time.

”Inspired by, or should I say appalled by, the events I saw in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021, as an angry mob stormed Capitol Hill, I put together this video.”-Rich Chambers

With a rocking delivery that certainly gets his point across as the graphic video hits home hard, we are treated to a real pro that has seen the ups and downs of the music industry. He has such a strong voice with a driving guitar style that simmers into your heart and flows through to your whole body. He voice shows the frustration with what so many incompetent leaders have let grow for years and enough is enough.

I’m So Tired‘ from solo singer-songwriter Rich Chambers is an honest story about how this self-aware artist felt after witnessing the horrific events on Capitol Hill, as he felt the need to express himself to the world. With a passionate tone and gripping lyrics that tell you how it is, this is a welcome addition to a movement that is growing and growing each day. Finding solutions to solvable problems is the call and this is not much to ask.

When you are fed up, the best way is the express yourself through art and this is exactly what happened in this fine track. Even the most patient human has a line and this is it, right before us.

Hear this truthful song about life in the USA on YouTube and see his IG for more stories.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Diquan Julius shines so bright on ‘LaLa Land’

The soulful singer Diquan Julius brings us a melody and groove that is bound to make babies on ‘LaLa Land‘.

Diquan Julius is a DC-based soul-singer-songwriter who sings with such energy and love. With a love for all types of music, Diquan has ventured in both the R&B and Gospel industry where he became a billboard charting artist with his group UTK. No, he is fully solo and ready for more.

At the age of 3, Diquan started singing in every one of his church’s choirs except the senior choir but always felt that his mother forced him to sing on Sundays. Eventually, he became a lover of music as well as gained confidence in his voice
which has landed him great opportunities such as performing the National Anthem at the Washington Wizards basketball game and singing background for the legendary Eric Benet. Thank you for Mom for giving him the motivation needed to burst on the scene.

My only wish is that this song could of been a big longer. Perhaps that is the point? This DC singer shines like a bright sky after a huge rainstorm. Diquan Julius speaks of love on ‘LaLa Land‘. He washes our souls with a top performance here that is all about that feeling you get inside sometimes. That love feel that no one else can feel for you. This is a talented musician that is building up his name after each release.

Click here to hear this brand new song on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stone Driver’s ”Long Way Down” is a psychedelic message about the world

Stone Driver is a critically acclaimed groovy rock band from Washington in DC. The band fuses a wise blend of tasty grunge, blues rock, progressive, and psychedelic influences. The band is currently finishing its highly anticipated fourth full-length album “Mannequins” and have partnered with former LA Guns front-man Scott Foster Harris on vocals. Adding Grammy award winner John Seymour’s production wizardry on ”Long Way” was also a smart move.

This music video was directed and edited by Chad Lesch and Stone Driver Studios. It’s a fun ride and the video is very cleverly made to show us the new way of doing things and the bad things about it too with electronics. The video changes half way and features a snake and a squirrel to keep things interesting.

Stone Driver’sLong Way Down” is a fun song that creates lots of exciting visuals to keep you hooked time and again. This is a band like no other and for that they must be acclaimed.

Stream this new track right here on the YouTube music channel to see more.

Facebook is the place to find out about new music and live shows.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Julian Wild calms the world down and reminds us that ”Life’s Too Good to Waste”

The Brightroom Sessions, Vol. II by Julian Wild

Julian Wild is a soulful indie singer-songwriter from Washington, DC in the USA. I am so inspired by his music and am in such an thoughtful mood while writing this article about his new song. Julian’s voice is so pure and the guitar skills are absolutely magnificent. This is kind of music that is so rare these days.

Life’s Too Good To Waste” is taken from The Brightroom Sessions, Vol. II, released on the 1st May 2020. I feel like I’m sitting on a comfy beanbag at an intimate music festival listening to Julian. His voice is so authentic and his music so chilled with a raspy tone that sticks in your head. This song is all about being grateful and optimistic about life no matter what is going on.

Julian Wild sings about peace and love. This is the kind of music that is needed right now in a world full of hatred and division. He is the kind of musician that our youngsters need to hear so they know that there in a light at the end of the tumultuous tunnel.

To hear this very soothing song that I recommend for yoga and/or meditation go through to Bandcamp.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

LUV Cleo releases Good Night (prod. Guala Beatz x Paragon)

Hip-Hop and Rap combine together for single ‘Good Night’ by Rapper LUV Cleo, keeping that upbeat rhythm flowing through.

Intertwining that rather electronic style melody with the distorted voices and eerie high-pitched beats that combine with the in your face beat that pulses in and out of the overall track, keeping that full-on pure energy throughout each second.

With this one the pace is kept at a fairly slow one for a Rap, even though sometimes it does tend to speed up the overall flow is slowed down, you can hear every word clearly even though the beat does tend to drown out the actual vocals. The Rap itself is perfectly timed with everything else, it’s all kept at the right pitch and the way it all collides with each other is what makes this piece stand out,

If Rap is your thing then be sure to listen to Good Night, it’s got an insane beat that you won’t want to miss!

Listen to LUV Cleo Good Night by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall

T.C. Young – Gravity: Discord for The Soul

Indie Singer Song Writer T.C. Young has just released his latest album ‘Rebels.’ This 7 track album is a conglobulation of poignantly fierce yet beautiful sounds from the instrumental cacophonies he creates through his sound. Each song is packed with its own brand of discord.

This Acoustic Indie Rap singer song writer has got his music production down to a fine art. He’s using his privilege to good use as the son of a diplomat based in Washington DC. Through his cultural enrichment he’s metamorphized his experience to create transient sound through the exploitation of chaos and crisp, clear veracious guitar riffs combined with truly unique vocal styling. There aren’t many in the business that would be able to hit the highs that T.C Young does.

The lyrics to Gravity, the stand out track on his new album allude to his meditations on love, loss and apathy. There’s a beautiful humility and humbleness to his raw indie-rock sound that’s simply a pleasure to behold. His charisma is infectious he combines his twee energy and enviable excitability to create his musical roots to create a truly intimate sound.

Check out his full album for free using the Spotify link below: