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Thaddius – Heaven: Nineties Dance Nostalgia

Heaven is the latest single from up and coming EDM artist Thaddius. The soundscapes come alive through the artist’s passion for combining energy, frequency and vibration to create beats which carry their own waves of lucidity. In the five-minute duration you’re treated to waves of lush synth, and the soft kicks of the drum machine. As much as I enjoyed the track, I would love to hear something a little more inventive in the next mixes, especially when it comes to the lyricism and vocal styling. Having said that, when the beats are that transcendental, the end result was still a stellar beat.

If you’re looking for an immersive, nostalgic hit to take you right back to the golden age of Dance music, head over to SoundCloud and check out Thaddius’ latest single which was released July 2nd now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


StoneOcean – A Bohemian rhapsody

Why isn’t there more high-octane dance music built around traditional folk music? After all Stone Oceans Polkagris proves that such an unlikely coupling of music works much batter than the idea might first suggest. To be fair it is one that will probably appeal to the progressive dance set, the alt-folk freaks and the left-field fusion fans than the denizens of the traditional folk genres, but it is a wonderful, meandering wander through a host of genres and styles nonetheless.

We hear talk of Bohemian styles and scenes all the time but this by virtue of the fact that the polka originates in what used to be called Bohemia and that this is music that the hippy chic and hipster set will fall for hook, line and sinker, it is fair to ask the question is there anything more truly Bohemian than this. And the answer is no. Quirky electronic dance music meets ancient folk vibes? What’s not to love?


A Versatile Dance Track If Ever Their Was One

There is a strange juxtaposition that lies at the heart of Lux Quacey’s music in general, and Alone in particular. On the one hand the beats and drive are punchy and vibrant enough, creating an upbeat mood and a groovesome vibe, on the other there is so much space in the track that it comes across as chilled, purposefully laidback and almost lazy. It means that it manages to sit in two worlds, both as a minimalist dance floor track all sultry groove and hypnotic, skittering hook lines and as an after club, early hours, chill out, future classic.

The charm is that he knows where their most effective sonic bench mark is and even stopped short of that, allowing space and atmosphere to fill in the gaps between the beats and bars as instruments in their own right. Whereas most musicians would have piled on the layers of synth, doubled up the pace of the beat and overloaded the song, Quacey is a master of musical understatement. The result is an elegant, intriguing, wonderfully clean-limbed, effortlessly soulful and totally original chilled and minimal, slow dance track that fits into the club night at any point from that first drink of the evening to the après-club, after party wind down. Clever, very clever.


Jenna Laurise – Waves: Oceanic EDM Pop

When it comes to Dance & EDM tracks, usually the only expectation is for intricate build up, resounding kicks and blindingly euphoric breakdowns. Jenna Laurise did all that and more with her latest single Waves which was released earlier this year. The depth of the lyricism within her track was oceanic, puns aside, Jenna has definitely set the bar when it comes to creating rounding Dance hits. The poignant composition was orchestrated around the emotions surrounding loss, whilst the lyrics are sonorously emotive, the energy behind track is pure uplifting empowerment. It took quite a voice to match the harsh beats when they were in full flow, but Jena Laurise had no trouble in dominating the soundscape with her soaring strong vocals. Throughout the duration of the track I couldn’t quite help shed the feeling of familiarity in the sound when drawing comparison to Lady Gaga, and that’s by no means an insult; they’re both vocally blessed goddesses.

As an EDM Pop hit goes, you really couldn’t ask for more. You can check out Jenna Laurise’s latest single Waves on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Renzo – Just Chill Man!

If dance and pop music is known for being sharp edged, up front and in your face, in musical terms confrontational in its use of recurring hooks and infectious gimmickry to make its point, some times it is happy to take some time out. Renzo sits somewhere between the two camps being lyrically forward but making music which sits in a central space occupied by ambient rap, wind down  dance music, chill out vibes and futuristic soul.

Here the music exposes its soul infused origins and its ability to think outside the box through its ambient tones and hypnotic grooves, its spacious percussion and more reserved use of bass line and beat. It also does away with crescendos and drops, preferring to just gently motor along in its comfortable, hypnotic and relaxing way. This is chill out music at its finest, but for all its dance sophistication, cool jazz-vibe sensitivity and musical understatement it is also music that will fill the dance floor with sultry slow movers and groovers in no time at all. Chill out music with teeth!


SuperAlex – Hey Man, Be A Man: Political Satire VS Anthemic Hardstyle

When I first checked out SuperAlex’s debut mix I was stung by the nostalgia of my youth. I grew up around the infectious sounds of The Vengaboys, and Gunther’s guilty pleasure of a track You Touch My Tralala. Music has changed a lot since then, the fun has been sucked out of it and replaced with pretension and grandiosity, but Hey Man, Be A Man took me right back.

The Hard Dance/Hard Style club hit is tinged with all the vital elements of euphoria that go into the making of a timeless anthem, from swirling drops, to heavy snares, the track comes with its own brand of electricity that draws you in. That’s all without mentioning the music video which is a compilation of political satire that highlights the disparity of the toxic masculinity that women are forced to contend with. Whilst it seems an unlikely visual accompaniment to the video I applaud SuperAlex for making this statement and using his platform to shame the Harvey Weinstein’s of the world.

Check out the official video to Hey Man, Be A Man on YouTube using the link below.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


KaraKaff – Feel the Freedom: Y’all Ready For Summer Beats?

Even though we’re still in the grips of winter, Karakaff & Lizzie Haynes have linked up to treat EDM fans to some sweet summer mixes that will make the nights a little warmer.

Their debut track Feel the Freedom is an EDM Dance smash hit, full of euphoric wonder and pounding basslines that make for a pretty dirty drop. The London based duo are pretty new to the scene, but with tracks such as this, they sure as hell aren’t underdogs in the Electro House arena with their original futuristic sounds. Not one moment in the track is void of stylish, well rounded synth pitches that make for the perfect melody.

Head on over to Soundcloud where you can check out the debut track from one of the best collaborations the underground EDM scene has seen in years:

Head on over to Facebook & follow Karakaff & Lizzie Haynes latest music endeavours.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


MILENA – Everyday Remix: Rapturous EDM

MILENA’s debut single from her second album “Everyday” was a flawless masterpiece, even before Nick Van Gelder got his EDM paws on the track to create the vibrantly shallow new remix.

In the original track the London based singer Milena Lainovic captured that sunset boulevard glow in her sound, by constructing the ultimate anthem to listen to as the sun comes up. Fans of her music are either going to love or hate the remix which sadly detracts away from the resonance in her old school beats which she orchestrates around the poignancy of her vocal ability. The Van Gelder remix doubled the duration of the track by packing in repetitive beats and more loops than you can shake a stick at which will no doubt appeal to EDM Dance fans with a penchant for the contemporary trance sound. Yet, I still can’t help but feel an injustice has befallen this track, as MILENA’S voice is swallowed by the sonic backdrop of the remix.

Check out the Nick Van Gelder remix via Soundcloud using the link below:

To Discover more of MILENA’s original work head on over to her website where you can find more on her debut album:


Edgar Crespo walks the perfect line

Just how do you get ahead of the competition in the mainstream electro, dance, pop market? That’s the trick isn’t it? Pitch a sound and a style that is too radical, too out there and whilst you will pick up a few new fans from the fringes and underground scenes, you risk loosing the main target audience. Create a sound which is too similar to the centre of the fashion curve and you risk being lost in the noise of the competition, or worse brandished a copycat act trading on a sound already associate with more established artists.

That’s the clever thing about Edgar Crespo, he understands the balance between the tried and test and new, between the comfort zone and the exploratory high and Let’s Go is proof of that fact. Smooth and soulful, built on R&B grooves and hypnotic rhythms it also moves the genre forward brilliantly. It will resonate with the early hours club dance floor set as much as the after party chill out, it is music for the late night drive and perfect for setting a chilled vibe around the house. It ticks boxes in any number of genres from dance to pop to modern soul to R&B, very soon this song is going to be everywhere.


First Class Singer Nina Simone Williams Is Back In The Game

She may have once been part of 90’s girl group First Class but Nina Simone Williams is back ready to carve a career out in her own right and I Wanna Be Free is a great calling card. It mixes pop accessibility with a dance floor R&B, infectious beats with sultry break downs and is the perfect musical product for the clubland movers and shakers, DJ’s and taste makers.
The clever thing about Nina is that whilst she very much appeals to the late evening, high – octane dance groove set, she also manages to bring something new to the sound. That the song is infectious goes without saying but with its soulful break downs and wonderful use of dynamics to shift the pace and control the mood, it displays a subtle and supple quality that many of her peers lack. Put it this way, in a busy club land district of the hottest scene in town, with music blasting from the venue doorways out into the night time streets, the streets filled with the young, hip and fashionable, this song is going to be the one that draws the coolest movers and shakers to that club’s dance floor. No so much a song, more the soundtrack to a new scene just waiting to happen.

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