“Wander” – MEDIC’s Latest Polished Indie Pop Release

MEDIC is a three piece indie pop band from Nashville, TN, with a sound that is the result of various sources of inspiration together with an artistic vision and creativity that stands out from the rest. Their sound is reminiscent of stadium concerts by big artists such as Coldplay, while their lyrics are an interesting blend of honesty and abstract expression. In this case, their most recent song “Wander” features a pop sound that is not like what you’d imagine a pop song to sound like. Apart from this, the production aspect of the song makes it stand out from the rest even more. With a polished radio friendly sound this song is ready for a great success.

“Wander” does not only deliver a precise artistic vision through a polished sound but it also features a set of lyrics that are both honest and creatively poetic. Sung through catchy melodic phrases, which are also very ear friendly and singable, the lyrics add a lot of dimension and depth to the song along with the way the instrumental arrangement and digital effects are crafted. Overall these guys have something very fresh to offer and their sound is cool and enjoyable to listen to! Check it out!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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