Turn The Shower On: Despite the long days Darnell Miller is motivated enough to ‘Keep Pushin’

With a positive attitude that pushes his mind to only thinking about what is possible ahead, Darnell Miller throws the past to the trashcan and is all about that ‘Keep Pushin‘ mentality which has served him so well.

Darnell Miller is an experienced indie-soul singer-songwriter, arts educator and producer, who brings so much life with his music, his shining personality lifts the mood around him. He makes that quality soundtrack that always feels so good in your whole body.

He sings with that exuberantly genuine passion which flies fleetingly through the star-lit sky like a confident bird who knows where to go, as you feel his soulful lyrics putting you into a good space.

The superb beat has you smiling and grooving along, as you picture him getting through his day with a grin most of the time, as you feel the relevance to how your day goes too. Sometimes things are hard and other days are easy, as you just know that you need to stay positive no matter what.

Keep Pushin‘ from the ever-evolving soul/dance musician Darnell Miller, leads us into the light away from the negative energy which can wrap over you like plastic in the ocean. He is all about that exciting music to help us keep those good vibrations always, whilst brushing anything else aside that isn’t going to bring you closer to your goals.

Life is all about keeping that hustle mentality going, no matter what roadblocks are currently keeping you away from achieving your desired goals.

Stream this groovy new single Spotify and see more from this soulful artist via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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