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Hannah Nikole – Happily Never After: Intricately Soulful EDM Pop

There are very few Electro Pop tracks which come alive through such intricately vibrant beats, yet with Hannah Nikole’s track ‘Happily Never After’ she’s incorporated Trap into her EDM soundscape to create a viscerally stunning EDM release.

Happily Never After was Hannah Nikole’s first single, which the singer songwriter from Spring, Texas used as testament to her resoundingly sweet yet powerful style. The mesmeric effect of the melodies had me gripped throughout the progression of the track which may have been released in 2017, yet Happily Never After is as contemporary as EDM Pop comes.

The strength in the up and coming artist’s vocals allowed Hannah to poignantly to reject the nihilistic narrative which lingers behind the lyrics. It’s not every day that you’re treated to such realism within Pop lyrics. Go on. Embrace it.

You can check out Hannah Nikole’s Happily Never After for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Love, Abbey – Winter Air: Indulgently Weighted Electro Pop

There was no forgetting Love, Abbey after her release of ‘Slow Love’, so it’s my absolute pleasure to announce she’s headed back to the studio and created yet another stunning Indie Pop anthem with ‘Winter Air’.

With Winter Air, it’s clear that Love, Abbey is well on her way to stamping down her expressively visceral style, the vocals, lyricism and beat all took a darker more ominous turn. And well, If you can’t get behind the resoundingly dizzying notes of a low-octave piano melody, what can you get behind? Whilst Love, Abbey took a more empowered stance with her vocals, the lyrics still expressed raw vulnerability which was just one of the elements that made this track so personable, charismatic and fresh.

If you’re looking for an indulgently dark electro pop beat to add to your playlists make sure to follow Love, Abbey on SoundCloud and prepare yourself for the drop.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Sfynx – Yoyo: High-Octane Electro Pop

If you haven’t caught Sfynx’s latest hit Yoyo yet, it’s my absolute pleasure to introduce the high-octane Electro Pop anthem. There really is no wondering why the up and coming recording artist’s single has already fallen under such high acclaim. The strength in Sfynx’s vocals are one thing, the sonic instrumentals are another, and the lyrical hooks are out of this world. With her radio-ready sound, it’s easy to predict that this is just the beginning for Sfynx. As the track progressed, I couldn’t quite put the stark reminiscence of Yoyo to t.A.T.u’s legendary single ‘Not Gonna Get Us’ behind me. I think It’s safe to say we’ve found another icon of pop with Sfynx.

You can check out the stunning official music video for yourselves which was released on August 7th by heading over to YouTube now. Good look getting the chorus out of your head, I have a feeling it will be stuck in mine for days.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Iva Rii – Sea of Fire: An Electro Pop Lyrical Storm

Sea of Fire is just one of the stellar tracks from Iva Rii’s latest EP #GoGoGirl which has well and truly redefined the Indie Electro Pop genre. There has been a swarm of up and coming artists this year with their breathy, synthy approach to their sound, yet Iva Rii has taken the sound even further with some of the strongest lyrics I’ve heard from an emerging artist this year. The lyrics are simultaneously empowering and grounding – in the chorus especially they run as poignantly as spoken word poetry. The amplified electric beat comes alive through the harsh snares and kicks of the 808’s which almost allows Sea of Fire to veer into the EDM arena.

You can check out Iva Rii’s latest single along with the rest of her album #GoGoGirl by heading across to Spotify now. But I’m sure it won’t be long before her radio-ready sound is hitting you through the radio waves.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Cara – Not Enough: A Seductively Sensuous Debut of Electro Pop

Bringing the momentum of sultry seduction to the Electro Pop scene is up and coming, resonantly stunning artist Cara with her latest single ‘Not Enough’. Her approach to the single which was released July 11th, 2018 took a slightly nostalgic twist by taking elements of 90’s and 00’s Electro House Pop which is palpable through the vocal styling and beat arrangements. Yet, its clear that Cara brings a little extra to the traditionally perfumed style. Whilst the beat falters and falls slightly flat on the bridge Not Enough is a stellar production thanks to the veracity and hype of the drum machines which pierce through the layers of synth which bring the vibrant soundscape to life. As dancefloor beats go, you really couldn’t ask for any more.

You can check out Cara’s latest single Not Enough by heading over to YouTube now, make sure to subscribe to her channel, I’m certain that Not Enough isn’t the last we’ve heard from Cara.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


City of Union – Birds of Paradise Remix; Progressively High-Vibe Electro Pop

Whilst we still have some of the summer left, you’re going to want to make the most of your summertime playlists by adding the Birds of Paradise Remix to the mix which was released July 10th.

City of Union’s track carries a sun-soaked momentum through the hyped EDM Pop mastering of the remix. The keys and the synth set a high-vibe hype for the vocals to follow, usually within this genre you wouldn’t come to expect poignant, deep lyrics, but that’s exactly what Birds of Paradise serves up. Slightly lengthier than your average Pop hit, Birds of Paradise allows you to get enveloped in the soaring melodies, lush hooks, and romanticism contained within the lyrics.

You can check out the official video to City of Union’s Remix of Birds of Paradise for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now. For any fans of the progressive Electro House style, you’re definitely going to want to check it out.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


ENRICH – Far Away: Romantically-Driven Electro Power Pop

Given the recent additions to the Electronica charts you’d be forgiven for believing that romanticism doesn’t belong within Electronica music anymore; but ENRICH (AKA Henric Johansson) is the Swedish artist bringing instilling the notions of romance back into the genre.

Far Away was the first track to be released from the up and coming artists latest EDM Pop album and is sure to be enjoyed by any fans of eighties electronica acts such as Depeche Mode, Human League and Soft Cell. The lyrically driven mix rests on the backbone created by the succinctly concordant synth melody which is mixed up through the use of harsh 808 snares. Riddled within the track is a smorgasbord of lush hooks and euphorically enchanting breakdowns under ENRICH’s captivatingly deep, varied, resounding baritone vocal ability. The ultimate effect is an aurally alchemic offering of pure, unadulterated emotion amplified with pitch perfect digital mastering.

You can check out ENRICH’s single Far Away from his album ‘Happiness’ which was released June 2018 on SoundCloud now.

Connect with ENRICH by following him via Facebook to stay up to date with all of the artists latest releases.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Cosmic Lovers – Can’t You See: Nostalgically Inclined 80’s Electro Pop

Cosmic Lovers’ latest single dropped June 27th; the eighties inspired Electro Pop outfit conjured some nostalgically sweet melodies for your aural pleasure. Through the mix of acoustic and digital instruments their latest release Can’t You See is created with an anthemically hyped charge which makes the track nothing if not infectious. Warning – you may get the urge to watch Top Gun after listening to this track.

With Can’t You See you are treated to a smorgasbord of synth but you can also expect to hear an almost dizzying amount of intricate instrumental breakdowns. The cherry on the cake to the track is Cosmic Lovers’ vocalist who adds to the romantically inclined rhythm which flows from start to finish in this blinding track. Some may say that Electro Pop belongs in the 80’s, but I’d say with a reinvention as conceptual and fresh as what Cosmic Lovers created they’re definitely wrong.

You can check out Cosmic Lovers latest single Can’t You See on YouTube now, if you’re sold on the single, then you can join in the excitement for the 80’s Electro Pop inspired act’s self-titled EP

Review by Amelia Vandergast


De Marty – Listen to the Colors: Organically Prodigal Darkwave Electro Pop

There are few Electro beats that can hook me with the prelude, De Marty (AKA Florent Lelong) didn’t seem to struggle with his latest release Listen to the Color’s. His Alternative Electro Pop offering was awash with 80’s nostalgia yet alive with a contemporarily fresh vibrancy that I’m sure any Electro fan would feel the hype of. The Parisian up & coming producer uses his wide array of influences to feed into his organically prodigal approach to Electro Pop offerings. Each of his tracks spills enough emotion without the need for vocals, which quite thankfully I’m stoked about. Vocals never seem to synergise all too well with Electro Pop without coming off as slightly cheesy.

You can check out De Marty’s latest track Listen to the Colours yourself and get caught up within the effervescent melodies & grooves riddled into his soundscapes on SoundCloud now. I can guarantee fans of VNV Nation, Mesh, Human League & Depeche Mode will absolutely adore the mix thanks to the dark undertones which grounds the track through the reverb & punching steady bassline.

Head on over to De Marty’s official website to find out more on the stunningly styled artist.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Promises Promises – Pull Me Under: Electro Pop Theatrics

‘Pull Me Under’ is a buffet of intimate and evocative musical magic that’s guaranteed to satisfy any audiophile.

The four piece Electro pop group that made up the band name,  ‘Promise Promises’ promised to always surprise their fans with nothing but the the best music, and so far they’ve not seem to compromised on their words.

Having no record label or management leaves them as a purely DIY band, and this did not deter them from producing an amazing song.

The bright and wavy grooves juxtaposed the band’s lead vocalist whose eclectic vocal stand to bridge the gap between electro rhythm and mash up pop vibe. It can be inferred from the song that ‘Pull Me Under’ is an electro funk on a lowkey which brings forth a good-vibes-only atmosphere that’s impossible to resist.

Artistically, Promises Promises sit in the vacant hole between Pendulum and Maroon 5, drawing influence from a range of pop and EDM artists such as Imagine Dragons, Chase & Status and Cheat Codes. Whilst developing their EDM sound, Jonny Glennon, their bass guitarist and synth bassist had the works of Avicii and Alesso as his inspiration when working on the production of the bass, especially when working on their latest track. However, it’s important for the band to hold onto their contemporary pop origins.

‘Pull Me Under’ is a track describing a woman from his holiday in Barcelona; “I felt lost in her trance, as if I was being ‘pulled under’ by not only her beauty, but the magic of the unknown.”

Promises Promises’ “Pull Me Under” is a track stuffed with well-timed crescendos, placid intervals, and hypnotic vocals.

There’s definitely a crystalline yet never flashy exploration of what just a few sonic sound from ‘Pull Me Back’ can do to the listeners’ perceptions.

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