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Stay Away: Brice Robell urges caution with those tempting City Lights

With twists and turns which show us deep inside the mass-produced enticements which can soil even the cleanest, Brice Robell rockets an honest story to actually believe due to its well-constructed aura inside City Lights.

Brice Robell is a Seattle, Washington-based indie RnB/soul artist who loves to swim upstream when others choose to stand still or follow the normal path.

Blessing our senses awake with an insightful interview recently which you may read here, Brice Robell is in peak form and has constructed something hugely imaginative. There is a story for the ages on offer which certainly will relate to millions.

City Lights from Seattle, Washington-based indie RnB/soul artist Brice Robell is a rather spectacular song for all the right reasons. There is honesty in droves on offer. We are treated to a delightfully striking soundtrack from a wise figure who has reminded us to be careful out there.

With so many lurking shadows waiting to take a bite of whatever they want, advice like this should be surely valued.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Seattle psychotropic duo Thee Simulation drops weighty new single TRAIL OF DEAD KINGS


Experimenting with diverse dark atmospheric compositions and digging through those powerfully constructed canyon walls, Thee Simulation has led us into the ominously described TRAIL OF DEAD KINGS which might put startled bones into a shiver-layered fantasy to terrify the living daylights out of most humans.

Thee Simulation is a Seattle, Washington-based duo that creates psychotropic musically inspired exorcisms with Colin Dawson and producer/engineer Paul Walsh navigating the choppy waters of potential doom.

Soaking blood-drenched desiccated limbs into tunnels many would rather avoid without a second of thought, Thee Simulation has gruesomely eaten a hole into innocent hearts. Previous calmness has been radiated out of place with some aplomb on this haunting creation made for only the brave.

TRAIL OF DEAD KINGS from Seattle’s Thee Simulation is a totally back-spasm-like experience which has put the universe on notice. If you love to be frightened and like to find out where demons live, this is for you.

Tortured to the core and bursting through with a magnetic appeal, Thee Simulation peels back the dusty curtains and has made a modern-day evocative classic to consume greedily.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never Settle: I-am-us sees no reason to stop on WHEELS FALL OFF

Sliding onto that beast mode and delivering his zero tolerance for anything getting in the way of success, I-am-us shows us the grit needed to keep the money flowing no matter what on WHEELS FALL OFF.

I-am-us is a Seattle, Washington-based indie singer-songwriter who loves to push the boundaries on what is actually possible in life despite the odds stacked against him.

With a grind-now mentality like none other witnessed so far this year, I-am-us shows the kids what is required in this fast-changing world. Sung and rapped with real insight and demonstrating a rather smart mindset, we find a release made to open up the eyes of those who have lost their edge.

WHEELS FALL OFF from the vibrant Seattle, Washington-based indie singer-songwriter I-am-us is a hustle song for the ages and doesn’t hide away from that fact. Replenished with a thoughtful melody and packed with so much to be inspired by, this is an anthem for anyone who knows that grind world all too well.

When you’re in form and looking upwards, the future shall always look bright.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Living In This Hell: Visit wanders through the lonely desert on Born Sick and Commanded Well

Sung with so much depth and ultimate meaning, Visit performs with soul-striking passion and desire which will transport many minds into a whole new world of thought on Born Sick and Commanded Well.

Visit aka Tyler Burba is a Vancouver, Washington-born indie alt-country/rock singer-songwriter and teacher who grew up singing at gospel competitions.

Burba continued his studies at European Graduate School, where he is completing his doctoral work on visual ecstasy and synesthesia. He received a Master’s degree at EGS after completing a Master’s thesis on ecstatic listening, which was later published by Atropos Press as “On Becoming Music: Between Boredom and Ecstasy” (with a piece by Peter Price). He received a second master’s degree in Ethnomusicology from Hunter College in 2018.” ~ Tyler Burba

Falling ill and bravely crossing that river no matter what, Visit has returned our ears to a previous time so we may remember the struggle of preceding generations.

Born Sick and Commanded Well from Vancouver, Washington-based indie alt-country/rock singer-songwriter Visit is a profoundly reflective soundtrack to crawling away from the town with no hope. Lathered in so much quality and featuring lyrics which shall widen the mind, we find a cinematic release to soak many memories inside.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Time To Leave: Jon Fritz escapes the living hell on Wishing Well

Flowing down the mountain stream with so much glory, Jon Fritz tries to find the light and shows us deep inside those emotions which can change the course of a life on Wishing Well.

Jon Fritz is an experienced Washington, DC-based indie rock/country singer-songwriter who returns after impressing on August 2021’s Forever in My Heart.

Jon has played over 6,000 gigs here in the D.C. area. The genre of his originals spans everything from poignant ballads to rock and country.” ~ Jon Fritz

Delighting the airwaves with so much to learn from, Jon Fritz returns with much vigor and shall shake our cores alive again with her signature vocal technique.

Wishing Well from experienced indie Washington, DC-based singer-songwriter Jon Fritz is a dynamic track which should bellow out from sound systems all over the planet. Stacked with that delightfully edgy style that shall enrich all ears who hear this top song, this is a fine effort made with so much world class ability.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Initial V takes on a dreamy voyage within the Mint Chocolate

Taken from his latest 7-track album called Palace of the Wild Heart, Initial V has just dropped a single so tasty it shall surely melt all over our hungry souls on the cloud-flying new single Mint Chocolate.

Initial V aka Christopher van Deutekom is a Washington, DC-based indie alternative singer-songwriter who is loving the solo world freedom and is only flourishing with inventive supremacy on all his releases.

After a decade of playing in local punk and hardcore bands in St. Louis, MO, V relocated to DC and pivoted to self-production in the vein of alternative pop and R&B similar to the likes of Steve Lacy and Blood Orange.” ~ Initial V

Showing much innovative evolution which shall set free many hearts, Initial V is one of those likeable artists you just want to play loud and place on repeat all day. Everything is so natural. Mellow and insightful to the core, we are transported into a hazy track with so much to feel enlightened by.

Mint Chocolate from Washington, DC-based indie alternative singer-songwriter Initial V is a bone-rattling single which will put many into a much better place than before. Drenched in mellow energies which might calm many anxious hearts, we find a delicious single to unwrap and devour with glee.

Hear this fine track on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Superb Tribute: Morris Northcutt shows much respect to the late great Chet Baker on Here’s That Rainy Day

With a terrific song that shows so much love and appreciation for the sadly departed American jazz trumpeter and vocalist Chet Baker, Morris Northcutt has dropped a fine release that will get your foot tapping all day on Here’s That Rainy Day.

Morris Northcutt is an award-winning instrumental jazz trumpet and cornet player who has performed all over the world and was born in Lakewood, Washington.

The son of a Korean immigrant, he brings a global perspective to his music, which ranges from classical and Latin American music to his latest project, a beautiful tribute the great Chet Baker.” ~ Morris Northcutt giving us further insight into his inspiration to this incredible project

Bringing us so much joy with an intricate sound that has clearly been made with love, Morris Northcutt is a classy musician who shows us his worldly view with an instrumental song for the ages.

Here’s That Rainy Day from Lakewood, Washington-born instrumental jazz trumpet and cornet player Morris Northcutt is a rather special effort that shall instill a sense of calmness that has been lacking from our busy world. Packed with a rare skill that can’t be explained unless you listen on full volume, this is a rather excellent release that will surely make you smile.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more via his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bury Me: Tim Mechling feels those spooky eyes watching in the darkness on Death Rattle/Shadows Eat The Sun

With a hugely ominous start that will find you fiddling with your headphones rather nervously, Tim Mechling has dropped a fascinating song that might scare the skin off your body on Death Rattle/Shadows Eat The Sun.

Tim Mechling is a Mount Vernon, Washington-born indie psychedelic rock artist who used to perform the trombone in college.

He generally works alone, but sometimes brings in other musicians to lend a hand on specific tracks. He was Courtney Marie Andrews’s touring and session keyboardist, a collaborator with Dillon Warnek, and has been playing shows in the Pacific Northwest with his fledgling band, The Vandal Hands of Man.” ~ Tim Mechling giving us valuable insight into his music career

Feeling those fingers getting cut up with much intent, Tim Mechling returns in style with underrated brilliance with a single to remember for its wild, creative juice that might quench your thirst rather quickly. There is much to ponder within a song with limited vocals, but plenty to claw into as we unwrap this mysterious message.

Death Rattle/Shadows Eat The Sun from Mount Vernon, Washington-born indie psychedelic rock artist Tim Mechling is a rather excellent release that might rattle your bones when you’re fast asleep tonight. Stuffed with intrigue and filled with a cinematic soundtrack to our lost generation who have been distracted beyond belief, you might feel this single buzzing in your soul all night.

Hear this powerful song on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Al STRONG is quite superb on the jazz delight Old Town Diera (feat. Braxton Cook)

On a remarkably wonderful foot-tapping song that will put you in the best of moods, Al STRONG shows us deep inside a timeless place which will cause shivers of joy to form naturally all over your body with Old Town Diera (feat. Braxton Cook).

Al STRONG is a Washington, DC-native and 2x Grammy-nominated trumpet player, composer, recording artist, and educator, who is revered globally as one of the best in the game.

Known for his creative ability to seamlessly re-imagine existing works like Thelonious Monk’s “Blue Monk” and the classic “My Favorite Things,” Strong aims to challenge the boundaries of music while connecting with his audiences.” ~ Al STRONG giving us deeper insight into his vision and incredible creativity

Simply exquisite at each turn, Al STRONG and Braxton Cook join forces rather sweetly on this heart-healing song that feels like it has been sent from another time altogether. Rich in layers of goodness to hold on securely with, as our fragile souls warm and our smiles widen after so much frown-inducing suffocating pain from the preceding two years on earth.

Old Town Diera from the multi-talented Washington, DC-native Al STRONG is a jazz anthem that has everything you could want in an instrumental soundtrack for modern times. Reminding us what quality music sounds like, as he drenches our thirsty speakers, to soothe all worries away.

Packed with quality throughout and showing the youth what classic music sounds like, this is something so calming your pulse will give you a huge embrace.

Turn up the volume on Spotify and delve deeper inside on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chekmayte knows that excellence is flowing through his veins on Flexx

Knowing that no one can come close (even in their dreams) to his fiery cypher-like steam with intent, Chekmayte urges others to turn up that AC as he is on a mission to stay fresh forever on Flexx.

Chekmayte is a Washington, DC-based indie hip hop artist who seems to shred mics to their core as he transforms our thoughts deeply into his story.

Got off to fast start in the game, but got caught up in life. Bounced around from state to state and now my aim is to give you my story uncut.” ~ Chekmayte

Winning at the game, many play but cannot completely comprehend at all until they are six feet under, Chekmayte has seemingly risen back to prominence despite the odds being stacked heavily against him. Showing us that anything is possible in this selfish world if we can only believe in our talents, this is a hugely memorable rap explosion from an old school soul.

Flexx from Washington, DC-based indie hip hop artist Chekmayte is a top-notch display from an underground rapper who has bided his time. After sorting out family issues and keeping on the down low commercially, it feels like we have a new lyrical master to crown. With a rap style that urges us to listen closer inside his raw delivery, this is a wake up call to the streets. A new King is coming.

Check out this fine video on YouTube and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen