Trying To Survive: Ben Jamn reminisces about the journey to true contentment with his supportive partner on ‘My Love’

As he glances back at the long road to finding that elusive happy home away from the suffocating city smog and blazing lights, Ben Jamn knows that he has the backing of someone ready special who understands what it takes on ‘My Love‘.

Small-town kid, Ben Jamn is a determined West Virginia-based indie singer, rapper, and composer who assembles a nostalgic blend of uplifting soundscapes that takes you into a happy world again.

Ben Jamn is absolutely excellent on this stunning new single that has you drifting away into a daydream-filled state. With honest lyrics and smooth vocals which are a real ear-warmer, you feel like you are in a delightful trance to learn from his experiences. This is a striking moment when you know you need to get out of a busy environment, that is truly holding you back from being content in life.

My Love‘ from the multi-talented West Virginia-based singer, rapper, and composer Ben Jamn, is a peaceful single that has you smiling broadly. This is a well-constructed track that has you thinking about shifting into a much better frame of mind, that only brings you a picture that is replenished with loving memories. With a lost world spinning way too fast on its over-stimulated axis – this is a vital reminder that it’s probably best to live somewhere you can feel safe – and spend time outside in a garden with those who you truly care about.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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