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Confused And Infected: Saints Of The Holler fall down naked on the avenue with opioid-fueled release Devils Garden

With an opening crash-landing into the darkest night possible, Saints Of The Holler shows us that worrying mindset when you are wrapped deep inside a crippling opioid addiction on Devils Garden.

Saints Of The Holler is a West Virginia, USA-born indie rock band who makes that timeless sounding music that shall help us throughout any problems we’re currently facing.

I had some great songs that deserved the best singer we could find.” ~ Brian from Saints Of The Holler

Featuring a well-connected group who clearly knows each other’s strength and weaknesses, Saints Of The Holler have released a significant track for those who need to find out what it’s really like to deal with a harrowing addiction that can take you six-feet under if you aren’t too careful.

”I was honored and excited to be part of this musical journey. Working with such amazing musicians from start to finish, bringing Brian’s raw, rough cut recordings to life, was an experience I’ll never forget.” ~ Amy from Saints Of The Holler

Devils Garden from West Virginia, USA-born indie rock band Saints Of The Holler is a thought-provoking single that should scare the skin out of so many. Showing us that love helps cure everything-if the power is still within to brush off the layers of mind-numbing pain to be the best version possible in this seemingly soul-crushing world.

Sung and performed with a special care and a marvelously rhythmical melody, this is one of the more vital songs your ears will feast on today.

See this deep music video on YouTube and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trevor Cooke doesn’t care what the haters say as he is ‘Doing Well’

Letting his smile shine no matter what others might talk about, Trevor Cooke sends our moods into a happy overdrive that you can’t forget with ‘Doing Well‘.

Trevor Cooke is a Morgantown, West Virginia-based indie-pop rapper/singer-songwriter who has made music with fellow creatives from Boston to Korea.

19 years old and currently studying at WVU, Trevor Cooke sends our frowns away for a few hours with a simply joyous experience. He sings about the good times that have risen from the darkness and lead us exactly where we should be headed in life.

Doing Well‘ from Morgantown, West Virginia-based indie-pop rapper/singer-songwriter Trevor Cooke is one of the more positive songs possible in 2022. This is a young man who has decided that he will smartly brush off any doubters, as he is only interested in things that will keep his mood light. Sung and rapped with a pure blend of good vibes only, this is a track to clench with tightly when you want to show that you are doing more than okay..

When the tide is on your side, it’s best to keep swimming as long as you can.

Listen up to this merry journey on Spotify and see his life unfold on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Trying To Survive: Ben Jamn reminisces about the journey to true contentment with his supportive partner on ‘My Love’

As he glances back at the long road to finding that elusive happy home away from the suffocating city smog and blazing lights, Ben Jamn knows that he has the backing of someone ready special who understands what it takes on ‘My Love‘.

Small-town kid, Ben Jamn is a determined West Virginia-based indie singer, rapper, and composer who assembles a nostalgic blend of uplifting soundscapes that takes you into a happy world again.

Ben Jamn is absolutely excellent on this stunning new single that has you drifting away into a daydream-filled state. With honest lyrics and smooth vocals which are a real ear-warmer, you feel like you are in a delightful trance to learn from his experiences. This is a striking moment when you know you need to get out of a busy environment, that is truly holding you back from being content in life.

My Love‘ from the multi-talented West Virginia-based singer, rapper, and composer Ben Jamn, is a peaceful single that has you smiling broadly. This is a well-constructed track that has you thinking about shifting into a much better frame of mind, that only brings you a picture that is replenished with loving memories. With a lost world spinning way too fast on its over-stimulated axis – this is a vital reminder that it’s probably best to live somewhere you can feel safe – and spend time outside in a garden with those who you truly care about.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more via their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Need Some Peace: Harrisonburg’s Who Shot John sing with such soul on ‘Big Mean Light’

Bringing us the story about needing a few extra winks in bed before rising again, Who Shot John sing so passionately on their new single taken off their debut album called ‘Big Mean Light‘.

Who Shot John is the unassuming Shenandoah Valley, West Virginia-based indie Americana/blues/rock-fusion four-piece act, who organically formulate a humbly lovable sound, as they sing about true life stories of how crazy this world really is.

Their true love for the rock, soul, blues, and Americana music shines through their bones, as they effortless charm flows like the stream of your beating heart, your body uplifted by their soulful music.

With a likable sound and vocals that has you in raptures, this is a band with a classic feel that absolutely love what they do when they are together, playing their hearts out and telling stories that inspire them each day.

Big Mean Light‘ from Harrisonburg, Shenandoah Valley-based Who Shot John, is an escape from the current world of heartache, as they tells us their disgust with the sun filtering in, that has interrupted their sleep to barge into the door unannounced. The day has begun with a flick of a switch, as they try and get those extra five minutes before rising up, to see what the world has in store.

Hear this top new song on Soundcloud and see their story on IG.

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Vulcan Xs1’s sad message is haunting on ‘From The Ceiling’

Nick Sharpsky aka Vulcan Xs1 is an artist, producer and audio engineer who is back with is new song called ‘From The Ceiling‘ and this hits deep in the heart.

Boston, Massachusetts is the home of Vulcan Xs1 who is an electronic artist with ambient, minimalist and house influences. He was born and raised in Wheeling, West Virginia, and is currently attending Berklee College of Music studying Music Production and Engineering. This is an artist who loves to challenge himself.

This song echoes through the speakers and is a soundtrack to mental health. You are so tired of the pain and thinking of being alone forever. The beat is so haunting and I feel like this is an artist that is expressing himself and is clearly been finding it tough like so many.

Vulcan Xs1 is a singer who is totally honest and who performs with a heart-breaking style. ‘From The Ceiling‘ is is fantastic song that is really dark and moody. This is a message for the times and how close we can get to giving up. We all need someone close to us right now.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen