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Kevin Capehart drops debut solo single to reinvigorate his soul, Among the Trees

Realising that she’s the one that he needs, Kevin Capehart sings with so much love and conviction via the superb song to feel inspired about in nature, Among the Trees.

Kevin Capehart is a Richmond, Virginia-based indie folk multi-instrumentalist who was previously in various local bands and has found his voice after taking a break from the music world.

Music has always been an important part of my life, but in the past, I’ve let my insecurities get in the way. When my best friend died at 36 years old I realized how valuable life was and that nothing is guaranteed. I don’t want to waste my life doing what people expect me to do. I want to live every day doing what I love.” Kevin Capehart, reflecting on the inspiration behind his return

After starting a family and dealing with his own demons, Kevin Capehart shows us all that it is possible to reach your dreams no matter what. He does himself proud here and has made a proper song to love forever.

Among the Trees from Richmond, Virginia-based indie folk artist Kevin Capehart is one of the most honest singles released in any generation. This is simply awe-inspiring stuff and should shake many senseless hearts around, to bring us all a piece of truly caring music to turn up loud.

When the world is noisy, going back to your roots will surely stimulate the soul.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Underground Portland-based Hip hop artist Mannix takes his time on the top new release, ‘Samples With Some Bars’

With an old school feel that gets you to contemplate the past and look deeper than most, Mannix wonders what all the fuss is about with all the different seasons as he feels like the clock is going to tick the same anyway on, ‘Samples With Some Bars‘.

Mannix is a Portland, USA-based Hip hop artist and music producer who is back with a renewed vigour after a brief hiatus to get back to his roots.

After two years without releases, I have finally found myself in love with my music again.” ~ Mannix

Showing us his quality style that has been brewing nicely since his return to the music game, Mannix reminds the world that he is one of the more naturally gifted artists around who is rather sharp with his pen at hand. There is nothing rushed here and you feel like he is a real storyteller, who encourages us to slow down and really take in each moment that presents itself.

Samples With Some Bars‘ from Portland, USA-based Hip hop artist and music producer Mannix is a mellow track that shows us how grateful he is that life goes on, despite all the pitfalls that can certainly break you if you aren’t too careful. With smooth bars and a tremendous sample that sends you into a nostalgic place, this is an underground release up there with the best.

Mannix raps with a tranquil vibrancy that sends you into a better place, which reminds you that life carries on and rushing is actually ultimately pointless.

Listen to this timeless-sounding single on Soundcloud and check out more via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Australian DJ ALBA drops heavy-hitting new speaker-shaking techno track, ‘Stay’

With an assortment of unreleased music ready to be thrown into the ears of techno music fans all over the world, the experienced ALBA returns with a brilliantly awesome reminder of his excellent skill set with, ‘Stay‘.

ALBA is an Australian DJ and dance music producer who makes those foot-sliding singles that get you off your seat and headed to your local club.

Taking a 2-year hiatus and travelling the world to experience more of what music and artists have to offer, He came back to where it all began, taking on his new solo project ‘ALBA.’ Since starting mid-June 2021 he had already secured a residency at a huge Brisbane hot spot whilst also playing other venues and events.” ~ ALBA

With his mind alert and ready to take over the scene to bring all party fans something to play with splendidly, ALBA is on a mission here with a dance-the-night-away track to get those mates together as one, so that you all can have a night that goes into the legendary column forever.

Stay‘ from Australian DJ and dance music producer ALBA, is a thunderously exhilarating new single from an artist who knows what the fans want. After years of sweating in the DJ booth and also taking time to renew his love for the game while learning the world scene, this sounds like a creative reborn. Dropping the bass with confidence and mightily sending us into a new stratosphere with some extra female vocals to seduce us in, this is a track to play loud when you are in the mood to let your hair down and get grooving again.

Hear this absolute ripper on Spotify and enter his world on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wish I Could Explain: Swiss indie pop survivor Aura Davis courageously breaks away from the past on ‘Unbroken’

After dealing with those inner demons that can break anyone it chooses, Aura Davis has conquered so much after this much-needed hiatus away from creating with her excellent new single on ‘Unbroken‘.

Aura Davis is a reborn-from-the-ashes indie pop singer-songwriter and multi-creative who is based in peaceful Switzerland.

I basically have two personalities”, Aura explains laughing. “On one hand we can all agree on the fact that there is a certain amount of narcissism involved but then again I am a very introverted person when it comes to opening up, like, I may share a lot, but I almost never expect anything in return“. ~ Aura Davis

You feel an inner power which sweeps all over her awaiting body and soul, which has shaken her core and blown away all the treacherous poisoned saliva which threatened to defeat her. This is the message of climbing up from the glue-like quicksand which has taken so many kind souls underneath forever – as you close your eyes and take a deep breath in – and feel truly happy that she broke away and survived those blood-clawing chains of the mind.

She’s darker, stronger, more honest and a lot more herself than ever before.” ~ Aura Davis

Unbroken‘ from the Switzerland-based indie pop singer-songwriter Aura Davis, is that stunning redemption story that we all needed. This is a strong woman who unshackled herself from what was holding her down, as she inspires us all to truly be happy inside where it counts. With hauntingly beautiful vocals and featuring some smartly written lyrics, she is on full form with a highly memorable release which makes your whole body shiver throughout.

Finding that escaping light is possible, if you believe that you can fight through anything that is attempting to destroy you.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via her exciting IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen