To The Moment: Destiny Imani feels the total romance on Loving You

Dropped from her upcoming first EP called Out In The Open, Destiny Imani has decided on the future and will only stay in the moment of special significance on Loving You.

Destiny Imani is a Los Angeles, California-based indie RnB singer-songwriter who is known best for incredibly deep lyrics and gorgeous vocals.

Before the completion of this project, I was hiding in every sense of the word. I was hiding a part of who I was, who I loved, and who I wanted to be. Freedom came with the completion of this project as I found strength in the songs that came from my thoughts, feelings, and emotions. ‘Out In The Open’ is everything I have been told, everything I’ve thought, felt, and endured. It was my outlet and my form of expression. Now, as I prepare to release my first EP I feel an immense amount of joy and gratitude for having the opportunity to freely be ‘Out In The Open’”. ~ Destiny Imani

Conveying the vital significance of wholeheartedly embracing who you love honestly and truthfully without doubt, Destiny Imani is quite sublime on this romantically soulful experience. This is a walk-with-pride moment to be proud of when the head needs to be held up high to soak up each second like a hot bubble bath in winter.

Loving You from Los Angeles, California-based indie RnB singer-songwriter Destiny Imani is a stunning reminder of a pure message with a real genuineness to warm all cold hearts. Vocally supreme and melodic to the core of our smile. we are treated to an excellent song made for all the right reasons.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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