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GLYTSH took control of the UK metal scene with their dark vehement aesthetic in Hard(core) Memory

After boldly covering NIN’s most seductive single for their debut and creating a triumphant hit out of it by unveiling the demure holes that were left unfilled, the London-based metal-inclined duo, GLYTSH, have released their sophomore single, Hard(core) Memory.

Hard(core) Memory is Reznor served with Peaches (hold the cream) paired with the fierce provocative metal aesthetic of In This Moment. Reminiscences aside, their projection of autonomy through infectiously unfuckwithable attitude is nothing short of hypnotic around the bite of the industrial beats, scuzzy grungy drums and feral guitars. It stays on the right side of lascivious, while teasingly toeing the line, unapologetically proving that assertive feminine energy has never been about getting dicks hard.

Considering that Hard(core) vindicated me more than Bikini Kill’s I Like Fucking, it’s safe to say the French vocalist, Jennifer Diehl and Swiss guitarist, Claire Genoud, are a fair way along in their mission in reminding us that the Riot Grrrl ethos didn’t end with the dawn of the new millennium.

The official video for Hard(core) Memory premiered on June 1st. Check it out via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

VITA has dropped one of the most ensnaringly Avant-Garde debuts of the year with BADBADBAD.

With her debut single, BADBADBAD., the icon in the making VITA is pushing alternative attitude and avant-garde textures into the mainstream, which is all a part of her mission to break society’s boundaries, and encourage her listeners to do the same.

If you could imagine the fierce feminine ferocity of Peaches paired with the earworm appeal of Rihanna and the extreme multidimensional artistry of SKYND, you will be able to get an idea of what the Sydney-hailing artist delivered in her arrestingly promising debut.

If the sonic gravitas isn’t enough to leave you enraptured, her determination to carry the power of her ancestry in her rebellious modern sound will be more than efficacious. Vita was named after her great aunt who died in the Holocaust; once you register the sheer juggernaut power in BADBADBAD. with that in mind, it is enough to leave you with goosebumps.

BADBADBAD. is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

LA alt-electronica artist and producer Romy has unleashed her pitch-black industrial pop track, Penance.


Romy’s latest single, Penance, is enough to make Peaches sound tame. Against the industrial Nine Inch Nails-inspired beats, her sultry, fierce vocals spill enough magnetism to rival Shirley Manson while she roars through the lyrics that lament the dankness of society while making the unignorable request for the world to be gentle amidst the chaos.

The Australian LA-based artist and producer has exactly what it takes to dominate the mainstream and the grimy underground of alt-electronica. Any fans of Skinny Puppy, Grendel and Faderhead will be won over by the caustic beats. When it comes to the hooky pop elements, no one will be immune to their draw.

Check out Romy on SoundCloud, Instagram and her official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Baby Rose xo – Honey Honey: Empoweringly Salacious Queer Pop

Instead of pandering to pre-existing narratives around sexuality, Baby Rose xo changed the script with her latest single, ‘Honey Honey’, and is following in the footsteps of the likes of Peaches to create salaciously empowering Pop hits.

Anyone who grew up on 90s Riot Grrrl but appreciates danceable electro pop grooves, will undoubtedly want to adopt Honey Honey as a high-vibe playlist essential. It smashes the preconception that female sexuality exists solely for the pleasure of men. As Kathleen Hanna notoriously said, ‘I believe in the radical notion of pleasure, babe’.

Honey Honey is available through Apple Music. Hit play and find your new queer pop icon.

Stay up to date with Baby Rose xo via Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

STUNTDRIVER – FUGITIVE: Sultrily Volatile Electro-Rock

As someone who grew up on Garbage before delving even deeper into Riot Grrrl and dabbling with Industrial Metal and Rock, STUNTDRIVER’s latest track FUGITIVE was always going to set my synapses alight. It’s super-charged with playful Punk energy and there’s plenty of theatrical flair to well and truly set the artist apart from the rest.

It’s fierce, but the ferocity doesn’t dilute the sultry and playfully sardonic approach which STUNTDRIVER took with FUGITIVE, which may just be the most volatile track I’ve heard this year. If you’re a fan of the Distillers, you’ll definitely want the LA artist on your radar. With their album SAGA due to drop in 2021, expect to hear plenty more from this trailblazing captivatingly trashy artist.

You can check out STUNTDRIVER’s track FUGITIVE for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast