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Time To Leave: Jon Fritz escapes the living hell on Wishing Well

Flowing down the mountain stream with so much glory, Jon Fritz tries to find the light and shows us deep inside those emotions which can change the course of a life on Wishing Well.

Jon Fritz is an experienced Washington, DC-based indie rock/country singer-songwriter who returns after impressing on August 2021’s Forever in My Heart.

Jon has played over 6,000 gigs here in the D.C. area. The genre of his originals spans everything from poignant ballads to rock and country.” ~ Jon Fritz

Delighting the airwaves with so much to learn from, Jon Fritz returns with much vigor and shall shake our cores alive again with her signature vocal technique.

Wishing Well from experienced indie Washington, DC-based singer-songwriter Jon Fritz is a dynamic track which should bellow out from sound systems all over the planet. Stacked with that delightfully edgy style that shall enrich all ears who hear this top song, this is a fine effort made with so much world class ability.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Initial V takes on a dreamy voyage within the Mint Chocolate

Taken from his latest 7-track album called Palace of the Wild Heart, Initial V has just dropped a single so tasty it shall surely melt all over our hungry souls on the cloud-flying new single Mint Chocolate.

Initial V aka Christopher van Deutekom is a Washington, DC-based indie alternative singer-songwriter who is loving the solo world freedom and is only flourishing with inventive supremacy on all his releases.

After a decade of playing in local punk and hardcore bands in St. Louis, MO, V relocated to DC and pivoted to self-production in the vein of alternative pop and R&B similar to the likes of Steve Lacy and Blood Orange.” ~ Initial V

Showing much innovative evolution which shall set free many hearts, Initial V is one of those likeable artists you just want to play loud and place on repeat all day. Everything is so natural. Mellow and insightful to the core, we are transported into a hazy track with so much to feel enlightened by.

Mint Chocolate from Washington, DC-based indie alternative singer-songwriter Initial V is a bone-rattling single which will put many into a much better place than before. Drenched in mellow energies which might calm many anxious hearts, we find a delicious single to unwrap and devour with glee.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

DC’s 90s indie rock renegades, Spunk Davies, delivered a fuzzed-up blast from the past with ‘High Tide’

Almost 30 years after their inception, the Washington D.C.-transpiring fuzzed-up rock n roll renegades, Spunk Davies, are launching their album, Your Turn to Scheme: Best of Spunk Davies 1993-97. Comprising of freshly mastered hits and material that has never before hit streaming platforms.

The seminal scuzzy indie rock meets garage rock track, High Tide, is the perfect introduction to their relic of a release that swarms with mid-alt-90s nostalgia and stays true to their dive bar-esque brand of hard, fast, and loud indie that has filled iconic venues, such as the 9:30 and the Black Cat in DC.

Their sound is one that countless bands are keen to derivatively assimilate, but notably, there’s nothing like the real deafening deal that Spunk Davies assertedly delivered in the infectious energy of High Tide. If you remembered them from the 90s, prepare to fall back in love with their erratic riff-gasmic frenetic edge. If, like me, Spunk Davies are new to your ears, set your expectation for one of the most authentic indie acts you’ve heard in the last decade.

The official music video for High Tide premiered on October 15th. Catch it on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Al STRONG is quite superb on the jazz delight Old Town Diera (feat. Braxton Cook)

On a remarkably wonderful foot-tapping song that will put you in the best of moods, Al STRONG shows us deep inside a timeless place which will cause shivers of joy to form naturally all over your body with Old Town Diera (feat. Braxton Cook).

Al STRONG is a Washington, DC-native and 2x Grammy-nominated trumpet player, composer, recording artist, and educator, who is revered globally as one of the best in the game.

Known for his creative ability to seamlessly re-imagine existing works like Thelonious Monk’s “Blue Monk” and the classic “My Favorite Things,” Strong aims to challenge the boundaries of music while connecting with his audiences.” ~ Al STRONG giving us deeper insight into his vision and incredible creativity

Simply exquisite at each turn, Al STRONG and Braxton Cook join forces rather sweetly on this heart-healing song that feels like it has been sent from another time altogether. Rich in layers of goodness to hold on securely with, as our fragile souls warm and our smiles widen after so much frown-inducing suffocating pain from the preceding two years on earth.

Old Town Diera from the multi-talented Washington, DC-native Al STRONG is a jazz anthem that has everything you could want in an instrumental soundtrack for modern times. Reminding us what quality music sounds like, as he drenches our thirsty speakers, to soothe all worries away.

Packed with quality throughout and showing the youth what classic music sounds like, this is something so calming your pulse will give you a huge embrace.

Turn up the volume on Spotify and delve deeper inside on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chekmayte knows that excellence is flowing through his veins on Flexx

Knowing that no one can come close (even in their dreams) to his fiery cypher-like steam with intent, Chekmayte urges others to turn up that AC as he is on a mission to stay fresh forever on Flexx.

Chekmayte is a Washington, DC-based indie hip hop artist who seems to shred mics to their core as he transforms our thoughts deeply into his story.

Got off to fast start in the game, but got caught up in life. Bounced around from state to state and now my aim is to give you my story uncut.” ~ Chekmayte

Winning at the game, many play but cannot completely comprehend at all until they are six feet under, Chekmayte has seemingly risen back to prominence despite the odds being stacked heavily against him. Showing us that anything is possible in this selfish world if we can only believe in our talents, this is a hugely memorable rap explosion from an old school soul.

Flexx from Washington, DC-based indie hip hop artist Chekmayte is a top-notch display from an underground rapper who has bided his time. After sorting out family issues and keeping on the down low commercially, it feels like we have a new lyrical master to crown. With a rap style that urges us to listen closer inside his raw delivery, this is a wake up call to the streets. A new King is coming.

Check out this fine video on YouTube and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jon Fritz hopes that their love has wings to fly on ‘Somewhere In Her Eyes’

Assisted by Ajawamnet Studios, Jon Fritz shows us that true love that is flying high above if the two souls will reach up and grab it before all is lost forever on ‘Somewhere In Her Eyes‘.

Jon Fritz is a Washington, DC-based indie rock/country singer-songwriter who has performed over 6000 gigs during his long career.

Taking us on a flight-filled journey upwards to this love-soaked and dreamy story to admire, Jon Fritz shows us why he is one of the most genuine singer-songwriters in the world. There is a delightful melody on offer for true music fans to enjoy heartily, as we are swept up into a romantic bundle of joy.

Somewhere In Her Eyes‘ from Washington, DC-based indie rock/country singer-songwriter Jon Fritz is one of those memorable tracks that you can’t get out of your head quickly. With a gritty vocal output and a melody that might have your hair standing up to attention, this is a song with a greater meaning than most.

When you know what you desire, the trip to get there is always worth the adventure, no matter the outcome.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

DC rapper Kash Connor knows that he is the first prize on, ‘Her Type’ (feat. Lyquin)

Taken from his latest speaker-bouncing 9-track album called ‘Shades on: 2 The Pre Game‘, Kash Connor returns with a bass-thumping track that is packed with saucy innuendos with, ‘Her Type(feat. LyQuin).

Kash Connor is a Washington, DC-based indie Hip hop artist, sound engineer and music producer who assembles the type of party music that is meant for the sweaty dance floor.

Joining forces with Maryland native LyQuin, Kash Connor takes us on a sky-high ride of romance that will have you imagining the life that has that wild fun factor on full 24-7.

Her Type(feat. LyQuin) from Washington, DC-based indie Hip hop artist, sound engineer and music producer Kash Connor is a cash-counting, body-grooving new track that has a chorus that has you fantasising about taking flights with your lovers. There is a confident flow on offer that shows you into this seductive story, which is all about the good life and keeping that paper stacked up high.

If you are after rampaging rap that takes you into a new world filled with possibilities and away from dull current day life, this will be the winner for you.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Back to Yours feels the nightmares seeping all over the walls on, ‘Monster’

After recently discovering that she was actually a demon in disguise that almost broke their soul in half to be buried forever, Back to Yours struggles to close those scared eyes for a proper sleep on, ‘Monster‘.

Back to Yours is a Georgetown University-born 5-piece indie alt-pop/rock band who were formed by friends who have grown into a tight team from years of performing together.

What began with Beatles covers and backyard parties has continued to evolve, as the band continues to write and perform in major cities up-and-down the east coast.” ~ Back to Yours

With a highly energetic soundscape that has your ears alert and your heart beating rather frantically, Back to Yours might be your new favourite band to play loud when you feel like listening to something with real intent, that isn’t too intense for those fragile eardrums.

Grappling with themes of confusion, isolation, and the directionless feeling of entering adulthood in a constantly changing world.” ~ Back to Yours

Monster‘ from Washington, DC-based 5-piece indie alt-pop/rock act Back to Yours shows us a picture that has shattered glass inside and could destroy everything you thought was possible before. Sung with a superb class and featuring a catchy beat that will have you dancing, this is the track that we needed to hear in 2022.

With candid lyrics that lead us into this spooky story, this is a romance that could have ripped the heart out without you even blinking twice.

Listen up to this fine track on Spotify and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Strutman Lane visualizes what is needed for this romance to flourish on ‘Our Love’

With the debut track off their upcoming EP, ‘The Bedroom Sessions‘, Strutman Lane glance in the direction of that new romantic companion and beams glowingly on the foot tappin’ wonder that is, ‘Our Love‘.

Strutman Lane is a Washington, DC-based indie funk/pop outfit that was formed by a group of UMD jazz school classmates who assemble those crisp classy vibes for us to be completely enamoured by.

A high energy, funk/pop love song about the rush of a new relationship, and the feeling of unwavering support and love so desperately needed in the face of the pandemic.” ~ Strutman Lane

Drenching our sad souls with some splendid harmonies to change our moody frowns into cheeky smiles again, Strutman Lane leads the way when it comes to fresh-sounding music that actually has that proper soul wrapped inside with a bow. They are a collective who have us dusting off those candles to set the correct ambience, that gets you feeling all joyful again and sensing that everything is about to become a lot brighter.

Our Love‘ from Washington, DC-based indie funk/pop group Strutman Lane, is a bass-slapping treasure of a single that features some of the smoothest vocals and grooviest soundtracks you will probably hear today. There is an air of optimism that is rather remarkable here, as we start to understand – or be reminded – what it takes to connect as one plug point that sparks alive with that wonderful feeling you can’t get enough of.

This is a heart-warming story about making sure that your souls are at one as you take it to the next level, which will have you feeling that this romance is something that could last forever.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and check out their IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Unique proves herself right with her inspiring anthem ‘Goals and Dreams’

As she smiles radiantly into the mirror and reflects back at those small-minded fools who doubted her, Unique shows us her maturing mentality that is only evolving throughout time with her successful new track, ‘Goals and Dreams‘.

Unique is a Washington, DC-based indie Hip hop artist who has decided to quit her dull job and follow the passions that make her truly happy and content.

Displaying her growing presence with a beautiful style, honest lyrics and a silky voice, that might have you thinking you have just swum into tasty honey, Unique sets the bar on what is actually possible if you manifest your dreams into reality for the stars to lead you into an elated place. There is so much calming energy on offer here for the anxious to believe in, as a kind warrior emerges from the shadows to inspire us all to hold hands and achieve together.

Goals and Dreams‘ from Washington, DC-based Hip hop artist Unique, is one of those singles that captivates the mood of what is actually possible if you put the genuine grind in. With our I-want-it-now society that seems to just want success without work, this is a vital reminder of what is actually possible. Matching her intent with a vocal delivery that is so loveable you just want to hug her and cheer her on, you will find yourself in the corner of this motivated artist. If you want to enough, you gotta go and get it.

See this vibing new music video on YouTube and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen