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Like a Steven King Cameo: Mark Buerschaper recalls the story of that Pumpkin Man

"Pumpkin Man" by Mark Buerschaper

After drinking some tasty beers and sparking up his imagination to get the mood alive again, Mark Buerschaper rips those solos up and shows us that honest music with heart is still the best on Pumpkin Man.

Mark Buerschaper is a Downers Grove, Illinois-born Nashville, Tennessee-based indie singer-songwriter who makes that old school vibe you just want to dance with.

Chronicles the tale of the Pumpkin Man that devolved from being a human being to becoming one of his own home-grown creations.” ~ Mark Buerschaper

Showing us deep inside the vegetation that swamped the mind and changed everything forever, Mark Buerschaper shows us why we should all take a break from life and listen up to someone with a fascinating story to tell the world. There is no fake flash on offer, only a sense of much-needed realness and an intricate style which shall inspire many.

Pumpkin Man from Nashville, Tennessee-based indie singer-songwriter Mark Buerschaper is a timeless track that has been forged from many years of experience in this rather odd world. Sung with a gritty tone to awaken your ears, we find a skilled creative single to marvel at from an underground master who continues to make that authentic music for the ages.

Listen up this top single on Bandcamp and see more vibes on his Facebook.

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Royce DeZorzi shows us impressive skills on the groovy wonder that is Denver

Released from his upcoming album, Royce DeZorzi shows us his incredible guitar skills on an ode to a city that has truly been a proper home on the goodbye tribute called Denver.

Royce DeZorzi is a Denver-based, Nashville, Tennessee-soon-to-be based indie Americana singer-songwriter who blends in elements of bluegrass and folk into his sonic landscapes.

I’ve ended up on the outside looking in from a lot of past relationships, friendships, and musical partnerships. During recording, I found myself in the right space to sit down and reflect on some things I’ve learned and experienced here, and, just as importantly, say thank you and goodbye.” says DeZorzi

Delighting all of our veins and causing our hearts to flutter in well-needed peace, Royce DeZorzi has just released a single that is hardly forgettable and packed with expert layers of brilliance. Soothing and super mellow, this might be a single that shall get you clicking your fingers and tapping your toes.

Denver from Nashville, Tennessee-soon-to-be-based indie Americana singer-songwriter Royce DeZorzi is one of the more pleasant singles you’re likely to hear today. Rich in skill and genuine in production, this is a perfect song for when you just want to reflect for a little while. No vocals are needed, and the picture is so clear from a wonderful musician, who continues to strengthen his craft no matter what is going on in the world.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

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Melo RoZe takes care of business like a genuine boss on ‘Like Dat’

Working exclusively with respected producer Chrispy Beats on her new project, Melo RoZe shows us she is ready for anything as she drops probably the hottest single you will hear today with statement single on ‘Like Dat‘.

Melo RoZe is an Atlanta, Georgia-born, Nashville, Tennessee-based indie RnB singer-songwriter and all-round superhero who is always elevating her skill set.

She creates music that makes her fans get in-touch with their feelings, confront their haters, build their confidence, and have fun listening to her vibes.” ~ Melo RoZe

Making you ease into her growing collection with gleeful excitement, it feels like Melo RoZe has found her ideal focus and excels with a timeless classic that Ashanti would be proud of.

With her first EP, ‘Melomaniac‘ on the way in a few months, the growing entrepreneur Melo RoZe is possibly her best single yet and shows us a vocal control that shakes your laryngitis with a tingly gem to never forget.

Like Dat‘ from Nashville, Tennessee-based indie RnB singer-songwriter Melo RoZe presents to us a young woman who is on the rise and shows us why her music is the voice of a new summer. Showing us how she gracefully sings from the heart always and backs it up with that hard work needed to build the empire, her ambitious authentically seems to lather on your earlobes and is a dynamic experience to raise your game with.

Tune into the future with her Spotify release and float into her world on IG.

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Hank Quillen swims bravely away from the ominous waves on ‘Treading Water’

Treading Water by Hank Quillen

After fighting for a fresh breath while sensing that the toxic fumes are headed his way, Hank Quillen tries his best to stay afloat on his latest release about staying alive in this mad world while constantly ‘Treading Water.’

Hank Quillen is a Nashville, Tennessee-based indie actor, singer-songwriter and music producer who uses his love for Jujutsu to keep his body and mind in the best condition possible.

Records his own songs and has appeared in hit TV Shows and feature films.” ~ Hank Quillen

Displaying complete sincerity and showing us exactly how he is feeling right now, Hank Quillen is in a mood to open up the door and show us all the scars that he has been dealing with lately.

On the acting side, Hank has had roles in Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Logan Lucky’ and Shane Black’s ‘The Nice Guys’. He was recently seen in the critically acclaimed ABC’ ‘Women of the Movement;’ He’s also appeared in ‘The Vampire Diaries’, ‘Nashville’ and many other independent films.” ~ Hank Quillen

Treading Water‘ from Nashville, Tennessee-based indie actor, singer-songwriter and music producer Hank Quillen is a seriously straightforward track that has been made with a true insight from someone who has felt the wicked wrath of the world lately. He rips into the moment and stays alive in the only way he knows how, while captivating our attention with his ear-piercing style that shall awaken you rather quickly.

Listen up to this new single on Bandcamp and see more on his IG.

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Jordan Dean dreams about when they could be together on ‘Saturday Evening’

Asking for the teasing to end as he can’t stop thinking about their possible romance, Jordan Dean shows us a fresh approach that has an old school feeling interwoven that takes you back to a better time with ‘Saturday Evening‘.

Jordan Dean is a Nashville, USA-born indie alternative rock singer-songwriter who performs with that extra edge needed and has that incredible vocal ability that will make you swoon with delight.

Pulling from garage rock acts such as Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, and The Libertines, Dean crafts a unique sound that is both fresh and timeless. Writing meaningful, practical, down-to-earth pop songs about the experiences of young adults in contemporary society, he plays on both his own experiences and his observations of the ever changing world around him.” ~ Jordan Dean

Sending our thoughts back into a merrier time that will have you thinking about the time you wondered if they were a tease or hinting at a romance, Jordan Dean brings a lively breeze back into our lives with a thoroughly enjoyable track that is packed with a thrilling ambience to bask in.

Saturday Evening‘ from Nashville, USA-born alternative rock singer-songwriter Jordan Dean is one of the more uplifting tracks you will feel this year. Charming our speakers with a cheeky wink and another round to sip on quickly, this is a fine single that shall get you moving and grooving again. Showing us that honest picture again as the world moves on from the previous isolation, you will surely turn this song up all the max to the maximum.

Hear this top new music video on Spotify and see more via his IG page.

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Nashville-based Dinzy reaches for the skies above for guidance on ‘I Wish’

With her bright hair shining through as the picture turns into a galaxy-exploring maze of potential destinations, Dinzy wonders if that love can be rekindled after they have both saved themselves on the voyage to self-discovery with, ‘I Wish‘.

Dinzy is a Nashville, USA-based indie rock solo artist who enjoys being original and shows us that hard work and belief really is the special sauce.

With only a suitcase in the back of a sun baked Mustang, hard-luck LA-orphan Kristen Dinsmore is bringing her all-or-nothing anthems of survival, power, and discovery, with full-force, to the heart of Music City.” ~ Dinzy

Showing us upwards to a planet of expedition that is needed even though you should be there for each other at this precise moment, Dinzy is rather excellent in a thought-provoking experience of the very highest quality.

A beautiful spacey breakaway from the usual hard rocking Dinzy sound.” ~ Dinzy

I Wish‘ from Nashville, USA-based indie rock solo artist Dinzy is a sensationally sung track that will have you on the edge of your seat. She sends us a body-shaking manifestation to the world and is quite superb, with a story which will resonate with so many lost-in-love souls. Dinzy seems to possess a naturally dynamic vocal output that has you listening closer, to see her whole beautifully drawn picture.

Sometimes you need to be far away from each other, so that you can both learn how strong the love really is.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via her IG page.

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Frances Baker wonders if she will ever hear the truth from her ‘Soulful Baby’

Released by Ugly Cave Records and showing us why she is indeed protected by loyal angels, Frances Baker reveals to us her stunning vocal progression on the latest gem that will have you in a reflective mood on, ‘Soulful Baby‘.

Frances Baker is a New England and Nashville, USA-based indie alternative solo singer-songwriter and music producer who performs with a graceful style you can’t easily forget.

She accompanies herself with guitar, samples, and scored midi instruments combining Lo-Fi indie guitar, dynamic rhythm, soulful singing, to create something oddly familiar.” ~ Frances Baker

Currently on tour in New York City, as she travels the country to expose her music to the masses, Frances Baker is like a heavenly wonder on ‘Soulful Baby‘ as she soars into our awaiting ears with so much kindness. Her style is so unpretentious, the lyrics introspective and the vocal qualities rather divine, as we are placed into a world that will have you floating rather peacefully as you contemplate everything you previously felt.

Soulful Baby‘ from New England and Nashville, USA-based indie alternative solo singer-songwriter/music producer Frances Baker is a sweetly sung single from a young artist who wonders if her relationship can truly make it through all the plastic and untruths. Her expressive ambience is rather calming and you might look deeply outside the window next to you, pondering that time you wish you knew the actual story to set you free forever.

Listen up to this gorgeous single on Spotify and see her career rise on IG.

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Tennessee-based indie-pop artist Kate Cosentino hopes her daughter never hears this song on, ‘Did I?’

Made with that rare care and love that you hardly see these days via her upcoming EP ‘Note To Self‘, Kate Cosentino is at her honest best with a song that shows us right inside her mind that knows she needs to live more on, ‘Did I?‘.

Kate Cosentino is a Kansas City-born, Nashville, Tennessee-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who was a graduate at Belmont University.

Influenced by powerhouse women like Regina Spektor, Norah Jones, Phoebe Bridgers, St. Vincent, and many more, Cosentino has found that the best voices are authentic ones.” ~ Kate Cosentino

Gracing us with a honey-like vocal effort and featuring stories that many men and women can certainly relate to, Kate Cosentino is one of those artists who gets you thinking deeper than most and shows us behind the curtain in her own unique way of intrigue.

Did I?‘ from Nashville, Tennessee-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Kate Cosentino is a lovely single that takes you inside the thoughtful consciousness of a hugely talented creative who senses that she needs to be smarter with some decisions. Her sweet vocals are kind and warm, as we are taken on a wonderful journey of hoping that her daughter somehow skips this track.

With a calming aura and an introspective nature, this is a fabulous song that should entertain those who love something a bit different in life. Her quirky nature is rather warming you see, in a world where there is way too much uncertain coldness.

Listen up to this new song and Spotify and see more via her IG page.

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Livia McKee feels like the right approach was taken in the end on ‘LOST IT’ (feat. SIGHTLINES)

Dissecting the moment when she decided that the time was right to move on from her former flaky lover, Livia McKee navigates us into this sadly-familiar story when you didn’t want to get let down again on ‘LOST IT(feat. SIGHTLINES).

Livia McKee is a Nashville, Tennessee-based indie singer-songwriter who makes that pure and smooth music that lights up your day when your frown was kinda grey.

Expresses the meaning of love and life from her perspective as growing up as a military dependent moving around the globe constantly.” ~ Livia McKee

Gliding blissfully with a transparent vision that sees everything for what it was as the attention moves on to a new place and time, Livia McKee and SIGHTLINES integrate rather tremendously together to bring 2022 something rather special. With a saucy beat that rattles your creaking bones together and featuring excellent vocals, this is a track for anyone who is relieved that they closed the door on something unhealthily poisonous.

LOST IT(feat. SIGHTLINES) from Nashville, Tennessee-based indie singer-songwriter Livia McKee shows us a way out of any potential heartbreak that is threatening to break you in half and sap the bark off your sweet soul. This is a former relationship fueled daydream that has you into a real state of reflection, that shows you which path you might have taken if you didn’t look twice before crossing the road.

Hear this catchy new single on Spotify and see more of the vibes on IG.

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Nashville’s Macho Planet shows love at the end of the world with ‘Small’

Taken off his impending debut album that is set for a 3rd June 2022 release and is called ‘Still, You Don’t Joke About It‘, Macho Planet leads us into a story that will surely galvanise the hearts of so many with ‘Small‘.

Austin Mathis aka Macho Planet is a Nashville, USA-based indie DIY alternative solo singer-songwriter who makes that raw music with that extra heart that sends you into a thoughtful state of mind.

Literary, often unorthodox lyrics are at the heart of each song, which are as varied as the emotions of a generation struggling to find the beauty of life in the midst of global catastrophe.” ~ Macho Planet

Showing us why he is one of the most highly regarded underground acts in the whole of Nashville’s prosperous music scene, Macho Planet brings us the full force of his unrestrained brilliance with a magnificent single that is sure to unleash the souls of so many to open the door and seek their hidden lover again.

Through raw acoustic & exploding electric guitars, droning bass and rhythmic snare, the singer desperately attempts to state a clear case in the midst of disorienting disaster — relationally and globally. It is a love song at the end of the world.” ~ Macho Planet

Small‘ from Nashville, USA-based indie alternative solo singer-songwriter Macho Planet, is a single that will take you into a whole new world of intrigue at this extraordinary artist. His soaring energy thrives on this absolute anthem for anyone who feels that this is their last chance at love before the end of the world as we know it, that thrives tremendously and gives your heart a real jolt when you needed it most. Finding that true romantic partner before it’s all too late, should be the mission of all humankind after all.

Hear this emotional entry on Spotify and find out more about this artist on IG.

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