You’ll Want Me: Atlanta’s Alexa Laine drops honest 2nd single about foolish ex on ‘Miss Me’

After the enormous success of her debut single ‘Mr Maybe‘, Alexa Laine sends a striking message to that thoughtless ex-lover who left an innocent woman scorned as he greedily slept around while she was loyal until the end on ‘Miss Me‘.

Alexa laine is an Atlanta, Georgia-based indie-pop solo singer-songwriter who performs from the soul and is only interested in making authentic music to those who need it most.

With her lusciously loveable synth-pop sound that is so alluring and highly relatable for all those with a broken heart, you feel that this is a determined young woman who certainly knows her value.

Alexa laine is quite superb on her follow up single and there is little doubt that she possesses an irresistible vocal range that is so natural and pure, that it compels you to get lost into her world and hope that she does indeed find that true love who treats her properly.

Miss Me‘ from the Atlanta, Georgia-based indie-pop solo musician Alexa Laine is a sad tale of how someone can really cause you to think twice about loving again. This is a manifested letter to that unwise former lover, who will soon be regretting that sweet soul who he will never see again. She will be the best that he ever had, and is sung with such poise by a highly promising artist who performs with such genuine vibrancy that transfixes your entire body to listen even closer.

Life seems to be harsh sometimes as your emotions are in flux, as you learn a valuable lesson about being extra careful who let you into your valuable heart.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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