Baby Rose xo – Honey Honey: Empoweringly Salacious Queer Pop

Instead of pandering to pre-existing narratives around sexuality, Baby Rose xo changed the script with her latest single, ‘Honey Honey’, and is following in the footsteps of the likes of Peaches to create salaciously empowering Pop hits.

Anyone who grew up on 90s Riot Grrrl but appreciates danceable electro pop grooves, will undoubtedly want to adopt Honey Honey as a high-vibe playlist essential. It smashes the preconception that female sexuality exists solely for the pleasure of men. As Kathleen Hanna notoriously said, ‘I believe in the radical notion of pleasure, babe’.

Honey Honey is available through Apple Music. Hit play and find your new queer pop icon.

Stay up to date with Baby Rose xo via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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