Yungpersh’s Latest Soulfully Rendered Feel Good Summer EDM Hit

Feel Good is the title track from Yungpersh’s (Luna LaRae) latest studio album which was released August 11th, 2018. The EDM artist packs a rhythmical punch with her digitally mastered renditions of soul.

There may have been a touch too much repetition within the progression of the track, yet in contrast to the sensual emotion which is poured into the mic, that fact almost becomes trivial. The feel-good vibe beat sits at a mid-tempo, to allow you to drink in the soft yet compelling waves of synths around the drum machines, but more importantly around the strength which Yungperch demonstrates is in the range of her vocal capacity. The emerging Texan artist has audibly taken the feel good vibe to the next level with her track with her personable approach to sound production. I can only imagine how well this track would go down on a dancefloor, I can imagine I only received a fraction of the hype through my headphones.

You can check YungPersh’s latest single Feel Good along with the rest of the album for yourself by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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