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TRBLMKR delivered an eccentric electro-pop serenade with ‘Sweet Love’

TRBLMKR’s latest alt-electronica single ‘Sweet Love’ is exactly the kind of dance track you could make regrettable decisions to if it dropped on a dance floor. By no means is it your archetypal drop of electronica. It’s sensual, unpredictable and seriously distinguished by the coalescence of indie vibes, RnB pop-inspired vocals and futuristic beats which carry faint reminiscence to Imagine Dragons’ smooth electro-pop edge.

The Floridian collective may have only recently made their debut, but that doesn’t hinder the commercial potential which spills from this eccentrically sweet release which shows just how stylish an electro-pop serenade can be.

Sweet Love released on January 24th, it is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Caesar – Lust: an alt-electro pop exploration of intimacy

Singer-songwriter, Caesar, may have started their music career as a country artist, but if his latest electro-pop hit, ‘Lust’, is anything to go by, darkly sensual electronica is where his signature sound boasts maximum efficaciousness when it comes to pulling you into vivid imagery, soul, and ingenuity.

Stabbing synth notes join reverb-soaked drumbeats in true contemporary style which resounds with the same appeal as tracks by Cigarettes After Sex, Beach House and Big Black Delta, and Caesar works just as much magic with the lyricism. Usually, Lust is painted as sordid and sinful, at least to some degree, but through Caesar’s depiction of lust, you get to explore tender intimacy, and it is an exploration which you will want to make time and time again.

Lust is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Zeli has left the indie electronica scene enraptured with her debut single ‘Almost’

‘Almost’ is the dreamy darkwave debut single from Zeli, an 18-year-old artist and producer who has already left the indie electronica scene enraptured with her intimate approach to production and lyricism.

Billie Eilish comparisons are easy to make but capturing the evocative sensuality behind this moody electro-pop hit is infinitely harder.

The entrancingly dark synth-led melodies groove at a steady tempo, ensuring that each syllable projected into Almost leaves you arrested until you reach the ethereal outro which will undoubtedly leave you feeling as eager as us to hear the London-based artist and producer’s sophomore release.

Almost is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


From B to B want to take us out for some ‘Hungry Love’

Social networks in the era of Covid-lockdown have taken on a whole new meaning, especially around relationships and those fledgeling romances which kicked off before the world closed down. The lyrical refrain of ‘I want to go out’ within From B to B’s new single ‘Hungry Love’ must have been uttered by most of us at some point over the last twelve months, and if you can’t empathise with that sentiment than, frankly, we’re beyond hunger here.

Good, bouncy, American-style pop, bubblegum and beatsy, with a touch of “Marshmallow” and a little of the “junk food” taste and a side-order of hip hop, ‘Hungry Love’ is perfect, summery driving dance-pop for lazy weekends, pizza-and-coke-floats on the couch, and Netflix-and-Chill of an evening. It’s instant, it’s catchy, it hooks you in with sugar and fills you up with sunshine. What better antidote to the January Blues?

Check out ‘Hungry Love’ on Spotify now.

Review by Alex Holmes


Bond and connect: Boorook heals all wounds with ‘Mother Earth’

Taken off the latest soul-healing album called ‘Positive Change‘, Boorook is majestically brilliant on the peaceful new single promoting love and harmony to protect ‘Mother Earth‘.

Boorook is a proudly Aboriginal Australian musician from Kirrae Whurrung Nation Boorook Gunditj Clan, who makes that culturally enhancing genre-crossover music, to teach others about his identity and to help his brothers and sisters prosper, through these deeply heart-hugging soundscapes of peace.

With varying elements of indigenous rap, r&b, and soulful electro-pop, there is so much to immerse yourself into here, as the music takes you to places you thought were unfathomable before.

The uplifting energy force fields cuts away at all preconceived notions and brings you a peaceful track, with the sole aim of unifying the world, so we can all live the way we should. His voice is so enlightening and with the birds flying in the background, you feel like getting away from the city and being at one with the earth again, away from the stresses of modern day life.

Mother Earth‘ from Aboriginal musician Boorook, is a piece of cultural protection from a man who is acutely aware that he needs to teach others about his ancestor’s heritage, so that he can keep the roots alive forever through music.

He sings with that inner desire and the intentions are pure, his voice seeps into your mind and the effortless nature makes this a perfect pathway for us to bond and connect through this beautiful music.

Hear this stunning piece of art via Spotify and find out more about his culture on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Throw me a hand: Moodbay are underwater and ‘Alone’ on sensational new electro-pop stunner

Moodbay show their ever-increasing greatness on the flourishing new single taken off their latest ambitious sixteen-track release, that will have you in a reflective mood when you are ‘Alone‘.

Manchester-based electro mood-pop two-piece act Moodbay, are fused together by Darlington-born pianist/singer Anna Stephens and pianist/producer/songwriter Alfie Cattell from Denbigh (Little Fortress) in Wales, who make that saucy edm, r&b and classically intertwined music, that makes your heart skip a few beats and gets your body grooving like it was pre-lockdown.

After meeting at the BIMM Institute in Manchester almost four years ago via a mysterious corridor, you can feel how in-sync the pair are, as they transform the dull room into an electric experience of bright lights and sonic soundscapes, that are so spectacularly illuminating.

Her voice echos eerily throughout as the vocals seep into your skin and give you the shivers. The pure class is undeniable and meshed with world class production, you get the feeling that you are listening to a duo that are going to be absolutely massive, if they stay patient and carry on making this immensely captivating music for the soul.

Alone‘ from Welsh/English electro mood-pop act Moodbay, is a late-night daze-dream through the mind and into the other side of your consciousness. This is that underwater rescue from your lifeguard, after you have sunk deep, and need saving from yourself.

When you are falling deep, you need someone to help wake you up before you sleep for good, as time is of the essence and there is not a moment to lose in this short life of ours. This is a magnificence single that shows you why you need good friends, to grab your hand, kill the noise and lift you up to soar brightly again.

Hear this wonderfully striking song on Spotify and see their story on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Letting them know: Josh Lee shows his frustration on passionate electro-pop single ‘Hold Me Back’

Josh Lee sends out a message to all the former fake friends that are actually haters, via his trash-removing new single that exposes the truth called ‘Hold Me Back‘.

Joshua Lee McLees aka Josh Lee, is a Wyoming-born and bred electro-pop singer-songwriter, producer, actor, trained choir trumpet performer and mental health advocate. He is on a life-changing mission to get his music out to the world and perform with other artists that share his vision. Josh makes the kind of music that is gritty and totally honest, as he opens the curtain into his life and doesn’t leave anything out.

He sings with an inner desire to get his massage out there to the globe-no matter how personal the message is-as he is steadfast on getting his creations out there to help others, who understand his struggles with mental health issues. His unique style is one of a kind and he performs with a genuine desire to find his path to that happy place he knows he can find, through the pure love for music creation.

Hold Me Back‘ from Wyoming pop singer-songwriter and producer Josh Lee, is a passionate plea to let the small-minded folks in his hometown know straight up, to let him do his own thing and to keep their issues away from him. His voice tells the story of a man who is feeling good about himself right now and isn’t interested in petty games.

Sometimes you need a break from where you live to get a fresh start and to reinvent yourself. Otherwise, you will need close to friends to always keep an eye out for you, to help you sane when you get triggered, so that you can reach your goals and not get sucked into unnecessary distractions in life, that hold you back.

Stream this catchy and real pop track on Spotify and see his visuals on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Songs by Ruth – I Love You: panoramically passionate electro-pop

Pop singer-songwriter and lyrical poet, Ruth Garnes, has been making waves under her moniker, Songs by Ruth, since 2014, if you’re still lucky enough to call yourself a hopeless romantic, you’ll undoubtedly want to ingest the straight-from-the-soul ardour found in her latest electro-pop single ‘I Love You’.

I Love You is a solid slice of sun-soaked summer pop which stands as a testament to the artist’s ability to take you on a journey with her narratively immersive sound. Let’s face it, we’ve got nowhere else to go at the moment, so, you may as well delve into the romantic imagery in this panoramically passionate release.

I Love You is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast




Baby Rose xo – Honey Honey: Empoweringly Salacious Queer Pop

Instead of pandering to pre-existing narratives around sexuality, Baby Rose xo changed the script with her latest single, ‘Honey Honey’, and is following in the footsteps of the likes of Peaches to create salaciously empowering Pop hits.

Anyone who grew up on 90s Riot Grrrl but appreciates danceable electro pop grooves, will undoubtedly want to adopt Honey Honey as a high-vibe playlist essential. It smashes the preconception that female sexuality exists solely for the pleasure of men. As Kathleen Hanna notoriously said, ‘I believe in the radical notion of pleasure, babe’.

Honey Honey is available through Apple Music. Hit play and find your new queer pop icon.

Stay up to date with Baby Rose xo via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Breaking out from the norm: Mörmaid and Bård Berg join forces to be ‘Set Free’ through music

The exceptionally talented Mörmaid is back with her latest sparkling single and this time she brings in Bård Berg to add an extra excellent element to ‘Set Free‘ our hearts.

Mörmaid is a Norwegian-born, usually London-based electro-pop artist currently hiding out in Norfolk, East Anglia, who illuminates the sky with a rhythmic energy that transfixes your whole body; as she gracefully sings with a style that stops you in your tracks.

Bård Berg is also a Norwegian native from Oslo, who is best known for being a drummer and producer. He is a wonderful talent who brings forth a uniquely brilliant style to music, that is breath-taking and innovative at the same time.

The acid-house type start breaks you out of your comfort zone and it feels like there is a breakout on the go. You can hear the hunger in her voice and she puts in a terrific performance. With his added influence, they make a great song that is hauntingly beautiful and full of surprises, the twists of the beat bends the story to its will and you feel enlightened the longer and louder you listen.

This is about breaking out from a pattern that you wish to free yourself from and start fresh again, with your mind tuned in like a functioning radio, rather than doing the same unhealthy thing and feeling bad for doing it all the time, when brighter days are over the next hill.

Set Free‘ from Mörmaid and Bård Berg is a dazzling assortment of wave-crashing soundscapes that barrels into your mind and doesn’t let go until you reach the shore. Their close-knit fusion is sweetly textured and you feel free inside and safe somehow as her intoxicating voice leaves your soul feeling warm and fuzzy.

Sometimes you can feel trapped with seemingly nowhere to go but if you actually look around and dig deep enough, you will find that tunnel to escape, finding the light and seeing where you need to be in life.

Stream this excellent new track on Spotify and see more on Mörmaid’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen