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IN Peril deliver high-calibre catharsis in their thrashy garage rock track, ‘Your Decision’

UK-based hard rock outfit IN Peril made their debut in 2020 with their stormer of a single, ‘Your Decision’, with their visceral mix of garage rock and punk, they made it impossible not to pay attention.

While many people potentially won’t like the reminder that every life problem bemoaned about is a consequence of their decisions, there’s plenty of high-calibre catharsis within the punchy, thrashy hit that is screaming to be played live.

IN Peril may carry newcomer status presently, but the synergy within this sniping earworm wouldn’t allow you to believe it. Now that ‘normal’ life is threatening to make a return, they’re definitely one for the radar.

Your Decision is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

A Better Future: Galvanizing Argentinian rock musician Lautaro De Gobbi leads the way for environmental rights on ‘El Valle’

As he sings from the heart to the save The Valley that seems to be getting destroyed more and more, day by day, Lautaro De Gobbi shows us the way to help what matters to you on ‘El Valle‘.

Lautaro De Gobbi is an Argentinian punk rock artist, music graduate and music producer from Patagonia, who sings with a deep look inside the soul of his beloved country, as he performs with an edge to draw attention to various issues in society.

“These songs are born in the search for self expression and the fight against the powers that are trying to destroy our world and futures.” – Lautaro De Gobbi

With a groovy start that feels like its out of a movie, he sparks up the sky with a catchy and packed guitar-filled experience that has you hooked immediately. Soon, we are introduced to a deep vocal ability that is sung so passionately, the chorus has you captivated and this feels like a call to action, for something greater than we can possibly imagine.

El Valle‘ from Patagonia’s self-aware punk rocker Lautaro De Gobbi, is a track that deeply expresses the wholehearted anger of seeing his local areas cultural heritage land, shockingly being sold at a such a low price for mining and deforestation. This is a call for change and for it to happen as soon as possible to keep the soul of his homeland alive.

Stream this inspiring new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Bag Ratty Bro share their automated aspirations with their pop-punk single, ‘ROBOT HOOVER’

Bag Ratty Bro

While I never thought I would hear a punk track with lyrics that aspire towards acquiring a Roomba, I’m ridiculously glad that I did. Bang Ratty Bro’s debut single ‘ROBOT HOOVER’  may not be the 70s anti-capitalist punk we came to love and build our morality around, but it’s a punk playlist staple all the same. This mostly comes as a courtesy of the guitarist exhibiting some serious prowess outside of the usual ‘you know 3 chords you can start a band’ punk form.

Bag Ratty Bro’s ROBOT HOOVER is easily up there with Candyskins’ release Mrs Hoover as an anthemically-charged hoover-inspired feat of dopamine-boosting indie punk.

You can hear Bag Ratty Bro via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

I Don’t Need This: Ireland’s CloudYeller cross themselves off the list with ‘Unsatisfied’

Rocking in with their second single that screams quality, CloudYeller are back with the story about being careful about following the sheep mentality on the fast-paced ‘Unsatisfied‘.

CloudYeller is a motivating three-piece Ireland-based hard rock/punk band, who make that thoughtfully conscious music that has your mind in a fresh place, ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

The vocals here are full of passionate energy that has you nodding your head in approval, the band have that cinematic style that has your mind awash with ideas and thinking about how you will spend your hard-earned money in the future.

This is the story of how you can get easily sucked into what the world wants you to do, as people buy things to impress people they don’t really like. With consumerism at an all time high, it takes a wise person to sit back and realize that they can find that elusive satisfaction, in other things that make them smile for days.

Unsatisfied‘ from Irish punk/hard rock act CloudYeller, is that song to inspire you with a breathtaking sound that is all about not doing what others do, as you want to be happy inside and buying things that you don’t need, will never make you happy.

Stream this new single here on Spotify and see more on their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Welcome To Earth: K3NDY (feat. Rass Limit) show us what is wrong with the planet on ‘Ground Zero’

As they both look outside the tainted window and tell us exactly what they see, K3NDY (feat. Rass Limit) show us into their honest world of knowing that greed and selfishness of so many in power, will be the end of the human race before too long on ‘Ground Zero’.

K3NDY is a Cologne, Germany-based indie singer-songwriter who fuses emo-pop and rock-punk together into one explosive mixture of incredible sounds. She has linked up with fellow Cologne-based former rapper and now punk artist Rass Limit, as they show obvious chemistry, to lab up a powerful concoction which is one of the more truthful songs of 2021.

They know we are so lost as a race, as they confidently step on the gas and throw down all the cards onto the table. The guitar skills are highly impressive, as the honest lyrics link so well together with vibrant vocals that has your head moving and your mind working extra. You know that they are right and the time for change is definitely here, before it is too late and the whole world burns down.

Ground Zero’ from the unmistakably talented Cologne singer-songwriter K3NDY (feat. Rass Limit), is a thunderous display between two artists who mesh so well together. Hand in hand, they take us on an honest ride through the streets to see the destruction – on land and water that will ultimate define us as the generation that didn’t do enough – to stop the hurtful carnage that is seeping into our planet each second.

Always wanting more has turned so many into blood thirsty zombies, and this is crushing all the love that has been build up over so many centuries before us.

Hear this top new song on Spotify, check out K3NDY’s IG plus Rass Limit’s IG too.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Das Ghoul bring a flash of spectacular pomp and ceremony to horror punk with ‘Twisted’

Trip the Light Phantasmic by das Ghoul

Take a healthy dose of old-school ‘Damned’-style gothic punk, a large helping of horror-tinged shock-rock, add a spattering of ‘Phantom of the Opera’ eerie piano, a decent dash of proper punk-edged rock n’ roll, and some sprinklings of ghostly psychedelia, and you’ve got a pretty good recipe for something special. That’s firmly where Oxford-based Das Ghoul sit; there’s touches of the aforementioned Damned, bits of Nick Marsh guitar and Flesh For Lulu atmosphere, even little mixes of opera, ska, and moody Interpol-style alt-rock at times in between the more obvious rushing punk guitar and shock-rock lyrics.

Das Ghoul bring a flash of spectacular pomp and ceremony to goth-horror-punk (is that a thing? It’s a thing), the evil looking masks and pseudonyms adding to a solid musical background. ‘Twisted’ is taken from their new, six-track EP ‘Trip The Light Phantasmic’, the addition of keyboard-player Octavia Von Wakeman filling a coffin-shaped hole and adding the ghastly final piece to the already impressive (presumably red-velvet) backdrop of previous album ‘Noise Das Noire’ and their debut ‘Video Nasty’ EP.

‘Trip The Light Phantasmic’ is … well, fantastic; sinister, punky, and filled with edgy, Edgar Allen Poe-esque gothic horror references and dark, tongue-in-cheek humour. ‘Twisted’ is a perfect introduction to the ghost train.

Check out ‘Twisted’, and the rest of ‘Trip The Light Phantasmic, on BandCamp; Follow Das Ghoul on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Solutions are tomorrow’s news: Manchester’s Urban Theory open up our curious minds on truthful ‘A Poet’s World’

Leading our overly-stimulated minds to shy away from the mainstream thinking that only adds to the gloom, Urban Theory scribble down courageous clues for us to enamor ourselves with, on the wonderful star-gazer called ‘A Poet’s World‘.

Fast-rising Manchester, England-based four-piece indie-punk band Urban Theory, fuse together delightfully that extra thoughtful music, that takes you to a new place so you can reassure yourself, that everything is going to be okay again.

With their first released single of the year, they sound especially hungry and show intimate intent with a stunning array of thunderous soundscapes, that simmers in hot like a steaming induction cooker. They have that raw power and are impressively self-aware, as they have seen so many around them lose their way. Their message is to wake up the masses with that sonic boosting vibes, that stomps you in the soul so nicely.

Recorded by the talented team at Bury’s Edwin Street Studio, this is one of three singles planned for 2021 as the band take things up a notch with a pure single, that makes your body move and groove with delight and thoughtfulness, all somehow at the same time.

A Poet’s World‘ from Manchester’s riveting indie-punk/rock outfit Urban Theory, is that special type of song that has you thinking about the current world and how broke the structures really are. Whilst we don’t have all the answers, avoiding the cracked steps of today is vital so you can maze safely into tomorrow, with your head held high looking at the stars to rest your weary mind.

Hear this excellent track here on their Spotify and find out more via the band’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Where is the love: The Secs keep it real on exceptional single ‘Body Girl’

Taken off their latest ten-track album called ‘Kissing with Wolves’, The Secs tell it how it is without being overly nasty, despite the distasteful circumstances on ‘Body Girl‘.

North Devon (UK) multi-genre indie post-punk/garage/grunge rock band The Secs, is fronted by the incredibly real singer, rapper, poet, artist and soul healer Rachel Madeline. She phenomenally fuses that really raw, cheekily raunchy and heart-striking music, that makes you dance around like the good times are back and have that much-needed fun again.

This is the wild story of a girl that hooks up with that guy you like, just because she know that you like him. The ultimate display of undesirable pettiness is sadly all-too-common in modern reality TV-hooked society and the annoyance from this moment is perfectly explained in detail by a sensationally multi-talented singer, who tells it how it is, without stooping to the dingy levels of her unwise nemesis. You are all about the love and they are sadly only thinking with the cheap wine and fake energy strewn into their plastic veins.

The catchy riffs run rampantly into your healing heart with galvanizing gusto as your curious body is thrust to groove along to this enlightening look into the mind of a unimpressed woman, who has been scorned and isn’t too happy about.

The melodies here are such a great listen and you smile a bit to yourself-knowing exactly what she means about the fake-tanned dolls that need a dose of their own medicine sometimes.

Body Girl‘ from North Devon’s The Secs, is a gloriously gritty track that shows how supremely creative Rachel is, with more variety inside than a tasty happy meal. She performs with that extra edge and authenticity, never closing herself off to fit any particular fad or genre box, that can easily wrap the creativity right over you and never let go. This is that underground gem that you wish you had known about earlier and is a terrific showing from an underrated band that must be so pulsating and electric live.

Knowing who you are in life is so important and not falling into the trap of walking with the sheep, is absolutely vital is this quick-swipe and copycat world. Being an original wolf and walking your own path, is ultimately a much realer experience for your hungry soul, who seeks that real love to fully reach your vast desires.

Stream this brilliantly moody track on Bandcamp and see FB for more on this electrifying band.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Antalai has dropped their riotously dynamic Alt-Rock debut ‘Spilling My Guts’

If alt-rock fans take a chance on any debut single in 2021, they should make it Antalai’s euphorically-charged unapologetically feisty track ‘Spilling My Guts’.

There is a real sense that there was no pretence for Antalai to hide behind in her debut. Her authentic voice resounds as her visceral poetic rage rips through high-octane hit which will leave you rhythmically arrested by the end of the first verse.

Through the addition of the punchy pop-rock chorus which puts a modernist twist on 00s Pop Punk, Spilling My Guts became a riotously anthemic hit which you would be lucky to hear if you wandered to the front of a crowd at a festival.

You can check out Antalai’s single for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Unleash the misery with Five Hundred Bucks’ frenetic feat of Punk Rock ‘Spinal’

This Welcome Mat is a Landmine EP by Five Hundred Bucks

Any fans of Social Distortion will want to turn their attention to the frenetic feat of Punk Rock ‘Spinal’ from Five Hundred Bucks’ aptly explosively titled latest release ‘This Welcome Mat is a Landmine EP’.

The turbulently high-octane hit delivers a relatable sense of indignation both lyrically and vocally, affirming with the listener that yes, it is okay for the fuzzy feels to be flowing when the massive chorus hits; it is possible to feel some semblance of euphoria while the world falls apart around us.

Philadelphia’s tenacious sons and their realism-soaked punky pop rock earworms are exactly what the airwaves in 2021. As they have plenty in the pipeline, you’ll want them on your radar, sooner rather than later.

You can check out Spinal for yourselves by heading over to Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast