Asking for forgiveness: ‘Rose Colored Home’ by Nashville’s Streetlight Curfew is the story of redemption

Taken off their brand new full release called ‘Better Luck Next Year‘, this is a band that starts us off by teasing their electric guitar style that simmers like a hot cuppa coffee, and percolates so nicely into your ears. You get the feeling that this is going to be a top track, and this intuition is justified rather quickly. The passionate vocals are soon lifted high in the sky and we sit back, and enjoy the 5 Piece Nashville Punk-Rockers honesty as Streetlight Curfew swarm the airwaves, like hungry bees on ‘Rose Colored Home‘.

His vocals lift the mood and we are soon introduced to the second singer, they add a vibrant energy and you can’t help but like this Punk sound that reminds you of bands back in the 2000’s. They mesh together like a bunch of friends who love being together, they make music for the love, not the glamour and fame.

The sad regret is there in the song and the feeling of letting down someone close is firmly entrenched into the lyrics laid out before us. The band are humble, they show self-awareness and add a gritty edge to the track and you sway your body back and forth, remembering when you bought your first Blink 182 CD.

The Tennessee Punk Rockers Streetlight Curfew are in inspired form on ‘Rose Colored Home‘, this is their biggest track yet as fans are hungry for a return to more music like this, tired of the watered down Rap and cheesy Pop that dominates so many minds and ears.

The band are likable and they have shared a song about letting someone close to them down when they needed you most. After all, showing humility and asking for a second chance, is the step in the right direction to gain forgiveness.

See the band play this new track live via YouTube and see their journey here on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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