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Dilemma leaves us Feeling Alive with his latest single

‘Feeling Alive’ is just one of the recently released euphorically alchemic mixes from up and coming artist and producer Dilemma. Future Bass fans couldn’t ask for a more entrancing soundscape to immerse themselves within.

Feeling Alive boasts so much more than just momentum; the sense of ecstasy runs right through the instrumental mix that will be perfect for those hedonistic summer nights that make it impossible not to be grateful to be alive. Dilemma found a way to leave you feeling like what it means to be human is layered amongst the disco, techno and future house textures. We can’t wait to hear what is in the pipeline.

Feeling Alive is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

They Wanna Be Her: Rising Hartlepool sister duo Khalysis drop dazzling new single ‘Diablo’

With a heart-warming sound that has your body moving and grooving like it was 2019, Khalysis tell us the story of that gorgeous girl who heats up the room like a sauna on ‘Diablo‘.

Khalysis (Formerly LIV’n’G) is a supremely talented all-sister tropical pop duo from cozy Hartlepool in England. They are formed by Olivia Crawford and Georgia Fletcher, who make that fun party music which makes you dance all night long.

The honey coated beat has your eyes and ears sparked to attention — as you get those dance shoes onto your eager feet — to dust off those moves you missed so much through these strange times. Her vocals are calming and natural, swirling into your mind as you start to smile, as this is the type of song you just want to turn up loud.

This is the story of having your heart sprung to attention, as that one person has the power to get everyone to change what they were doing and to glance cheekily in their direction.

Diablo‘ from the stunning singer-songwriter sister duo Khalysis (ca-LEE-sis), is a terrific track with so much potential as you remember sliding to this type of tune in the local club. This is the story about that gorgeous girl who makes everyone’s jaw drop — as she drifts into the room with a cheeky smile — and causes the medics to arrive quickly, from too many people fainting on the ground.

Stream this fresh new song on Spotify and check out their IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Throw away your saviour complex with Justine Eltakchi’s hyperpop single, ‘Demons’.

Justine Eltakchi

If you find that the average perennial pop earworm lacks bite, get acquainted with the teeth in the flawless futurepop earworm, ‘Demons’, by Justine Eltakchi.

After a productive 2020, which saw the singer-songwriter releasing two EPs and six singles, 2021 shows a different side of Justine Eltakchi. Her latest single brings forth a darker, more experimental hyperpop sound that isn’t afraid to lyrically rip right through to the core of suffering as the instrumentals echo the mental instability before the final crescendo that illustrates that breakthrough when the black cloud finally shifts.

Demons is a single that compels the listener to put themselves first and throw away the saviour complex. Considering that there is a fair amount of women out there lusting over serial killers with the belief that they can ‘fix’ them, Demons is an essential track.

Check out Justine Eltakchi on her Website, Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I Don’t Play Ball: Soft Tommy solves the world’s equations on ‘Nerd Party’

With a confident attitude to be who he really is, Soft Tommy puts on his suspenders, drops a savage spelling bee battle, and laces us his dance shoes, to show us what we are missing out on with ‘Nerd Party‘.

Soft Tommy is a comedic dance rapper and singer-songwriter from the USA who makes music to lift the mood, away from the doom and gloom of life in this rather strange world.

He flows with his glasses on proudly, as he takes us for a journey to a world that is far from reality, transported through time so that we can have a rest from the dull reality for a while.

”Spanning genres from classical ballads to rapping, electronic dance & pop music, Soft Tommy has learned to use music as his primary language for communicating with the human race & helping spread his message of love, humor & self acceptance.” – Soft Tommy

Nerd Party’ from the Midwest, USA comedy dancing rapper and singer Soft Tommy, is that tribute to all the folks out there that are supremely underrated and also deserve their time to shine. He brings us a music video that will shock some, and please others. Just the way Soft Tommy would want it.

See this colorful video on YouTube and find out more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stop Teasing: MR.Slade wants to love but finds them in difficult form on ‘You Make It So Hard’

Calling out those who try and add fuel to the temptation as he wants to just be happy, MR.Slade rocks in ready to have fun with the saucy single that mixes two genres you never thought would ever be friends called ‘You Make It So Hard‘.

MR.Slade is a confident Canadian indie dance-pop and metal solo artist, who decided to break away from the normal and do his own thing, at the very highest level of enjoyment possible. He makes that fun music which has the crowd alive with sweaty excitement, all night long.

He sings with such gusto and flourishes while clearly doing what he was meant for. After being bored in the dull days of retail work, he has found his calling and ravages the mic with a song that fills your mind up with clouds of smoke, as he asks his crush to stop teasing and to make the move already.

You Make It So Hard‘ from Canada-based metal/dance-pop artist MR.Slade, is the type of song that you put on loud during a house party with mates to add more fire to night, as you take another sip and just smile to the night as you make new friends and reconnect with old ones.

There is no rush here, only a mission to fuse a new genre together and have some fun whilst creating history.

Stream this thumping new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Turn The Shower On: Despite the long days Darnell Miller is motivated enough to ‘Keep Pushin’

With a positive attitude that pushes his mind to only thinking about what is possible ahead, Darnell Miller throws the past to the trashcan and is all about that ‘Keep Pushin‘ mentality which has served him so well.

Darnell Miller is an experienced indie-soul singer-songwriter, arts educator and producer, who brings so much life with his music, his shining personality lifts the mood around him. He makes that quality soundtrack that always feels so good in your whole body.

He sings with that exuberantly genuine passion which flies fleetingly through the star-lit sky like a confident bird who knows where to go, as you feel his soulful lyrics putting you into a good space.

The superb beat has you smiling and grooving along, as you picture him getting through his day with a grin most of the time, as you feel the relevance to how your day goes too. Sometimes things are hard and other days are easy, as you just know that you need to stay positive no matter what.

Keep Pushin‘ from the ever-evolving soul/dance musician Darnell Miller, leads us into the light away from the negative energy which can wrap over you like plastic in the ocean. He is all about that exciting music to help us keep those good vibrations always, whilst brushing anything else aside that isn’t going to bring you closer to your goals.

Life is all about keeping that hustle mentality going, no matter what roadblocks are currently keeping you away from achieving your desired goals.

Stream this groovy new single Spotify and see more from this soulful artist via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Close Your Eyes: Swedish producer Carrión drops spectacular tropical house summer hit ‘By My Side’

As the breathtaking beat marvels your mind like a skilled magicians illusion, Carrión hugs our healing heart with his soothing new single that will put a spring in your step called ‘By My Side’.

Alexander Carrión aka Carrión is a captivating Uppsala, Sweden-based indie music producer, who creates that spectacular tropical house music, which has you soaring high above the crisply formatted clouds, as you escape reality for a few minutes.

This is the message of having that deep love no matter what happened before, as your souls are connected so sweetly and nothing else matters. Your love for each other is more than you ever thought possible and the worlds are charged together as one, to reflect a beaming light that can’t ever be blocked out.

By My Side’ from Sweden’s terrific electronic producer Carrión, is a touching dance-filled journey of wanting that special soul right next to you. This is a peachy beat that tastes so good, as you wait for summer to come back so your tan and good times return, after the glumness of recent times. This is a song to hold onto, as you turn it up and wish for those incoming better days.

Stream this catchy new song on Spotify and see their story unfold via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

REMY QUINN – Make U Happy featuring Haley Warner

‘Make U Happy’ is the fourth single released by the up and coming Chicago-residing pop artist and producer REMY QUINN in collaboration with vocalist Haley Warner. If your summer pop playlists need shaking up, they will get a seismic shift in cool with Make U Happy.

The urban dance-pop track comes with polished production, but there is still enough room for the intimate indie vibes to breathe through the short and sweet mix that finds the perfect balance of energy. Make U Happy delivers plenty of affectionate passion. Yet, Haley Warner delivers the lyrics with a touch of realist reservation, accentuating the organic feel of the stylish release. Make U Happy is the kind of authentic pop that the airwaves has been crying out for. It is the antithesis of plastic pop music.

Make U Happy is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Josh Hernandez – Dance Alone: Disco Pop Empowerment

Josh Hernandez

As clubs tentatively open their doors this summer, it is going to take euphoric hits to get people who have picked social awkwardness during lockdown moving. The unifying funk grooves in Josh Hernandez’s debut disco-pop track should do the trick.

The tribally-compelling rhythms and melodies which make an earworm out of Dance Alone bring the danceable energy as the female vocals verse the empowering lyrics that divert from the usual dance-pop tropes. The lyricism is sure to resonate with anyone who has found comfort in their independence in recent months. If you can endure lockdown alone, you can dance alone, not that you’ll need much convincing to be arrested by the Latin and Reggaeton-inspired mix.

Dance Alone released on April 16th. You can check out Josh Hernandez here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nick Tello created the ultimate dance hit with his trap mix of Aristotle Jones’ Caligula.

For his latest release, Boston-based produced producer Nick Tello reworked the iconic track, Caligula, by Aristotle Jones by pumping it with more adrenaline and bringing it in line with the new wave of trap.

While the original offers grooving melodic NYC hip hop vibes, Nick Tello took Caligula to an anthemic new level making the track an infinitely better choice for dancefloor DJs to spin. The organic feeling that the original came with may have been replaced by brashier 808s and plenty more bass, but there’s no disputing that Nick Tello made it his own.

Check out Nick Tello’s remix via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast