Long Island native Alix Perti takes us on trippy journey on ‘Quarantea’

Alix Perti brings us an acoustic wonderland with the catchy indie rock journey of ‘Quarantea’.

Alix Perti is an alternative artist from Long Island New York. He is dedicated to bending genres and taking his audience on a trippy experience somewhere in the galaxy they’ve never been before. Originally producing hip hop beats, he was swept up by the psychedelic and punk rock scene. Alix has found a way to weaponize his passion, heartbreak and revolutionary attitude, into explosive tracks and storytelling. His promise is to always bring out pure music no matter what.

‘Quarantea’ from Alix Perti is a psychedelic journey that bends through different genres as promised. The sound is real and authentic that it filters through the feelings that we have now in the world. The NYC artist is splendid on this brand new single that is a radical gem that has sparked up in the sands to lead us to better times.

Stream here on Spotify to hear this gem.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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