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Connection: Mr Meo reminds us what it is to be truly Human

Feeling so good inside and seeking that hunger for something more than normal from a frightening world, Mr Meo has dropped a reaction-filled single to make us all hold hands and dance in unison on Human.

Mr Meo is an Australia-based groovy indie crossover artist/music producer who makes tunes to bring smiles back to the faces of those who were previously sad.

Creating unique compositions filled with artistic expression, indie crossover is the architecture soundscape of Mr Meo.” taken from SoundCloud

Showing us his multi-instrumentalist skills to the max with an 80s-like soundtrack, Mr Meo guides us through that happy place that can take you back into a nostalgic gaze. Sparked with passionate emotions and a vocal melody to keep your smile alive, this is a delightful single to hold on tightly to.

Human from the Australian artist and music wizard/producer Mr Meo is a fine effort that might cause your soul to vibrate and get your eyes awake again. Flourishing with so much passionate energy to get you thinking deeper than ever, we find an experience to treasure while our hearts heal.

Hear this top song on SoundCloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

D.In.Ge.Cc.O returns with a fascinating release to warm the heart on, ‘Say Goodbye’

Lacing down an underground track that takes you into a whole new perspective we haven’t fathomed before, D.In.Ge.Cc.O shows us into a new invention that will trigger your startled senses to wake up again to the possibilities inside on, ‘Say Goodbye‘.

D.In.Ge.Cc.O is a Gianluca D’Ingecco-created project from the always-evolving published poet, composer and multi-instrumentalist.

The spirits of southern music, who transported me to a dimension beyond time and space. I incarnated in other lives, in presences of the past and the future, in the suburbs of the big cities of South America, breathing the life of the alleys of Santiago, Lima, Caracas, Bogotà, San Juan, on the streets of Mexico City, the day of the dead, Immersed in the Rio de Janeiro carnival or running along the Caribbean beaches late at night or alone, walking like a lonely rider on horseback, in the desert of Chihuahua.” ~ D.In.Ge.Cc.O

Sending us into a whirlpool of emotions that have you wondering deeply into this strange planet that can keep you underwater until you have a plan to stay afloat, D.In.Ge.Cc.O is the type of artist you press play when you see his music, and never turn back.

Taken off his 12-track album called ‘BACANADERA‘, this is a welcome release from an artist who seems to be on a mission to make music that really shakes your soul and is truly original in form.

Say Goodbye‘ from the skilled multi-instrumentalist/poet D.In.Ge.Cc.O is a super single that is packed with so many imaginative juices, you won’t be thirsty for a week. He seems to weave a web of intrigue here with a distinctive beat that is packed in an electronic/house style that is truly his own, with catchy vocals added for our pleasure. You will struggle to find anything more creative than this in 2022.

Listen up to this groovy single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

We Just Wanna Feel: Javii finds the other side in the healing sunshine on ‘Good Good Good’

As he darts away from the suffocating darkness that caused him to change from the person he wants to be, Javii jumps off that ride and climbs into a much better place where he feels like himself again with ‘Good Good Good‘.

Joel Javier aka Javii is a Miami, Florida-based indie singer-songwriter who sings with a groovy ambience that gets your whole body and mindset moving as one.

Music became a way for me to turn all the negative energy from past life-changing experiences into something positive and creative. The more I create and play music, the more I fall in love with it.” ~ Javii

Taken off his brand new 4-track EP called ‘Sunlight‘, we are let into this inspiring tale from a revitalised Javii who blends in his smooth vocals – that is complimented with a delightfully succulent beat – that takes your powerful mind away from all the self-doubt that shaded you before.

Good Good Good‘ from the Miami, Florida-based indie singer-songwriter Javii, is a therapeutic track that so many of us can certainly sink our teeth into. After all the dark days that took our vital enthusiasm away at times, this is that resurrecting effort that shows that there is indeed a way out of the gloom and into the sun again. When you want to self-improve, there is always a way that illuminates your soul awake again.

Check out this top new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feet To The Beat: AquaTab can’t stop rocking off our sweaty socks on ‘Block’

With a groovy-delicious start that has your hungry lips awaiting more soulful vibes to munch up delightfully, AquaTab gets the vibe flowing like the beautiful ocean on the lead track from their 2nd EP ‘Symbols‘, with ‘Block‘.

AquaTab is a vibrant indie multi-genre band from Texas, who now are based all over the world and record together remotely. They join their styles together to make that terrific fusion of rock, rap, metal, reggae and jazz, that satisfies your soul and has you reaching handily for that music fridge, to eat on some top tunes more while you can reach it.

The bass-filled entry into proceedings has everything around feeling rather smokey-cool, as you feel like you are in a real rock bar. This soulful experience soon grips hard, with gritty hot feet-weaving hopscotch that is rather energetic on the body. They have a smart way of blending so many genres into one sound, that really is uniquely theirs.

Block‘ from the supremely creative originally Texas-based and remote band AquaTab, shows us a place that has you listening so closely to feel the sumptuously exciting beat – that is mixed with a satisfaction-filled vocal delivery – which has your head cruising rather intently in admiration. This is a creative mix of terrific production, excellent guitar riffs, fused with alpha-dog vocals, that is a top notch listen.

Stream their new music on Spotify and see the vision via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Better Times: Cory Johnson and the Broken Nightscape wish for good days again with ‘Cracked Streets and Broken Homes’

With a funky rock edge that has you listening rather attentively, Cory Johnson and the Broken Nightscape, drop the introspective new single ‘Cracked Streets and Broken Homes‘, which is taken off their debut twelve-track album called ‘Piece of My Life‘.

Cory Johnson and the Broken Nightscape is a guitar-filled indie rock act from Michigan, USA, with an honest tone who provide a groovy vibe full of sunshine and reflective thoughts to our awaiting ears.

With a ravishing riff that keeps you totally intrigued, to lyrics that tells the story of the pros and cons to what is happening now to the past, we are entertained by raw vocals which are full of passion and desire. This is a song that will have you reflecting deeper, as you wonder which direction life will take you in this crazy world full of worrying detours.

Cracked Streets and Broken Homes‘ from Cory Johnson and the Broken Nightscape, shows us in a world where we are so stuck inside our own aspirations and need to take a good look at ourselves in the mirror. There were some things about the past which were bad too – as we need to only look forward and never back – as the grass wasn’t always greener before.

Stream this deep new single on Spotify and check out his IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Turn The Shower On: Despite the long days Darnell Miller is motivated enough to ‘Keep Pushin’

With a positive attitude that pushes his mind to only thinking about what is possible ahead, Darnell Miller throws the past to the trashcan and is all about that ‘Keep Pushin‘ mentality which has served him so well.

Darnell Miller is an experienced indie-soul singer-songwriter, arts educator and producer, who brings so much life with his music, his shining personality lifts the mood around him. He makes that quality soundtrack that always feels so good in your whole body.

He sings with that exuberantly genuine passion which flies fleetingly through the star-lit sky like a confident bird who knows where to go, as you feel his soulful lyrics putting you into a good space.

The superb beat has you smiling and grooving along, as you picture him getting through his day with a grin most of the time, as you feel the relevance to how your day goes too. Sometimes things are hard and other days are easy, as you just know that you need to stay positive no matter what.

Keep Pushin‘ from the ever-evolving soul/dance musician Darnell Miller, leads us into the light away from the negative energy which can wrap over you like plastic in the ocean. He is all about that exciting music to help us keep those good vibrations always, whilst brushing anything else aside that isn’t going to bring you closer to your goals.

Life is all about keeping that hustle mentality going, no matter what roadblocks are currently keeping you away from achieving your desired goals.

Stream this groovy new single Spotify and see more from this soulful artist via his IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

All My Timelines Love Me: Jay Threatt rejoices on his favorite time of the week with ‘Good Ole Tuesday’

As he sings with such enthusiasm about the best time of the week for him, Jay Threatt gives us some insight into what soothes his soul, with the provocative new single ‘Good Ole Tuesday‘.

Jay Threatt is an entertaining North Mississippi indie singer-songwriter and music producer, who makes those fun songs that takes the top off your mood and takes you to a place that is far away from the stress of the world.

This is the story about appreciating a day where the energy is a bit more relaxed than most, as the summer comes in and the appreciation is high with what is awaiting on his timeline, no matter what the social media channel.

He sings with such a fun style, his voice reflects his mood and performs in such a way that lets you know that he doesn’t take life too seriously, as he brings us a lighter moment to take away the darkness.

Good Ole Tuesday’ from North Mississippi singer-songwriter/producer Jay Threatt, is that chill track to sit back with, as you groove with an entertaining artist who sends us a mellow vibe, that has you smiling and singing with him.

See this vibrant new single on YouTube and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Slow Down: Emerging producer Pincey urges us to take a breath on ‘Rat King’

With his trademark mask on tight and ready to inspire us, Pincey tells us to avoid falling into the treacherous trap that so many find ourselves in, with his groovy-filled new single called ‘Rat King‘.

Rincent Veyes aka Pincey is a mysterious Gardena, California-based electronic artist who like to keeps things under wrap personally, as he makes that crisp sound melody, that has you feeling good and inspired about life.

This waterfall-like track fills your body with hope again, as the catchy riffs grip tightly onto your soft skin to let you know that you are indeed alive and not in some weird dream. You feel a sense of relief gushing all over you, that an artist is so self-aware, his mind alert with the possibilities that are right inside you, if you know where to find the key.

Rat King‘ from the enigmatic producer Pincey, is the call to wake up from the common walk that so many take, that actually takes you around where you want to go, instead of inside those good vibes that makes you happy.

With a chilled exterior and lots of soul, this is exactly the type of message that is needed in this copycat world.

Stream now on his Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feeling With You: Pastel Jungle wants that love ‘Overdose’

As the mellow energies transforms your mood with a loving and natural state of mind, Pastel Jungle kindly provide us with one of the best songs of the year so far with ‘Overdose‘.

Pastel Jungle is a UK-based two-piece collective, who cleverly fuse indie-disco with fresh funky rhythms intertwined into this catchy creation, to send us a pulsating feeling of relief into our tired bodies.

They make that genuine vibe that you can’t teach, as they are born with that authentic mindset of keeping it groovy cool. With Kees Phillips on vocals and keys, plus Julius Alcantara on guitar and bass, these two friends have morphed into a duo that keep the music tasting so good in your hungry palate, as they seem to have lots of fun combining forces too.

This is the story of feeling so close to your special soul who truly makes you happy inside, as your stomach twists up and you just know this is the heartbeat you have desired for so long.

The pureness of this indie-disco track has some soothing vocals that bubble into your mind like when you are soaked into a hot bubble bath that is relaxing you all over. The mesmerizing tone has your body in raptures and you just can’t seem to get enough.

Overdose‘ from the hypnotizing UK-based act Pastel Jungle, is a superb track that is up there in terms of overall presentation and a sound that gets it all right. This is the type of song to play with your lover, as you gaze into each others eyes and wish that your time together would last forever.

Stream this new track on Spotify and check out the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Speak The Truth: HaloMino impress mightily with debut single ‘Blacklight’ (feat. Ezra Skys)

With soothingly crisp vocals and refreshingly mellow beats that gets the temperature setting just right, HaloMino sends us a groovy debut to take carefully penned note of with ‘Blacklight(feat. Ezra Skys).

HaloMino is a poetic bedroom-based Neo-soul, jazz fusion and hip-hop morphing two-piece act formed by good mates Ben Cipolla and Oli Jones.

They creatively blend creative piano soundscapes, smooth saxophone brilliance and ice-cool hush beats that has you feeling so flush, as they are a new school feel that are the real deal.

You feel the marvelous beat that echos into your happy speakers, the pure love is there and you just know that he wants it to be fun like it used to be, when they had just met. With a chilled out style which has your head in the clouds and your mind alive with those reflective possibilities — you close your eyes and wonder when you will find that soul — who makes you elusively happy forever.

Blacklight(feat. Ezra Skys) from HaloMino, is a quality new track that tries to compromise into finding the heart-stopping love again, despite the sadness that comes with somehow trying to sort things out, that could be turning for the worse.

The darkness is getting you down but the sunny light is on the way — you just need time to get through this winding road that is making things rather bumpy — when it should be much simpler to be together.

Stream this debut song on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen