West Philly rapper Big Chaser shows us the right way to live on the no-handout, ‘Clarity’

After being uplifted by his mother who was a singer and his brother who was a rapper, Big Chaser shows us how he lets the grind speak the words rather than living that fake flashy life that can get you into unnecessary jeopardy on, ‘Clarity‘.

The Motivation aka Big Chaser is a West Philadelphia, USA-born indie Hip hop artist and business entrepreneur who had a tough life growing up but shows that through hard work and belief, anything is possible.

Despite the hardships, killings, robberies, extortion and scamming, by the grace of God, Big Chaser is still here today.” ~ Big Chaser

Reminding us that the world is about grabbing your opportunity but also keeping that respect which will make you a figure that people look up to, Big Chaser displays his chops with a top-notch display that shall inspire many to wake up and reach their true potential.

Wondering why so many folks out in the streets are happy with free handouts and easy money that is somehow something to be proud of, this is a track that slams that door shut and opens up one where you can actually make your own money.

I feel we’re all chasing something. No matter what a hater, naysayer, non-believer or outsider says, you HAVE TO Keep Chasing. There’s no grey area. I’m a chaser by nature. Every single day I’m hunting for a way to better myself and my family.” ~ Big Chaser

Clarity‘ from West Philadelphia, USA-born indie Hip hop artist and businessman Big Chaser shows us that hard-working attitude that is needed in this mud-filled world that can break the soft in half like a kid’s bowl of playdough. Shredding the mic like a true underground hustler who made it through the trenches no matter what the odds, this is a soundtrack to what your mindset should be. There is a heavy tone that slams right through the speakers, this is a single that leads the way in 2022 when it comes to hungry artists making their own way.

Life is about making that legacy paper that is so high, that you can’t even smoke it all if you tried.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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