4FLO MUSIC – “BLINDED”: Soberingly Infectious Pop


UK-based singer-songwriter 4FLO MUSIC is due to release their most seminal single yet with “BLINDED” in October 2019. If you’re caught up in the political apathy (and you should be), you can consider BLINDED a playlist essential.

The track comes together as a blend of dark and moody Pop, Trap, R&B, and Alt Rock to create a suitably stark soundscape which compliments the sobering sentiment which has been put behind BLINDED. BLINDED perfectly alludes to the inequality and power balance in our society which only seems to be getting worse as we watch satire spring from our crushing disdain.

While there’s a generous serving of existentialism which spills from the lyrics, BLINDED still remains a captivating hit with plenty of originality, flair, and arrestive rhythm.

BLINDED is due for release on Oct 18th, and you’ll be able to catch it via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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