Writing Raps: PTM is more than grateful on the mood-altering ‘Better Days’

Bringing us one of the more inspiring singles of 2021, PTM opens up the freshly painted beach-house door and lets us in to show us that it is always a great idea just to be happy and stay positive about the future with ‘Better Days‘.

PTM is an indie singer-songwriter and well-respected rapper who has German roots. It’s clear that he loves to fuse in many genres in a tasty juice box for us to sip on thirstily, with his wildly creative music experience that leaves a splendid impression.

This is the much-needed story of hoping that others who are listening will actually take the free advice on offer, which has been rapped in a skillfully charming manner on a chilled beat. He seems in touch with his consciousness and wants to make the world a better place – as he leaves all the fake chains and silly glam to others – who only think about how cool they are looking when actually they just look like greedy fools.

Better Days‘ from the highly talented indie rapper and singer-songwriter PTM, is a stress-free experience single from an artist who feels like things are only on the up. With so many worries around that can have you sinking into the quick-sand and wondering if you will ever get out, this is a fine track that has so much happy vibes to sip on abundantly.

This is the kind of ear-pleasuring track to truly be grateful for, as when it finishes there is only a big hopeful grin on your glowing face.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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