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Feel The Music: Mister Dirty gets our hands all the way up on ‘Going Out Tonight’

Bringing us a raw party track that will have you feeling sweaty and ready for a fun night filled with naughty adventure, Mister Dirty turns up the bass and rips off his shirt on the brand new bounce-heavy single ‘Going Out Tonight‘.

Brian Bateman aka Mister Dirty is an original indie dance and hip-hop artist, photographer and model who is also an esteemed music producer.

Mister Dirty bring the passionate radioactivity with a sexy track that is all about having enjoyment and doing whatever you want when you are out with friends. The energy is electrifying here and you feel the pulsating vibe that transports you from dull into happy within seconds. This is a true party-starter at work here, as he blazes a path for us to enter the VIP section on such an enthusiastic listen.

Going Out Tonight‘ from the much-liked indie dance/hip-hop solo artist and music producer Mister Dirty is a lip-licking single that has your whole intrigued body ready for whatever this night has in store. The ladies are out and the eyes of the wolves are ready, as we are guided on a quick-fire journey into the club that is ready for life again.

Hear this buzzing new single on YouTube and see more via the FB page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cold Wind: Salt Lake City-based Fearless Union shows us those endless nights on ‘Shadow of My Grave’

Ravaging our delicate souls with a mightily strong display from a character piece about the leader of a revolution, Fearless Union drops a track from his well-built 12-track release ‘The Supreme Leader‘ with an intensely strong effort on ‘Shadow of My Grave‘.

Fearless Union is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie dance/hip-hop act which was formed by Brent Walker who is also a writer and music producer.

Brent’s music draws from a series of original stories based on a sci-fi fantasy world steeped in mythology. “The Supreme Leader” represents the first of those stories, and focuses on spirituality (pain, death, and hope) to bring to life the strengths and flaws of its titular character.” ~ Fearless Union

Fearless Union shakes the nucleus of our vein-popping hearts with a stunning display that has been made with a real show of strength. This is a highly-evolving artist who makes that entertaining music – that is such a wondrous listen – and filled full with a really outstanding beat that grabs you close and never lets go for a second.

Shadow of My Grave‘ from the Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie dance/hip-hop solo artist Fearless Union, is a bass-slamming experience that is so naturally stimulating and helps us challenge all of those fears inside our enthralled heart. There is much love and care blown through from the darkness here, to help all of us get through whatever demons we have plastered to our fragile skin.

Check out this fine new single via Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Another Day: Cork electro-punk act Stuck on Repeat vanquishes those pesky problems behind on ‘Dream’

Engaging our cumbersome bodies to go and take us into a whole new environment away from mundane problems we are smothering inside, Stuck on Repeat transport us to a place that is full of joy and lots of attractions via their new single ‘Dance‘.

Stuck on Repeat is a Cork, Ireland-based electro-punk act that makes that dance-all-night type of vibe that has your whole body drenched in sticky sweat, just thinking about the night’s possible ventures.

Stuck on Repeat creates irrepressibly catchy electronic music, designed to make people dance. His style combines “kick you in the chest” drums with synth lines so filthy, they’re almost indecent, and catchy hooks that put Captain Ahab to shame.” ~ Stuck on Repeat

You feel her astonishing vocals take you to a completely new planet, as those eyes close and transport you to this bass-pumping dance floor that allows normal people to feel like superstars. The electric vibration from this gravitating and brilliant beat seems to lift you away from the dull doom awaiting the world outside – as you can actually fly now to a better illusion – to somewhere idyllic where there are no taxes and boring days, just perfection awaiting you as you let that perspiring body do whatever comes naturally.

Dance‘ from the compelling Cork, Ireland-based electro-punk act Stuck on Repeat, is a party-all-night gem that needs to be played loud and proud. Emphasizing the need for a rampantly arousing and speaker-shaking energy to take over after the cold gloom of before, this is an engrossing encounter that grabs you close, and kisses you back into first-rate form again.

Hear this rip-roaring track that will have you in a happy mood via Spotify and support their travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dogjoy takes ‘Control’ in their autonomy embodying feat of alt-electro.

Floridian alt electro-pop duo, Dogjoy, have released their most entrancing single to date with the bit-crushing seminal track, Control. The dance-worthy  hit combines the duo’s love of 808s against distorted synths and lush vocal melodies; it’s a bitter-sweet aural pill that fans of Chemical Brothers, Caribou and Crystal Castles will want on prescription.

With the hypnotically layered vocals emanating empowered autonomy, it’s an intoxicating inhibition-stripping track like no other – imagine Peaches’ sultrier sonic cousin.

Control was officially released on November 11th. It is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Late Guest at the Party delivered moody alchemy in their latest alt-electro hit, HUH.

Alt-electronica duo, Late Guest at the Party, is fresh from the release of their sophomore synth-pop album, Classic. Each track is a spacey high-energy dance-worthy hit, but the lead single, HUH, is the perfect introduction to their hyper, moody dance-pop alchemy.

HUH shares a similar sonic palette to Shiny Toy Guns, Policia and Hayloft as it exudes 90s Euro house vibes and teases euphoria through the bass-heavy breakdowns with all of the style and gravitas as the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. If anyone has what it takes to top the electronica charts, our money is on Late Guest at the Party.

HUH is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lost In A Wonderland: London’s Nicole Dash Jones isn’t letting it slide until the end with ‘Lego’

Produced by the well-respected Samuel Hills, Nicole Dash Jones is ready to drop her much-awaited debut and its a delectable goodie for us to nibble on excitedly with ‘Lego‘.

Nicole Dash Jones is a very fashionable London, UK-based indie Dream-Pop singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, dog lover and hugely successful Entrepreneur.

Nicole has a supremely scintillating vocal range which is only getting warmed up – as this is mixed to perfection from a true wizard – while we get pulled into this picture of love that is hard to keep afloat at times, but she refuses to give up as her loyalty is way too strong and bulletproof.

Nicole has written and featured on various dance records including KC Lights ‘Change the World’ and M’Black ‘Heartbreak’ plus numerous collabs and releases on labels ranging from Mau5trap, Anjuna Beats and, 9T90 Records – a label set up by Nicole and Samuel Hills to release dance records by Hills + Dash.” ~ Nicole Dash Jones

Lego‘ from the sensational London, UK Dream-Pop artist and Businesswoman Nicole Dash Jones, is an 80’s fused spark that flies straight into your awaiting eyes as you let it soak beneath your excited skin to be replenished by. You feel like this is a gem you needed to hear all day, as keeping your bridge tight is so important in this cancel culture world.

After biding time to release her music – you get the sense that this is an artist going all the way – to the top of whichever mountain she chooses to conquer.

Hear this hot new single on Spotify and see what she gets up to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Get Me Wrong: Berlin’s State Space reaches for his dreams on synth-filled single ‘Saint’

As he skillfully boosts up the engine packs and slides smoothly into our fascinated minds with a positive message, State Space returns with party boosting dance hit with a I-won’t-leave track that has you believing that anything is possible on ‘Saint‘.

Vova Tumasiants aka State Space, is a free-thinking Ukraine-born indie dance artist who likes to transcend genres and is based in Berlin, Germany. He makes a blend of classic Synthwave sounds with modern EDM beats attached, that are packed with tasty chocolate treats of 80’s-style alt-pop to nibble on hungrily.

Growing up Vova was heavily influenced by the Pop and Dance music of the day. However, the 90’s Brit-Pop and Alternative Rock of artists like Oasis ultimately inspired him to seriously pursue music.” ~ State Space

You feel that extra zest in his step – as the liveliness swarms over your speakers – the catchy dynamism engulfs your soul and has you flowing with an energy that has your heart beating rather quickly.

I think that there should be no genres anymore, because they limit the imagination and the flexibility of many artists, who don’t want to care about genres but do want to create whatever comes in their minds.” ~ State Space

Saint‘ from the Berlin, Germany-based indie dance solo artist and electrical engineer State Space, is a transfixing star-like mesh of delightful which takes you on a rocket-ship journey above the clouds, that is full of lights and action. He sings with an expressive nature that is exciting and fresh – as you feel his enthusiasm-soaked passion – that is easy to like and dance to all night long with a smile on your dial.

Check out this new track on Spotify and see more stories on his IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Losing Sight: Frannie B searches for the all-important meaning again with ‘Downfall’

After understandably letting the addictive forces of the internet control her for too long like so many, Frannie B emerges from the other side with a harrowing story that should serve as a wake-up call for us all on ‘Downfall‘.

Frannie Brown aka Frannie B, is an indie dark-pop/dance and RnB-fused PJ’s-loving singer-songwriter who truly sings from the heart. She makes that inspiring blend of memorable melodies that is real and from life experiences, in this controlled world which can suffocate you forever if you aren’t too careful.

This song was written during lockdown last year. It was recorded in Frannie’s bedroom and produced over Skype with Danish producer Mört.” ~ Frannie B

Her lusciously projected vocals are excellently laced with so much pureness you can’t help but support her message, with a likable beat that gets your moving graciously and thinking deeply about how much you consume online. The lyrics are thoughtfully written and with such insightful meaning – each sentence leads you deeper inside her mind – to see how she feels about this vitally important topic, that seem to have been unintentionally forgotten.

To me this song is about any form of addiction, including how damaging the internet is and how much young people (myself included) allow it to control almost every aspect of our lives. Addiction is an area that is attached to a lot of negative stigma but has really personally affected me so I hope this can help anyone struggling with it to feel less alone.”- Frannie B

Downfall‘ from the wonderful indie dance-pop artist Frannie B, is that stark reminder that one more swipe can really have you lose your true path, as you turn into an anxious zombie and worry about things you really shouldn’t. As social media and the internet has so many losing their soul just for some meaningless likes and follows, this is a striking message that needs to be heard far and wide. With so many impressionable eyes locked on their screens, there must be a better way to live and avoid getting sucked into a world that unfairly compares everyone.

Sung with a true care and love from someone who has lived the emotional journey, this is a catchy track to truly think about what content you absorb. Surely living life happily is about being outside in nature, with genuine human and animals, far away from our addictive phones.

Hear this fantastic new single on Spotify and see more news via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Get your euphoria fix with MAR1’s alt-electronica single, Someone Else

If it has been a while since you’ve encountered an uplifting track that does what it says on the tin, delve into MAR1’s hyper-pop dance track, Someone Else, which uses distorted vocals that find ubiquitous synergy with the beats.

Someone Else was never orchestrated to fall in line with contemporary trends or style. The Alexandria, Egypt-hailing producer and DJ thrives when his electronic craft knows no stylistic bounds. Experimental it may be, but by no means is MAR1’s evocative sound niche. The artist has counted plenty of successes in his career, including joining big-name acts at festivals such as Firefly Music Festival. Something tells us that MAR1 won’t stop there, considering that his potential leaves us with as much hype as his energetic sound itself.

For the sake of your serotonin levels, safe space on your radar.

Someone Else is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Zazen gave FAULHABER’s ‘Go Ahead Now’ a bass-drenched future house feel with his remix.

Washington DC hailing artist and producer Zazen made the basslines even deeper in his remix of the world-renowned Dutch DJ and EDM producer FAULHABER’s seminal single, Go Ahead Now. The original was a fine feat of Euro-dance; under Zazen’s production, the track became infinitely more captivating with the ominous layers of reverb over dark tones and the breaks that became infinitely more extreme.

Since 2012, the independent artist, Zazen, has become renowned for his dynamic style that fuses future house with hard kicks and clean bass lines. For anyone who likes their EDM on the filthier side, you’ll find plenty of playlist stapes in his collection of original tracks and remixes.

You can stream Zazen’s remix of Go Ahead Now via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast