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Muscular – Auraraver: Synth Soul Food

Muscular’s debut electronica single is the aural equivalent of soul food. Synths may not be known for their soulful propensities, but in ‘Auraraver’, the ardent alchemy refuses to hide behind futurism.

Synths and basslines lead the way, and through the infusion of organic percussion, piano and guitar, the track quickly evolves from a dark hard-hitting feat of techno into a mix that will get you higher than’s iconic EBM track, 8-Bits. Through shimmering reverb and teasing build-ups that will leave you as eager for the drop as Infected Mushroom’s mind-melting mixes do, it’s safe to say that Auraraver will leave you hooked right through the extended duration.

Auraraver released on March 26th; you can hear it via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Music Pop

Finnish Grammy-award-winner JORI SJÖROOS has unleashed their forceful-feat of future pop ‘TAKE A CHANCE ON ME’

Every up and coming artist wants nothing more than for people to take a chance on them, but that’s something only the brave will admit; JORI SJÖROOS’ standout single ‘TAKE A CHANCE ON ME’ puts harmony to the desire which hides behind our assured facades.

The entrancing hit maybe lyrically reaching for love, but the humble vibe to the single permits you to unashamedly embrace all facets of desire. As it allows you to recollect all of the times you wanted nothing more than for your potential to be seen, the forceful and polished beats, orchestrated by the Finnish artist, producer and songwriter, will make sure that emotions are running high.

It comes as no surprise that JORI SJÖROOS has achieved gold and platinum status on their releases and has been awarded multiple Finnish Grammys. Their sound is beyond radio-ready and given the diversity in their discography, you never know quite what they’ll pull off the soundboard next. Get them on your radar.

TAKE A CHANCE ON ME is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Music RnB

80s EBM meets RnB in Willy Matéo’s debut album, ‘I.D.’

Breaking RnB artist and producer Willy Matéo has made their debut with their entrancing album ‘I.D. (Internal Disturbance)’ which mixes a Billy Idol level of cool with intense techno beats and all of the soul of a classic RnB anthem.

The standout single, ‘iStandalone’ almost veers into the EBM arena, but with the smooth layering of the powerful vocals, the track stays true to the roots of RnB pop while allowing Willy Matéo to stamp down his signature style. It may be a fairly lo-fi production, but any fans of leftfield electronica won’t fail to fall in love with this 80s inspired track which wouldn’t be out of place on an OST to a David Lynch film.

Check out Willy Matéo’s album I.D. for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


I’ll Take Control: Toronto’s Paper Eros sends us a saucy message of desire with ‘Love Sex Sin’

With a wild side that will leave many either feeling uncomfortable or fascinated, Paper Eros are back with a heat-filled new single about exploration on ‘Love Sex Sin‘.

Paper Eros is a sensual Toronto, Canada-based indie alt-pop act that strive to teach us more about the relationship between domination and submission, pain and comfort, whilst also singing about reality and fantasy.

”We wanted to create a disjointed, rough, yet danceable track that was unapologetically designed for sexual liberation.”- Paper Eros

This is the blindfold type of song that has your mind full of imagination, as he sings with no inhibitions at all, the words are to the point, with the beat pulsating through your veins and to your whole body.

The beat has thinking about your deepest desires, with the safe word discussed before, your eyes locked onto each other as the night starts to heat up quickly.

Love Sex Sin‘ from Toronto’s alt-pop act Paper Eros, is a journey to the dim-lit bedroom in your mind, where your imagination takes over through a rush of passion from a song that certainly has your attention.

Hear this steamy new single on Spotify and see their IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


MDMelo keeps us euphoric with their latest single ‘DON’T STOP DANCING’ featuring Francis

MDMelo served up a solid slice of funk and disco with ‘DON’T STOP DANCING’, just one of the tracks to feature in their ‘In the Moment’ EP.

By bringing in the smooth vocal timbre of Francis, the single unfolded as a convincingly heartfelt mash of RnB, Soul and Funk. Grooves don’t come much more danceable than the ones that you’ll find in this glossy euphoria dripping sanity-saver.

MDMelo’s lyrical advice is worth heeding. Imagine how much dancefloor awkwardness it will save when clubs finally open. Until then, keep the artist and producer on your radar – you owe it to your serotonin levels.

You can check out the official video which premiered on March 6th via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Music Pop

For Somer: JB Somers is incredible on heartfelt message to her loving memory on ‘Hurt You’

With his fast-beating heart in so much inner flux, JB Somers shows us all what true love really is on the stunning new single that gives you chills all over your spine called ‘Hurt You’.

Nashville, Tennessee-based indie singer-songwriter JB Somers has traveled from his birthplace in Alabama to Florida to his new home, as he took a huge risk that ultimately paid off in the end. Moving to the home of music during a horrid pandemic could of turned sideways, but due to her angelic presence watching over him, this is what movies are made of.

Usually a folk singer-songwriter, JB was persuaded to make more of a pop/dance song here and warmed up to the idea after wanted to truly honor his lost sister Somer who sadly passed. She loved so many different genres of music and taught him how to love deeply, encouraging his passions to blossom and how to forgive.

With a breathtaking voice that has your body shaking in anticipation, he sings with such magnetic energy that soothes your tears as this story further unfolds. He misses her so much and just wants one more conversation to say that he is sorry for that one moment, that could of been so much better.

Hurt You‘ from the humble Nashville-based singer-songwriter JB Somers, is a loving story about how he wishes he could take back that short space of time that he truly regrets and wishes his beloved Sister was still beside him, helping him through his career and seeing how it all came together.

That bond can’t and will never be broken. Somer lives on and is still inspiring him to this day.

Stream this heartfelt story on Spotify and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Simulated Youth has dropped their subversively euphoric dance track, ‘Kill the Messenger’.

There was little chance of forgetting Simulated Youth after he blew our minds with his concept track, ‘NBT’; it could rival the plot of the film, Her. After hearing his latest release, ‘Kill the Messenger [Android Vocal Version]’, our minds are in even smaller fragments.

With the way that you’re compelled to hit repeat before the track has come to a close to get a repeat shot of the high that comes as courtesy of the chaotic breaks, it’s easy to conclude that the bass in Kill the Messenger is addictive. It hits heavier than any cliché dark industrial electronica/EBM track – despite the high vibe energy.

Simulated Youth snuck ‘kill’ into the lyrics 93 times, but you’d still struggle to find a hardcore dance track with the ability to take you higher.

Kill the Messenger is now available to pre-save on Spotify here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Treyeful x Esther Rowena Louise – A Different Her

Pop producer Treyeful has followed on from the success of his 2020 EP, ‘Neon Green’,  by collaborating with vocalist Esther Rowena Louise, whose vocals breathed plenty of multifaceted soul into the production.

It’s the aural equivalent to a page-turner as the progressive track evolves through the ebbs, flows, crescendos and breakdowns, steadily increasing the adrenaline. When the track hits its energetic peak, you’ll remember the haunting echo of Esther Rowena Louise’s melancholic harmonies from the intro while simultaneously being arrested by her ability to command such resilient ferocity through her dynamic vocal range..

Outside of soundscapes, it may take longer than 5:46-minutes to weather storms and come out on the other side, but it’s a stunning reminder that the clouds have to move eventually, and when they do, everything will be brighter. A Different Heart may sting for anyone with raw romantic wounds initially, but by the outro, you might find that the entrancing dance-pop track has put yours back together – or at least implanted a little bit of optimism.

A Different Her is now available to stream via Spotify. Keep up to date with Treyeful’s latest releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


RavenRain is a positive presence on the airwaves with her latest EDM pop track, ‘Don’t Back Down’

If descents into darkness have been part of your daily routine lately, your sanity could probably benefit from hitting play on RavenRain’s latest EDM pop hit ‘Don’t Back Down’.

The forcefully rhythmic is strong enough to push back on feelings of existentialism and apathy as RavenRain’s entrancing vocals reach out and offer an olive branch of consolation that you’ll be inclined to grab.

Her positive presence on the airwaves is a breath of fresh air. Not all too many artists can simultaneously offer danceable beats and empowering vibes, but with RavenRain’s alchemic approach to production, she can seemingly do it with ease.

Naturally, we’re all too excited to hear what follows her sophomore single.

Don’t Back Down is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Grant Dudson goes leftfield with their latest EDM release, ‘Taming Tincture’

UK-based producer, Grant Dudson, has released his latest cinematic EDM mix ‘Taming Tincture’; the melodically leftfield mix teases orchestral nuances but never leaves its gritty urban essence far behind.

For any true aficionados of bold and modernistic electronica, the artist who started their career in RnB and Hip Hop is one for the radar. Everyone’s a producer in 2021, but producers with the ability to evoke so much emotion via electronic sequences are few and far between; Grant Dudson’s sound fills the gap nicely.

You can check out Grant Dudson’s futuristically psychotropic track for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast