Still Talk Release Fun And Image Evoking Track “Slow Sunday”

Still Talk

Still Talk is a project based in Cologne with a very particular sound that is an intriguing blend of stylistic elements. The fundamental basis of Still Talk’s music is rooted in the rock sound but as is evident in their recent release “Slow Sunday” the music also features a more commercial aspect and a particularly indie sound. “Slow Sunday” itself, as the name suggests is all about the little things that happen on a Sunday and how the lead singer Tanja Kührer relates them to emotions and thoughts. Apart from being image evoking, the lyrics, music and vocal delivery also create a gentle atmosphere which is not often associated with the rock sound.

Starting off with a soft blend of guitar sonorities along with a steady, and very present, drum groove, the song expresses a very particular character which, as the vocals come in, feels somewhat dreamlike. The vocal tone floats over the rest of the instrumentation and this addseven more depth and dimension to the overall sound. It is also very interesting to note that as the lyrics unfold, the music together with the still actions in the music video start to portray those slow Sunday mornings more and more realistically. Overall Still Talk definitely show that they are able to portray an artistic vision very effectively, both through sound and video! Check it out now!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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