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DVNX knows this his Mamacita is extra special on, ‘BADINA’

Showing us how he cares so much for this extraordinary woman who is exactly what he has been looking for all his life, DVNX feels that the recipe is right next to his eyes on the loving new release, ‘BADINA‘.

DVNX is a UK-based indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter who has used music to be his outlet from this harsh world and continues to evolve constantly throughout time.

As a child, DVNX was surrounded by European, Caribbean, British and African cultures; all of which played an instrumental role in his development.” ~ DVNX

With a sexy song that shall get you into the mood to whisper sweet nothings into the awaiting ear of your romantic partner, DVNX returns with a terrific new single that will have you grooving and moving with an enthusiastic energy that you can’t help but like.

BADINA‘ from UK-based indie RnB/soul singer-songwriter/entrepreneur/music producer DVNX sends a firebolt of affection through your soul and has you completely engaged the whole way through this new single. His vocals are smooth and quickly get us wrapped heartily into this picture of love, about being with someone who makes his heart shake like a Friday night at a club. This is a dance-friendly single that has you turning up the volume, to sizzle your senses and wetting your lips for more on offer from this multi-talented artist.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

West Philly rapper Big Chaser shows us the right way to live on the no-handout, ‘Clarity’

After being uplifted by his mother who was a singer and his brother who was a rapper, Big Chaser shows us how he lets the grind speak the words rather than living that fake flashy life that can get you into unnecessary jeopardy on, ‘Clarity‘.

The Motivation aka Big Chaser is a West Philadelphia, USA-born indie Hip hop artist and business entrepreneur who had a tough life growing up but shows that through hard work and belief, anything is possible.

Despite the hardships, killings, robberies, extortion and scamming, by the grace of God, Big Chaser is still here today.” ~ Big Chaser

Reminding us that the world is about grabbing your opportunity but also keeping that respect which will make you a figure that people look up to, Big Chaser displays his chops with a top-notch display that shall inspire many to wake up and reach their true potential.

Wondering why so many folks out in the streets are happy with free handouts and easy money that is somehow something to be proud of, this is a track that slams that door shut and opens up one where you can actually make your own money.

I feel we’re all chasing something. No matter what a hater, naysayer, non-believer or outsider says, you HAVE TO Keep Chasing. There’s no grey area. I’m a chaser by nature. Every single day I’m hunting for a way to better myself and my family.” ~ Big Chaser

Clarity‘ from West Philadelphia, USA-born indie Hip hop artist and businessman Big Chaser shows us that hard-working attitude that is needed in this mud-filled world that can break the soft in half like a kid’s bowl of playdough. Shredding the mic like a true underground hustler who made it through the trenches no matter what the odds, this is a soundtrack to what your mindset should be. There is a heavy tone that slams right through the speakers, this is a single that leads the way in 2022 when it comes to hungry artists making their own way.

Life is about making that legacy paper that is so high, that you can’t even smoke it all if you tried.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lost In A Wonderland: London’s Nicole Dash Jones isn’t letting it slide until the end with ‘Lego’

Produced by the well-respected Samuel Hills, Nicole Dash Jones is ready to drop her much-awaited debut and its a delectable goodie for us to nibble on excitedly with ‘Lego‘.

Nicole Dash Jones is a very fashionable London, UK-based indie Dream-Pop singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, dog lover and hugely successful Entrepreneur.

Nicole has a supremely scintillating vocal range which is only getting warmed up – as this is mixed to perfection from a true wizard – while we get pulled into this picture of love that is hard to keep afloat at times, but she refuses to give up as her loyalty is way too strong and bulletproof.

Nicole has written and featured on various dance records including KC Lights ‘Change the World’ and M’Black ‘Heartbreak’ plus numerous collabs and releases on labels ranging from Mau5trap, Anjuna Beats and, 9T90 Records – a label set up by Nicole and Samuel Hills to release dance records by Hills + Dash.” ~ Nicole Dash Jones

Lego‘ from the sensational London, UK Dream-Pop artist and Businesswoman Nicole Dash Jones, is an 80’s fused spark that flies straight into your awaiting eyes as you let it soak beneath your excited skin to be replenished by. You feel like this is a gem you needed to hear all day, as keeping your bridge tight is so important in this cancel culture world.

After biding time to release her music – you get the sense that this is an artist going all the way – to the top of whichever mountain she chooses to conquer.

Hear this hot new single on Spotify and see what she gets up to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dance On My Own: Port Blair pop artist Caesar Roosevelt finds his own path with ‘Symphony’

With a name change and presenting news of a much-anticipated album coming to our ears at the end of the year, Caesar Roosevelt learns to love himself after being with someone who took all that all-important energy for themselves on ‘Symphony‘.

Formally known as Caesar, Caesar Roosevelt is a Port Blair, Andaman and Nicobar Islands-based indie pop singer-songwriter, proudly queer, witch, cat lover and entrepreneur.

I wrote this song while I was going through a hard times. I was feeling that I am not good enough for anyone and this leaded me to change myself but then I realize that its just in my head and its okay not to be perfect.” ~ Caesar Roosevelt

Sung with a soothing energy and a real intellect to solving his problems, we find a young artist at the start of a long journey that will be filled with excitement. His youthful vocals are raw and enthusiastic, packed with a thoughtful mindset that shows his progression and willingness to evolve.

Symphony‘ from Andaman and Nicobar Islands-based indie pop singer-songwriter Caesar Roosevelt, is that true story about telling yourself to take some time for yourself. Things have been geared towards pleasing someone else who you cared about, but after some reflection you realize that they have been pulling you down.

Learning that self-love and working out what you really want to achieve in life, is that journey we all need to go on to find that real self-enlightenment.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Can You Feel Me: Experienced Harlem rapper Sammy Smash causes back spasms on ‘Hold On’ (Remix)

As he looks extremely deep in her beaming eyes and subtly tells her exactly what she wants to hear in the moment, Sammy Smash has one thing on his mind as he turns off the lights on his new track ‘Hold On’ (Remix).

Sammy Smash is an underground Harlem, New York-based indie rapper, RnB artist, music producer, promoter and skilled businessman.

From a young age, he had the idea to sell tapes on the street which started his entrepreneurship journey, to where he is today as a well-established figure in the music world.

This is the message of moving in real close and showing your true intentions as the drinks flow – the inner instinct takes over quickly – as you find yourself in a transfixing trance to fulfill your needs, which has you physically attached with someone who you can’t stop thinking about.

Hold On(Remix) from the multi-skilled Harlem, New York City-based rapper and RnB artist Sammy Smash, is that passionate single which has the windows all steamed up. He knows that he is what she truly wants tonight and gives us the sensually stimulating presence, which has you turning up the volume to lather yourself in this fresh track.

Hear this new track on Spotify and check out his IG channel for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All Together: New York’s Donald Leka urges us to keep on ‘Rising Up’

With a gritty guitar soundtrack and highly likable vocals that seems to echo into your mind like he is just around the corner, Donald Leka takes us for a ride to encourage us to keep on speaking up for what is right, no matter where we are from with ‘Rising Up’.

Donald Leka is a skillful Manhattan, New York-based futurist, tech innovator, entrepreneur, author and indie alt-rock musician, who founded Jumptuit. He makes that sound which varies constantly in style and genre, as his work travels and evolving mindset matches his music output.

This energetic beat is so catchy and has you bouncing along in utter adulation, as you sing with the chorus that takes you to such a thoughtful place about this beautiful planet, that has been let astray somehow. He brings us our thoughts back to what we can do, as the fat cats eat and forget about the hungry who just want to work hard and live a comfortable life in peace.

Rising Up’ from New York multi-talented musician and tech expert Donald Leka, is a call to keep on doing what makes sense and to be smart about what we see, watch and consume. The whole world is watching extra close these days and when we join our hands together as one team, there is no way we can fail if we don’t give up.

Stream this quality new single on Spotify and see news more on Twitter.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen