Those romantic late nights: Price Dior sings with fresh energy on ‘Repeat’

Price Dior is back with a song so fresh, you will need to suit up in order to be allowed into streaming ‘Repeat‘.

R&B/Soul artist Price Dior is so impressive on this new single and this is a short and sweet track that grabs your attention and makes you groove along all night.

With a beat so hot you need sunglasses, the excellent vocals heats up your speakers and a cold shower is needed. You can’t help but click your fingers and like this a lot. This is the story about how his Mama told him to go and follow his dreams and make amazing music. He has taken that advice and is now driving in his lane to create a path to the top.

This is the kind of track that is perfect for those late nights when you have a lover over. His sensual voice is full of love and he heats up the temperature with sexy lyrics that shows his feelings for her.

Repeat‘ from the charming Price Dior features fantastic production from Kloudbeats and this is a new song to sink your teeth into and to turn up really loud.

Here is an artist with lots of self-confidence and a deep desire to succeed. If you want to be the best, you have to put in that extra effort and this seems to be a musician who wants it real bad.

Head through to the Spotify page for this song and see the socials via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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