Melica – Calling: Soulfully Melodic R&B Pop

London-based up and coming artist Melica has recently dropped her fourth single “Calling”, which will definitely be of appeal to any fans of 90s R&B Pop.

While Calling may carry the same empowering evocative energy as urban earworms created decades ago, Calling still carries plenty of contemporary appeal thanks to the infusion of Trap into the soulfully melodic hit.

As much as we appreciated Calling, it was easy to feel that the backing vocals were slightly unnecessary in the mix. Melicia has such a powerful vocal dynamic which wouldn’t have failed to stand alone in Calling. Yet, that’s not to say that Calling wasn’t a hit; Melicia is an emerging artist with plenty of potential – you only need to listen to the raw power in her harmonies and the expression in her lyrics to realise that.

You can check out Melica’s latest single Calling for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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