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“Wander” – MEDIC’s Latest Polished Indie Pop Release

MEDIC is a three piece indie pop band from Nashville, TN, with a sound that is the result of various sources of inspiration together with an artistic vision and creativity that stands out from the rest. Their sound is reminiscent of stadium concerts by big artists such as Coldplay, while their lyrics are an interesting blend of honesty and abstract expression. In this case, their most recent song “Wander” features a pop sound that is not like what you’d imagine a pop song to sound like. Apart from this, the production aspect of the song makes it stand out from the rest even more. With a polished radio friendly sound this song is ready for a great success.

“Wander” does not only deliver a precise artistic vision through a polished sound but it also features a set of lyrics that are both honest and creatively poetic. Sung through catchy melodic phrases, which are also very ear friendly and singable, the lyrics add a lot of dimension and depth to the song along with the way the instrumental arrangement and digital effects are crafted. Overall these guys have something very fresh to offer and their sound is cool and enjoyable to listen to! Check it out!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Lauren McClinton – Anatomy: R&B Soaked in Synthetic Melody

Anatomy is the brand new single from the talented R&B and Soul artist Lauren McClinton.

Fresh from the success of her debut single Lauren has created yet another charismatically charming track steeped with evocative emotion & raw talent. The US based singer, song writer and instrumentalist takes a wholesome reproach to her music which she infuses with contemporary sound. Yet despite her devout roots she creates a sound that you don’t have to be Godfearing to enjoy. I’m always sceptical when it comes to listening to religious musicians. But McClinton sets the standard when it comes to evangelical sound and creates the perfect melody over a deeply resonant sound.

In parts the effects are a little heavy that dampens the unique styling of her voice, I’d love to hear a more acoustic track from the talented artist, but her new single is going down a storm and has even managed to gain some radio time with 102.1. I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot more from this talented R&B artist.

In her humble nature Lauren loves checking in with her fans, so make sure you check her out on Facebook:


Listen To Peter Donegan’s Outstanding Songwriting Skills In “Superman”

Peter Donegan, son of late “Godfather of British Rock n Roll” Lonnie Donegan, has music running through his veins with an inevitable strong passion towards Country music in particular. His sound is authentic and inimitable and his outstanding songwriting skills are able to captivate listeners of all stylistic preferences. His latest hit song “Superman” does not only showcase these skills but also features a raw heartfelt performance quality and a clear sound that can communicate musical ideas effectively. The chorus section for this song is also able to create a very lasting impression, with higher melodies and interesting rhythmic choices as well as an instrumental background that complements these elements perfectly.

With a consistent vocal tone quality exploring shapely singable melodies using a variety of colours as well as a very effective instrumental arrangement which constantly propels the music forward, the song is intelligently crafted and performed. Another aspect of the song which makes it feel so raw and natural is it’s ability to evoke the sensation that the music is being experienced live in concert. With changes in texture that sustain interest throughout, a balanced Country style instrumentation that keeps growing and singable melodies that form uplifting choruses, the song truly shows how great Peter Donegan’s songwriting skills truly are. Check it out. You won’t be disappointed!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Fox Harbor Release Heart-Warming Song “Some Kind Of Magic”

Fox Harbour are a Nashville based band fronted by two voices which complement each other perfectly in a blend of vocal harmonies, strong driving melodies and an authentic country sound with pop influences. Nathan Cogan and Claire Cooper have not only joined forces to make this project come to life but they have also crafted their very own distinguishable sound and artistic vision along the way. “Some Kind Of Magic” is in fact their latest release which presents a delicate yet strong balance of harmonies and tuneful melodies as well as a heart-warming spirit in the whole arrangement and performance quality.

The duet aspect in “Some Kind Of Magic” is indeed what brings it to life and makes it so impactful and infectious. It is primarily a dance of conversation between the two which culminates in a unifying chorus that truly brings out their vocal compatibility and highlights their ability to create one homogeneous sound. Apart from this, the gentle guitars and strings instrumentation also makes room for the tuneful melodies and vocal tones to shine bright. The two vocal tones in combination with this instrumental arrangement in fact create a very particular balance and character which is truly difficult to find. A characteristic of sound which only true artists with careful attention to detail can obtain.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Abigail’s ‘Perfect Storm’ is a true cocktail of pop and electronica

Abigail is a singer and songwriter with a distinctive voice and a very special production approach.

Her new single release is mellow, yet somewhat dark and haunting, echoing the work of artists like Portishead or Tori Amos, but with more energy. The beat has an amazing impact and a unique punch, while the beautiful layers of vocals really allow the song to stand out and reach an amazing depth.

The song opens up with a really great chorus, where Abigail managed to unleash an insane vocal hooks, rising the volume and intensity of her singing, only to take it softer again in the verses. The wide range of this singer’s voice is amazing: in the verses, she can create a smooth, warm tone, while in the courses, she manages to cut through the mix seamlessly, with control and grit, while remaining melodic and appealing. The bridge is also memorable, with a sparse beat and some cool vocals on the forefront.

This song is a true cocktail of pop and electronica, but with the energy of rock.


Shadow Horse twist that bridges the gaps between old school and contemporary metal

Shadow Horse is a heavy metal band hailing from Nashville, Tennessee. Their music immediately stands out for its broad range and for the band’s unique approach to songwriting, denoting a truly special personality and an original twist that bridges the gaps between old school and contemporary metal.

The band’s recent single, “Spear”, is a great example of the well-refined sonic mechanism at the core of the band’s tone. The song has some really great riffs, a dense, heavy beat and more importantly, a smooth vocal flow that sits perfectly on top of the instruments, easily cutting through the mix.

On “Spear”, Shadow Horse showcases a driven attitude, with lots of talent and a unique vision. Their tone could be described as a refreshing blend of doom and heavy metal, echoing the work of influential artists such as Black Sabbath, Judas Priest or Arch Enemy, only to mention a few of the bands that come to mind while listening to this music.


A&R Factory Present: Lost Stars

If Coldplay, X Ambassadors, Maroon 5, and OneRepublic somehow managed the miracle of creating a musical love child, Lost Stars would be it. The members of the five-piece band came together at Belmont University in Nashville, TN, and formed officially on February 29, 2016. Damian Malnar (vocals and keys), writes and composes all of the music with the help of his bandmates Trey Warner (guitar), Charley Holden (guitar), Thomas Altman (bass), and Brad Covington (drums).

Damian and Charley formed their first musical bond at Rockhurst High School in Kansas City, and both found themselves at Belmont years later. As fate would have it, Damian and Charley met Brad, Trey, and Thomas on campus. Initially, Damian pursued a solo career for himself, with the rest of the group serving as his support band. The aspiring solo artist quickly realized that his friends had been bringing his music to life, and the five decided to become a band. It was then that Lost Stars officially established their existence in the galaxy (and yes there was a bright, fiery explosion involved).

Lost Stars has a wide range of musical influences and draw elements of pop, rock, and electronic music into their songs while still maintaining meaningful and emotional lyrics. Lost Stars comforting and familiar sound, variety of influences, and Damian’s ear for composition all set the band apart from their peers.


A&R Factory Present: Jean Kelley

A soulful Pop singer/songwriter and highly emotive artist with a resonant voice and diverse cross-genre musical influences, Jean Kelley broke onto the music scene as a breath of fresh air on season 7 of NBC’s The Voice. Following The Voice, Jean was able to rally her fans and raise over $40,000 to fund the production of her debut EP.

Jean Kelley takes influence from her past experiences to pave a new, unique sound for herself while looking to inspire hope and determination with her powerful lyrics. Keep up with Jean Kelley as she plans the release ofher debut EP featuring her empowering single, “Stacking Stones.”


A&R Factory Present: Lukr

Nashville-based independent artist and songwriter Lukr is releasing his debut single F*cked Up Summer to all digital music outlets on 5/6/16. It will also be available for free download at on the same date. A music video shot in Brooklyn, NY and Nashville, TN is scheduled for a follow up release later in May.

Born in PA and raised on a Christmas tree farm in Maryland, self-taught artist/songwriter Lukr began playing music as a kid beginning on an $80 piano. After starting and fronting his first band Farewell Flight as a teenager, he led them on dozens of successful DIY coast-to-coast tours in the United States playing hundreds of shows before relocating to Nashville, TN.

Once there, Lukr began collaborating with other artists from LA, NY, Australia, the UK, as well as co-writing songs that have appeared on shows like Scream, Hart of Dixie, Finding Carter, and in international TV and web ads. After 3 years of writing for other performers, Lukr is preparing to debut his own single, the cinematic Fucked Up Summer.

The debut is available for sale and stream at all digital outlets, as well as a free download at, on 5/6/16.


A&R Factory Present: Wade Hampton

Check out 19 year old R&B Singer-Songwrtier Wade Hampton. He is currently living in Nashville TN currently and his Influences include D’Angelo & PARTYNEXTDOOR.

He is planning on releasing a song a month. The first one was titled “GAMES” and was released early march and the second is titled “Make ya Say” which he also shot a video for, and was  directed by Matt Zervos.

Keep an eye out for him this year!

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