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Cosmic Lovers – Can’t You See: Nostalgically Inclined 80’s Electro Pop

Cosmic Lovers’ latest single dropped June 27th; the eighties inspired Electro Pop outfit conjured some nostalgically sweet melodies for your aural pleasure. Through the mix of acoustic and digital instruments their latest release Can’t You See is created with an anthemically hyped charge which makes the track nothing if not infectious. Warning – you may get the urge to watch Top Gun after listening to this track.

With Can’t You See you are treated to a smorgasbord of synth but you can also expect to hear an almost dizzying amount of intricate instrumental breakdowns. The cherry on the cake to the track is Cosmic Lovers’ vocalist who adds to the romantically inclined rhythm which flows from start to finish in this blinding track. Some may say that Electro Pop belongs in the 80’s, but I’d say with a reinvention as conceptual and fresh as what Cosmic Lovers created they’re definitely wrong.

You can check out Cosmic Lovers latest single Can’t You See on YouTube now, if you’re sold on the single, then you can join in the excitement for the 80’s Electro Pop inspired act’s self-titled EP

Review by Amelia Vandergast


De Marty – Listen to the Colors: Organically Prodigal Darkwave Electro Pop

There are few Electro beats that can hook me with the prelude, De Marty (AKA Florent Lelong) didn’t seem to struggle with his latest release Listen to the Color’s. His Alternative Electro Pop offering was awash with 80’s nostalgia yet alive with a contemporarily fresh vibrancy that I’m sure any Electro fan would feel the hype of. The Parisian up & coming producer uses his wide array of influences to feed into his organically prodigal approach to Electro Pop offerings. Each of his tracks spills enough emotion without the need for vocals, which quite thankfully I’m stoked about. Vocals never seem to synergise all too well with Electro Pop without coming off as slightly cheesy.

You can check out De Marty’s latest track Listen to the Colours yourself and get caught up within the effervescent melodies & grooves riddled into his soundscapes on SoundCloud now. I can guarantee fans of VNV Nation, Mesh, Human League & Depeche Mode will absolutely adore the mix thanks to the dark undertones which grounds the track through the reverb & punching steady bassline.

Head on over to De Marty’s official website to find out more on the stunningly styled artist.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Promises Promises – Pull Me Under: Electro Pop Theatrics

‘Pull Me Under’ is a buffet of intimate and evocative musical magic that’s guaranteed to satisfy any audiophile.

The four piece Electro pop group that made up the band name,  ‘Promise Promises’ promised to always surprise their fans with nothing but the the best music, and so far they’ve not seem to compromised on their words.

Having no record label or management leaves them as a purely DIY band, and this did not deter them from producing an amazing song.

The bright and wavy grooves juxtaposed the band’s lead vocalist whose eclectic vocal stand to bridge the gap between electro rhythm and mash up pop vibe. It can be inferred from the song that ‘Pull Me Under’ is an electro funk on a lowkey which brings forth a good-vibes-only atmosphere that’s impossible to resist.

Artistically, Promises Promises sit in the vacant hole between Pendulum and Maroon 5, drawing influence from a range of pop and EDM artists such as Imagine Dragons, Chase & Status and Cheat Codes. Whilst developing their EDM sound, Jonny Glennon, their bass guitarist and synth bassist had the works of Avicii and Alesso as his inspiration when working on the production of the bass, especially when working on their latest track. However, it’s important for the band to hold onto their contemporary pop origins.

‘Pull Me Under’ is a track describing a woman from his holiday in Barcelona; “I felt lost in her trance, as if I was being ‘pulled under’ by not only her beauty, but the magic of the unknown.”

Promises Promises’ “Pull Me Under” is a track stuffed with well-timed crescendos, placid intervals, and hypnotic vocals.

There’s definitely a crystalline yet never flashy exploration of what just a few sonic sound from ‘Pull Me Back’ can do to the listeners’ perceptions.

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Johanna Phraze and ButterRush – Everybody’s Got A Dream: Electro Pop Rap Royalty

If Johanna Phraze and ButterRush’s latest track Everybody’s Got A Dream dropped in club I can guarantee that the dancefloor would be flooded within seconds. The dirty hooks in this Electro Pop beat is pretty much as fresh as it gets. Johanna Phraze’s earlier drops such as Blood give me total Peaches vibes, her infectious attitude which she effortlessly exudes mixes with the harsh drops of the beat creating an anthemic tsunami of euphoric sound that you can’t help but get behind. Yet the mic really drops when the Rap rendition kicks into full flow, I would straight up bow down to Johanna Phraze and ButterRush’s psyched sound and slick lyrics.

Everybody’s Got A Dream is the standout single from Johanna Phraze and ButterRush’s debut collaboration album ‘Solid Gold World’ which will drop in May 2018. Until then you can check out Johanna Phraze and ButterRush’s sound on SoundCloud you can also stay up to day with Hollywood based songwriter, rapper, dancer, painter and all round queen Johanna Phraze on Facebook

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Awaken – Void EP Review: An Intimate Manifestation of Harmonious Chemistry

After you hear the pure cataclysmic synergy which singer Fraser Mackenzie and pianist Brendan Ryan create, it’s easy to understand why I’m now dubbing the duo as the best meeting of minds since Daft Punk. The duo’s manifestation of pure chemistry isn’t something that your eardrums will be treated to all that often.

The pensive keying of the piano lifts Mackenzie’s already ethereally high vocals for a crystal-clear sound. Whilst piano and vocalist acts don’t tend to be all too exciting Awaken have definitely broken the mould with their EP ‘Void’ which was released on 9th January 2018. The EP wasn’t a rush to the finish line, Void took three years to perfect, so it’s rather fitting that the first track on the EP is titled ‘Wait’.  Let’s just hope they don’t keep us waiting three years for the next release. I’m already hooked on the Synthy empyreal sounds that have all the intimacy that your typical Pop track so sorely lacks. Awakens pioneering style bears a slight resonance to Indie Synth Pop acts such as London Grammar with their hauntingly adventurous style. Yet, the duo’s ex-rocker sensibilities have definitely seeped into the bass riddled reverberations of the tracks. Especially on the 2nd track of the EP ‘How We Made It’. I wouldn’t be surprised if Interpol gave Awaken a call and asked for a remix in the not too distant future


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Review by Amelia Vandergast


Nicole Raviv – Best of You: Electro-Pop Just Got a New Girl Boss

Best of You is the debut single from Nicole Raviv’s latest EP ‘#Girlboss’ which is a sensational mix of her vibrant NYC sound mixed in with her tangibly euphoric voice of female empowerment. It’s no secret that the Indie Dance Pop genre is somewhat lacking in female icons but with Best of You, Nicole bridges that gap and creates a sublimely electric mix. Her infectious good vibe is catching before you even reach the chorus. Her attitude isn’t the only jaw-dropping element in her debut single, the hyped up beat is enough to see Best of You becoming one of this summers club hits.

Best of You is the sound of summer, female strength and positivity combined which the deftly talented singer songwriter tells through a story based on her own experiences. This connection to the lyrics really creates a palpable passion which really drives through the beat.

Check out the Official Music Video on YouTube using the link below:

You can download the album EP from iTunes today:

Follow Nicole on Facebook to keep up to date with all her future releases:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Twist Helix – Ouseburn; A Raging Melodious Happy Chime

Sometimes Great Things Come In Big Packages … beneath the sound of the music rests a gigantic music porch that shields the craft of these super amazing music talents. This is one of those songs that make you feel like a pristine air underneath the big wings of an airplane.

Without much effort, this song will totally sweep you off your feet at first play, and even still; in the subsequent ones that are sure to follow suit each time that repeat button is being touched.

This song ain’t even anapaestic but it can subtly pass as a limerick in most case. Heaving with North-Eastern references, the track “Ouseburn” encompasses the evolution of the valley of Ouseburn itself from the reserve of an industrial powerhouse to a creative hub, highlighting the stark contrast of the old Ouseburn against the regenerated area that is approaching its tenth year of hosting the “Evolution Emerging Festival”, which Twist Helix have graced the main stage of.

Alternative pop three piece Twist Helix have a lot to owe the valley of Ouseburn, and they intend to repay the area where they honed their craft with their appropriately named forthcoming euphoric track Ouseburn.

The vocal of the female lead singer is so sexy and alluring; it’s more like the evening dew that’s laced with a beam of an ultraviolet. The sound of the acoustic guitars and the melodious vibe of the song will literally leave you drooling at the awesomeness of Twist Helix.

I think I’ve just found me a new favourite alternative pop song of the year. Take a minute and listen this beautiful song so you can have the full grasp on what a good music really sound like.

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Gaby Zacara – Dutty Love: The Ultimate Icon of Electro Pop.

Ready to soak up one of the freshest Electro Pop sounds that 2018 has seen to date? Gaby Zacara’s track Dutty Love is a welcome change from the stale old sounds of Electro Pop. With her debut release Dutty Love she’s created an anthem entrenched in Euphoric Bliss that’s as real as it gets. How many other Electro Pop singers do you hear singing about waking up in a squat still feeling wired?

The UK based singer songwriter/enigma’s music has been streamed over 15 million times across Spotify and YouTube after working with some of the countries best electronic producers and labels. The track will be available to download via iTunes from 9th February 2018, that date can’t come soon enough, ever since I got my first taste for Zacara’s sound I’ve been hooked by her transient electronica-soaked vibes, I’m also pretty sure that the future of Dance Pop is female.

Head on over to iTunes where you can pre order the single now:

or check out Gaby Zacara’s official website:

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Real Boy Genius rips up the rulebook

Pop music used to run along fairly easily delineated lines; it was easy to tell what was inside the generic box and what was out. Pigeonholes ruled, musical tribes prevailed and anyone crossing boundaries were at best confused and at worst a traitor. Thankfully a whole generation of musicians has grown up to a different set of rules, one that makes it okay to wear a Ramones T-shirt whilst listening to Adele on their way to a James Bay gig and the result is that today’s musician can wander across these demarcations with ease and rather than being vilified are instead celebrated for their inventiveness.

RBG, sanding for Real Boy Genius wilfully tramples a few of those obsolete fences, particularly the ones that separate ambient dance, pop and indie. Wilfully lazy dance beats build into a wonderfully hypnotic and otherworldly chimes,  glitchy vocals pierce a dream pop backwash and its chilled, late night vibe is one that will find common ground for denizens of nightclub wind down sessions, impromptu post-pub “back to mine” gatherings, the soundtrack to wine fuelled catch-ups with friends and hushed early hour solitude alike.

This is what happens not so much when people flout the rules but when people grow up unaware that the rulebook even existed. Interesting times.


T.S.Obvious – It might sound Obvious but…

Space may be the final frontier, but electro-pop space love-ballads are something pretty new and the wonderfully named T.S.Obvious is boldly going where no one, except of course David Bowie, has gone before. Lost In Your Eyes is a confident slice of piano led pop detailing the age old space boy meets space girl and finds that even under the majesty of the stars he can’t quite find the words to say, “I love you!” It just goes to show that some things never change.

It’s a great piece of electro-pop, suitably alien and slightly strange but also wonderfully familiar and universally, pun intended, relatable. And whereas most music made in the electro-pop genre are more vibrant, driven and throw-away, there is something in the pace of the song which makes it feel powerful, dark and ominous and something in the lyrics which, whilst seeming to cover age old subject matter, is much more resonant, making the whole thing a mercurial and thought provoking affair.

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