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Back to Yours feels the nightmares seeping all over the walls on, ‘Monster’

After recently discovering that she was actually a demon in disguise that almost broke their soul in half to be buried forever, Back to Yours struggles to close those scared eyes for a proper sleep on, ‘Monster‘.

Back to Yours is a Georgetown University-born 5-piece indie alt-pop/rock band who were formed by friends who have grown into a tight team from years of performing together.

What began with Beatles covers and backyard parties has continued to evolve, as the band continues to write and perform in major cities up-and-down the east coast.” ~ Back to Yours

With a highly energetic soundscape that has your ears alert and your heart beating rather frantically, Back to Yours might be your new favourite band to play loud when you feel like listening to something with real intent, that isn’t too intense for those fragile eardrums.

Grappling with themes of confusion, isolation, and the directionless feeling of entering adulthood in a constantly changing world.” ~ Back to Yours

Monster‘ from Washington, DC-based 5-piece indie alt-pop/rock act Back to Yours shows us a picture that has shattered glass inside and could destroy everything you thought was possible before. Sung with a superb class and featuring a catchy beat that will have you dancing, this is the track that we needed to hear in 2022.

With candid lyrics that lead us into this spooky story, this is a romance that could have ripped the heart out without you even blinking twice.

Listen up to this fine track on Spotify and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Strutman Lane visualizes what is needed for this romance to flourish on ‘Our Love’

With the debut track off their upcoming EP, ‘The Bedroom Sessions‘, Strutman Lane glance in the direction of that new romantic companion and beams glowingly on the foot tappin’ wonder that is, ‘Our Love‘.

Strutman Lane is a Washington, DC-based indie funk/pop outfit that was formed by a group of UMD jazz school classmates who assemble those crisp classy vibes for us to be completely enamoured by.

A high energy, funk/pop love song about the rush of a new relationship, and the feeling of unwavering support and love so desperately needed in the face of the pandemic.” ~ Strutman Lane

Drenching our sad souls with some splendid harmonies to change our moody frowns into cheeky smiles again, Strutman Lane leads the way when it comes to fresh-sounding music that actually has that proper soul wrapped inside with a bow. They are a collective who have us dusting off those candles to set the correct ambience, that gets you feeling all joyful again and sensing that everything is about to become a lot brighter.

Our Love‘ from Washington, DC-based indie funk/pop group Strutman Lane, is a bass-slapping treasure of a single that features some of the smoothest vocals and grooviest soundtracks you will probably hear today. There is an air of optimism that is rather remarkable here, as we start to understand – or be reminded – what it takes to connect as one plug point that sparks alive with that wonderful feeling you can’t get enough of.

This is a heart-warming story about making sure that your souls are at one as you take it to the next level, which will have you feeling that this romance is something that could last forever.

Listen in to this new single on Spotify and check out their IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Unique proves herself right with her inspiring anthem ‘Goals and Dreams’

As she smiles radiantly into the mirror and reflects back at those small-minded fools who doubted her, Unique shows us her maturing mentality that is only evolving throughout time with her successful new track, ‘Goals and Dreams‘.

Unique is a Washington, DC-based indie Hip hop artist who has decided to quit her dull job and follow the passions that make her truly happy and content.

Displaying her growing presence with a beautiful style, honest lyrics and a silky voice, that might have you thinking you have just swum into tasty honey, Unique sets the bar on what is actually possible if you manifest your dreams into reality for the stars to lead you into an elated place. There is so much calming energy on offer here for the anxious to believe in, as a kind warrior emerges from the shadows to inspire us all to hold hands and achieve together.

Goals and Dreams‘ from Washington, DC-based Hip hop artist Unique, is one of those singles that captivates the mood of what is actually possible if you put the genuine grind in. With our I-want-it-now society that seems to just want success without work, this is a vital reminder of what is actually possible. Matching her intent with a vocal delivery that is so loveable you just want to hug her and cheer her on, you will find yourself in the corner of this motivated artist. If you want to enough, you gotta go and get it.

See this vibing new music video on YouTube and check out the IG page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

DC’s Minti takes our breath away with metal-infused dubstep ear-shaker that is, ‘Bandit’

Taken off his recent 3-track EP named ‘Mintality‘, Minti has expertly created something so thrilling you might think that you are in a nightclub video game that has your whole body in a tremendous zone to party all night as the ‘Bandit‘.

Joe Berlin aka Minti is a DC, USA-based self-described 80s hair-metal-meets-dubstep artist who is also a proud graduate of the prestigious Berklee College of Music.

If the guitarist from Iron Maiden and Excision were to procreate, their audio child would sound like Minti.” ~ Minti

Swirling upwards from the vicious underground to pinch us awake again, Minti might be one of the most innovative artists around currently as his laser-sharp creation whips you swiftly into shape.

Bandit‘ from the DC-based indie metal/dubstep-fusion solo artist Minti, is a whirlpool of sonic-speed sounds that might splash furiously all over you as you keep spinning until you find that happy place. With a visionary style and an ever-evolving mindset, this is a unique track that shows us all that making music is about constructing something new. In a world that curiously rewards copycats, this is a show of defiance from someone who believes in changing the game.

Making music to inspire others, is the best way to open up our minds to get away from the mind-numbing paste that can undesirably stick all over your soul like discarded chewing gum.

Listen to this fine new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Follow You Though: Terry Blade feels rather aggrieved on ‘Eaten Alive’

Taken from his brand new 10-track ‘Neo Queer‘ album, Terry Blade shows us that trapped place that is forcing his mind to wonder why he is in this situation, to begin with on ‘Eaten Alive‘.

Terry Blade is an award-winning Washington, DC-born LGBTQ+ singer-songwriter who is now based in Chicago, Illinois.

He has drawn comparisons to artists such as Meshell Ndegeocello, Macy Gray, and Antony and the Johnsons.” ~ Terry Blade

Featuring such a tremendous beat that is smooth and illuminating, Terry Blade is rather superb on a tale that urges himself to avoid listening too much to someone who he knows should be in his past already.

With vocals that catch your attention quickly and bring you fully into this worrying picture, this is a track to play when you are trying to find the strength deep inside you to seek that escape door and move into calmer waters.

Eaten Alive‘ from the highly respected Chicago, Illinois-based multi-genre musician Terry Blade, is that striking story about feeling like you are locked away with someone who doesn’t respect you but demands that you respect them. The message is real and has your heart beating – as you peek through the curtains – and see someone who is so unhappy but can’t seem to break away just yet.

Listen to this quality single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Just Like You: Ari Voxx wonders why they wouldn’t accept her on the beautiful ‘Brown Eyes’

Taken off her new 4-track EP called ‘Letters to Myself‘ that includes relevant topics all about self-identity, depression, growing up, letting go and holding on, Ari Voxx is at her most complete self with the reflective 2nd single ‘Brown Eyes‘.

Previously known for her lusciously beautiful jazz and enchanting neo-soul vocals, Ariana Harbin aka Ari Voxx is a jazzy dream-pop solo artist who bases herself in DC, USA.

I know this song is long, and it doesn’t have the catchiest hook, but it’s the song I’m most proud of, and genuinely represents me as an artist.” ~ Ari Voxx

Performed with a dazzling array of authentic compositions that is entirely her, Ari Voxx shows us her wonderful skillset here with a track that shows us exactly who she is. After feeling like she was caught in two race-oriented worlds for too long, perhaps this is the mental breakthrough that brings her into a happier world where she is at ease no matter who is around.

Brown Eyes‘ from the DC-based indie dream-pop solo artist Ari Voxx, shows us an honest flashback to her life growing up as she tried to fit in. This is a brave young woman who just wants to be loved and feels the pain of what happened before, as she sings with such an exquisite manner that is so classy. No matter who brushed her aside due to the colour of her skin or how she acted due to her influences, this shows the bravery of someone that refuses to be put into any box. This is the sign of a true artist who makes that nostalgic kind of music that needs to be admired by anyone who has had struggles in life.

Hear this important new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Shooting 3’s: DC rapper Chekmayte collects and bounces on move-filled ‘Chek Da Track’

As he stretches through on that new age pimp style that has him dusting off the competition like they weren’t there, to begin with, Chekmayte sounds in inspired form with the go-get-it new single all about just going for it on ‘Chek Da Track‘.

Chekmayte is a Washington, DC-based indie hip-hop artist. He is a top-shelf rapper who flows with an unmistakable style that is filled with his signature honest flow that pushes him into the limelight each time he shines.

A lyrical veteran emerging from the smoke building momentum, the work never stops.” ~ Chekmayte

Bringing his rugged flow to the fore with that likeable confidence, Chekmayte knocks any pieces off the board that doesn’t fit on this terrific new single that features a bass-thumping beat that needs to be turned up on full volume. This is that entertaining hip-hop that includes a real message, as we eloquently discover what the accurate course of action is when faced with those who talk a lot but bring very little to the table.

Chek Da Track‘ from the well-respected Washington, DC-based indie hip-hop solo artist Chekmayte, is a truth-uncovering single that shows us he can see through any nonsense that is thrown his way. This is a man that is never playing defensive, as he is throwing 3 point shots and not standing for any fake drama from the posers out there. With an old school delivery that drops the post off on time every time – this is a full-blooded release – that is all about doing what you do and ignoring anything that is trying to slow you down in making that well-deserved limitless paper stack.

Check this brand new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

She Got On That Plane Anyway: Jon Fritz misses her so much on ‘Forever in My Heart’

As he looks longingly at the magnificent stars and recalls that night watching the sunset together hand in hand, lips locked so tight, Jon Fritz knows that she will always be in his mind on ‘Forever in My Heart‘.

Jon Fritz is a Washington, DC-based indie rock/country singer-songwriter. He makes that music to dance, cry, laugh and love with, and performs with that reflective edge in all his creations.

Jon has played over 6,000 gigs here in the D.C. area. The genre of his originals spans everything from poignant ballads to rock and country.” ~ Jon Fritz

This is a well-sung track full of meaning and heart, as you ponder your life and wonder why they actually left after all. His trusty guitar guides him through this familiar tale of a heart that ran away when you thought you would live together – and be as one – while you look back and wish you had done so many things differently. The regret-filled air smokes out the ambiance, as you ponder your next step in this fickle world.

Forever in My Heart‘ from Washington, DC-based indie rock/country artist Jon Fritz, is the story of trying so hard to change so that you may be together with the person who makes you so happy. They left for a while but you hope that they will return, as your soul feels so empty and sad without them. Sung with such love and desire – this is a romantic song about that lost love – who you hope will return quickly, so you may join hands tightly again.

Hear this real new track on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Standing up for what is right: Rich Chambers rock and rolls his way into our hearts with the truthfully-aware ‘I’m So Tired’

Rich Chambers shows his growing displeasure with the current political climate in the USA, with his new single called ‘I’m So Tired‘.

A former band member and now a true solo indie-rock singer-songwriter, Rich Chambers makes that moving-the-soul kind of music, that gets you thinking and grooving at the same time.

”Inspired by, or should I say appalled by, the events I saw in Washington, DC, on January 6, 2021, as an angry mob stormed Capitol Hill, I put together this video.”-Rich Chambers

With a rocking delivery that certainly gets his point across as the graphic video hits home hard, we are treated to a real pro that has seen the ups and downs of the music industry. He has such a strong voice with a driving guitar style that simmers into your heart and flows through to your whole body. He voice shows the frustration with what so many incompetent leaders have let grow for years and enough is enough.

I’m So Tired‘ from solo singer-songwriter Rich Chambers is an honest story about how this self-aware artist felt after witnessing the horrific events on Capitol Hill, as he felt the need to express himself to the world. With a passionate tone and gripping lyrics that tell you how it is, this is a welcome addition to a movement that is growing and growing each day. Finding solutions to solvable problems is the call and this is not much to ask.

When you are fed up, the best way is the express yourself through art and this is exactly what happened in this fine track. Even the most patient human has a line and this is it, right before us.

Hear this truthful song about life in the USA on YouTube and see his IG for more stories.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Swerving cars to get there in time: Gray raps his way into the hot lane on ‘Last Call’

Gray is a Washington D.C born multi-skilled singer-songwriter, author, producer, and actor who is now based in the entertainment mecca of Los Angeles. He jumps into our minds real quick on the enthralling new single ‘Last Call’.

A lover of the classic Motown music and style, this is an old soul who loves to perform live and give the crowd a night to remember.

The mysterious beginning is brief and grabs your attention closely as the telephone call filters into the speaker and then is finished. The smooth rap lyrical delivery is tight like a speedy UPS driver. There is no messing around here, getting it done is all that matters.

There is no second thoughts here, nothing involving lame indecisiveness and wishy-washy car wash nonsense. This is when you jump in the car to go see her and a speeding ticket is probably on the way but that’s okay. It will be worth it. You shouldn’t be with her but it’s way too good to care or catch feelings at this present time.

His stylish demeanor is easy to spot and the beat matches this self-motivated entertainer who has evolved, made his own lane and is speeding right through it hot. The raps are consistent and so catchy the chorus will be stuck in your brain all week. This is a sign of a top Hip Hop track that isn’t mumble and wack. This is a big boy and big girl music.

Hear this fast-paced single via Spotify and follow his journey on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen