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A New Perspective: Germany-based producer H2whoa finds inspiration with new surroundings on ‘Changing Spots’

With a mind-bending release so inventive your subconscious will be fizzing with ideas on what is actually contained in this parcel of treats, H2whoa is at his best with a marvellous effort that might have you looking deeply at the sky above as you plot your next move on ‘Changing Spots‘.

H2whoa is a non-fortune-seeking indie-electronic music producer, pianist, violinist, and guitarist, who has recently moved from the UK to Germany. This is an artist who is here for different reasons to most, as this scientist-by-day makes a web of joyful sounds to be inspired by.

I have no illusions of being a famous musician. I just love making music that I enjoy. I also love the idea that there might be other people who enjoy listening to what I create. I choose to remain anonymous because all I really care about is making music for myself and finding an audience for it, rather than for me as a person.” ~ H2whoa

Featuring different elements from his varied love of diverse genres, H2whoa is a rare musician who you don’t hear very often. Mysteriously, he is face-hidden away from the world – which is just the way he likes it – as this is a track that will have you in a thoughtfully inventive mood and contemplating about doing things you have left on the dusty shelf for too long.

Changing Spots‘ from the multi-skilled Germany-based indie electronic music producer and scientist H2whoa is a fantastic new single that is almost triumphant in nature, as he turned around the gloom from moving into a country during a torrid lockdown, to truly find his own sound.

Winning when the chips are down and avoiding carnage flying into your soul, is a truly impressive display from any possible viewpoint.

Listen to this new release on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Writing Raps: PTM is more than grateful on the mood-altering ‘Better Days’

Bringing us one of the more inspiring singles of 2021, PTM opens up the freshly painted beach-house door and lets us in to show us that it is always a great idea just to be happy and stay positive about the future with ‘Better Days‘.

PTM is an indie singer-songwriter and well-respected rapper who has German roots. It’s clear that he loves to fuse in many genres in a tasty juice box for us to sip on thirstily, with his wildly creative music experience that leaves a splendid impression.

This is the much-needed story of hoping that others who are listening will actually take the free advice on offer, which has been rapped in a skillfully charming manner on a chilled beat. He seems in touch with his consciousness and wants to make the world a better place – as he leaves all the fake chains and silly glam to others – who only think about how cool they are looking when actually they just look like greedy fools.

Better Days‘ from the highly talented indie rapper and singer-songwriter PTM, is a stress-free experience single from an artist who feels like things are only on the up. With so many worries around that can have you sinking into the quick-sand and wondering if you will ever get out, this is a fine track that has so much happy vibes to sip on abundantly.

This is the kind of ear-pleasuring track to truly be grateful for, as when it finishes there is only a big hopeful grin on your glowing face.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Familiar Scent: German band Sombrerobeach remember those childhood days which have been destroyed on ‘Mortar, Bricks and Memories’ (feat. Serouj Guidanian)

After having lots of fun with the ‘Grapefruit Song‘ from February 2021, Sombrerobeach move into a more serious topic about how your family home and town can get destroyed so quickly, and leave behind only distant memories with ‘Mortar, Bricks and Memories(feat. Serouj Guidanian).

Sombrerobeach is an evolving German indie pop-rock band who have smoothly moved into hard-rock for this new single, as they are joined on vocals by established Beirut, Lebanon-based rock-metal artist from Vahakn, Serouj Guidanian.

This is the story about recalling those innocent times and you miss those friends who have since moved on to different areas, as you think deeply about those days and shed a small tear. You realize that things had to change – but it still makes you upset –  as you wanted some memories today, to feel better about this rather weird world.

Performed with a hard edge that has you turning the volume up, you feel uplifted by this effort as you think back to your own childhood and wonder what is left of it. The vocals are performed with real class, and backed up by a full-paced soundscape, that has your heart beating so much quicker than before.

Mortar, Bricks and Memories(feat. Serouj Guidanian) from the German indie pop-rock/hard rock act Sombrerobeach, is a ravaging track with gritty vocals that lifts the gloom off the floor, as this is the story that strikes home hard. You recall those fun days of your youth but deep down know that things needs to move on, as you eat some sushi where the old playground used to be.

Hear this new high voltage single on Spotify and check out their IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Light Is Coming: Bianca Hauert is back with heartfelt new German pop song called ‘Daneben benehmen’

After being in two bands before covid-19 struck unexpectedly and with the horrific pandemic taking away most live music performances, Bianca Hauert has been hard at work on her solo project and fires in a new song to help us get through these tough times on ‘Daneben benehmen‘.

Bianca Hauert is a polished German indie pop singer-songwriter, who makes that inspiring music about your emotions, joy, fears and what really drives you inside your deepest soul.

“As long as we are not allowed to go out, my song should at least help people to bridge the waiting time until then!” Bianca Hauert

You feel her fervent enlightenment, as he controls her tone quite tremendously and you feel like she has been waiting for this moment, to show her care for fellow humans all over the world. The planet around us has been a mess, but she is eager to let us know that things will get better, if we all work together as one.

Daneben benehmen‘ from German pop singer-songwriter Bianca Hauert, is the door to find the light — as the world hides away — music is the true shining hope that can conquer all fears away, no matter what circumstances arise.

Stream this fine new single on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

German Emcee Mahogan rises above the rest with ‘’Ride Or Die’’ Music Video

I’ve been listening to Hip Hop since MC Hammer first burst in the scene back in the late 80’s. I remember the day vividly when my friend Wesley first played me his music. He had a small boom box, it was on the school field during break time. Life changed forever. 

I’ve never heard a flow and tone quite like German Rapper ‘Mahogan’. It’s so deeply delivered, the tone of his voice is so unique, in a good way. He makes it work with this laid-back anthem. This could be his statement track, the one that gets him in that company he wants to be in- being the premier opening act when all the big stars come to his country.

Host of the ‘’Urban African Line-Up“ as part of the MitAfrika Festival in Cologne 2019- with approximately 10.000 attendees- ‘Mahogan’ is a proven winner with a clear vision of promoting up and coming music. 

This is an Emcee with a bright future so keep an eye out for him and when he is massive, you can tell your friends you heard him here first.

Stream ‘Mahogan’ here on YouTube and see his whole collection.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen