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ii can’t stop thinking about that soulmate who he wholeheartedly desires despite their distance on ‘Miracle’

Produced by FABI, THIS ONE GO CRAZY and Etto, ii hopes that somehow his dreams can come true no matter what the dreaded detours he’s currently facing on the speaker-sizzler that is, ‘Miracle‘.

ii (pronounced as the second) is a small-town Iowa, USA-born indie rap artist and music producer who formulates that new school sound that shreds through into our conciousness.

I also take big inspiration from The Kid LAROI, Juice WRLD, and Glaive. I listen to all types of genres but my favorite at the moment is hip hop.” ~ ii

Displaying his youthful promise for all ears to be enraptured by, ii shows us deeply inside his current mindset, which is ravaged by the pain of losing the one human in the world who he truly loves with all his heart.

Miracle‘ from Iowa, USA-born indie rapper and music producer ii is an elevating single that will give hope to those who want that special touch again from their ideal lover, despite the challenges of being together. With a unique style that has you turning the volume up to max so that each word is heard correctly, this is a single for anyone who needs to know that giving up isn’t an option.

When you believe you can be together again, anything is actually possible.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feeling In My Stomach: Romantic Relevance shows us how vital friendship really is on ‘Wedge’

Conveying to us a deeply intimate song that strikes personally right at your beating heart, Romantic Relevance reminds us that keeping a close eye on your friends is of paramount significance during these dark times with ‘Wedge‘.

Romantic Relevance is a Seattle, Washington-based indie alt-rock band that intricately show us their stories about small-town blues, finding your way in this strange world and their religious upbringing growing up.

With a touching story that could fit into a movie, Romantic Relevance shows us why they are one of the most must-listen-to bands in the world at the moment. They give us an accurate illustration of how many of us are feeling right now and avoid the fake flash, to only project realness that is such a welcome listen.

Wedge‘ from the excellent Seattle, Washington-based indie alt-rock act Romantic Relevance, is a track that will have your heart beating faster and your mind strolling to the times when you lost someone close to a tragic event or come close to. Sung with real intent and featuring honest lyrics and a hair-raising vocal shirtless exuberance, this is a meaningful single that needs to be heard far and wide to those who feel a bit lost today.

Someone needs your love out there after all.

See this emotional new music video on YouTube and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Leave Me Be: UNDERXTED feels like he is totally alone on ‘I D C’

Taken from his new ‘The Forbidden Tapes Vol. 1‘ from this month, UNDERXTED shows us where his mind is at right now while he fights off those vicious demons that threaten to destroy him forever on ‘I D C‘.

UNDERXTED is a small-town Tennessee-based indie rapper who makes that type of music that comes from the deepest part of his soul as he finds his way in this convoluted world.

Starting out of a storage shed with a laptop and microphone.” ~ UNDERXTED

Reloading our ears with a contemplative look into the world which he sees, UNDERXTED sends us an emotionally-charged track – that has so many layers to unwrap – you might need some time to comprehend this offering. The vocals are intense and the beat brooding, as he draws us a vivid picture of what is currently going on as the hope he once had has been shredded into tiny pieces.

I D C‘ from the Tennessee-based rapper UNDERXTED, is a haunting track that has you feeling so sad about the potential outcome if you stop caring altogether. This is a dynamic artist who leads us into this web of heartbreak that he has clearly experienced before, as he shows his displeasure and disinterest with everything unfolding. With an honest melody and a consistent beat, this is the type of track that will have you looking into the mirror and wondering who in your life actually truly cares about you.

See this new video on YouTube and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying To Survive: Ben Jamn reminisces about the journey to true contentment with his supportive partner on ‘My Love’

As he glances back at the long road to finding that elusive happy home away from the suffocating city smog and blazing lights, Ben Jamn knows that he has the backing of someone ready special who understands what it takes on ‘My Love‘.

Small-town kid, Ben Jamn is a determined West Virginia-based indie singer, rapper, and composer who assembles a nostalgic blend of uplifting soundscapes that takes you into a happy world again.

Ben Jamn is absolutely excellent on this stunning new single that has you drifting away into a daydream-filled state. With honest lyrics and smooth vocals which are a real ear-warmer, you feel like you are in a delightful trance to learn from his experiences. This is a striking moment when you know you need to get out of a busy environment, that is truly holding you back from being content in life.

My Love‘ from the multi-talented West Virginia-based singer, rapper, and composer Ben Jamn, is a peaceful single that has you smiling broadly. This is a well-constructed track that has you thinking about shifting into a much better frame of mind, that only brings you a picture that is replenished with loving memories. With a lost world spinning way too fast on its over-stimulated axis – this is a vital reminder that it’s probably best to live somewhere you can feel safe – and spend time outside in a garden with those who you truly care about.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Sick Of This Town: Groovy Finnish band Daggerplay can’t wait to be around true friends again on ‘Castaway’

As they get tossed out from bar to bar, whilst trying to find the right place to call home, Daggerplay stroll around this angry town in hopes of finding that friendly face on ‘Castaway‘.

Daggerplay is a free-spirited indie Punk-Rock band who are based in Helsinki, Finland, and they bring us a tasty ska-flavoured treat to munch on famishedly.

With lyrics based on own experiences quite dark at times about growing up in a small town in Finland and the crazy years living London, but at the same time not forgetting the hope and humour of it all.” ~ Daggerplay

There is so much to like about a song with a real spunk of energy, the rip-roaring riffs have you feeling so energized like you have just been charged, with honest vocals that lets you into this sad story of feeling so alone.

Guided by the storytelling outsider, the fellow walker meets some real life characters like pushers, lowlifes, homeless and of course High street Jesus who´s carrying a huge cross in the middle of the busy streets where passers-by rush away from the inner city back to safe of the suburbs.” ~ Daggerplay

Castaway‘ from the Helsinki, Finland-based indie Punk-Rock act Daggerplay, is a fine effort from a top quality band who certainly pack a lot of heat in their armor. Their perfect-for-festival-sound is a delightful experience to jump happily into, as they take us on a story that is so familar, as we have all seem that person who can’t seem to fit in no matter how hard they try.

Finding your tribe is so hard, yet so vital in this click-quick world.

See this cleverly-made video on YouTube and see their movements via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen