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Built Together: Swedish pop act Laptop Singers wonder how the dream faded on ‘Where the Hell Did Our Love Go?’ (feat. Christine Corless)

With a crisp vocal daydream that recollects when there was so much sunshine and the house was being built, Laptop Singers show us into the open curtains to the love that has sadly left their formally warm hearts on ‘Where the Hell Did Our Love Go?(feat. Christine Corless).

Laptop Singers is a Swedish-based indie-pop act that just seems to get better and better as they make that sticky sweet music that you just want to gauge heartily inside.

Originating from Gothenburg on the west coast of Sweden, Per and Lars Andersson have made music since their early teenage years and released music under a number of different names — among them Revolver, Combo Digital och Smile.” ~ Laptop Singers

Featuring the fantastic Nashville-based singer Christine Corless, Laptop Singers are at their best with a tranquil performance that has you in a trance of meditation. There is a calming display with tears too, that shows you how the perfect love can, unfortunately, vanish into the wind like a lost leaf with no home.

Where the Hell Did Our Love Go?(feat. Christine Corless) from the Swedish pop duo, Laptop Singers is a lost love-filled presentation that has your heart feeling so empty and wishing that your soulmate was still next to you, as you finished up the perfect cosy home you both once envisioned while holding hands intimately. Sometimes life doesn’t make sense, and you have to move on and realize that this was a lesson to teach you for your next romance.

Hear this fine new single on Soundcloud and see more news via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Missing You: Sammm avoided the red flags and still feels their unwanted presence on ‘Mess That You Made Me’

As she recollects the vision of their bright green eyes that were so striking and let her into a door she wishes was closed, Sammm is in phenomenal form with a true story about a past love that still bites at you like a crafty spider on ‘Mess That You Made Me‘.

Sammm is a buoyant indie-pop solo musician and cat lover from Nashville, Tennessee. She makes that true life music all about love, life and finding yourself in this rather complicated world.

With a contemplative glimpse at a circumstance, she wished didn’t exist in her kind memory, Sammm projects a precise picture of where her life is right now on the sweetly-voice ‘Mess That You Made Me‘. There is much to love about someone who is totally equitable about what happened before – and just wants to move on from this disturbing experience – to float happily into friendlier waters.

Mess That You Made Me‘ from the highly promising indie-pop solo musician from Nashville, Tennessee Sammm, is a simply sweet song about a broken heart that is still trying to heal. Time hasn’t been kind and you are so frustrated at yourself for being caged in a manipulative relationship for so long, as you urge to move on but just can’t seem to at the moment. Sung with a youthful tone that sparks up your inquisitive ears, this is an artist who sings with a rare soulful style that is remarkably alluring.

Time should heal all but sometimes, you just need to find that special heart that will help you forget the past.

Hear this thrilling new single on Spotify and see more via her exciting IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Blue Like Your Eyes: Annie Scherer bravely finds her sight again on ‘Elevate’

After writing this supremely compelling song 4 years ago, Annie Scherer flies free on the self-healing single that has her in prime form on a track about breathing properly again called ‘Elevate‘.

Annie Scherer is a small-town Voorheesville, New York-born, Nashville, Tennessee-based indie classically-trained pianist, guitarist and soulfully advanced jazzy/soul singer-songwriter.

Combining her love for rock n’ roll classics, such as the Beatles and the Rolling Stones, and alternative artists like Lana Del Rey and Lorde, she fuses strong lyrics with haunting melodies.” ~ Annie Scherer

Annie Scherer shines so brightly with her crystal clear vocal ability that is absolutely mesmerizing at times. She has the exceptional ability to truly transfix your imagination and take you into her beautifully created art, which is such a blessing to be intertwined inside.

Elevate‘ from the Voorheesville, New York-born, Nashville, Tennessee-based indie pianist, guitarist and singer-songwriter Annie Scherer is such a stunning experience from a courageous young woman who can see and feel clearly again. She sounds so reinvigorated and relieved that she found her soul again, after drifting away into the darkness due to a traumatic moment that almost took her down forever. This is a wonderful single which has clearly been made with so much love and is a truly inspirational release, from such a genuine artist who sings with such a rare class.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pressed Within My Feet: Madeleine Bradford is grateful for her life on ‘Wisteria’

With a supremely ear-warming sweet voice and that genuine energy which blossoms all over this peaceful new single, Madeleine Bradford sings with such love and understanding on ‘Wisteria‘.

Madeleine Bradford is a seventeen-year-old Nashville, Tennessee-based indie alternative folk singer-songwriter. She makes the type of meaningful music that calms your rapid heartbeat down, as she takes us on a journey through finding her purpose in this rather odd world.

At its core, this song is about growth, healing, and the knowledge that gratitude and pain can often coexist; pain doesn’t translate to a lack of gratitude, and gratitude doesn’t translate to a lack of pain. The exploration of these interwoven complexities was of great interest to me when writing this song, and I sincerely hope that it resonates.” ~ Madeleine Bradford

Wisteria‘ from the youthful Nashville, Tennessee-based indie alt-folk singer-songwriter Madeleine Bradford, shows us a gloriously talented musician with the world at her feet. She is clearly self-aware and knows that life is about living, not regretting. With a smooth vocal ambiance which leaves you beaming from ear to ear, she has a relaxing energy that takes you to a place in time where stress doesn’t exist.

Being grateful for what you have first, is always a good place to start so you may truly grow.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Crashing Waves: Nashville EDM artist Aleigha Kely finds her wondrous mental flow with ‘Moons’

As she looks up to see that beautiful sky that is guiding her to that self-enlightening world she so seeks, Aleigha Kely smoothly saunters through the smoke of the world to reach the ‘Moons‘.

Aleigha Kely is an exciting Nashville, Tennessee-based indie EDM artist. She has a stunning vocal ability that seems to float into your awaiting soul with much love attached.

Originally from Grand Rapids MI, she started writing music when she was fifteen and went on to study music performance at Millikin University.” ~ Aleigha Kely

This is the message of doing something about feeling so low with all the pressures of life bringing you down and depressed, as you seek a break from it all. Finding peace is the quest and looking after your body through the calming streams that can lift up your soul to higher levels of happiness, to put you in a much better place than before.

Sung with a real grace and a stunning confidence, there is so much to love here from a truly sensational artist who it feels like is at the peak of her powers. She has an electric style that seems to mesh so perfectly with the punchy beat – as she takes us for a sun-lit ride into the right path to take – in this rather confusion-filled world.

Moons‘ from the wonderfully promising Nashville, Tennessee-based indie EDM solo artist Aleigha Kely, is a supremely fascinating single packed full of dazzling vocals and mood-changing ambiance. This is a top track to close your eyes to so you can fully immerse yourself into the calming ocean, away from the sprawling city streets that can take away your valuable soul if you let it.

Finding peace in the healing salt water first, is the only way to be able to look upwards and feel totally free again.

Hear this fine new single on Spotify and see more news on her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wish Someone Would Take My Place: The wonderfully authentic Savanna Leigh takes a second to breathe on ‘Girl Underneath’

After the massive success of her delightful five-track debut EP called ‘Changes‘, Savanna Leigh is quite sublime on her latest single called ‘Girl Underneath‘.

Savanna Leigh is a highly motivated Brandon, Florida-born, Nashville, Tennessee-based indie pop artist and model with a massive future. She sings with delightful elegance on each chord and takes you to a happier place.

Girl underneath” is a song about learning how to take time to really focus on yourself, to slow down, just breathe and figure out what you need whether it’s emotionally or physically. Prioritizing yourself.” ~ Savanna Leigh

After being inspired by her Dad who was a touring country artist who used to sing with her sister Lexi, you feel her mature attitude shine through like a calming breeze, as this is exactly what she wants to do.

Each note is made with a real class and superlative style, as you wrap inside her intoxication aura and let her music heal all of your self-doubts away. The glorious visuals only enhances her message, as she looks to move away from the suffocating crowds to focus on what is truly important. Getting away from those sticky clubs that can damage innocent souls and take you down tempting paths you should avoid, is a move that this smart young artist has certainly realized.

I moved to Nashville when I was 18 to pursue music full time but I have been involved in it my whole life.” ~ Savanna Leigh

Girl Underneath‘ from the twenty years-young business-savvy and fashionable Nashville, Tennessee-based indie pop solo artist and model Savanna Leigh, is an outstanding single from a clearly talented multi-creative. Her luscious vocals are so smooth and filled with an ear-shaking experience, that has your whole inspired body asking for more.

With a true message of telling yourself to slow down and look after your inner soul for a while, this is easily one of the best singles from 2021 so far. Her realness and quality shines through the dark clouds of this rather odd world, as that true genuine energy is so hard to find these days.

Hear this charming new single on her Spotify and see more via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Nashville indie-pop icon Tanner Carlson has released his latest single, Stuck 

For his latest single, 21-year-old Nashville pop artist Tanner Carlson created an indie RnB pop track that won’t fail to win you over with the dreamy melodies, intimate lyrics and straight from the soul vocals that make ‘Stuck’ anything but your average love song.
With his contemporary indie vibes that allow you to get swept up in the cinematography of the Broadway pop single, Carlson put themselves in the same league as artists such as Post Malone, Lil Nas X and Mac Miller for the way he can leave you utterly arrested by the narratives he weaves. Stuck is just one of the singles that you will find on Carlson’s 2021 4-track EP that explores coming of age quandaries with poetry, vulnerability and pure emotion.
His EP, Stuck, is now available to stream on SoundCloud. 
Review by Amelia Vandergast

Glad That Its Over: Soulful Nashville artist Ally Westover knows that he was actually the ‘Logistical Nightmare’

After releasing two marvelous singles to date called ‘Lullaby‘ from 2019 and her most recent effort named ‘Oh, Colorado‘, Ally Westover draws us a picture of an unwise ex who foolishly didn’t support her vision on ‘Logistical Nightmare‘.

Ally Westover is a lovably dreamy and fantastically authentic Nashville, Tennessee-based, Colorado State graduate, snowboarder, chip enthusiast and indie-pop/rock artist. She is a caring soul who is wholeheartedly inspired by nature and feeling that real rare genuine energy within her whole body.

After a tumultuous year of change and solitude, Westover is releasing her debut EP, Painted Gold in mid October Her songs poke fun of her struggles with mental health and heartbreak while maintaining an upbeat sense of hope. She writes a lot of her music with her long distance best friend and photographer, Chiara Garland.” ~ Ally Westover

With a flourishing vocal ability that soothes your broken heart and has you totally enraptured by her stunning talent, this is a reflective glance to a moment that leads to that to all-important treasure of self-enlightenment.

The making of the music video was a true logistical nightmare because we shot it on Super8 film which then got overexposed and we had to do the entire thing over again. This includes baking a cake and smearing it all over my face.” ~ Ally Westover

Logistical Nightmare‘ from the highly promising and hungry Nashville-based indie-pop/rock artist Ally Westover, shows us vividly explained story which was carefully stored inside her expressive mind, when she understandably felt so emotionally betrayed by the dreaded ex who didn’t understand or truly care about her vision. After rolling around in her bed feeling sad for a short time, she washed off the bad vibes quickly and did her project anyway. This is a strong woman who has creativity oozing from her hungry veins – and sings with such a pure beauty and purpose –  that is always evolving and trying to be the best version of herself, in this rather lonely world.

Sometimes we need to wonder off the tracks with someone we shouldn’t be with for a short while, so that we then know where we should definitely be in life. The heart always knows.

Hear this highly talented artist show more growth on Spotify and follow her cake-lathering and nature-lovin’ adventures via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

You Can Overcome: Preston Garland reminisces out the dark time when he was alone and ‘Tumbling Down The Hill’

Taken from his quality eleven-track album called ‘Late Start‘, Preston Garland makes up for lost time with a special effort which leaves your mind ‘Tumbling Down The Hill‘.

Soulful alt-rock/pop singer-songwriter, photographer and skilled multi-instrumentalist Preston Garland is a well-traveled Georgia-born, Nashville, Chicago, and now Los Angeles-based underground musician.

After courageously battling his inner demons that almost broke him in half, he found true love with his supportive partner and has a family of fluffy animals, to keep him feeling content with life.

As he got older, his songs got better, but his depression got worse. Years went on, and his debut album seemed farther and farther away as he continued to battle with mental illness. After years of therapy and professional help, he finally put all he had into recording his debut album Late Start at the not-so-young age of 38.” ~ Preston Garland

After spending so much time over-thinking and looking so deeply inside the rabbit hole, he fell in for a while and it was rather rough to say the least. It feels like this terrific track is what he truly needed to break the self imposed shackles, to leave it all behind forever, and to move on happily with his life.

The vocal talent is such a pleasure to witness, the heartily-penned lyrics catches your attention, as there is so much to like in all aspects. He performs with a style that has your head nodding, your mind stimulated by this true picture presented, and he is a wonderfully relevant man. He is a brave warrior who has overcome so much to now be free from the ropes which tied his confidence up, and hid him away inside for too long.

Tumbling Down The Hill‘ from the totally honest and inspiring Los Angeles-based photographer and artist Preston Garland, brings forth all the lessons he has learnt over the years. His life is the ultimate underdog story, a man who could of fallen into the quicksand forever, but stood up like a true hero for all the other anxious souls, and climbed over the doubts to claim his happiness.

Preston Garland has wanted to put out his music since he was very young and this is the moment to let his pent-up expression fly free into the world. Its never too late to follow your dreams.

Hear this new single on his Soundcloud and see more progress in his life and career via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Money Talk: Emerging Tennessee rapper Kalaniwealth drops debut single ‘Pussy Sing’

As she rises from the back room right onto the main stage, Kalaniwealth has been waiting to explore her music desires and fires in hot with the raunchy debut track which will surely have you blushing on ‘Pussy Sing‘.

Kalaniwealth is a confident Nashville, Tennessee-based female rapper. She makes that honest vibration that is exciting and totally honest, as she knows exactly where her goals and fantasies are hidden.

This is the story all about telling it how it is, as she feels like now is the perfect time to release her first track. She has been building up for this specific moment and takes us for a wild ride, through her vivid imagination on a sweat-inducing song with a speaker-pounding beat.

Each line is dropped with some aplomb – as she skillfully caresses the mic with such a purposeful abandon – which leaves you in no doubt of her cheeky intentions. She is doing things the best way she knows how to and sees herself as an underrated emcee, with so much hunger you can feel it in each booty-powered verse.

Pussy Sing‘ from the new Nashville, Tennessee-based hip-hop artist Kalaniwealth, is a hot-blooded affair as she takes us through the naughty story of dancing just the way she likes it, as she heartily seeks someone who can fulfill all her deepest cravings.

With a fresh mindset and containing charm for days, she is oozing mainstream appeal and certainly has the rap skills to match her lofty ambitions.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more news via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen