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The Right Tribe: AJ Raggs brings us the good energy on the vibrant vibe ‘My Kinda People’

Bringing his catchy positive energy to wipe away the gloomy and sad faces, AJ Raggs is all about finding the good vibes that helps manifest into helping others see what is possible on ‘My Kinda People‘.

Angelo Ragghianti aka AJ Raggs is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-born, soon-to-be Nashville, Tennessee-based singer-songwriter and local cantor at various churches and festivals too. He brings that soulful soundtrack that immerses you closely to his light that burns bright and with such meaning.

His voice carries you to the promised land, where you are with only friends and family that are going to help you find your true purpose through encouragement, not doubt and games that you don’t want to play.

This is the true story of how you can only be great if you surround yourself with those real humans, not the fake alien-type people that seem to be on their own selfish planet that is not a good place to be at all. Staying away from the television helps too as that just adds to your anxiousness, rather than hanging out with kind people who smile and ride the wave of life with a chilled mindset.

My Kinda People‘ from the passionate Pittsburgh-based singer AJ Raggs, is a feel-good song for any day, any month or any year. He sings with that self-aware tone that has you locked in gently to his message of finding your real team. Being with people that don’t get you is bad for your soul anyway.

See this YouTube video here and see more on his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Brandon Bing – Dyin’ Breed: Rapturously Raucous Country Rock

Singer-songwriter Brandon Bing is keeping modern country rock alive and breathing, ironically, with tracks such as ‘Dyin’ Breed’. The southern sun-kissed single plants itself firmly within the roots of country and resounds through the massive radio-ready rock production.

It’s a track that rhythmically commands you to move and lyrically compels you to see the beauty in the world in the same way the Florida & Nashville- based artist does. You almost don’t need the artist’s bio to know that he lives between Florida and Nashville, the gloss and grit delivered in Dyin’ Breed is a telling sign and just one of the reasons why Brandon Bing stands out so easily from the rest.

His rapturously raucous lyricism paired with their gritty southern twang will do infinitely more for your outlook on life than pawing your way through a mountain of self-help books. The energy from the stomping rhythms paired with the rich resonant vocals won’t fail to crawl under your ribs as you listen to the hook-filled feat of honkytonk.

Dyin’ Breed is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Big Regret: Jon Davis recalls that sweet love that got away on ‘My Ex Best Friend’ (feat. The Kenny Rogers Band)

With stories of love and closing doors when she went astray, Jon Davis brings back the best days of his life on his new single called ‘My Ex Best Friend’ (feat. The Kenny Rogers Band).

Jon Davis is a boot stompin’ Australian indie-country artist who make that classic music with real stories, that has a loyal following that sings each word, as you sip on a cold one and enjoy the ride of a lifetime.

After being in mostly tribute bands and playing cover songs, Jon changed direction and before covid-19, was recording his music in Nashville, Tennessee. His passion for creating his own works is obvious and this is a man on a mission to spread his original music to all corners of the world.

This is the story about how you loved her so much and the nights in each others arms still seeps in your mind all the time, as you dream of her so often.

He sings with that experience that has been picked up all the globe, his voice is clear and his lyrics set the picture perfectly without too much mystery. You rejoice as you listen, his catchy chorus has you smiling to his story as you remember the one that got away in your life.

My Ex Best Friend’ (feat. The Kenny Rogers Bandfrom the wise Darwin, Australian indie-country solo musician Jon Davis, is the tale of a passionate love that was incredible, but ended rather quickly in a way that you wish you could have back. Life goes quickly and regrets mountain up as you grow older, so wishing she could open the door again is natural, when you can’t stop thinking about her.

See this passionate track on YouTube and see his FB for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Simply genuine meals: heyJ is so ‘Hungry For Your Love’ on sensational new single

With a voice so crisply toasted into that ultimate affection for our cold souls, heyJ warms up the anxious heart on her stunning new single called ‘Hungry For Your Love‘.

heyJ is an outstanding Nashville, Tennessee-based, Belmont University Music Business student, New Orleans-born and raised indie jazz-pop singer-songwriter. She breathlessly creates music about unfortunate past heartbreaks, future love and learning about herself, in this often-confusing world around us.

Her love for music is so easily apparent and after starting her journey when she was merely a young pup at aged six, her powerful voice shines through the darkness of present times, to illuminate the sky above.

This is the true story of a wise-beyond-her-years young singer, who passionately craves those simple moments away from the common moments from reality TV and what you are supposed to do when in love. She is clearly after that deep passion which fills her body with joy, as true companionship and learning together, is what makes her feel alive. Being together with someone genuine heart-to-heart, is all she wants really, as she looks for that special soul that only has pure intentions.

Hungry For Your Love‘ from the dazzling talent of the beautifully enchanting heyJ, is that sweetly-coated memorable delicious soundscape, that makes your heart beat a bit faster, as the juices lather your senses to love again, no matter what happened before.

Life is all about taking a chance sometimes to find your special soul, who is out there if you look in the right places.

Hear this wonderful single on Spotify and watch her rise to the top on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What are you running from: MacKenzie Grant tells the true story of growing up too quick on ‘Little Girl’

Taken off her glorious comeback album called ‘Wonder World‘, MacKenzie Grant is so real on the story of the ‘Little Girl‘ trying to run away and find her own path.

Intimate singer-songwriter, pianist, artist, educator, counselor and loving Mother MacKenzie Grant, is an Upstate New York-born, Berklee College of Music in Boston graduate and Nashville, Tennessee-based creative, who is on a meaningful path to spread her loving message all over the world.

Her voice is so caring, firm but fair and so very sweet, her personal experiences and counseling work with various families of all backgrounds means that she has seen a lot. Perhaps too much for now.

Her path back to music feels like a road she has dreamed of for a while now, her love of performing and projecting her art helps her to heal inside, each word is so meaningful and loving, as she explores the world’s human condition and learns about herself again too.

Little Girl‘ from the wondrous voice of MacKenzie Grant, is a striking story about growing up so fast, making mistakes and then trying to run away from them, rather than dealing the issue and taking on whatever consequences come your way as a learning experience. This is a tough lesson for all of us whether we are young or old, but the only way to make sure that you can move on inside your heart and start the healing process faster.

Life can be an ever-winding road sometimes and getting away seems like the best idea at the time. As you grow older you realize that this is the worst way to go and having someone close to guide you, really helps you find that calming road to redemption.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see her journey back into music on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Never give up: Nashville’s Catelyst send us inspiring story on ‘Until I Break’

Performing with a fiery attitude that leaves no doubt about their long-term intentions, Catelyst stay strong together amid the small-minded doubters, as they stride in hot with their lively new single called ‘Until I Break‘.

Catelyst are a promising Nashville-based indie EDM/hip-hop duo fused together by the talented singer/guitarist Olivia Floyd and skillful rapper/producer Carlos Powell. They make that thrilling music that has you hooked like a fish in the ocean, as their stirring sonic soundscapes crashes in enthusiastically, like a fresh summer wave you can’t help but love and ride as long as possible.

Her stunning voice echos warmly through the noise and the powerful production is a perfect beat for this glowing effort. His riveting raps shows district frustration amid dealing with doubters, as he simmers in with a verbal barrage that impresses mightily.

Until I Break‘ from Nashville’s indie EDM/hip-hop duo Catelyst, is that supremely catchy and thoughtful track you put on when you need some inspiration, as the relevant lyrics have you feeling that you are supporting the underdog, their raw sound is an action-packed adventure and you nod your head boisterously to the gripping sound you are curiously immersed in.

Never giving up from following your dreams is the only way to fully realizing your potential, as if you believe in yourself enough, anything is possible.

Stream this rousing new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You can’t sleep without them: Jordyn Kenzie is simply intoxicating on new dream-pop single ‘Night Wears Off’

Jordyn Kenzie is a Nashville based writer, creator, singer-songwriter, and Pennsylvania native. She has just dropped her latest innocently pure dream-pop single called ‘Night Wears Off’. She has a special talent that is being used to chase the stunning sunsets and to inspire our sleepy souls to be happy again.

The galaxy sparkle glitters in the sun-kissed sky during this passionate love song with lots of electro-pop that pinches your arm just a little; to see if it’s real. A story about wanting that tender touch from the special person you care so much about. The night wears off when they aren’t next to you, stroking your hair and looking into your glowing eyes with that sweet smile you dream about. This is that special feeling that makes your happy heart giddy and bust open to attach lovingly to the lucky human who if they are smart, will look after it like a valuable treasure chest.

When you listen to an artist of this quality you start smiling and you close your eyes, lost in your reminiscing thoughts about when you last felt fulfilled like this emotionally.

The classy production and quick-fire lyrics blend seamlessly into your fluffy pillow as you rest that tired body as the crazy year has dragged out most of your energy and sapped your strength. Luckily, we have a splendid song like this to lift our spirits up and stay positive.

The scary thing is that Jordyn Kenzie is just getting started. Her freshly elegant exuberance is a pleasure to listen to and she has put together a top team to help her is all aspects of her career. If she can start focused and limit unnecessary distractions, Jordyn can literally do anything she sets her mind to.

Night Wears Off’ is a new song that deserves lots of love as the evenings can be sad and lonely without that special human in your life.

Stream the electrifying single from Jordyn on her Soundcloud and follow her socials on IG and FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Asking for forgiveness: ‘Rose Colored Home’ by Nashville’s Streetlight Curfew is the story of redemption

Taken off their brand new full release called ‘Better Luck Next Year‘, this is a band that starts us off by teasing their electric guitar style that simmers like a hot cuppa coffee, and percolates so nicely into your ears. You get the feeling that this is going to be a top track, and this intuition is justified rather quickly. The passionate vocals are soon lifted high in the sky and we sit back, and enjoy the 5 Piece Nashville Punk-Rockers honesty as Streetlight Curfew swarm the airwaves, like hungry bees on ‘Rose Colored Home‘.

His vocals lift the mood and we are soon introduced to the second singer, they add a vibrant energy and you can’t help but like this Punk sound that reminds you of bands back in the 2000’s. They mesh together like a bunch of friends who love being together, they make music for the love, not the glamour and fame.

The sad regret is there in the song and the feeling of letting down someone close is firmly entrenched into the lyrics laid out before us. The band are humble, they show self-awareness and add a gritty edge to the track and you sway your body back and forth, remembering when you bought your first Blink 182 CD.

The Tennessee Punk Rockers Streetlight Curfew are in inspired form on ‘Rose Colored Home‘, this is their biggest track yet as fans are hungry for a return to more music like this, tired of the watered down Rap and cheesy Pop that dominates so many minds and ears.

The band are likable and they have shared a song about letting someone close to them down when they needed you most. After all, showing humility and asking for a second chance, is the step in the right direction to gain forgiveness.

See the band play this new track live via YouTube and see their journey here on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Ivins – Bloom: Affably Sonic Indie Alt Rock from Nashville with Love

The Ivins stirred up the Nashville sound with their Funk-riding take on Indie Alt Rock through their latest single ‘Bloom’. Expect sonic nuance and melodic angular hooks which will leave you lacerated as you fall into the sticky-sweet nectar which drips from their affably accessible sound.

With soaring choruses, tenderly imploring vocals which share the same soul-stroking propensity as the likes of Silversun Pickups, you can’t help getting engrossed by the familiar yet discernibly fresh mix of modern Indie and the timeless tones of the Alt 90s.

It’s hard to feel pessimisic about the future of the music industry when artists such as The Ivins offer such adrenalizing vitality in their sound. Get them on your radar.

Bloom is available to stream via Spotify.

Find out more about how The Ivins are disrupting the Nashville Rock scene with their sonic sound by heading over to their website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lori Triplett sings about heartbreak on her glorious new single called ‘If My Name Were New York’

Lori Triplett is an indie singer-songwriter based out of Nashville. She is a fine young singer who has a wholesome style, her music is for all ages. This is an artist who sees true beauty out of bad situations. This is the 4th & final single from her new ‘Slow Poison’ EP.

There is so much talk but you feel like things could be so much better. They don’t have money for you but do for their own tattoos. You are feeling a bit used and think that they are just with you for one reason. You know you need to move on to be truly happy and this might be the right time. Would they love you more if you were her?

With a sultry but classy voice, the words are clear and the picture is so bright. Lori Triplett is a real talent and I could listen to her all day on ‘If My Name Were New York‘. The way she holds her voice so well and each breath seems to be so meaningful.

Click here for the Spotify link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen