Underground Portland-based Hip hop artist Mannix takes his time on the top new release, ‘Samples With Some Bars’

With an old school feel that gets you to contemplate the past and look deeper than most, Mannix wonders what all the fuss is about with all the different seasons as he feels like the clock is going to tick the same anyway on, ‘Samples With Some Bars‘.

Mannix is a Portland, USA-based Hip hop artist and music producer who is back with a renewed vigour after a brief hiatus to get back to his roots.

After two years without releases, I have finally found myself in love with my music again.” ~ Mannix

Showing us his quality style that has been brewing nicely since his return to the music game, Mannix reminds the world that he is one of the more naturally gifted artists around who is rather sharp with his pen at hand. There is nothing rushed here and you feel like he is a real storyteller, who encourages us to slow down and really take in each moment that presents itself.

Samples With Some Bars‘ from Portland, USA-based Hip hop artist and music producer Mannix is a mellow track that shows us how grateful he is that life goes on, despite all the pitfalls that can certainly break you if you aren’t too careful. With smooth bars and a tremendous sample that sends you into a nostalgic place, this is an underground release up there with the best.

Mannix raps with a tranquil vibrancy that sends you into a better place, which reminds you that life carries on and rushing is actually ultimately pointless.

Listen to this timeless-sounding single on Soundcloud and check out more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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