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Angel In Disguise: Fiery indie rapper Burniscous drops rampaging six-track album ‘Look and See’

After impressing us all with his seven-track effort ‘No Proper Domain‘ from 2020, Burniscous sounds even better than before with his new six-track effort that will force you to turn up the volume on the truth-finding mission named ‘Look and See‘.

Burniscous is an soulful indie rapper/singer with a terrific flow which smashes through the dusty mic and takes it all the way to the max of every verse. He makes that swashbuckling type of music that is a real pleasure to embrace, as he makes sure that each second truly counts.

Burniscous is an artist that has fallen from grace. He now has fully embraced the full power of rage conveyed through his music with a sprinkle of fantasy and a sense of purpose.” ~ Burniscous

The highlights from this six-track effort are definitely ‘No2‘, ‘Monster‘, and the head-banging Kanye West-type gem ‘The Years Almost Over‘, as he sounds in rather inspired form on all three. His passionate vocals lift the roof off its hinges, as his smartly-penned lyrics has you thinking rather deeply about your own journey of life.

With an encouraging vocal ability that is raw and has your heart beating so quickly as you feel his pain with this wild world full of unnecessary obstacles- you feel like you are witnessing someone who is only just getting started – on his world-conquering journey to that all-important self-enlightenment.

Look and See‘ from the ferociously talented indie rapper/singer Burniscous, is a terrific album which is full of wondrous creativity from a hugely promising artist on the rise. He turns up the heat of summer with an array of soundscapes that shows us his array of differing talents, which thunders through the shaking speakers like a bright spark we all needed.

2021 has been troubled in many ways, but this is a sparkling album with so much soul, grit, and desire to help us get through these cloudy days of global trauma and shocking unrest.

Hear this new album on Spotify and see more visuals on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Finding your purpose with OneSixTwo’s Monster Ft. Tommy B

Monster” from OneSixTwo is one for the books from the Medocino County artist in sunny California.

OneSixTwo takes us inside his journey of being the underdog that has dealt with the undertones that all plague us at some point. The negative energy that can be all around us. I feel like a lot of artists are envious of his talent and this affected him. Not anymore. This is a fiery effort with passion.

This is a quality single from the rising talent from Medocino artist who sings his heart out while also featuring the excellent Tommy B. These two join forces like a perfectly cooked Sunday roast and it heats up during the ice cold beat to emanate the right temperature.

2020 has just landed the ultimate soundtrack. It has been a year stained by so many tragedies.

This fine song from the talented OneSixTwo as he slides into the place he belongs. After being the underdog due to egos and pettiness for too long, it feels like this is his best effort yet. He knows what his purpose is now and that’s to make more top shelf music for the weary souls out there.

Stream this fab new track right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen