Kyo King – Anemia: Conviction-Fuelled Dark Hip Hop

Hip Hop artists who allow their lyrics to hit as hard as the beats in their mixes don’t crop up every day. But Kyo King has proven themselves to be the refreshing exception with their latest album “Fall, No One Cares”. If you think the album title is starkly sobering, wait until you hear the gritty introspection found in the standout track “Anemia”.

Anemia is a dark, downtempo Trap mix which offers plenty of conviction whilst it tears back the façade that life is a safe bed of roses. We may find ways to distract ourselves to fool ourselves into believing the contrary, but Kyo King poignantly points out the futility. There may be the slight risk of falling into an existential hole listening to Anemia, but for those already on the edge of one, it’s nice to have the affirmation that you’re not alone in your contempt for how odious the world is becoming.

You can check out Anemia along with the rest of Kyo King’s album via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


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